Springfield Heights 101: LA Body Works

Hey there Hoppereenos!

With the New Springfield Heights in our games, there are a lot of lil details that I am sure many of your are trying to figure out.

One of those being the “Storage” Capacity and Character Tasks that take place within the New Buildings. Tasks to help you gain Material Items needed to unlock New Land as well as other Buildings.

In this post I will breaking down the LA Body Works.labodyworks_menu

First up, some Basic details.

Land: You are going to have to work at this. That is fine. It is meant to take a LONG time as it is here to stay. Much like Squidport. No rush needed. So it may take you some time to earn the appropriate items, gain Storage, gain Materials, gain Real Estate… all to be able to unlock the Land surrounding the following Buildings. To get an idea of the shortest/cheapest route to go in order to get to each one, use the Land Map Guide.

You can find the Land Map in the post HERE.

You can find some tips to gain Real Estate HERE

You can find the Funiture & Coffee Shop Details HERE

You can find the Institute of Technology Details HERE

Now on to the Building…


The Shortest/Cheapest way to get to the LA Body Works is to purchase the plot of Land ABOVE the Furniture Shop for 3 Furnitureico_heights_furniture_lg. Then you will need an additional 10 Furnitureico_heights_furniture_lg to Unlock the Land under the Coffee Shop. Then once you got the Institute of Technology Unlocked, go up from the Coffee Shop Towards LA Body Works. 10 Latteico_heights_coffee_lg for the first section. Then up into LA Body Works for 6 Smart Devicesico_heights_smartdevice_lg. (Again, this path is chosen due to you need the 3 Furniture plot to access the Institute of Technology & Smart Devices… that you need to Unlock LA Body Works. So it should already be unlocked by now.)

LA Body Works Map


Now that it is Unlocked, let’s look at the Basic Stats…

Starting Storage Capability: 10 Yoga Matsico_heights_yogamat_lg

Characters Available to Unlock: Moe, Disco Stu, Bart, Legs, Fat Tony, Nelson

Starting Characters (Unlocked with Building): Moe, Disco Stu

Task Time: 8 Minutes


This one has some pretty short tasks too. So do as many as you can to keep gaining the amounts to continue going. In the meantime, let’s take a look at WHAT you will need to Unlock the Character Tasks in the LA Body Works. The more you Unlock, the higher the Storage goes up, the more you can progress in the game (as you will need those higher amounts for Land, Buildings, Decos, etc).


Character Task Time Reward Unlock Requirement Storage Increased By
Moe Watch Yoga Class 8m 1ico_heights_yogamat_lg 3XP Unlock LA Body Works ~
Disco Stu Teach Sweatin’ 70’s Workout 8m 2ico_heights_yogamat_lg 5XP Unlock LA Body Works ~
Bart Drop Tadpoles In The Pond 8m 1ico_heights_yogamat_lg 3XP 8.8Mico_heights_realestate_lg & 20ico_heights_coffee_lg 20ico_heights_smartdevice_lg 10 (20 Total)
Legs Workout His Swing Arm 8m 1ico_heights_yogamat_lg 3XP Bart Unlocked & 12.7Mico_heights_realestate_lg & 30ico_heights_coffee_lg 30ico_heights_smartdevice_lg 30 (50 Total)
Fat Tony Snake Recruit Some Muscle 8m 1ico_heights_yogamat_lg 3XP Legs Unlocked & 20.2Mico_heights_realestate_lg &40ico_heights_coffee_lg 40ico_heights_smartdevice_lg 50 (100 Total)
Nelson Steal Dirty Towels for Home 8m 1ico_heights_yogamat_lg 3XP Fat Tony Unlocked & 34.2Mico_heights_realestate_lg& 50ico_heights_smartdevice_lg20ico_heights_pharmaceutical_lg 100 (200 Total)

UPDATE 7/30: EA has changed the list of Characters in this Building. Instead of Fat Tony, you will now find Snake in his place for the same spot. 

As you can see, some of the items required to just Unlock the Characters Tasks will come from other Buildings. Just more to show you that this will take time. Unlocking Land, Upgrading, Unlocking Buildings, and Earning Materials. 



You are going to need the Pharmaceuticalsico_heights_pharmaceutical_lg next, so I would suggest to start heading over towards the Pharm-Er John’s. 

The Shortest/Cheapest way to get to Pharm-Er John’s is to purchase the plot of Land ABOVE the Furniture Shop for 3 Furnitureico_heights_furniture_lg. Then once you got the Coffee Shop Unlocked, go to the Right to the 6 Latteico_heights_coffee_lgPlot. Then Up into the Institute of Technology for 6 Latteico_heights_coffee_lg. Then after Unlocking the Institute of Technology, Right again. First through the 20 Smart Deviceico_heights_smartdevice_lg Plot. Then the 15 Yoga Matsico_heights_yogamat_lg and the Land under Pharm-Er John’s.

Pharm-Er John Map


There you have it. An overview of what you can do as soon as you Unlock a Building along with what to look forward to as you progress through Springfield Heights. Just take your time. No hurry. Enjoy the New Area.

What do you think of all this? How many Buildings have you unlocked? How many Characters? Like that they used mostly Freemium Characters for tasks and just a few Premiums? Let us know.


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