Where Did THAT Come From – Furious D & Jockey Bart

Hey hey tap ballers! In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?

unlock_furiousd unlock_bart_jockey

So with the Tap Ball Event, all sorts of new stuff has appeared in our games. One of the premium offerings was the combo of Furious D and Jockey Bart. But what do Bart dressed all fancy and a rainbow-maned horse have to do with the Best. Show. Ever.? When and where did they actually appear in the our favorite cartoon? Let’s check out the Simpsons TV Series to find out, shall we?

“Saddlesore Galactica” (S11:E13)

Is it just me or is the title of this Episode a win right from the start? Probably nerding out too much since there are many great titles. Anywho… this one gets us started with the school band competition at the county err, state fair. The Springfield Elementary Band decides to play something not written by Souza… something with a little ring a ding ding.

The State Fair is pretty swell. Bachman Turner Overdrive… OmniGogs… and the Battle of the Elementary School Bands. Springfield sounds great playing Living in America. Too bad Ogdenville rocked some Souza and finished with glow sticks. Visual aids are against the rules but the band Red, White and Blued everyone away. Lisa is pretty ticked about the cheating with glowing plastic tubes.

School Band Competition State Fair Simpsons

Our favorite family decides to have fun at the State Unfair. They step right up to see Duncan, the Incredible Diving Horse. He’s not a water-loving wonder horse though. It’s obvious he doesn’t enjoy the animal cruelty. The Simpsons save Duncan from the dog food factory and take him in. CBG tries to point out that the family already had a horse in “Lisa’s Pony” (S3:E8) but nobody cares what he has to say.

Duncan the Incredible Diving Horse Simpsons

Homer’s first idea to have Duncan play in the NFL is not allowed by the rules and diving for pearls, while also hilarious, won’t work either. Bart points out Duncan is pretty fast so maybe he can be a racehorse.

Duncan NFL Racehorse Simpsons

At his first rac though, Duncan doesn’t leave the gate and even though Bart convinces him to run and he shows more heart than the announcer has ever seen, the race is already over. They stink damn good. Duncan is fast but he was just intimidated.

Duncan Racehorse Simpsons

Homer decides to give Duncan a bad@$$ makeover to fix it. Duncan is now Furious D. “He’s the bad boy of racing. He’s got attitude and baditude so show him some latitude and you’ll win his gratitude. Only in America!”

Furious D Simpsons

Bart gets a new jockey outfit and both him and Furious D are off to the races. D’s new persona does him very well.

Furious D Simpsons 2

Homer ends up with more trophies than Wayne Gretzky and the Pope combined. The jockeys are none too thrilled though with losing. They live underground in a fiberglass tree and Homer’s renegade horse is making them frown.  They insist Duncan lose or they’ll eat Homer’s brain.

Jockeys Homer Simpson

Homer tells Bart they have to lose the Springfield Derby but Bart wants Duncan to win so he can spend the rest of his life as a stud. Homer decides he’ll deal with the murderous trolls and Furious D wins the derby. We also get a fun little chase scene at the end and Duncan gets to live out his life with the Fillys.

Furious D Simpsons 3

And that’s it friends… a great episode that has brought us one of the best premium deals in TSTO. Really can’t sniff at a character AND skin for just 100 sprinklies. Also one of the most hilarious ending scenes with Bill Clinton. I remember seeing this in 2000 and rolling on the floor at the last line of it. What do you think of our new additions? Got them riding around in your town? Hoping for Furious D and the Two-nicorn to have babies? Sound off below and stay classy my friends.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

25 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Furious D & Jockey Bart

  1. Snowy Snowman McSnowyson

    Lol, I have only won 3 tap ball games and lost many times due to me not bothering to play tap ball

  2. 🎈🎉Happy Sunday to all🎉🎈

  3. I am 100% freemium yet i am 14 donuts/bonuts off, unsure whether to make the jump, just to get these two?

  4. Silly question. Is Furious D a skin or is he his own character? I think I remember Duncan being offered in the store for some reboot sale but it may have been twonicorn… Thanks!

  5. So this prolly was covered in another post, sorry in advance, in still not getting 90 (30towns right?) taps for neighbors springfields (hats tickets) is that not how this event is or should I contact ea? Please let me know?!?!?!?!

  6. I’m #1. Which is rare at 169 wins. how do I post a pic again?

  7. michellebe158

    Hello, I love Furious D, one bad horse! Don’t have enough donuts for him tho. I am frustrated to see the community prizes are so hard to get…too bad Springfield Arms looks cool.

  8. I made Apu go against another Apu in a matchmaker game and when I got back to my town professor Frink had something to about paradox. Pretty cool, if anyone gets a chance try it. You get 2 switches per match that reload.

  9. …just awesome!

  10. I even changed my picture!

  11. Furious D is my new favorite character just because the episode was awesome!!!

  12. I’ve seen this episode once and that was enough for me. If I’m not mistaken ComicBook Guy was wearing a shirt that said “Worst Episode Ever” on it. I agree, one of my least favorite episodes ever – the murderous jockey land tipped it over the edge. I’m glad TSTO Jockey Bart mentioned himself it was a misstep. Also thought at some point Duncan tried BasketBall (but maybe I remember wrong because of the whole Dennis Rodman makeover)

    So my questions again: did CBG wear a W.E.E! t-shirt? And did Duncan do a little Basketball?

    Thankyou Wookie in advance for your response ;p

    • CBG absolutely wore that shirt. Marge makes a comment that she could bet on the horse races and Lisa remarks about gambling addiciton and CBG shows up to point out one more there’s an old episode being rehashed wearing that shirt.

      • That T-shirt was my favorite part of that episode. I remember because he only used the phrase just a couple of times prior and by seeing it on the T-shirt I realized the character fully adapted it as a catch phrase and being one of my least favorite episodes it made that T-shirt so much funnier.

        -thanks again for the reply.

  13. Ciarathomp988

    Ahhhh love this episode. One of my only premium purchases and I looove it. Now if only I had the twounicorn…
    By the way I’m curious what everyones stats are right now on their leaderboards. I’m the highest I’ve ever been, with a full 100 friend list I’m number 7!!! With 90 wins, 100 losses, and 12 ties. It really helped that I upgraded Apu, Lisa, Homer and Ned to 5 stars asap, and the 0 donut glitch also helped, and the addition if D and Bart gave me 8 players, but now with Marge and CBG I’m up to 10 so 2 of my players never really play. So far I’ve gotten 3 rounds of bonuts and I’ll have a fourth by end of day, but really looking forward to new act 3 prizes!!

    • I’m at 34.

    • Felicia Fancy

      I’m at 36 and I really wish I had bought the twonicorn!

    • I’m at 32. That’s with no premium character purchases to enable me to play more matches or anything. I clearly have some neighbours who were willing to spend the donuts to get to 5 stars straightaway as every time I log in they’ve beat me another 2 or 3 times! 🙂

    • I’m 4th among my neighbours 116 wins, 38 losses, & 18 ties

      🆒 ⚽ 🏈 🎾 🐎 ⚾ 🎳 🍩🍩🍩🍩 🚅

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