A Moment For Memorial Day

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Bouncing by with a few quick words on today. In the USA it is Memorial Day. A day when Americans remember those who fought for our country and freedom that are no longer with us. A time to mourn the loss of those no longer with us, but to also appreciate all that have done for us to protect our freedoms. Tapped_Out_American_Flag

Fill free to read our own personal thoughts on Memorial Day and those in service in the following post…

Addicts Remember Memorial Day

This day is not so easy for me as I am sure not for others as well. I have lost so many in the past few years. I actually lost my close friend suddenly last Memorial Day and it made it quite a struggle for the weeks that followed. But with the two amazing friends I have made within my Addicts Team as well as the strength from all of YOU, Our Amazing Addicts Community, I continue to count my daily blessings and know that no matter what I am never alone.

Take a few moments today to reflect where you have come from, those journeys you made in life, those that may not be with you… then look forward. Appreciate those still there in your life. Family, Friends, even those silly online Friends you have come to know and chat with. Embrace the joy and laughter life has to bring. In a world full of sadness, we all can use an extra smile. 🙂

Much Love,

Alissa, Bunny, & Wookiee

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  1. Craig (ibuylow2014)

    A day to remember those buddies that were lost during our time serving the world. Americans do not go to war just for themselves. We went to war to protect those that could not protect themselves. I am proud to say I served my world, my country, my friends and my family.

  2. Read your link, and wanted to say thank you all for sharing and to give my condolences. I don’t know what else to say but thank you all.

  3. A beautiful, heart felt thanks to you Wookie. I have almost 18 yrs medical, your service is no less important than anyone else. Less than 1% serve. That makes anyone’s service important.

    Bunny, I’m sorry your family has paid so much for our freedom. Thank you.

    Alissa, thank you for your remembrance. And I wouldn’t have added to their words either!

  4. Memorial Day is the day that we remember the greatest debt that our country has……..to those who have died fighting in its armed forces.

  5. g2-db214927ec89691bb3f9e1f44060cc3e

    So, out of all posts to reply to first on this site, here I am. Might not be the time or place, but I guess reading this now, I gotta get some stuff off my mind, so.. bear with me.

    I spent a few years in the US Army; and I’ll cherish those days for my entire life. Memorial day though, seems to just become more difficult every year. My first deployment, my unit made it to within 3 weeks of going home without a loss, just for 4 to be killed before we actually left.

    It wasn’t easy, but we pulled together. Then, a month later, my buddy got drunk (apparently his ‘coping mechanism’) and wrapped his car around a tree. Nobody knew what to do, or say. Then, just a few weeks later, my best friend was home on leave, and we found out that he had hung himself. He couldn’t take the stress anymore, had turned to meth, and ended up… ending it. He was my best friend, and I never even saw it in him. You heard about suicide on post, and everyone sat through a suicide prevention class prior to deployment (a real morale booster, by the way.. ), but, to have it happen like that.

    I immortalized my brothers with a tattoo; a chain with a dog tag for each one, with a name and a date. Each of the next couple deployments made it a little bit longer, but I guess by then it became easier to accept.

    I could go on for days about the various thoughts and emotions that I’ve experienced throughout the years, but I’ll at least spare you that. As hard as it can be to think about these guys for me, I do so often. I’ve heard they’ll never truly be gone as long as someone still says their names. I hope that’s true.

    Beyond their sacrifice and dedication, they were genuinely good people. I’ve had a lot of people ask me about the war, and get my political opinion on things, but it always comes back to the folks I was with.

    I think this is the most I’ve ever talked about the subject (lucky you! :-P), and I might just be rambling at this point. I’ve told my wife brief snippets of my time overseas, but not my loss. Not because of her reaction (I know it’d be of love) but because I don’t know how I would react to letting these things out. I don’t know if I’ve handled things so well because I’m so well adjusted (I even have to laugh at that) or because I’ve never truly dealt with my own emotions.

    I’m gonna cut this novel short (relatively..). Sorry for making this my little soapbox, but.. I think I just needed to vent a little.

    Oh… and I’m Andy, by the way. Long time lurker, first time poster. 😛

  6. He was not a hero in most eyes, he was not a public servant or in the Armed Forces. And he was not into drugs. He was just a guy who happened to suffer and die about this time without our knowing, until his neighbors complained about the smell of his decaying body.
    He was a hero to me, his mother. And a great friend of his Seattle Wolves teammates. He loved his parents his nephews and his brother and sisters. He also loved the ice and his friends. Click on #11, Seattle Wolves website. They still remember him there. I miss you, Bruce, God loves you.

  7. As a Mexican we don’t have memorial day, we celebrate soldier’s day and specific battles day to remember; living in Australia I learned the importance to remember all our love ones and/our people who help and serve to have a great country (in Mexico we have good people serving our contry ).

    Thanks to all of you and a big warm hug

  8. I would only add, for the non-USA readers, that while many in the USA reflect on those they’ve lost, this holiday is actuallyispecifically honoring those who diedy in service to their country in our armed forces.

  9. Bunny I wish you had said that Memorial Day is for remembering those who served in the Armed Forces, as well as police officers and firemen who have died in the line of duty in this post, not just the linked Addicts Remember Memorial Day.

    While it is nice to remember all who have died, the purpose is for remembrance of the sacrifice and loss of those who served and protected our country.

    • As a few words in my mind don’t do it justice, that’s why I posted the link. We speak from personal thoughts on our service men n women in there.

  10. Ruth-Merwe Thorsrud

    Much love back to you. And thanks for all your good work. Greetings from Norway

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