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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Some new items were adding to our stores for Springfield Heights this morning (as well as last week’s premium items leaving…).  So let’s take a look at these new goodies..both freemium and premium.

2015-07-28 12.57.22


fancygatese_menuFancy Gate- 20 ico_heights_coffee_lg.  +60,000 ico_heights_realestate_lg when purchased.

Modern Art Statue- 12 ico_heights_yogamat_lg. +36,000 ico_heights_realestate_lg when purchased.

mansionmodernsolarpanel_menuModern Solar Panel- 10 ico_heights_yogamat_lg. +30,000  ico_heights_realestate_lg when purchased.


BOTH Premium items will leave our stores on August 4th. 

healthspa_menuHealth Spa- 150 Donuts.  Earns $200, 22xp/8hrs.  8×8 in size.  +2.5 Million  ico_heights_realestate_lg when purchased.

plasticsurgerycenter_menuPlastic Surgery Center- 80 Donuts.  Earns $55, 5xp/hr.  4×8 in size.  +2.25 Million  ico_heights_realestate_lg when purchased.

We will have Should I Buys up for both new premium items this week…

And there you have it my friends…the new additions to our Springfield Heights stores!

What are your thoughts on the new additions?  Initial thoughts on the premium buildings?  How about the new freemium items?  Are you focusing on decorating your Springfield Heights as you go, or unlocking what you can first and then decorating?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

140 responses to “Springfield Heights New Items

  1. Well, a couple of days ago I hit a Billion. Most of the Springfield Heights Crap is in storage. None of it pays me any rent, heck, even the Billionaire Haven only pays by anchoring “Paris Texan”. I have been burning the extra furniture by buying those large gold square palms and jetskis, and I have, hmmm, 60. I play this game too much. So I went looking to buy another and all of the Springfield Heights stuff is gone. Not just the premium time limited stuff, all of it. I will try the usual stuff, but I hope this is not intentional. I wish there was a way to run the monorail through the tunnel, and then out onto the boardwalk, back to Springfield and off the boardwalk so that it could loop for eventual one way operation. I also wish there was a Y connector that would send the train alternately on one track and the other.

    • You do know that the Springfield Heights buildings (condos, mansions, business centers, and garages) give you substantial bonus percentages on your XP (which, to me, it’s way better than “paying rent”!)?

      If you ever get them back, I’d suggest placing as many of those buildings as you can!

    • Completely agree on the monorail ideas! As designed, the track pieces are too tall to give a visual of going through the tunnel, so they’d have to do something custom. Also thought of the Y idea as well…would be cool. To me, the biggest thing they need to do is make the Railyard more of a store, where you can choose what pieces to get, instead of something random. That would greatly extend the playability for me.

  2. I Havre 17 Classic mansion, don’t know how that’s possible… Also the hotels I had stored I had already bought all 10 and stored them with different levels, but suddenly I could buy 2 more again and the 2 I had stored with level 1 disappeared from my box, same happened with the parking lots… Don’t know what’s happening!!

  3. Not sure if this is a glitch or if I’m just lucky. I know I’ve only bought 10 Classic mansions, but when I check my Springfield and inventory I’ve got 18. I’ve put them all out just to check it’s not me and they are all there. Anyone else have this ? I also got a message yesterday that my $ value had also been increased ???

  4. Weirdest thing happened to me yesterday. The day before, I had Valet Parking x 5 with levels 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
    Last morning, checking my Heights, I notice they have reset to 5, 3, 2, 2, 1.

    Has this happened to anyone else between fri and sat. day?

  5. So I upgraded my classic mansion to level four and the extra building pieces didn’t show up in my inventory. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  6. I’m building challenged, so is there a guide on how to put together the Springfield heights buildings where the upgrades come in pieces?

  7. How did I can unlock the Classic Mansion Quest??

  8. Some of my building are just disappearing in Springfield heights and it is like I never bought them. Any thing I can do?

    • In Springfield Heights, or in your inventory? Have you downloaded the newest update in the app store?

    • I won the Springfield Lake last night and it is gone today. I lost 20 donuts while visiting neighbors yesterday. EA said they will leave my ticket open for 7 days and then it will expire, so I should call back when that happens if nothing is corrected by then. I did not know there was a store update until I just saw Allisa`s post. I play on a high end phone so that should not be an issue. I am just having a grand `ol time playing this game right now. I just don`t trust this damn thing one inch at the moment.

      • Sorry… I was just responding to dalek1234567. I will go over to the other thread where it belongs… Breath…

      • PSS… Just call EA again and they put my 20 donuts back in my game immediately… Breathing easier now… Damn I was ticked there for a moment or two… Back on track…

    • Yeah, there are definitely bugs; I’m having a similar problem. My town was mysteriously nuked, which was bad enough, yet when I pulled all my buildings out of inventory plenty are missing. I was at max or close to max on several Springfield Heights buildings yet now have only 3, 5 or 7 of each. Also proof of the issue is that I now have more of each level 2 modern mansion attachment than the number of level 2 modern mansions I have remaining… 🙁

  9. Don’t know if it’s been mentioned here before, but when I return back to my Springfield after visiting friends’ towns, the side quests to upgrade the new Springfield Heights buildings are giving me the bonus payout. I’ve now completed all 5 levels for the buildings, even though the only ones I’ve upgraded to Level 5 are the condos. Not a big deal…just strange.

  10. How am I supposed to upgrade my condo when I can only collect 20 tech thingys. Says I need 25? What am I missing.

  11. Don’t know if anyone else has seen this issue, but my game is registering my earned yoga mats after tasks in LA Body works. For example, I have 77 yoga mats and I send 6 characters on tasks to earn more and after the task has completed, I still have 77 yoga mats. I’m not sure exactly how long this has been going on, but I noticed it early this morning and has continued for the last few hours.

  12. Im still annoyed about not getting my 500 amateur bucks back that I spent before they lowered the price to 40. The Chat agent seemed like he was outsourced because he barely knew what I was talking about.
    It’s actually a brilliant business decision. Make customer service so bad that people will decide to not even bother with contesting any issues.

    Way to go EA!

  13. This expansion has made it extremely difficult to play on my tablet (though not,curiously, my phone). I crash constantly – but not to the Bart screen. The game just shuts off. Is this a common problem? I’m way over the rec. number of items on my map but never had performance issues before.

    • You pretty much answered your own question. You have to keep to those limits for this very purpose. Not all devices can handle the amount of memory drain all those additional items add. It puts too much stress on the device and so it shuts down. Not only this… but if you are having issues it is very likely so are your neighbors. Many may not be able to even visit as your game will cause theirs to crash when they try to enter your town.

      Store items away.

  14. Were did the steps go in Springfield heights, bought 3 but needed another 2,

    • Still there in my game…and I’ve got 4 sets. They’re called Beach front Escalier.

      • Just checked again, disappeared after the new items were added, thanks anyway

      • Sandra ShillI

        I can’t find them either. Do you have to reach a certain REV for them to become available? Can you tell us exactly where n between which two items) you’re seeing it in the store? (I’m assuming it should be in the Springfield Heights area…)

        • How much Beach Front Property do you have open? They can ONLY go on Springfield Heights Beach, so you have to have the plots of Beach open to be able to place them on. 😉

    • You know that they’re only available when you have a beach area purchased and open to put them in, right? Otherwise they don’t show in the store. (I had the same concern as you.). 😉

      • Thanks, think thats the case as I still have 2 beach areas to open

      • THANK YOU!! I was wondering why they appeared in my store all of a sudden after they seemed they be missing…I HAD just bought a new piece of beach land!

        God, I love having this wonderful community to hero keep me sane(r)!

  15. 150 Doughnuts for a building that only payouts a bit extra cash.

    If had extra visual tasks that were cool. Hen maybe.
    Rather save my extra doughnuts For an event or maybe a good Gil deal. I won’t sleep on something in a friends town unless it leaks my interest.

    Like the flying ghost pirate ship.

    That was a great buy. Solid animation and when tapped a good simulated ghostly pirate laugh.

    In this long time gamers opinion of many years n many games.

    I may be a tsto addict but I don’t just buy what ever they dish out.
    I am picky when it comes to stuff. If it doesn’t look like it would be good to go in the game I won’t get it. Still after the elusive homer vehicle as I just happened to never have the funds at the right time heh.

    Even those eco friendly cars were tacky. Adding the flying car from that one TV show which then was in a Simpsons episode was def cool.

    And it’s free so yeah that’s cool.

    Thumbs down on the new limited time buildings. They might have better ones or a Gil deal in near future. Maybe have a limited time one that costs you to raise the wealth of you’re town.

  16. Love the gate, glad to have one available. So far, I think the Heights is a really great expansion. I’ve got only a few patches of unbought land left and love the different condo looks. At the moment, I’m grinding away to get at least one business center, valet services, and modern mansion to level 5. The dolphin condo is huge, but fun, however I think I like level 2 and 3 of the condo’s best.

  17. In a couple of previous comments I’ve read that some fellow addicts have acquired Paris Texas but we’re wondering about the plastic surgery center to complete some task(s). Now that the PSC is available I was wondering when Paris would become available and what tasks must be completed to open her character.

    Thanks for your help and your time. The three of you do a great job.

  18. If EA is listening, please stop with the limited time items! I’m one of those have to have everything people. Fine you want me to spend 230 doughnuts on a spa and clinic, ok I’ll buy it. My phone bill is due this week however and it would be nice to have more than a week to buy it. I don’t recognize these buildings or care about them. But if I go to a neighbor and they have something I don’t. I won’t be able to sleep!

  19. I’m having a really annoying glitch that everyone needs to watch out for.

    Every update I always check my donut confirm, and it always has been set to yes. And I checked it after this update, and I know it was on because sometimes I’d tap once too many and I’d get the pop up to confirm.

    Did that today and noticed the bar filling quick. Luckily I realized what was happening and was able to tap the exact same spot to cancel before it finished so I didn’t lose two donuts, but it was a close call. I corrected the setting.

    But then, less than an hour later it happened again and I had to update the setting again. There was no update in that time. Heck, I hadn’t even exited out of the game in that time, just churning while I watch TV.

    • This happened to me, too.

      • Watch out also for anytime you buy a Donut item too. A box comes up with a “bubble” option to “not ask me again”. This happens at ANY purchase of donut or any speeding of tasks. So if you check mark that bubble… it will turn it back off again. You will then have to go back in and reset it.

      • Figured out what is happening, and I can replicate it. The issue is the pop up. Right below the Cancel option is the checkmark for “don’t ask me again”. If you miss the word cancel and accidentally hit the checkmark and then slide up a smidge and hit cancel, it does change the setting.

  20. Anybody having mansion items disappearing? I can’t find the jacuzzi and other part anywhere!

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