Where Did THAT Come From – Powers House

Hey hey friendereenos! In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?


So with Level 54, all sorts of new stuff popped up. One of the new premium items that included Laura Powers was the Powers House. For 150 Donuts, this 8×6 building earns $175 and 18 XP every 6 hrs for income tax.  I guess that kind of makes you a skyfinger tax collector. Anywho… let’s dive into the origin for the house shall we?

New Kid on the Block” (S4:E8)

So the obvious first appearance of the Powers residence is when we first meet Ruth and Laura Powers.  In this episode, Mrs. Winfield let’s Homer know they are selling their home and moving to Florida.  All she asks is that Homer wear pants when he walks in front of the window, takes in his four decaying Jack-o-lanterns from past Halloweens and cover his garbage so it doesn’t attract wildlife like moose.  We first see the house when Homer is retrieving the Winfield’s trash from the curb.  Who doesn’t love wire hangers, expired medicines and old newspapers?

Powers Winfield House Simpsons

Selling the house isn’t easy with Homer lounging in the pool, burping and eating hot dogs but the house is finally sold to the Powers.  Ruth had some doubts after seeing the Time cover story, America’s Worst City, but she moved in anyway.

Powers Winfield House 2

The rest of the episode revolves around Bart’s crush on Laura and All-You-Can-Eat seafood shenanigans at the Frying Dutchman (“Tis no man, tis a remorseless eating machine.”).  Definitely a funny episode to watch if you’ve never seen it or it’s been a while especially if you’ve been looking for Amanda Hugginkiss.

So that’s basically it for the Powers house.  It’s 740 Evergreen Terrace, right next to the Simpson home.  But wait… isn’t that the brown house?

Defend Brown HouseYou know… the house that Sideshow Bob bought when he was borrowing Walt Warren’s face to kill Bart in “The Bob Next Door” (S21:E22).

Brown House Simpsons

Looks just like the Powers House we saw with a brown coat of paint.  Definitely looks like the house in our games.  Of course, it’s also the same house that Terrance and Emily gussied up Portland-style in “The Day the Earth Stood Cool” (S24:E7)?

Brown House Cool Brown House Simpsons

We learn early on in the show that the house originally belonged to the Winfields.  The first appearance of 740 Evergreen Terrace aka the Winfield house was in “Homer’s Odyssey” (S1:E3).  Homer walks by on his trip to off himself and the Winfield’s laugh about him either killing himself or taking his boulder for a walk.

Winfield House Simpsons

It looks a lot different in this early appearance but so did many things in the Best. Show. Ever. For example Moe’s hair was black and Smithers had brown skin. The Winfield house also once had a pool in the backyard as seen in “Bart’s Dog Gets an F” (S2:E16).

Winfield House Back Yard Simpsons

I guess it’s just safe to say that like most Springfield geography… the house next door to our favorite animated family changes as the plot needs it to.  One things for certain, there are some serious home renovators in Springfield.  Here’s what it looked like in “Peeping Mom” (S26:E18).

Brown House Simpsons 2

Back to brown. I wonder how big the rip in the space-time continuum is in TSTO considering all the different versions of one home have been offered in the game?

The Simpsons Tapped Out Brown House Cool Brown Housegenerichouse01_destroyed_menu powershouse_menu

So there’s your origin for the Powers House plus some rambling by yours truly. What do you think of the new premium character combo?  Did you add it to your neighborhood?  Where’d you place it?  SOund off in the comments and stay classy like usual.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

12 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Powers House

  1. Hey gang! Has anyone purchased the Powers House? I was planning on moving it nextdoor to my Simpson home and have it replace my current standing Brown House, but as I tried to place in on the property, I quickly noticed that the Powers House is HUGE!!! It looks massive next to the Simpson Home (which is two-stories, the Powers House is one story). The proportions seem more than a little off. Am I tripping? Thanks!

  2. New people have the room to buy new stuff and spend donuts. If you really want us old timers to spend $$ for donuts to buy stuff, how about the option to buy more land to make room, EA? Make sense to you?

  3. Hi! Where can I get that swank Retro-Brady Bunch House that Terrance and Emily Built. I like it. 🙂

  4. I like these. Good intermission between Events. Speaking of Events, this would be the perfect time for EA to launch a new Event and stomp TinyPeep into the ground. Maybe it would wake them up some. This is still the best, most reliable of them all. Thanks, EA! 🙂

  5. Thanks for that post. I did’nt noticed that the Simpson’s neighbors house had changed throughout the episodes.

  6. I’m just glad to finally have the legit house. It had always bothered me that the brown house didn’t have the garage port on the side and struck me as a weird thing for them to neglect.

  7. If you think about it, given where the powers garage is, there are maybe two attic bedrooms, with a kitchen and living room downstairs, unless Springfield has basements, too, that house is right tiny. Given the in ground pool, maybe it has a basement…. The cool brown version both before and after had a garage around back semi detached. So they might have filled in the pool for a 2 car garage…

    I don’t see that garage in the Bob picture, and that garage is eating the floor plan on that one, just like the powers house.

    Sorry, got a little civil / structural engineer carried away there, but it was fun anyway. I’ll have to see if I can redo it to have a brown house next to the Simpson house.


    • I thought exactly the same thing about the Powers house. With that garage like that the house would be way too small.

  8. Thank you Wookie, I don’t know is you saw me freaking out about this in previous threads but after Buying Laura and the Powers House I decided to place in next to the Simpson house and move the “Cool Brown House” behind it (the Powers House). Eh, it works for me. The typical brown houses I have scattered around.

    Thank you again for posting this, makes me feel a little less crazy. :p

  9. I put mine in the block behind the Simpson house, so that they’re still “neighbors”.

  10. Susan spittal

    Someone said that you could use Google apps cards to buy donuts is that true if so how do you use it

    • It all depends on the card. If it allows you to add money to your Google Play account, then follow the steps on the back of the card to do so to add the amount to your Google Play account.

      If you have to input it, then it is just a matter of triggering the donut purchase screen. Tapping on the drop down in the top corner in the payment screen, and entering your gift card in the area provided.

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