Terwilliger Guide to Crafting: Act Three Crafting

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s Terwilliger time in TSTO!  Yes, the Terwilliger’s are back and they’re set on making not only the Simpson’s lives a nightmare, but ours as well!  Mutant Veggies, Bob Clones, Jelly Blobs, upgrades and CRAFTING!  Ahhh!

I know many of you are panicking about crafting and just how you’ll earn enough Opera Masks, Fertilizer, DNA and Corn to get everything.  Well don’t worry, we’re here to break it all down for you.  And I promise, it’s not as much of a nightmare as you might think it is.  Just pace yourself, and remember it won’t happen overnight.

So now let’s breakdown all the fun of Crafting during Act 3…shall we?


I’m going to spare you guys from the basics this time around.  We’ve covered this ad nauseam all over the site.  But if you still need them you can check out our Act 1 Guide to crafting Post here.

In this post we’re instead just going to talk about the items added for Act 3, what they do and how they’ll impact your town.  With a few tips and suggestions along the way…

So let’s get started….

A few  general questions….

How Long Do I Have To Craft These Items, When Does the Event End?

Right now there is an end date indicated in the game of May 26th (0800 GMT, 4am EDT). So that’s the date we’re going by.

Yes, there are an extra 9 days built in somehow that show it should end on June 4th (the Monsarno Farming License countdown timer for example), but I’d rather play it safe than sorry.  So try to base everything off of the end date indicated of May 26th.

To Upgrade Or Not To Upgrade?  

ico_terwilligers_monsarnoupgrade_md  ico_terwilligers_operaupgrade

Again, we’ve talked about this ad nauseam as well.  Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade.  We’ve broken it all down for you in this Monsarno Upgrade Post and this Opera House Post

When Should I Stop Upgrading?

You will NOT see a max for upgrading.  So when you stop is up to you.  Personally, I stopped once I hit Level 19 at Monsarno and Level 9 at the Opera House.  I’ve unlocked all of the tasks for characters and got the bigger increases on Theater Masks, DNA, Corn and Fertilizer.  But where you decide to stop is completely up to you.

It Costs So Much Fertilizer, DNA, Theater Masks and Corn to Get Anything, How Can I Earn More?

ico_terwilligers_upgrade_fertilizer ico_terwilligers_upgrade_corn ico_terwilligers_upgrade_dna ico_terwilligers_upgrade_theatremask

Yes, crafting just about anything in this event seems daunting.  It may feel like you’ll never get there, but remember it’s all a long term goal.  You won’t get there overnight (unless you use donuts), so it’s important to pace yourself.

Currently there are only 4 ways to earn Theater Masks, DNA, Corn & Fertilizer.  Sending characters on tasks to earn it, clearing Bob Clones in your town, Completing Cecil’s Daily Tasks & Sending/tapping Mutant Seedlings (Note the Mutant Seedlings only earn DNA and Theater Masks during Act 3).  So if you’re looking for tips to earn more…there really aren’t any.  Just keep sending as many characters as you can out on Theater Mask, DNA, Fertilizer and Corn tasks.

So now that more of your common Crafting questions have been answered….let’s take a look at what you can actually craft and the details.

Crafting Item Breakdown: Act 3 

For Act Three there are 3 items to craft initially and 2 more added as you level up the Opera House.  Let’s take a look at each item and how it will impact your Springfield..

cactus patch

Item: Cactus Patch
4,500 ico_terwilligers_fertilizer_lg  2,800 ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg
4×4 (Grass only)
Conform-O-Meter Impact:
Tree-hugging +10 
Can I Craft Multiples:
Yes, Should be at the same crafting rate
Benefit  in Springfield:
Decoration, no added benefit other than looks
Should I Craft?:
This is one I would say if you have an idea for where it should go, craft it.  But the cactus patch might be better if crafted in multiples for certain looks.  I would hold off on crafting this until towards the end of the event.  Since you’ll most likely want multiples.  


 Item: Homer Decoy
4,500ico_terwilligers_dna_lg 5,300 ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg
2×7 (Grass/Pavement only)
Conform-O-Meter Impact:
Vanity +100
Can I Craft Multiples:
Yes, should be at same crafting rate
Benefit  in Springfield:
Just a decoration, no real benefit.  
Should I Craft?:
This is one to go for after you’ve gotten all the other main items you want.  I do have this in my town, I grabbed it after I crafted the House Boat (I already had Gas & Grub and the Farmer’s Market crafted).  It IS animated (the Homer dummy rides around the line in a loop).  

Item: Simpson House Boat
Cost: 4,600 ico_terwilligers_corn_lg 9,600 ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg
Size: 5×8 (can only be placed in the water)
Build Time: Instant
Conform-O-Meter Impact: Indolence+10
Can I Craft Multiples: No, this is the one item you cannot craft multiples of
Benefit  in Springfield: Will earn you $200,20xp/12hrs.
Should I Craft?: This is probably the one item most of you have wanted throughout the entire event.  While no characters will interact with it, it is still pretty neat and from a classic Simpsons episode.  So this is a must craft in my opinion.  


Item: Outdoor Opera Seats
900 ico_terwilligers_dna_lg  3,400 ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg
4×9 (Anywhere in Springfield
Conform-O-Meter Impact: Vanity +10
Can I Craft Multiples:
Yes, Should be at same crafting rate.
Benefit in Springfield:
None.  It’s just a big decoration.  Will not earn you cash/xp, it’ll just sit there.  
Should I Craft?:
No.  You’re awarded TWO for free once you level up the Opera House to Levels 3 and again at Level 7.  And the two free ones should be plenty for your Springfield.  Don’t waste your DNA/Theater Masks on this one. 


Item: Outdoor Opera Ticket Booth
400 ico_terwilligers_corn_lg  1,700 ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg
2×2 (Anywhere in Springfield)
Conform-O-Meter Impact: Vanity +10
Can I Craft Multiples:
Yes, should be at same crafting Rate
Benefit  in Springfield: None.  
It’s just a big decoration.  Will not earn you cash/xp, it’ll just sit there.
Should I Craft?: 
No.  You’re awarded one for free once you level up the Opera House to Level 5.  And the free one should be plenty for your Springfield.  Don’t waste your Corn/ Masks on this one.

A number of you are asking what should you craft/what would we craft.  Well…you should craft whatever you want.  We’ve broken everything down, so you can see what provides the most benefit to YOUR Springfield (Act 1 is here & Act 2 is here).  So craft whichever items jump out at you, and what you like the most.  There is no right or wrong way here…do what you want 🙂

For those curious…here’s a list of what I have crafted & what I hope to finish crafting before May 26th..

So far I’ve crafted:
Farmer’s Market
2 Cane Fields
Gas & Grub
Simpson’s House Boat
Homer Decoy

Working on now…
Cactus Patch (i’d like at least 2 before the event ends)

Would like to have if time allows…
Welcome Bob Sign

I don’t really have an interest in the Monsarno Flower walls since most of that will end up in my Inventory once the event ends. 

But this is what works for me & what I want in my Springfield…the beauty of TSTO is everyone’s town is different.  So make yours different and unique to you 🙂


And that my friends covers all the details of crafting during Act 3!

Remember, crafting is meant to be a long term goal, so take your time.  Don’t feel like you need to craft everything overnight, because you won’t.  It’ll take some time to achieve all your crafting goals, so be patient.  And remember…don’t use donuts to rush crafting!  It’s just not worth it.  Save those sprinkles for something more important down the road.

What are your thoughts on Act 3 Crafting?  Which prizes will you be going for?  Which ones will you be passing on?  What items from the event overall have you crafted so far?  Which ones are you currently working on?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

96 responses to “Terwilliger Guide to Crafting: Act Three Crafting

  1. What actually happens when you upgrade your opra house to level 20?
    I can’t seen to find any info on that.
    I ask because I can either try to get the “Homer on a clothesline” or use the DNA and masks on the opra house and there is one day left.

  2. The event has only two days left and I’ve been playing practically 24 hours a day each day since the event began, there is still two days left I still don’t have al the big items, and Opra House is level 18, I still need 8 out,of 10 items to craft and all my townies are working twords Masks and DNA, I really hope there is an act four because there is,really don’t see way I will finish any of this on time in two days.

    Do you know what else can be done, or is it game over with no chance to finish it all?

  3. Drop some mutant seeds in your friends town (whos online ofcourse).
    When people click your seddlings within 4hrs you get 2x the crafting mats, so 8 instead of 4.

    Quickly push the hometown button before your friend is able to click any.
    Stay in your town for 30 minutes, so he has plenty of time to click them all.

    Switch to your Krustyland and collect the 8 craft materials per blob.
    Switch back to your own town and collect the 8 craft materials AGAIN from each seedling. (cache bug ?)

    With around 10 seedling per day and 4 days to go, you should be able to get an extra 8*10*4= 320 craft materials for free.

    Shame i only did notice this 2 days ago ^^

  4. I have the farmers market and gas grub. The two prizes I wanted the most. I don’t care for act 3 prices. I’m working on upgrading the opera house for the two seats and ticket booth. Guess I’ll try for smokehouse and welcome Bob sign.

  5. wildthornberry88

    Well I got the market part way through act 2 and finally yesterday I was able to get enough materials to craft the gas & grub, smokehouse & houseboat! Not too interested in the decoy so I’m a try get the sign before the event ends I think, and craft some decos if I can’t 🙂

  6. Riddle me this. Farming license says 13 days left.

    There has been two updates and the long timer has not been updated to a lesser time period. So that indicates to me either ppl at EA or morons or someone goofed and the end time is not the 26th but the 3rd or second of June. Would also make sense as it would give a lil extra time for those to earn act 3 prizes.

    hope it’s true so then we all can earn that welcom to bob sign as well as whatever else.

    • It is either a glitch… or much like Superheroes an “extra” phase. If so, everything currently in the system will still go. It did in Superheroes. Only Characters unlocked continued on. All crafting and collecting shut down before that. The files still show NOTHING. No content, questlines, etc. to go along with anything beyond the 26th. There were details in the Superheroes of the extra week. All was ??? but it was something there. This still has nothing at all.

  7. I went for the big items first – Farmer’s Market, Gas and Grub and Houseboat. With that out of the way, I tried crafting one of each of the rest, and so far I managed a Cane Field, a Sani-John, a Cactus Patch and the Homer Decoy. The Bob-Sign is out of reach, I can’t get DNA fast enough. I really wonder why the DNA-Jobs pay so poorly in comparison? I might scrape together enough for a Flower Wall, but what do I do with just one? That Flower Wall should have been much cheaper, something to craft with just some leftover material in the end.
    And does anybody else feel like the “craft 10 items” tasks is like a slap in the face? I will be happy when I manage 10 items in total by the end of the event. How does EA think we will be able to do that in the last couple of days when you have to work your behind off for days to craft just one item? The nerve…

  8. I think I’m in the minority here, but I’m just not that excited about the Act 3 craftables. I have the Farmers Market and the Gas ‘n Grub from the previous acts, but am not really interested in the houseboat. I love the Cape Feare episode, but don’t need any more useless boats sitting near Squidport.

  9. Welp, they fixed the “infinite bobs” glitch in today’s update. I’m just shy of 1,000 masks short of earning the houseboat. Doubt it’ll happen in time now.

  10. First just wanted to say thanks for all the information you guys supply to us! I have already crafted the sani John thingy, one cane field, the farmers market, and gas and grub. I am about 1,000 masks away from the Simpsons house boat, and about 2,000 Dna away from the welcome bob sign. I will definitely be able to craft those two and from there am planning on crafting a cactus field for Johnny fiestas but will not be able to craft the decoy. At least I’ll be able to craft all the buildings which is most important. This is the only time I am really hoping they extend the event so I am able to craft everything. Definitely enjoying this event!

  11. Already have most of the rewards – Farmers market, smokehouse, Welcome sign, Gas and Grub, Houseboat, dummy Homer (got it hidden behind slaughterhouse, it seems he is being sent in for processing), 1x cactus field (just to see how big it is – does not really fit anywhere in my Springfield). Now trying to get as many corn fields as possible – currently got 8 of them. Also built 2 more Mons. Libraries, as it uses mainly corn, which is redundant for me.

    Did not use single donut, just all the characters are on the tasks all the time.

  12. I should be able to get the Homer Decoy before the day is out 🙂
    Anything else I craft from now will just be gravy, so it’s all good from here for me!
    Thanks again to all the addicts of course 🙂

  13. How important is it to get sani-jon smokehouse? I really want the boathouse which means won’t have time for both.

    • Honestly, the crafting items are all just what YOU want personally in the game. You get to pick and choose. Myself, for looks… I am going for the Boathouse due to I like boats on the water in Squidport. Funny as it is, the Sani-Jon was just meh to me.

    • The boathouse does have a payout, if that is important to you. But I’d go with what Bunny has said and pick what is best for you, myself I always go for what is most aesthetically pleasing to me 😛 So Boat House!

  14. OrdinarilyBob

    Thanks for the excellent article. Personally, I’ve enjoyed the long-term crafting, with building material spread about multiple sources with levels of upgrades. It’s a bit complicated, but I like the depth. Helps keep things interesting over the course of the Event.

    The items are all pretty neat. As a Bob myself, I like the Welcome Bob Sign best, and giggle each time I see it. I find the Homer decoy strangely disturbing, and seeing its movement out of the corner of my eye, I keep wanting to tap it (like it’s a prize-creature or some errant PC that needs a task assigned). I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it.

    So far, between all three phases, I have crafted the following:
    – Springfield Farmers Market x1
    – Cactus Patch x4
    – Cane Field x4
    – Gas And Grub x1
    – Homer Decoy x1
    – Monsarno Flower Wall x4
    – Sani-John Smokehouse x1
    – Simpson Houseboat x1
    – Welcomes Bob Sign x1
    – And of course I have one each of the various Monsarno buildings and Opera accessories that came for free through upgrading.

    I have a design plan in mind for the cactus patches that will require six of them, so I’m concentrating on getting the last two I need. Then, I’ll see if I can get more Walls and Cane Fields. I *might* go for an extra pair of Opera seats, will have to see how things turn out. I must admit I’m getting a little burnout on this Event..

    A little off-topic, but I wish, in addition to roads, rivers, and asphalt we could make “soil” and “sand” tiles, the former being darker, like the dirt in Cletus’ Farm or the Spruce Caboose wreckage. The latter being lighter, to match the Cactus Patch and/or expand on the beach. That would be REALLY cool. Alas, I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

    • At lunchtime when I checked in, it appears there was an update that cut crafting requirements in half. I want more cane fields and Monsarno walls and I notice cane went from 4500 fertilizer and 1400 corn to 2250 fertilizer and 700 corn. Wall went from 3000 fertilizer and 1600 DNA to 1500 fertilizer and 800 DNA. A bit upset that I crafted at the higher costs but happy crafting is now more within reach. I am aiming for 10 walls …

  15. shawtymclittle

    Any idea on what level the Opera needs to be on to get the house boat? Seems like a lot of masks in a small amount of time…

    *Mrs. Alissa… Hope you are enjoying your pregnancy 🙂

    • I’m at level 9, I got it last week. But i also have a ton of characters. It’s different for everyone.

      So far so good 🙂

  16. I really want the homer decoy but I don’t think I’ll have enough time.
    To me it seems too hard to get crafting materials in this event.

  17. I’ve got what I really wanted so far, so now just seeing what else I’ll be able to get, like more cactus patches or canefields. Maybe I will try for the homer decoy…. The look is a little dark for me, but the fact that it rotates does make it more interesting… still on the fence about it..

    And like so many others are saying: we need more land! I’ve still a few patches of land to buy, but already saving space by putting things in inventory and that’s just such a shame! I really like my town the way it is and don’t want to have to constantly change to be able to put new stuff in 🙁

  18. Got the final act 3 prize yesterday. Also have gas n grub, farmers market, a cane field, & the smokehouse. Going for house boat now. I should have it today or tomorrow. I would love the decoy but don’t think it’ll happen before the end. If theres an extension it shall be mine…..Hopefully! Thank for all your hard work. Wouldn’t be as successful with these events with you all!

  19. I’m not really interested in the Act 3 craftables. I feel like I should go after the houseboat and maybe the decoy but I’m much more interested in getting a few cactus patches. I’ve been alot less active in Act 3 but have the farmers market and gas-n-grub which I wanted the most. I think I will give it a few more days then get whatever I can.

  20. Haven’t crafted a single thing yet. Wanted to wait and see how much of everything I was going to end up with and build based off that.

    Looks like I’ll be able to get at least the houseboat, decoy, GnG, market, Bob sign, and smoke house, which is everything I ‘needed.’ Then either a couple of fields of either cacti or cane (probably cane).

    Thanks so much for all the awesome posts and advice…this event would’ve driven me insane otherwise!

    Anyone need about 20,000 corn?

  21. Too bad they got the name of the houseboat wrong.

  22. Is the Gas and Grub or Homer Decoy more worth it?
    I only have the DNA for one.
    Already have the houseboat and farmers market.

  23. I only got the gas n grub and farmers market. I just dont have enough for anything else. Sad

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