Terwilliger Removal Has Arrived!

Hey there Hoppereenos!

Looks like the Takedown for the Terwilliger’s Event has finally started to hit.. So what other changes came with this Update for the Removal? Let’s take a peek below. unlock_mutantclone01

So far this has only hit the iOS Market. Will update when we see it hit Google/Android Market too.

UPDATE: It is now in Google Play/Android Market

More to come…

With Terwilliger’s Event gone out of our games now, there are a few items it seems snuck away in time and are now in our games for purchase.


Those 3 crazy Mutant Bob Clones we have been squishing in the last 2 Acts are now in our game menu for purchase. You can tap on each to see their animation. Each one comes with a quick questline. All are NPC’s with animation when you tap them. All 3 available for less than 6 days. (You can only get one of each.)

unlock_mutantclone01Mutant Clone 1.1Bob Clone: 60 Donuts, melts butter all over himself

unlock_mutantclone02Mutant Clone 2.1Tall Bob Clone: 60 Donuts, does a hula dance

unlock_mutantclone03Mutant Clone 3.2Short Bob Clone: 60 Donuts, pops like popcorn.



It looks like the Rakes may be a little more permanent addition into our towns as they are now also in the Decorations Menu for purchase for our games.

ico_stor_terwilligers_rakepack_1515 Rakes: 75 Donuts

rakes3 Rakes: 18 Donuts

rake1 Rake: 7 Donuts



Cecil Survey

Cecil is now a permanent fully tasked Character in the game. You will be prompted to tap on Cecil once in the game. A questline, Say “Cheers”, will trigger. The first task being 8hrs to make Cecil Survey the town. Moe will then trigger Part 2. We will have more details on him later.



Many of the items that were paying out Event Currency have now been replaced with regular Game Currency.

monsarnohq_menuMonsarno Research: $275 & 70 XP every 8hrs

outdooroperastage_menuOutdoor Opera Stage: $90 & 10XP every 4hrs

herbicidedispenser_menuHerbicide Squirter: Just shows Level 0 when tapped (this may be changed later as it currently is not showing the Level it was on)




There will be some an additional questline for Sideshow Bob triggered into the game, Rake It to the Limit One More Time.

I am also still seeing him roam towns to tap on and “capture”.



Anyone else notice a few different things going on in the “Other Springfield”. Take a peak. Let us know what you see.  😉


There you go. The end to this really cool Terwilliger Event that brought us an entire Psychotic Family. (One I had been wishing for since the start of the game. Lol.)

On a side note the App Market update did hint that MORE is coming from EA soon, so we will keep our eyes out.

What do you think? Going to pick up the 3 Mutant Bobs? See any other changes we didn’t list yet? Let us know.



371 responses to “Terwilliger Removal Has Arrived!

  1. I was making some changes in my town and I put the herbicide in storage for a while, and when I was looking for it in my inventory I realized it was gone. What happened?

    • Could be hiding in inventory (that happens sometimes) or could be a glitch. Contact EA if it’s missing, they can restore it

  2. Since I missed the Terwillieger event I don’t have Cecil, is there any way for me to get him? I don’t see him in the store…

  3. Was just visiting friends and got the “Sideshow Bob has been spotted in the area” prompt and apprehended him. Is this because my friend has not updated yet? Or did not complete the questline to make Sideshow Bob free permanently?

  4. The Other Springfield should be the best showcase of Tapped Out not what it is…
    Ugh, and the new Other Springfield Krustyland is horrible!?

  5. Well, this is odd… I just got a notification that “Your town is overflowing with mutants. Gross.”

    Of course there weren’t any there, unless maybe they were referring to my REAL town? 😱

  6. I’m glad that the event finally ended, but I was trying to milk it for one more chance at free donuts and one more flower wall. I missed the former by 122 notes and the latter by 340 fertilizer.

    One thing I noticed after the update is that character voices do not “stack”. When you click another character to start a job, if they are voiced, it cuts off the previous character’s speech.

    Also today, I got a message saying “Your town is overflowing with Mutants. Gross.” That’s a throwback… 🙂

  7. How do you tell apart the new permanent Bob and the one for tapping to capture?

  8. I am so sad! Quimby would finish to hide in the brown house today, but the game forced me to update. He is still hiding but I don’t think I will unlock Sideshow Bob 🙁

  9. So after all that, all the Monsarno buildings do t do anything. Is everyone just storing them? I’m at 5 stars so don’t need them for vanity points. Seems like a waste of land just having them there.

    • I’m not storing them…I earn more than enough money to keep up with the levels and such, so I don’t care that much that they don’t earn any, and I like the way the campus looks in my town, which is more important to me.

      I don’t understand why higher-level players are so fussed about their lack of earnings (although I do wish they still had tasks associated with them – I especially miss the additional tasks for Mr. Teeny!).

  10. Somehow when I updated my setting for “confirm donut purchase” was set to “no”. That being said while scrolling thru the new items in the store I accidentally insta-bought a bob clone. Contacted EA to see about a reversal and got no luck. Terrible waste of 60 donuts that I was saving for something of actual value. Kinda killed the buzz of playing for me as I refuse to spend cash on donuts.

    • Every new level it resets. Sorry. We try to warn people each time. 🙁

      • That’s strange, it doesn’t reset for me on level update. I always have it on confirm donut purchase and it stays that way.

      • GodlessSquash

        Fortunately, my Android device doesn’t reset. I’m very surprised EA has not made “confirm” the default: it is by far the skeeviest aspect of TSTO and long overdue for change.

  11. Hey, Addicts, do you know if the removal update made nuking the town less problematic, or should I store some things before I hit the red button?

  12. I’m hoping we’ll get a Flaming Moe’s skin for Moe’s at the end of Say “Cheers” 🙂

  13. I was finally forced to update, and it seems like they took away 2 of the quests I had yet to do because of the event. One was the tricycle/bike one. Anyone know what else disappeared? Also, do you know why they were removed? I thought I had until the end of May to complete them! 😭😭😭

    • That was the kill date on the Kids are All Fight. You only have about a month after it’s over to finish the questline or it gets pulled. Helps keep the game more stable.

  14. barleecreations (canid88)

    I was hoping they would have offered the corn stalk as a NPC to buy, I thought they were kind of cute.

    I need to de-program myself, I keep looking for the Bob clones to tap. LOL!

  15. hellooo new Springfield just a quick question I was wondering why when I visit some peoples town they’re back to normal but they still make them little goblin sound that we had during the last event. just curious if you know what that means there is none running around but just wondering what the sound of that is because I tap on Sideshow Bob but nothing. Thanks.

  16. whew! just before the forced update hit, i crafted a second port-a-smokey and SQUEEZED OUT a second set of bonuts post-event (you’re right whoever said it, that doesn’t sound right!). really wanted that second smoker to go with my other farmers market too. total crafting haul for this event:

    2 farmers markets
    2 gas and grubs
    2 sani-john smokehouses
    1 simpsons houseboat
    1 homer decoy
    1 welcome bob sign
    8 patches of cane field
    6 patches of cactus
    1 flower wall
    1 extra monsarno library
    3 extra ticket booths

    0 donuts spent on rushing/crafting

    as i mentioned before, biggest issue for me this event was the dna requirement to craft flower walls. if my guess is correct that ea purposely made dna the toughest resource to acquire, it really shouldn’t have been one of the materials necessary to craft the smallest item we’d probably want the most of.

  17. Holding on to the Terwilligers event by the skin of my teeth…it was a grind, but I’m so close to a Level 20 Monsarno building I just HAVE to shoot for it. I like a nice round number, and the satisfaction of completing a quest! The other two I’ve given up on upgrading, not enough benefit. Also trying to eke out one last set of seats for the Opera House and only a few hundred music notes away from one last trio of Bonuts. If I succeed at these tonight, I’ll be snagging the update.

    For future events, I think the event currency should be structured so that you have ONE set currency for upgrades, and additional currencies which can be used in various combinations for crafting. The struggle was SUPER REAL with this one, to upgrade or craft items. Compounding that struggle (for me anyway) was neighbor visits this go-round were nearly impossible. Most days I could only hit two or three at a time before my game would crash. Neighbor visits during the Superhero Event were a breeze, so I’m not sure what the issue was with this one. Being a stay-at-home mom, if I can’t get things done for my game in fifteen minute spurts, they don’t get done!

    Also with regard to future events, it would be neat if they could offer an exchange system like Krustyland’s tickets-for-cash. Last Halloween I bought ALL the kids for trick-or-treating, so I had an embarrassment of riches for their currency, but struggled in earning others where I only had two or three characters that fit into groups with really short earning tasks. And so many characters weren’t included in a group at all! And for the daily tasks, I agree with another commenter that the Stonecutters Event Daily Tasks were much better, with requiring only one character to perform one task per day. Some days I was lucky to finish just two of Cecil’s! But it’s almost over now, thank goodness.

    I need like a month of no events and no updates to stockpile some cash and then blow up my town for a re-design. I’ve bought all the available land, and it’s getting cramped!

  18. Darn – just forced to update in my iPad, a few hours short of another bonuts round. 🙁

    Oh well – at least I can go back to playing on my Kindle during work hours now!

  19. Predictably, my update is now forced. I was about an hour away from crafting the Welcome Bob sign. At least I got 3 bonus donuts this morning, but I really started to think I was going to get that last prize crafted. Oh well

  20. Forced update right now for me!

  21. Hey guys and gals. Totally confused here my Tsto isn’t update (apparently I owe Apple .20 cent for an app I downloaded but it doesn’t work. That’s another story) but I can’t visit my friends at all. Anybody else running into this without the new update?

  22. Have seen the ‘new’ clones at a neighbour’s Springfield. Nice, but only 40 donuts nice. If they want 60 from me, it will have to be a feral jelly blob, even if it stays on the sidewalks.

  23. Omg! Omg! Omg! Just woke up to the level update and MALIBU STACEY!!!! I bought all the things! I’m so happy hmey added it to the game finally! Malibu Stacey and Kamp Krusty are my all-time favorites!!! Eeeee!!!

  24. Noooooooo!! Updated and all my Monsarno buildings I crafted are all gone except the main one!

    • Well now that’s odd. Check your inventory. If they’re still not there, contact EA and let them know what happened. They should be able to restore them for you

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