Homer & Marge Split??! Bart Dead??!!

Hey there Hoppereenos!

Bouncing by with some “Spoiler-ish” information that’s been spreading all over the interwebs. Some details as to what will be coming up in the New Season of the Simpsons.

unlock_sideshowbobBartMarge and Homer romantic

So take a peek below if you want… just beware… New Season Spoiler info…

So there was a lil panel discussion during the ATX Festival not too long ago, and the Simpsons Speculations have been blowing up since.


Die Bart Die Sideshow Bob

It looks like the Simpsons Writers are at it again with MY favorite Character, Sideshow Bob. Though this time, it seems he is going to get just what he asked for… or is he?

In the New Season of the Simpsons, MY Favorite Episode of the Season, Treehouse of Horrors will finally give Sideshow Bob his closure of what he has wanted for better part of a decade now. To KILL BART!!  How will it be done? What methods will he use? Let the speculation begin. Muahahahahahaha.

Al Jean Twitter (5)

Here are some quotes from Al Jean during a Panel at ATX Festival a few days ago…

“You’re going to see Sideshow Bob do something that he’s wanted to do for a long time,”

“I’m one of the people who always wanted the coyote to eat the road runner. You can see where this is going.”

I am also giggling at his Twitter page…

Al Jean Twitter (1)

Al Jean Twitter (2)

Al Jean Twitter (4)




Al Jean also spoke on the Marriage of Homer and Marge in the upcoming Season this September.

“In the premiere, it’s discovered after all the years Homer has narcolepsy and it’s an incredible strain on the marriage. Homer and Marge legally separate, and Homer falls in love with his pharmacist, who’s voiced by Lena Dunham. We’ll have cameos from the other women from Girls.”

The Couple of all Couple’s splitting up? It will be interesting to see just how this one plays out in the Series.

Again, Al Jean playing it up on Twitter… this time in a “fateful Beatles oops style post”. I think he is eating up all the attention and really having fun with it. (If you want to find out why this particular Tweet is a play on something the Beatles did, just look up the fateful quote from John Lennon from the Beatles.)

Al Jean Twitter (3)



Spider Pig 5

To round out this Tastey Morsel of information, why not a cute lil round Pinkish colored Piggy? That’s right. It looks like this lil squealer will also be making a New appearance into the Upcoming Season as well. Just what will he be up to now? Will he attend HOGwarts? Will he swing from a tree? Will he just roll in the mud?

Funny enough, he seems to be overshadowed in the “Simpson News” by… well… as Al Jean put it… “the murder of a 10 yr old”.


What are YOUR thoughts on all this? Got some of your own speculations in mind? Excited to see how it plays out? Other Characters you would like to see come back too? Let us know.


42 responses to “Homer & Marge Split??! Bart Dead??!!

  1. It’s impossible to avoid spoilers from TV, radio, internet, newspapers, ads on billboards
    Personally I live in a cave to reduce the risk


  2. To bad Tree House of Horror doesn’t count. And first of all Bart already died in a Tree House of Horror, the one where the teachers were eating the kids, they killed off every kid in the show in that episode. So, it wouldn’t be anything “new” at all actually….

    • Yup, in fact I think everybody in the family died more than once during Treehouse of Horror episodes (not to mention Homer being sucked into the 3D universe).

  3. Willie was killed in all three segments of a tree house of horror

  4. In the end all will return to normal. Armen Tamzarian taught us. Lisa says it at the end of the episode where Ned and Homer are best friends.

  5. I had already read all of that somewhere, but duh, the spoilers are already in the title!

  6. Sorry, I am still stuck with Cecil. Has anyone figured out what character he is playing since Faust was written by Shakespeare’s competitor, Marlowe?

  7. If Sideshow Bob gets his revenge in TreeHouse of Horors I suspect that the aftermath would be haunted by ghost/zombie Bart.

    Yes Homer and Marge have split and came back together many times, even been Legally Seperated before and got remarried in the Kurt And Luanne episode. I suspect this will be no different but as fans know there are somethings that take place that change the series, Maude’s death for example. Yet I have a hard time imagining a series with two more years (plus?) would do be able to pull a long term situation like this. I don’t know why I’m thinking about the American Dad episode where they split the house in two but again it returns to normal by the next half hour-ed episode. I wouldn’t stress it.

    Now, Hold your hate mail for a moment. I like some people who don’t care for rainbows or the color pink (which I personally have little problem with) do have a “Meh” approach to Spider Pig. I understand he’s cute but I new jumped on the band wagon and not saying this to cause controversy but to let a few other folks whom may feel the same way realize it is ok not to go Gaga over something just because many people are. Now I’m not going to sit here and compare Spider Pig to Justin Beiber but like all Fanfair there are those of us that just don’t get it. I apologies to the SP fan club but “Meh”. Don’t scold me to hard.

    Now I realize I should probably end in a high note. So… Umm… yeah More Simpsons episodes! New Season! I’m sure we’ll get a new game update soon! Hey, Look over There!!!! (Pointing in the distance and then running away in the opposite direction) :p

    • …chases after totbox *waves at new
      neighbour* yay : D

      ps. love the flags on your squidport!

      • oops I think you are no longer my neighbor, I think I deleted you after you Graffitied – sorry I take it so seriously (tell you what, I’ll let you back if you promise not to ink again). And Thanks for the compliment, I was going for a mild Fire Island feel.

        • lol then you don’t want me as your neighbor. Because when I visit, which isn’t that often, I usually only vandalize. It makes me giggle. Wookiee and Bunny pretty much do the same thing.

      • Nope, I didn’t delete you after all, you left out the “THE” in your name and so I searched for your town and I figured you were one of those short term neighbors… So I didn’t delete you (which makes this less awkward) :p. I am impressed with all your stuff, especially the bushes that spell out your name, “mutate” and “?” – But one thing I wonder is why do you or other people not clean up the toxic waste, drums, etc.? – there might be donuts in there ! :p

  8. I never watched the show, but a generation ago there was a TV show titled “Dallas”. One of the characters, “Bobby”, was killed. An entire season filmed without this pivotal character only to have the new season start with his wife finding Bobby in the shower- it was all just a dream.

    Who wants to see Bart naked and in the shower?

    • I guess you’re right when you say “a generation ago,” but, gee, thanks for making me feel old! 😉

      My husband and I first started hanging out together when I was watching Dallas at my friend’s apartment and my husband would come over from his apartment across the hall to watch Dallas with us (although, he says he really came over to watch me).

  9. I for one am disappointed that the writers would do this to Homer and Marge. I just don’t see narcolepsy splitting them up after all the stuff Marge has put up with in the past. One of the charming aspects of the show has always been their love despite all the disfunction. I am hoping that it is only a single episode and not for the entire season like some other sites have written. It just may be the straw that breaks the camels back and kills the show. Especially if Lena Dunham, the self described sexual predator of her younger sister, is a recurring character. On the other hand I can’t wait to see Sideshow Bob get his revenge lol, and bringing Spider Pig into more episodes will be awesome!

    • Ciarathomp988

      Ya that’s what I was thinking when i heard Durham woukd be a guest star…not the best choice!! Kinda left a sour taste in my mouth. And I’m a die hard Simpsons nut.

  10. Sideshow Raheem

    Later this season, Marge becomes a robot, Moe gets a cellphone and Selma marries Itchy 😛

  11. I wonder if they’ll bring back Spider Pig as an episode tie-in, so that the people who regretted not buying him during (or weren’t there for) the superheroes event can get pleasure from his porcine perfection! 😉

    • It would be the perfect time for it…

      And my suggestion would be exactly the same…get him lol

      • I don’t like spider pig lol I hate the crap silo as a building I think it’s ugly and the pig is boring as well I’d rather have Akira myself. I think I’m in the minority tho lol!!

      • Amelia – I get a warm fuzzy every night when I send Homer to go rub Spider Pig’s tummy overnight! And it’s fun watching him roll around in mud and doing “what a Spider Pig does.” But, I just got Akira (how could my town *not* have a sushi place?) and currently have every character eating questionable fugu, except Stampy, Mr. Teeny, the Terwilligers and Mrs. Quincy – the only characters that didn’t have that option.

  12. Italian Beauty

    There’s always been another show on at the same time as The Simpsons so I’ve missed quite a few seasons. Sounds like I need to start watching it the next day On Demand from my cable network.

    • I was in the same boat, for the same reason. If you have a Roku (or other streaming media device?), the FXNow app has all of the Simpsons episodes ever (for free and with minimal commercials)!

  13. Will there be new game content this summer?

  14. spawnoftheflames

    What’s the point in saying spoilers ahead, if you say what the spoilers are in the title? It’s too late by that point.

    • Sometimes spoilers are in the details…

      • Hey everyone,
        Alissa, and bunny, people love giving you guys a hard time. I don’t know how you put up with it all the time. I think I might snap. I saw about five or six different tv shows mention this and the lead was always Bart dies and marge and homer split up. It’s not a spoiler, it’s the story. Anyway, I admire yr patience and ability to stay calm. Thanx for all you do, and put up with. Thanx and have fun.

      • spawnoftheflames

        In this case it was revealing the story of something before watching it. I don’t think it is unreasonable for lovers of the show to kindly ask that you don’t spoil the storyline of the show for us before its even been released. Sure loads of people want to know this news, but file it under a post called “Upcoming TV Series Spoilers” though so it doesn’t ruin the surprise for everyone. I don’t think that is “giving you guys a hard time”, its a suggestion which may stop users from turning to other tapped out websites that don’t spoil things and I don’t think it is unreasonable.

        • Ok, I get it. Let’s all just relax. We’ve been doing these types of articles since the site started. Including last year when we talked about “someone dying” on the show. We gave all the info we had on it…no issues then.

          To me…the title isn’t spoiler, it’s attention grabbing. To understand what’s going on you’d need to read the article. The article could have said, Bart’s not dying. Or Homer and Marge are just fine. Because of the way it’s written it can go either way. It’s designed to make you want to hit read more…that’s all.

          However, I can understand both POVs…but it’s too late now to change it. So in the future we’ll try to avoid the attention grabbing headlines 😉

          But let me ask you this…do you consider the Episode Reminders we post to be Spoilers? Because when we do those we give the entire synopsis of the episode (as given by FOX) as well as post youtube videos (if available) of the show…in addition to screenshots.

      • spawnoftheflames

        Hi Alyssa.
        Thanks for promising to avoid attention grabbing headlines with spoilers in, in future. Its nice to know that you listen to your readers and make positive simple changes that make everyone happy. No one is going to be made unhappy by having to click on the article link to read a spoiler, and it increases your page views as people have to click for the whole article to get the info. Everyone’s a winner! 🙂
        I think “POTENTIALLY HUGE SHOW SPOILERS!” in itself covers both bases by being really attention grabbing, but also allowing people the choice of whether to see the details in itself. You probably didn’t have a big problem with “Someone dies” because it didn’t say who in the title like this article did, so your readers had the choice to read or stay spoiler free if they wanted.
        Sites like io9 (another favourite of mine) ensure all their spoilers are put in a daily article called “morning spoilers” and all episode synopses/reviews/etc put details after the jump to avoid spoiling things. I’ve never read any of the episode recap articles, so I wouldn’t be able to comment, but I can’t think of any titles that I saw that have ever spoiled anything for me.
        Like I said, I and some of the others who commented on this thread, just want the option, that way all your readers are happy, you don’t loose any of them to other sites which don’t spoil, you have to deal with less “spoilers” post like this and your page view hits go up. I think this is a fantastic site (better than other Tapped Out ones) and you all do a great job so I’d hate to see the site suffer when an easy improvement could benefit everyone with no loss to anyone else.
        Thanks again for your positive response 🙂

  15. I have a feeling that the Homer/Marge split is going to be extremely similar to Season 14 when Homer moved out of the Simpson house and moved in with those two gay guys. It’ll probably be a quick-moving episode with the two getting back together before the credits roll.

    • That absolutely has to be how it is, especially when you consider the plot revolves around special guest star Lena Dunham. That’s how Simpsons episodes work, it’s how all comedy sitcoms work. But for some reason the Internet media of today thinks the plot of a single episode of the Simpsons in the upcoming season is huge clickbait news.

  16. I think the next announcement for the new season with be that they are bringing Roy back as a permanent character. I’m sure that will help with the ratings better than these crazy ideas.

  17. All I can think about now is Homer chanting “Kill my boy!”

  18. Yay!!! This new season looks to be exciting and different!
    Hopefully these storylines are good and have some cool promotionals! 🙂

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