Should I Spend Donuts on the Mutant Seedling & Rad-ish Station?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The Terwilligers are making their way back into Springfield! And with this event there are a bunch of new premium items in our stores for purchase, and just yesterday several premium items made their way back into our stores for a limited-time.  While many of them were returning items, there were two new items to hit our stores, the Rad-ish Station and the Pet Mutant Seedling. Now I know you may be trying to decide if this is worth YOUR donuts, but don’t sweat it!  We’re here to tell you what’s worth the donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add the Rad-ish Station or Pet Mutant Seedling to YOUR Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding these items to YOUR Springfield!        

unlock_petmutantseedling      radishstation_transimage


Character: Pet Mutant Seedling
Donut Price: 40 Donuts

-A way to keep a Jelly Blob of your very own
-Comes with a 2 part Questline

-Non-Playable Character (NPC)
-Does not make any noises or sounds

Final Thought:
Premium Take:
Honestly, I love this one.  The little Jelly Blob makes me giggle and the fact that he comes with a short 2 part questline is an added bonus.  Normally I’m against NPCs, but this one is just fun and makes me giggle.  If you’re a premium player and have the donuts to spend & get a giggle when you see the little Mutant Seedling hopping around your town…pick this one up 🙂

Freemium Take:
I think this one is a freemium pass.  While I love it as a premium player, I do know that for freemium players donuts are hard to come by.  And I do think there are better items you can get with your hard earned sprinkles…so as a freemium player I’d pass on this one…

Here’s a look at the short little questline that pops up if you purchase the Mutant Seedling…

Weed ‘n’ Feed Pt. 1
Homer starts

Lisa: Dad, can I keep this mutant seedling as a pet?  Can I can I can I!?!
Homer: What does it eat and where does it poop?
Lisa: Well, it’s a plant.  So it eats dirt and poops fresh air.
Homer: Fine, you can keep it.  But you’re cleaning up the fresh air.
Tap Pet Mutant Seedling
Lisa: Huh.  It doesn’t seem very friendly.
Bart: Give it time.  Remember when I got my elephant Stampy?  I don’t know how many times it trampled Dad before it got used to him.
Homer: And it didn’t hurt me one little…blort.

Weed ‘n’ Feed Pt. 2
Lisa starts

Lisa: I’ve tried feeding this mutant seedling everything!  It’s even a pickier eater than I am.
Bart: Plants remove bad gases from the atmosphere, right?  How about I fart at it.
Lisa: I just have to come up with the perfect blend of organic materials.  Finally, a use for my years of self-righteous organic gardening blog posts!
Make Lisa Compost- 2hrs, Earns $110, 27xp
Lisa: Dad, I’ve credited the perfect compost for the little seedling to eat.
Homer: I don’t think he’s hungry any more. I was trying to open a beer can with my teeth, because my other hand was also holding a beer can…And I cut myself.  The little guy started licking my blood up as happy as could be!
Lisa: Dad, did you ever see the movie “Little Shop of Horrors?!”
Homer: If it did have a car driving out of a helicopter, I didn’t see it.
Lisa: I’m just saying, maybe we should drop this mutant off at the Vegetable Shelter.



Building/Decoration: Rad-ish Station
Donut Price: 200 Donuts
Bonus %: 5% bonus on all cash and XP
Conform-O-Meter: Tree-Hugging +10
Where Can I Place It?:  Grass/Pavement/Beach/Boardwalk
Size: 4×4, floats over Springfield.  So only the 4×4 square is required.
Unique?: Yes, only 1 per Springfield

-Looks cool
-Comes with a 2 part Questline
-Animated decoration
-Nice bonus %

-Very expensive
-Basically a remake of the Rad-Station
-A Giant decoration, no character interaction (After questline) and does not earn income.

Final Thought:
Premium Take:
Honestly, for me…this is a pass.  Even as a premium player.  I just think it’s overpriced for what it is/what it does.  So in my mind, as a premium player, this is one to pass on….

Freemium Take:
You guess it…this is a complete freemium pass for me.  Not worth the 200 sprinkles to add this to your town.  So freemium players, save your donuts and pass on this one.

Here’s a look at the questline that comes with it…

The Other Other White Meat Pt. 1
Auto start 

Lisa: You know, I feel sorry for Bob’s vegetable clones.  They never asked to be created and now they’re being exploited to point of extinction.
Homer: I never asked to have to eat everything I see, but there you have it.
Frink: FrinkCo, in association with the Monsarno Corporation, has developed a habitat where the clones will be safe.  I supplied the idea, Monsarno supplied the funding.
Cecil: And we’ll be keeping the profits.
Frink: Talk about exploitation!
Place the Rad-ish Station
Wait for Lisa to finish Raise Mutant Awareness- 6hrs, Earns 4225, 55xp
Frink: Pretty radical-ish, isn’t it?  Once again, science has produced a convoluted and dangerous solution to a complicated and perilous problem it created.  Gotta love science.

The Other Other White Meat Pt. 2
Lisa starts

Frink: The Rad-ish Station is operational!  Now, you merely need to herd the mutant vegetables on board.
Lisa: They seem kind of reluctant.
Frink: We’ll have to tempt them with these bowls of sour cream dip, with no raw vegetable can resist.
Lisa: Promise me one thing: this isn’t some sneaky plan to sell them all to Krusty Burger.
Frink: Perish the thought. Or should I say “Rad-ish the thought”? Nnn-ha! Nnn-ha! No, I shouldn’t.
Make Springfielders Herd Mutant Vegetables- x15.  Send 15 Springfielders to Herd Mutant Vegetables.  2hrs.  Earns $110, 27xp Freemium and $175, 40xp Premium
Bart: Where’s Homer?
Lisa: On the Rad-ish Station, drinking bowls of sour cream dip. 

The Other Other White Meat Pt. 3
Homer starts

Frink: The mutant vegetable clones are loving the Rad-ish station, just as the simulation predicted.
Lisa: What simulation is that?
Frink: A freemium game I play on my phone where a bunch of mutant clones were introduced in an update and then there was a rad-ish station.
Lisa: That is so confusing.  And you’re positive you’re not giving the mutant vegetables to Krusty Burger?
Frink: Absolutely not.
Krusty: Because he’s not giving them to me, he’s selling them to me!
Lisa: I knew it!  I knew there’d be a nasty twist.
Krusty: Hey, you’re the one who’s always demanding a fresh vegetarian option at Krusty Burger.
Lisa: Well those days are over.
Make Lisa Protest Against a Fresh Vegetarian Option at Krusty Burger- 1hr, Earns $70, 17xp
Krusty: It’s no good protesting, Lisa.  People love eating these mutant clones. They combine the health benefits of vegetables with delicious flavor of things that think.

The Other Other White Meat Pt. 4
Lisa starts

Lisa: Professor Frink, you have to do something.  The Rad-ish Station is being used to trap sentient vegetables to feed smug health-conscious consumers.
Frink: Fear not.  The Station is completely independent and self-powered.  By merely flipping this switch, we can make the Station activate its defensive measures, leaving the mutant vegetables sealed off forever from all danger.  However, the consequences for humanity may be extremely dire, and–
Lisa: Flipping it!
Make Lisa Flip the Switch- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Lisa: I locked down the Rad-ish Station.  Now what happens?
Frink: Well, the mutant vegetables will continue to evolve, safe from interference by the outside world.  Eventually they will achieve sentience greater than ours, and then they will emerge from the Station.  They probably won’t be too pleased with humanity.  But luckily you and I will be long dead by then.
Lisa: And if not?
Frink: Then we’ll be short dead right now.

Of course in the end it’s your decision, we can only tell you what we would/wouldn’t do…and I can tell you, I’ll be getting the Pet Mutant Seedling but passing on the Rad-ish Station.  However, whatever you decide just remember that these two will be leaving our stores when the Terwilliger Event ends so if you’re thinking about it getting either of them make sure you make your final decisions before the event ends or you’ll miss your chance.

Looking for more help with the Terwilliger Event?  Check out our Event Page here. 

What are your thoughts on the Pet Mutant Seedling?  How about the Rad-ish Station?  Have you purchased either of them?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

50 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts on the Mutant Seedling & Rad-ish Station?

  1. the Rad-ish Station and the Pet Mutant – 2 Premium items this long time Tapper will pass on (an NPC and a Building which do not offer much, nice try EA)!

  2. I purchased both and am totally having buyer’s remorse about the rad-ish station. I thought it looked really cool, which hasn’t changed, but the fact that makes no sounds and doesn’t produce anything is really disappointing for the price.
    I love the pet mutant seeding, but like some of the other writers I wish that he were unchained or could earn his freedom through a questline.
    I really want a pet from every big event. I’d happily and stupidly spend hundreds of donuts to buy a gremalien or a gremlin or any of the rest of the critters that we plague our friends towns with. Failing an original, a pet snake, a mutant bunny, and a chained seedling are adequate alternatives.
    Oh, and I was delighted to get a second shot at shirtless Willie! I was very sad to miss him during whacking day 2013.

  3. I want the pet but i also want to save for Moleman or French waiter..

  4. Mutant seedling, pass. Now I could go for a li’l Rigellian anytime. Take my pastries, please…

  5. I love the feral seeds for their happy energy, hate the sad seed they are selling for 40 sprinkles. Any chance that he will be unleashed once the event is over? I would buy a feral seed.

  6. CentralCali559

    Pretty pissed that the radish station doesn’t do anything. No income or character interaction. Wish I didn’t spend my donuts on this. Oh well.

  7. I feel guilty as I maaaay have used a hack about a year and a half ago and received 50,000 donuts. Ah that feels better just admitting that. I still have 16,000 left so buy most of the premium items. I got the Rad-ish station but I have no idea what it would look good next to.

    This game is the best.

  8. Felicia Fancy

    I couldn’t resist! Just had to buy the mutant blob … It makes me very happy when I see him bumbling around my town!

  9. Sorry if this is a repeat question, I’ve been trying to look for it but haven’t found anything on this.
    Is sideshow Bob here to stay? And if so, are we no longer hunting him down in our towns and neighbors’ towns?
    Btw, I’ve found myself still trying to tap him throughout the event, forgetting that I can’t catch him anymore.

    • He is now a permanent Character, yes. As far as tapping him running through towns, that we don’t know what will happen and won’t know til this Event ends on just what they will do about that portion. 😉

  10. …anyhoo happy Friday everyone xx *best get busy with that plush toy I promised*

    …inbetween tappin that is!

  11. I have not been given ANY jelly blobs since I purchased this pet? Nasty glitch or purpose …either way not on. : (

  12. The radish is so overpriced but I think its exactly the way the republican headquarters would blow all the money they like to hoard. It would go great right next to it overlooking All the brown houses lol. At least in my weird brain I think it would’ve a great addition. I’m tempted.

  13. Burrahobbit_L27

    I’m a freemium player and I make it a point to spend donuts only on playable characters, but I will make an exception for the mutant seedling. I don’t normally notice my NPCs, aside from the snowman yeti thing but the mutant seedling is something I can live with after weeks trying to chase it down.

  14. WorstUsernameEver

    Never really comment on this blog, but I’m compelled to right now. How exactly did the good folks at EA that we would be able to both upgrade the buildings AND craft all the things? I have every single character in the game (and they’re all doing short jobs to earn the max I can in a day), have been forced to play hourly (which is annoying because…I have a life), upgraded only to levels 16 and 6, and I still have 4 things that need to be crafted (2 of which are mathematically unobtainable). And that’s after getting what I can for free. Someone at EA didn’t pass basic maths. The numbers just don’t add up in this event. Rhetorical question. More of a rant really.

    • It’s honestly just a distraction for those players that say “they’re bored”

      • But if a player is not bored and chooses not to participate in another long frustrating grindout, it would be nice to have a kill switch to turn off an event
        so as not to be distracted by it for a very long six weeks…

    • I wouldn’t say its impossible (of course I think I’m playing every couple of hours give or take), the only things I haven’t crafted yet is the Homer Decoy, cactus patch and flower wall. I should have the Homer Decoy later today or early tomorrow. I think one of the bigger things has been upgrading. I went to level 19 for the Monsarno and 15 for the Squirter. The Squirter upgrade gets me 25 of the various crafting items for each bob clone.

  15. What is the chance of seeing chained Sideshow Cob Clones or Mutant Corn?

  16. I just got to ask, what makes the powers that be think the radish station should be worth 200 donuts? did they fall off their chair? I need to safe my do-nuts for people. Looking for an awesome sale on amazon coins. LOL!

  17. Any thoughts on the giant grasshopper? I’m debating between it and the rolling rock. I know both are just decoration, so any take on which is better?

  18. That blob looks really tired in the picture there – guess he’s touted from being chased all around town lol!

    He would have been a fun little prize, but for me, NPCs are pretty much always a premium pass for me.

    • Marion (AnothrAddict)

      I didn’t purchase him either but had to see the little guy in action. Check him out. You can find him roaming in brooders town…tap him, poor lil guy pants from all the chasing.

    • *”touted” s/b “tired”

  19. Well I think we all know that I just HAD to my own pet jelly blob : D

    I am super happy with it and was surprised it had a little side task too!

    It was as if it was meant to be my fate as I had managed to collect exactly 40 donuts from neighbours, bonus event boxes and the mystery box during this event!!! Exactly enough…weird huh? Was EA reading my thoughts : /

    • Marion (AnothrAddict)

      Lol! Yep I totally figured you would definitely be the one neighbor I could count on to get your own pet jelly blob. I had to see him so I scoured your town til I found him. Poor guy is beat. He pants every time I pet him. Oh, brooders, all that running from sky finger has worn your lil buddy out.

    • While I will not spend donuts on this NPC, I would pay real world cash for a plush of him.

  20. I think I might try to get the Pet Mutant Seedling to complete the Mutants character collection, but if you had to choose between crafting the Homer Decoy or the Gas and Grub, which one would you craft? I can’t decide because if I get one, I can’t get the other in time. I was originally planning on getting the Homer Decoy, but do you think the Gas and Grub is more worth it?

    • Gas and Grub…

    • No way. Homer decoy is way cooler. Gas and grub might get you money. but the homer decoy is hilarious and one of my all time favorite decorations.

    • I have to admit, that’s a hard one. I love them both and you do get money with the Gas n’ Grub, but the Homer decoy is very amusing and fun to have. It’s a tough choice to make, either one will be a great addition to your town, I feel.

  21. I splurged! And love the permanent blob! A nice addition and another reminder of my very first TSTO event. I won’t get the rad-ish station. I buy donuts but spend them wisely after I have checked your “should I spend donuts on …” posts – very valuable! Thank you for all of your hard work – being new to TSTO, I have not only become a game addict, but (borrowing the words from another) a TSTO Addicts addict.

    • In having said all of that: I used to be a very avid farmer – until the rules changed mid-event which made it impossible to achieve the final goal. I’ve seen a few changes that have been pretty detrimental to tsto players during this event and now, in the last few days (and please, correct me if I’m wrong) has the ratio of face masks when squishing bob clones decreased rather dramatically? Is this a common practice amongst game developers to change the rules during an event?

    • Yay! I love how “TSTO addicts addict” is starting to become a thing 🙂

  22. i wish the mutant blobs made the cute little grumbly monster noise that you hear when going into neighbors towns (also the sound the aliens made at halloween!). i would buy him then!

  23. They seem to enjoy giving us these “don’t think to long” items during events. Well.i caved and got the rad-ish station. Does it have a permeant task or just for looks?


  24. I think I’m going to pick up the pet mutant, but even as a premium player its a major pass on the big radish thing.

    • Oh, and a question. Do you guys see anything for another event in the files yet? I know this is a stupid question, but in the family guy game there is an event like 24hrs after the last, so I was just wondering.

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