Where Did THAT Come From – Presidential Estate

Hey hey firework enthusiasts! In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?


So with the 4th of July update, a lot of stuff appeared in our games. Some old, some new but mostly premium. One of these premium items is the Presidential Estate for 85 donuts. Surely there’s never been a presidential home in SPringfield, has there? Did it actually appear in the Best. Show. Ever.? Let’s check out the Simpsons TV Series to find out, shall we?

“Two Bad Neighbors” (S7:E13)

When it comes to neighbors of the Simpsons, most immediately think of stupid Flanders, but homer has had quite a few.  The Wiggums , Hibberts and Professor Frink all live right down the street in Evergreen Terrace.  There’s also been the Winfields, the Powers, Robert Terwilleger, Ted, Connie and Bonnie Flanders and Terrence, Emily, T-Rex and Corduroy but this list misses Homer’s most famous neighbor… former President George Herbert Walker Bush.

Homer Simpson vs President George H. W. Bush

Yup… President Bush and his wife Barabara once lived in Springfield at 743 Evergreen Terrace.  It’s the fancy house across the street from the Simpsons that Homer had never noticed before.

presidential estate the Bush home simpsons

The Bushes moved to the swankiest street in Pressboard Estates to be private citizens and go where no one cares about politics.  Turns out Springfield had the lowest voter turnout.

presidential estate the Bush home simpsons 2

All in all a funny episode including Dennis the Menace antics with Bart and neighborly strife between George and Homer.

Homer Simpson vs President George H. W. Bush 2

Seriously… I could watch President George H.W. Bush fight Homer over and over again.

Homer Simpson vs President George H. W. Bush 3

Lots of great visuals of our new house in Springfield too among all the hilariousness.

presidential estate the Bush home simpsons 3

I only wish the building had come with another president for our game.  I’ve been itching for Homer’s pal Gerald Ford for a while lol.

presidential estate Gerald Ford simpsons

So what do you think of the Presidential Estate?  Did you add it to your town?  Like seeing Homer and President Bush Sr. square off as much as this fuzzball?  Sound off and keep on tapping in the free world.

Happy 4th and TTFN… Wookiee out!

9 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Presidential Estate

  1. Do you know when all of the 4th of July items expire? In my store I see a countdown for Nixon only. I assume it probably applies to all of them, but it’d be nice to know for sure.

  2. The “wig offensive” was one of the best gags ever!

  3. One of the best episodes ever. Was disapointed that the house didn’t come with either president nor the “bad neighbors” banner. Though they pretty much shown the house probably that one episode it is still iconic.

  4. You know what’s funny? A text icon for George Bush is in the 4th of July files

    • George W, but yea it is funny. Probably were initially going to have some dialogue with him but pulled it back at the last minute.

      • Maybe because he is still alive and not dong well healthwise. Probably tried to avoid having some jokes pop up if he died while someone was in the middle of a quest.

        • Well the icon was for George W Bush, who’s very much ok health wise. But if it pertained to his dad George HW then yes, that makes sense.

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