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Happy 4th of July From the Addicts!


Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Today is America’s Birthday!  Being that Bunny, Wookiee and I are all located in the US we’re taking the day to spend time with our families and friends to celebrate the day America announced it’s Independence. So we really won’t be around much today, as we’re taking a much needed day to recover, relax and celebrate with our families!

Remember you can check out all of the Coverage so far on Tap Ball here and all of our coverage on the 4th of July Event Here. Most of your questions should be addressed in one of those posts.

Hope you all have an amazing 4th and an even better weekend ahead!   Do you have any plans for today?  How about this weekend?  Sound off in the comments below you know we love hearing from you!

-Alissa, Bunny & Wookiee

4th of July Alissa 4th of July Bunny 4th of July Wookiee


PS Don’t forget to log in to TSTO today for your FREE Donuts from EA!

P.P.S I’m thoroughly going to enjoy a day “off” today…but I know A LOT of you have questions about Community prizes.  While I’m going to write a post on it…next week, NOT today..I figured let me give you a little bit of info to ease some of your minds..

-Yes, you have to buy a Soccer Ball for 500 Bucks to advance the questline for Act 2.  If you don’t finish the Act 2 questline, you can’t start the Act 3 questline once it starts.  So just spend the 500 Bucks when you can…or as they say in baseball “suck it up and take one for the team”.

-Yes, you will see the balls rolling around in your town if someone leaves you one.  They’re hard to see and can often hide behind buildings etc.  If you see one and tap on it i’ll say “Ball Collect”.  Nothing else happens, just that.

-No, you will not see any kind of in game popup about balls being in your town.

-No you cannot “play catch” literally with your neighbors.  You can’t throw balls back and forth.  Once you put one in a neighbors town..that’s it.

-Relax about the Community Prizes.  It’s only a day or so into it.  It’ll take some time for them to build up.  Don’t be Doom and Gloom about it right now…it’s barely into the start of them.  Don’t start thinking “it’s not possible” until it’s been several days, please.  For the sanity of the moderators of this site….

-If you’ve never done community prizes before…relax.  They’re fun.  As long as the goals are met by the Tappers World Wide (yes it’s everybody that plays TSTO world wide, not just your own neighbors) you’ll get every single prize.  So just relax, have fun and play.

-And finally…yes, participate.  Buy some balls and put them in your neighbors town.  You don’t have to do it a ton, but every once in a while is nice.  It helps everyone out to get those prizes.



Celebrate the 4th of July with FREE Donuts!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Be sure to log into your games today for FREE donuts from EA in honor of America’s Independence Day!!


When you log into your game today (July 4th) you’ll be rewarded with a sweet treat!

2015-07-04 08.03.00


But hurry these free donuts won’t be around tomorrow!  (Free donuts will only be awarded from 0800 GMT (4am EDT) July 4th- 0800GMT (4am) July 5th.  So get them while they’re hot!)

Happy 4th my friends!