Hey Addicts, Caption This!

Sometimes TSTO gives us humorous little moments when we capture our characters doing rather strange things.  These posts are all about those strange and funny moments! Twice a week we’ll be posting a Caption This! moment where we want you, the Addicts readers, to put on your writing caps and come up with what you think is happening in the screenshot. Post your captions in the comments below. We can’t wait to see how creative and funny you guys can be!

Hey Addicts… Caption This!
(This week’s Caption This image was submitted by Addicts reader Bayu A)

If you’ve got an image you’d like to submit for a “Caption this!” post, email it to us at TSTOAddictsblog@gmail.com or post it on the Addicts Flickr page, you never know when yours might be next!

25 responses to “Hey Addicts, Caption This!

  1. Thomas the menace

    May I ask, is there an overview who is able to interact permanently with the opera like these characters? I think I have zero, but I am a freemium player. I know the kid and Captain Bob are purchasable, the man in grey was craftable in Act 2 but who is this woman (or can’t she interact with the stage in reality and she only got photoshopped on the stage ;))?
    And is there a character that is cheap or even free who has some kind of performance on the stage or nearby?

    Many thanks in advance. 🙂

    • Everyone but Gino has a task there…but they can’t all go at the same time. This is a photoshop photo, it just made me giggle.

      The woman is Francesca, Sideshow Bob’s wife. She’s premium.

  2. The end of the road for your acting career: a family mash-up of Death of a Salesman, H.M.S. Pinafore, A Streetcar Named Desire, and Child’s Play?

  3. This is everyone’s reaction if Justin Bieber comes o TSTO.

  4. “The Aristocrats!”

  5. “Land that helicopter, already! We can’t hear ourselves sing!”

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  7. To the tune of Ride of the Valkyries….”kill the simpson..kill the simpson…kill the simpson..”

  8. The terwilligers present, one night only: “Vandetta!”

  9. Sorry post hogger here …just send in the team to see (kill) me off lol ; )

    *waves at addicts …and if I had any jelly blobs I would chuck em*

    • Craig (ibuylow2014)

      Oops, when I first read your post (you know how you scan quickly to see if there is something that catches your eye), I thought you said jelly b**bs. I thought, “You can chuck them my way.”

  10. (sorry can’t stop me now)

    …all bets are off in the Big Brother House! You have ALL been evicted.

  11. …the panto was a particularly awful performance this year …

  12. ps…brilliant capture Bayu! Well done !!

  13. Chucky strikes again …and this time it’s for real!

    lol to any original 80’s horror fans who get it…: D

  14. What action (task) is it where they’re all together on the stage?

  15. Craig (ibuylow2014)

    I see a little silhouetto of a man,
    Scaramouch, Scaramouch, will you do the Fandango?
    Thunderbolt and lightning,
    Very, very frightening me.

  16. A modern play on the story of Oedipus, boy getting a knife preparing to kill the father which he was not aware of. The lady fainted at the drama unfolding. The boy will be marrying the lady who was actually the boy’s mother. Sideshow Bob provides the narration.

  17. The Problem Child

    FYI, you can also add Dame Judith to the opera singers, so you can have all 5 Terwilligers up at once. I believe she holds a skull while she sings.

  18. Figaro qua, Figaro là, Figaro su, Figaro giù.

  19. We need one more to become the Terwilliger Five, and Cecil has already said no. Who can help us?

  20. i love sending all them to the opera at the same time

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