Showoff Reminder: Opera House

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

This weekend we’ll be doing another edition of Springfield Showoff!  Where we want to see what you’ve done with your Springfield!

This week we want to take a look at the Outdoor Opera House…and see just what you guys have done with your Outdoor Opera Area!  Did you check out the 3-D Opera House design by tiff?  Did it inspire you to do something cool with your Oprea House? We’ll be putting up the Showoff post, featuring your designs, on Saturday (5/23).  So show us what you’ve done with your Opera Houses!

outdooroperastage_menuoutdooroperaseatsoutdooroperaticketboothSo grab some screenshots of your town, or finish up those designs…just make sure it is there by about 8pm EDT Friday (5/22). Can’t wait to see what YOU have come up with.

Note: PLEASE try to limit your submissions to only 1-2 of your favorite screenshots.  We like to try and let everyone showoff their town but it becomes difficult when some of you are sending in 7-10 images.  Pick your favorite areas and send them in (or if you stitch photos together, that works too).  We’ll try our best to get EVERYONE in, but please understand that sometimes we miss a photo or two.  If we miss you one week, we’ll try really hard to make sure we get you in the next week.  You’re always welcome to showoff your town, at any time, on our Flickr page.  We know a lot of you have awesome towns that you want to show off, but please try to stick with this week’s theme.  Remember, this isn’t a contest.  There’s nothing to win.  It’s just a fun way to showoff your town and get some design inspiration from your fellow Addicts.  🙂   

Do you want to be featured on the next Springfield Showoff?  Post your images to the Addicts Flickr, share them in the Comments below, share your images on our Facebook Page, Link them to our Twitter feed, or email us your screenshots at We can’t wait to see YOUR designs! (Need help with images, just ask.) 

42 responses to “Showoff Reminder: Opera House

  1. i just send you a photo of my opera stage, I think. I got twitter just for this so I wanna make sure that it got to you, so could you tell me if it did.

  2. I want to show off my Opera House but I can only do that through FB, and I can’t find the entry there *insert pouty face here


    Now we will see if I am smart enough to get a pic in here…

  4. this is what i did with the opera house and outdoor seating

  5. I took a screenshot. But how are you guys posting them in the comments?

  6. bought the hungry hun specifically to place it near the opera stage, thinking the traditional german design style would go well with it.

  7. My little contribution

  8. I’ve done this to mine for now, I may relocate it in future and I may add a few more flowers etc.

    (pro tip to anyone wanting to get rid of that pesky upgrade icon on top of the opera house, go into placement mode and it’ll disappear)

  9. Let’s give this a shot… My first real attempt at 3D


  10. Hehehe, posted my submission, registered under the name “Squidney Opera House” (tm, patent pending ;).

  11. Ok, this look awesome! I have a samsung galexy 3 phone. Could you please tell me what bittons to hit to make a screen shot? Thank you!

  12. Threw this together:

    • Naturally, after doing this I decided to move the opera seats a little closer together and bumped a few of the trees and stuff to the sides. Ahh, redesign.

  13. Threw this together:

  14. Alissa, I love these show off posts. But I do have a request. I would love if you, Bunny and Wookiee would include your designs. It would be great to see them with each show off post since we can’t all be friends with you guys to see your towns 🙂

    • lol who do you think needs the most inspiration right now 😉

      My Terwilliger stuff is just thrown down for now, still trying to figure out how to work it in. But when we get back to “normal” ones I’ll be sure to display my town too 🙂

    • I agree!

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