Terwilliger Prize Guide: Act 3, Prize 8…Dame Judith Underdunk

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s Harvest Time in Springfield and the Terwilliger’s have returned to Springfield to unleash Mutant Vegetables on us!  In the Third Act of the Terwilliger Event you’ll unlock Dame Judith Underdunk, unlock Opera Krusty & try not to go crazy collecting all sorts of stuff to craft prizes in Springfield!

This Event is broken up into 3 Acts, with each Act containing part of the story.  To help you move along with the event you’ll get several prizes per Act.  Each prize will either be something fun for Springfield or something to help you move along in the event.  For the third Act you’re tasked with collecting Music Notes!  The eighth Act 3 prize awarded at 16,050 ico_terwilligers_musicnotes_lg is Dame Judith Underdunk, Sideshow Bob’s mother and an all new full character for your Springfield!


So let’s take a closer look at this dame and see just what happens when you unlock her  in your Springfield.

And for those looking for Dame Judith’s questline…it’s below.

Once you’ve collected 16,050 ico_terwilligers_musicnotes_lg  you’ll automatically be awarded Dame Judith and you’ll see this message popup:


You’ll have the ability to place it in your Springfield immediately or place it in inventory for later (store).  If you store it, remember you’ll have to go into your inventory to retrieve it.


Once placed in Springfield you’ll see the character unlock screen appear…


And Dame Judith is part of the Terwilliger Character Set…


Judith does come with a questline, and this questline will start up as soon as you’ve unlocked him. (and no you shouldn’t have to complete this before the event ends, it should stick around….)  Let’s take a look at the Turbo Tappin’ version of it now (don’t worry we’ll post the full dialogue later in the event, just in case you missed anything)…

The Dame of the Game Pt. 1
Judith starts

Reach Level 11 and Build Cooling Towers
Make Burns Reminisce About his Life 400 Years Ago- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

The Dame of the Game Pt. 2
Burns starts

Make Judith and Burns Form an Evil Partnership- 24hrs, Earns $1200, 300xp

The Dame of the Game Pt. 3
Burns starts

Make Burns Concoct an Evil Scheme- 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp
Make Judith Concoct and Evil Scheme-
8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp

The Dame of the Game Pt. 4
Judith starts

Make Burns Concoct Another Evil Scheme- 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp
Make Judith Concoct Another Evil Scheme- 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp

 The Dame of the Game Pt. 5
Burns starts

Make Burns Secretly Plan to Murder Judith- 12hrs, Earns $420, 100xp
Make Judith Secretly Plan to Murder Bruns- 12hrs, Earns $420, 100xp

Here’s a look at Judith’s tasks:

damejudith_perform_at_the_opera_active_2                judith_sharpen knife             unlock_damejudith

Task Length Earns Location
Renew Her SAG Membership 1hr $70, 17xp Java Server
Sharpen Family Knife 4hrs $175, 45xp Outside
Perform Shakespeare 8hrs $275, 70xp Outside
Keep Up with the Royals 12hrs $420, 100xp Kwik-E-Mart
Have Afternoon Tea 24hrs $600, 150xp Gilded Truffle

She’s also considered a Criminal and a Senior for Monsarno and Opera House tasks…

What’s Next?


Once you’ve won Dame Judith you’ll have the opportunity to win Free donuts for continuing to collect ico_terwilligers_musicnotes_lg!   Once you’ve won the Dame Judith you’ll see this task appear:

A Final Note

It’ll be represented on your task list with an icon of Cecil’s Head

For every 3,000 ico_terwilligers_musicnotes_lg you collect you’ll unlock the A Final Note Bonus, which is essentially the same as the Bonus Level Up!  Where you’ll have a chance at 1, 2 or 3 Pink Sprinkles!

Once you’ve reached 3,000 ico_terwilligers_musicnotes_lg this box will popup:


Pick one of the boxes for FREE donuts!  Each box contains 1, 2 or 3 Pink Sprinkles…if you miss out on the chance to get 3 donuts don’t worry.  You can pay in game cash for another try!

Digging Deep Super Bonus 50 50 ChanceDigging Deep Super Bonus 3 Donuts Won

So that my friends is the full breakdown of Dame Judith Underdunk and how to get FREE Donuts!

One final note….a few of you are asking about what the prize box shows once you’ve unlocked Judith…it looks like this:



I know it says Check back soon for more…but I think that’s just standard writing. We don’t have any indication that there will be an Act 4.  Especially since it says Prizes end In ______.  Previously that line said New Prizes Unlocked in _____.  So I do think this is it my friends..

What do you think of Dame Judith?  Have you earned her yet?   Thoughts on the donut bonus?  How about the event overall?  What are you most looking forward to?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

75 responses to “Terwilliger Prize Guide: Act 3, Prize 8…Dame Judith Underdunk

  1. So it looks like I am going to have to make a choice between the Decoy Homer and the Welcome Bob sign. Any suggestions? Also, what are the odds that they will extend the event? Have they been doing that lately? And if so, how long is typical? With a couple of extra days I could probably craft all the items.

  2. when do you think the dialog will be posted for the end of act one beginning of act two? Boyfriend isn’t too happy that I read his for him, so he wants to reread it.

    • lol it’ll probably be up later this week. Depends on what happens with the event itself…usually we post the full dialogue once the event’s over 🙂

  3. So why is the farmers license still up for sale for 11 days?

    • Could be just one they forgot to change the timer on…could be something else. Right now we’re only going by the Prizes End in timer..

  4. Question: If I start to complete one of Cecil’s tasks and finish it before the daily deadline, but harvest it after (when I wake up the next day), do I still get the bonus?

  5. Dame Judith Underdunk – obtained this character last week, the quests with Mr. Burns were quite silly, another Freemium to enjoy (needs her own Freemium Estate and/or Home). 😉

  6. I know this question was kinda touched on in a reply somewhere in another event rundown post….but how important are the quest lines to complete (opera krusty/dame & burns/act 3)….I’m trying to craft as much as possible….so am I wasting my time trying to finish the quest lines? I’m already getting my bonuts….and I’ve crafted all the big items (except decoy and sign but will get both fo sure)….as always thanx for your advice…u guyz rock!

    • Yea you can stop with those. It may be worth it to finish Plantom of the Opera (if you have it open) but beyond that i’d wait

  7. Im on the fence about getting brandine or the happy sumo they are both 100 doughnuts she is without a building but can birth spuclers. What do you think,also i read somewhere that akira cant make bonsai trees anymore is this true is it a glitch or what.thanks

  8. CapCityGoofball

    Does Same Judith’s quest award cash or music notes? I’m focusing on crafting, so if it is just cash I’d rather have her and Burns earn crafting currency.

  9. did my post get deleted or was it not posted directly to the board

  10. Question, I just leveled up and got the donut scratch off thing and my first try left me with 1 pink sprinklie so I paid for another try and I swear it only cost 50,000 was it always that way for the level up box BC I know its 150k per extra try with the music note boxes, or did I read it wrong, or is it a glitch BC you know EA wouldn’t make a change that benefits the players

    • For the Bonus Level Up! is $50,000 for each try. The Bonus for collecting 3,000 Music notes is $150,000 each try after the first one.

  11. Do you have Springfield falls? I put mine next to the Opera house.

  12. I like to send the whole family to preform at the opera. Quick question, why did you not purchase Gino and Francesca?

  13. Very happy with both DJU and the bonuts rounds (finished one and hoping to got the second one by tomorrow morning)! 🙂

  14. CentralCali559

    This questline is going to have to wait. Mr Burns is currently making it rain lol 💸💸💸

  15. I got the dame a couple of days ago, and I’m on the last step in the quest line. Good dialogue. I received my first batch of free doughnuts yesterday, and I will probably get another batch tomorrow. I’m hoping for two more chances before the event ends.

    On a side note…..I’ve finally received my fifth star on the conformity meter. Hooray! I had to place a few more Kwiki marts, but I don’t mind. I’ve spread out my Kwiki marts so it looks natural. I abhor “farming” my buildings.

    I now have three farmers markets. They were surprisingly easy to get. I can’t believe we were all griping about getting one earlier in the event. I’m trying really hard to get a second Gas-n-Grub. I think that’s my favorite item in this event. I like the house boat too, but the rest of the stuff is kind of boring. I might get a Homer decoy, but I doubt I will have enough DNA if I get a second Gas-n-Grub.

    • I do NOT think the farmer’s markets are “surprisingly easy to get,” unless they’re the only thing your working towards getting. I had to shift my characters’ materials-earning tasks focus several times, as I wanted the Gas and Grub and houseboat, too (and a couple of cane fields and the smokehouse). I’m working towards my second farmer’s market – anyone who can earn fertilizer is doing it – and I think there’s a fair chance I’ll get it before the event is over.

      The craftable that I’m find pretty easy to get (once I got the houseboat and because I didn’t want the Homer decoy) is the opera house ticket booth. I have two now, and could probably craft at least another two right now. I do plan on crafting as many as I can with my leftovers materials, because I think it could serve a lot of different purposes within a town’s design.

      • I guess it was easy for me to get three farmers markets, because I didn’t care about the cane fields, cactus patches, Sani-John smokehouse, or extras of the other stuff. So far I have all of the free stuff, plus the farmers markets (2 extra). I’m trying to get a second Gas-n-Grub, then I’m probably done. I’ll get some of the other stuff if I can’t get anything else.

  16. I am SO annoyed. I didn’t realise that you had pay to open up the other two boxes for donuts, so when the option came I just pressed all 3 quickly and never even saw anything about spending money. I’ve never had over 300,000 saved before I’ve just been letting it accumulate while I’ve been busy with the event and was looking forward to spending it when the events over. I’m very upset and annoyed, I don’t really care about donuts and wish I could trade them back 🙁

    • You don’t care about doughnuts?!???? The whole game is about getting doughnuts. Without doughnuts you’ll never get any of the really cool stuff. Please think about this for a bit. I think you’ll understand better.

      • 5 donuts for 300,000?? So not worth it. The “cool stuff” you can get with donuts usually costs more than my total donut amount, so I’ve never bought anything with them anyway. for example, right now you can buy 1 rake for 7 donuts, which means the 300,000 it cost to get 5 donuts wasn’t even enough for 1 bloody rake. So tell me how that’s worth it? There is plenty of stuff in the game that you don’t need donuts for, and I’d never waste my real money on the game, so yes it was a complete waste.

        • You may feel that way now, but I’m willing to bet that, if you keep playing this game, you’ll feel very differently several months from now, when you have more $$ than you know what to do with and you’ve saved up a bunch of donuts but are only a few away from getting a new character/building combo that you’re dying to have!

          Trust me – you’ll understand LM’s comments once you’ve been playing for awhile… I’ll bet there isn’t one higher-level player who wouldn’t happily trade $30,000 for 5 donuts any day of the week!

      • P.s. you only actually win three donuts for that $300,000, since you “passed up” the one and two donuts to get the max amt but it really IS worth it! ANY time you can pay InGameCurrency (IGC) for donuts you should jump at the chance because ultimately IGC=time whereas donuts=$$$… you’ll see, that IGC adds up FAST!

    • I understand what you mean by money. Without a house farm, money is hard to get and there is never enough just to keep up with the level updates. Very frustrating. And as to having lots of donuts, there is a small problem of limited space. So soon you have to store the stuff anyway. Once you get further in the game, like max out on friend points, then your donut income will increase, and you will start being able to afford items costing donuts. At that point, donuts will become more valuable than in-game money. But the main thing is to enjoy the trip. Good luck.

  17. Not a huge fan of the crafting. It’s fine. However, the new characters are fabulous!

  18. hi, I just get Dame Judith but after her first task, just disappeared. does someone has the same issue?

  19. …stoopid joke now but ‘what do you call a dinosaur that can’t see?’

    A ‘doyouthinkhesawus’?

    All of us prehistoric players have times when we are frustrated with the game but do remember the elation times too…we have got sideshow bob and he is history in the making of the Simpsons!

    Anyhoo hope you are still here and NOT history xhugsx

  20. Swiss I wish I could send you a personal message …I totally feel your pain hope your reading still. Serious the amount of neighbours that would miss you and the addicted readers here really would so be lost without your wisdom and laugh out loud wit. Take time out but PLEASE don’t desert (dessert) me! Lol covered in custard for being so sweet xx

    • I will also flash my *jelly b**bs! …sorry for any offence lol …they are quite tired but willing to be squished : D

  21. On the ea forum people say the crafting end on June 4th, is that true?

    • There are many that like to “speculate”, however we go off of the actual facts. Fact: Right inside your game under the Crafting Icon is a countdown. Right now it states “Prizes end in: 3d 12h 15m 45s.” 😉

      • Well it said so in the files
        Oh well we shall see what happens.

        Pretty cool that the event ends on May 26th, its my birthday on that day.

        • The files can be interpreted incorrectly. There are MANY dates in there. Some are “kill” dates. That means the date they are wiped out of the files completely. Like for questlines, the Event is over but the questlines continue on. Sometimes for days, weeks, or months, then they are “killed” and can’t be done any further. If someone does not understand what a kill date is, they don’t get what it means.

          So depending on who is looking at them and how they interpret them, it can mislead their info. Right now there is NOTHING in the files showing any Event activity past the 26th. No additions, no new quests, nothing at all indicating any of what exists will continue on. For superheroes, there was indication of something. Tagged with ??? to not let the details out til then, but it was coded in there. It was also reflected in the “END” date. The day the Event ends in our games and is pulled out via updates. I still see nothing at all. Only Act 1, Act 2, Act 3.

          If there is a 4th week added, it will come with new details and files for it in another update. That just does not exist in there right now, as of today. Especially not for crafting. Sorry. Still all showing “END” Date of the event is 5-26.

  22. I have tried your Super Donuts Bonus trick several times with mixed results, but the progression you show in this post was the same as mine. (box 3 first – then box 2). I wonder if it is the same progression for everyone. Just say`n gang.

    • I have found that the trick is not a trick at all. I have tried it many times, and I would guess that I get 3 doughnuts in the box on the right about a third of the time. Natch. If I don’t get 3 doughnuts in the right hand box, I usually go for the box on the left. It seems like it’s about fifty fifty. So I don’t think there’s really anything going on. Now I know some of you will say I’m not doing it right, but I can assure you that I’m very careful to follow the trick instructions. It just doesn’t work. That’s my 2 cents.

      • Agree

      • I used to think that it didn’t work either, until I realized I wasn’t doing it entirely correctly. It doesn’t just matter when you “let go,” it also matters when you put your finger down. It appears to me (and I’m still testing this out, but, three times in a row it’s “proven” itself so far), that what the trick really is is to note where in the cycle you are when you put your finger down on the third box, and then release it at the exact same point in the cycle. (I don’t think it has to be the part of the cycle that Bunny describes – I just got it to work at a different part of the pattern – the key is that the down and I’ll have to be at the exact same part of the cycle, one cycle apart.)

  23. She reminds me to much of MOM from Futurama. I keep wanting to google who voiced her (I know it’s on of the women from Fraiser).

    • I was wrong.. She is voiced by Tress MacNeille… (Disappointed in some way). I’m amazed in the search that there are multiple images of her and fan fiction out there. Still think she looks a lot like MOM. (Any Futurama Simpsons Event in the future? You know everyone wants Bender in their Springfeild. Or a Futurama Tapped Out.) But I digress.

  24. probably not the place but I don’t think you guys have mentioned it but the zenith buildingsmall from the superhero event don’t just effect your vanity they make money now 75 everyou 3 hours except for the city times it makes 150 every 6 hours this awesome as they just took up space before

  25. I’m getting very worried that I won’t get her, as I visit neighbors everyday, clear the opera/Monsereno, tap the clones, and do Cecil every day, but I’m only at ~12900 notes.

  26. Her questline is waiting for Mr. Burns to finish his money pile. At least in my game. Last 1 million to go.

  27. there are a couple additional quests…. the first involves squishing 100 clones and crafting 10 additional items, and the second involves upgrading Monsarno to level 20 and the opera house to level 10.

    I am currently at 4/10 additional items, and I should be able to hit 10 by just buying a bunch of flower walls. Also, I have my Monsarno at level 21 but my opera house is still at level 9 (as suggested in your tutorial). I am assuming these are just filler quests to take up time until the event ends, but I wanted to verify that this was the case.


  28. Just a thought about the three donut trick: I squashed a bob mutant and the donut bonus screen came up. I started doing the trick and the “your town is free of mutants for now” window popped up, interrupting the process. I cleared the window and started over and only got one donut. Now I can’t complain. A free donut is a free donut. But if you are close to 3000, make sure the final mutant popup is gone before you start the bonus trick.

  29. Will there be an Act 4?

  30. I got Dame Judith a few days ago and already got 3 bonuts from the music notes, hopefully shooting for another 3 if I can get enough notes with the time left! I’m loving the quest line that comes with Dame Judith because it involves Mr. Burns! It gives me some time to regain some precious game cash so when I get to level 11 on the money mountain I won’t be too broke! (Currently on level 10). I wish I had enough donuts to get Brandine, every time she’s come back into the game I have JUST purchased another character with donuts (got coach krupt about a week ago), but oh well, ONE DAY!!

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