Monorail is Live! (Updated and Complete)

Update: A Patch just game through (around 5:30pm EDT) that fixes the Conductor Homer Glitch.  So you should be able to tap away without issue (ie crashing) now. Note: HOMER CRASH ISSUE…..DO NOT TAP ON HOMER ONCE YOU UNLOCK CONDUCTOR HOMER.  You MUST complete more tasks before Homer will work.  So again DO NOT TAP ON HOMER ONCE YOU UNLOCK CONDUCTOR HOMER. (i.e Do not do the Train of Fools Task)  If you do your game will crash…just be patient and wait….the game will guide you, it always does.  I’m working through it myself as fast as I can with super slow internet at work…thankfully it’s on Android now so I hopefully can move a little faster. See below…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s FINALLY here!  After over a year and a half of waiting (remember Homer teased it way back in Jan of 2014) it’s finally Monorail time in Springfield! monorailappstore This is an APP STORE UPDATE so remember to check your App Store/Google Play Store to download, as it will NOT automatically download in your game for you.

As of 12:20pm EDT it’s currently live on iOS, we’ll update when we see it on other devices.

As of 1:05pm EDT it’s currently live on Android.

As of 1:50pm EDT it’s currently live on Kindle Back with more in a bit…just needs to download on my super slow work internet 😉

Homer should auto start things with a task to build the Springfield Dump (which is Free)…after the Dump is placed nothing else will appear in the store until you complete Same As It Ever Was (which comes after A Rail of One City Pt. 4)

2015-08-11 17.12.37 Oh and there’s NEW LAND Available (thanks for pointing it out Tapebelt!) two new strips!  Details are below…. So first let’s look at what you can pickup in the Store.. springfielddump01_menuSpringfield Dump- FREE. 8×9 in size.  Instant build

After you build the Dump you won’t see anything new in your store until you complete Same As It Ever Was (which comes after A Rail of One City Pt. 4)..then you’ll see this stuff:

garbagepile_menuGarbage Pile- $500

recyclingbin_menuRecycling Bin- $1,000


unlock_jessegrassJesse Grass- 100 Donuts.  Helps collect Junk littlelisarecyclingplant_menuLittle Lisa’s Recycling Plant- 200 Donuts. krustystation_menuKrusty’s Drive-Thru Station- 150 Donuts. More items will unlock at a Rail of One City Pt. 8

Now let’s get into the details of the event… 2015-08-11 17.16.44 Conductor Homer

Update: A Patch just game through (around 5:30pm EDT) that fixes the Conductor Homer Glitch.  So you should be able to tap away without issue (ie crashing) now. unlock_homer_conductor You’ll be awarded Conductor Homer (for FREE) early in the questline.  However, DO NOT start his task immediately after earning him.  If you do your game will crash.  Instead you’ll need to build the Monorail station, which is the first prize.  (we’ll cover it below in a minute) You WILL be able to do this task crash free once you get enough Blueprints to unlock the Monorail Station (and place it in your Springfield).

“Acts”/Prizesico_mhub_mono15_prizetrack1 Much like the past two events this one is also broken up into different releases, or “Acts”.

There are three total Acts for the Monorail Event, with each Act having a different currency/set of prizes.

Act 1 runs for just over 11 days, and ends on 8/23 (which is when Act 2 will start).

Act 1 Currency

The prize currency for Act 1 is Blueprints ico_mono15_blueprints_lgHow do you earn Blueprints?

Well you do tasks for Junk at the Dump (more details below in a minute) and then you trade the Junk in at the Project Board for Blue Prints.

You can also earn them via Friend Actions (6 each tap)

And you can earn them by tapping possums in your town (10 each tap) Details on all of these will be below…

Act 1 Prizes

Here’s the rundown of the prizes available during Act 1:

standardstation_menuMonorail Station- 3,000 ico_mono15_blueprints_lg

3 Track Pieces- 7,300 ico_mono15_blueprints_lg

3 Track Pieces- 13,650 ico_mono15_blueprints_lg

standardstationmodule3_menu standardstationmodule1se_menu standardstationextension_menuStation Piece Pack- 24,850 ico_mono15_blueprints_lg These are pieces to expand your station

5 Track Pieces- 32,650 ico_mono15_blueprints_lg

standardstationmodule3_menu standardstationmodule1se_menu standardstationextension_menuStation Piece Pack- 43,850 ico_mono15_blueprints_lg These are pieces to expand your station

5 Track Pieces- 52,650 ico_mono15_blueprints_lg

standardstationmodule3_menu standardstationmodule1se_menu standardstationextension_menuStation Piece Pack- 63,850 ico_mono15_blueprints_lg These are pieces to expand your station

5 Track Pieces- 73,600 ico_mono15_blueprints_lg

unlock_raypattersonRay Patterson- 89,350 ico_mono15_blueprints_lg

Neighbor Actions

Neighbor Actions unlock at Part 8 of A Rail of One City.  Once unlocked you’ll be able to Dump Garbage on Friends.

You’ll see floating garbage over their buildings, simply tap on it to complete the action:ico_mono15_friendsaction_lg

For every one you tap you’ll be awarded 6 ico_mono15_blueprints_lg.

Clearing the actions in your town…you’ll see green coming from the buildings (meant to have that odor look to them) will earn you 1 ico_mono15_blueprints_lg.

At this point you’ll also unlock the dumping permit…which will allow you to earn double currency from neighbors towns:

ico_mono15_dumpingpermit 90 Donuts- Earns 12 ico_mono15_blueprints_lg instead of 6 for Friend Actions.

The Dump 

This is one of the first buildings you’ll earn for free once you start up the Monorail Event. springfielddump01_menu The Dump is one of the keys to the entire event, as it controls how you get Junk to collect pieces for the Monorail.  That Junk is turned into Blue Prints (for Act 1) to earn the Monorail Act 1 Prizes.

The Dump works much like Springfield Heights buildings.  You tap on it to send characters to to short 30 second tasks (like the Furniture Shop) to earn Junk. Your storage starts at 2,000 ico_mono15_junk_lg. As it says above each task is 30 seconds long, so you move pretty quick with it.

You will earn 50 ico_mono15_junk_lg for every Freemium character you send there and 75 ico_mono15_junk_lg for every Premium Character you send there.

Here’s a list of who can go:

Homer (50 ico_mono15_junk_lg)
Lisa (50 ico_mono15_junk_lg)
Milhouse (50 ico_mono15_junk_lg)
Flanders (50 ico_mono15_junk_lg)
Quimby (50 ico_mono15_junk_lg)
Cletus (50 ico_mono15_junk_lg)
Willie (50 ico_mono15_junk_lg)
Uter (75 ico_mono15_junk_lg)
Brandine (75 ico_mono15_junk_lg)*
Dewey Largo (75 ico_mono15_junk_lg)

*Some of you are asking if it’s worth Rushing Brandine’s Birth a Spuckler task.  Honestly that’s up to you…if you’re close the rush rate isn’t so bad.  But I can’t make that call for you.

Project Board projectboard_menu The Project Board is where you turn junk (and other items) into currency for prizes!

2015-08-11 17.41.42 By tapping on the Project Board (which unlocks at A rail of One City Pt. 6) you’ll bring up the requirements to earn Blueprints, as well as the daily challenge requirement.

Here’s how it looked today: 2015-08-11 17.41.50 As you can see if you turn in 50 ico_mono15_junk_lg you’ll earn 1 ico_mono15_blueprints_lg150 ico_mono15_junk_lg earns you 4 ico_mono15_blueprints_lg,  and 250 ico_mono15_junk_lg earns you 8 ico_mono15_blueprints_lg.

These will change out as you complete them…so just watch to see how many you need to turn in to earn Blueprints.

And if you complete the Daily Challenge (listed at the bottom) you’ll earn a bonus 1200 ico_mono15_blueprints_lg!

Today’s Daily Challenge is to hand in 2 more projects and earn 1200 Blue prints. So to earn those blueprints you’ll have to grind out the junk tasks…

Metal Depot metaldepot_menu The Metal Depot is similar to the Dump in that you send characters on tasks to earn you items.  Although in this case you’re earning metal: ico_mono15_metal_lg

This is a little more complicated than the Dump because in order to send characters on tasks here you’ll need Junk from the Dump.

Each character you want to send on a task will require 100 ico_mono15_junk_lg. In turn each task takes 1hr to complete, and doesn’t earn nearly as much metal as it does Junk.

You’ll earn 10 ico_mono15_metal_lg for every Freemium character and 15 ico_mono15_metal_lg for every Premium character.

Here’s a list of the characters you can send:

Lisa (10ico_mono15_metal_lg)
Flanders  (10ico_mono15_metal_lg)
Krusty  (10ico_mono15_metal_lg)
Mr. Burns  (10ico_mono15_metal_lg)
Rev. Lovejoy  (10ico_mono15_metal_lg)
Brandine  (15ico_mono15_metal_lg)
Jesse  (15ico_mono15_metal_lg)

Metal can also be turned into the Project Board for Blueprints…

Monorail Stationstandardstation_menu

The very first prize of the event is the Monorail Station, it’s unlocked at 3,000 ico_mono15_blueprints_lg

Unlocking the Monorail Station is key to several things in the event…first it prevents the game from crashing when you use Conductor Homer (which I know is something a lot of you are experiencing). Second, it’s where the Monorail is! Once you place the station you’ll see the Monorail is on top of it, ready to go!

2015-08-11 19.23.44

You’ll be able to place Monorail pieces on your track to get it moving… trackstraight4x2_menu trackstraight2x2_menu trackscurvese_menu trackcurvese_menu

The pieces are FREE and you’ll find them in your move menu.  BUT you’ll only get so many at a time.  To unlock more you’ll need to earn more Blueprints to unlock Daily Prizes.  But your Monorail WILL move along the tracks that you place.

And finally, with the Monorail station you’ll unlock the ability to tap on Possums which will run throughout your town:

possum03 possum02 possum01

Each possum you tap will earn you 10 ico_mono15_blueprints_lg.

They will spawn every 4hrs from the Station and if you add more tracks you’ll increase the amount in your town.  (there is a formula to figure out how many you’ll get based on track amounts, buildings, etc…but really if you add more tracks etc you’ll get more that’s the basic info.  And they spawn every 4hrs no matter what).

Ride the Monorail

When you tap on the Monorail Station you’ll notice there’s a action to “Ride”.  You can take a Scenic Tour of your Monorail.  In order to do this you’ll need to unlock more train tracks…4 more than the initial 3 you’ll get. Once you unlock enough tracks it’ll basically just take you on a ride along with your Monorail.

Lyle Lanley  lylelanley_victory_pose_image_5Sadly, and not surprising, Lyle is NOT a permanent addition to our games. Just like he *poof* disappears in the episode, he *poof* disappears in the game. He’ll disappear after you complete A Rail of One City Pt. 4 and start Same as it Ever Was.

New LAND!!

Two new strips of Land were added to the game…similar locations to Tap Ball (ugh my account still isn’t caught up from that Land Addition).

You’ve got 1 strip on the bottom (across from the mountains) and 1 strip to the right (across from the water)…here’s the price breakouts:

Bottom: From Water to the Right: $1,500,000; $900,000; $600,000; $400,000; $300,000; $200,000; $200,000; $200,000; $300,000; $400,000; $500,000; $600,000; $700,000; $800,000; $1,000,000; $1,500,000; $2,000,000

Right: From Mountains Down: $176,000; $162,000; $162,000; $176,000; $191,000; $207,000; $224,000; $242,000; $261,000; $281,000; $303,000; $326,000; $350,000; $375,000; $401,000; $428,000; $1,250,000

Part where the land to the right and land to the bottom meet: $2,500,000

So 35 new sections of land for you to play around with!  Coupled with the 35 sections added during Tap Ball AND the Springfield Heights land…it should be a while before you run out of room….

And that’s it for now my friends!  All of the details behind the Monorail.  We’ll breakdown the details in more extensive posts, but this should give you a good overview/rundown to get you started.

What are your thoughts on the Monorail update?  Are you excited about how it’s playing out so far?  Excited to build your own unique Monorail?  How about the prizes?  Excited to get Ray Patterson?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

767 responses to “Monorail is Live! (Updated and Complete)

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  3. I have the two tunnels for the monorail. The first tunnel was off by one board square. I adjusted all my track to accommodate this. When I got the second tunnel I couldn’t connect it to my existing track. It too was one board square short. How do I fix this?

  4. My junkyard is not allowing my characters to be sent on jobs to collect trash… Is anyone else having this problem?

    • Same, keep clicking on dump and not able to send any charachters on mission. Cant collect garbage therefore cant do anything and have reset, deleted app, reloaded everything… Nothing.

  5. i get the monorail station

  6. The event is over but I still can keep recycling and collecting garbage but there isn’t a way to dipose that stuff or make more tracks. Do I have to erase the cache or something?

    • No it’s the Rail Yard. It’s still active because you can still earn tracks via the Rail Yard. If you don’t have it, it’s useless.

  7. How do I recycle

  8. piratemonkeymama

    How do you connect monorail tracks over the mountains?

  9. Do we know how to get the 6 cars for the monorail i have had 4 since early act 2 and now halfway through act 3 and still no more cars.

  10. For the first Act, players will need to collect the Blueprints currency. Unlike the Springfield Heights update, which does not have a time limit “The Simpsons Tapped Out” Monorail update is your regular timed event.

  11. Im almost done with the monorail and it still want move every time I try to ride on it tells me that I need 7 more rial parts I play 7simpson and they all do the same thing help

    • Try hard closing and restarting. but first make sure you’re tapping on a station with the rails attached to it and not one with less rails attached.

  12. Im almost done with the monorail and it still want move

  13. The info for the event says it ends September 28, but the countdown today says 16 days… Is there an Act 4 or something that will take place between the end of that countdown and the 28th or is their math just off?

  14. I ddint get ray patterson! I had to buy him!!

  15. Jessica amelotte

    My Simpsons tapped out keeps crashing when i try and click on my houses with the green smoke need help?

  16. Every time I click on the smoke my game keeps freezing and it keeps doing it each time. How do I stop it from doing it? I uninstall the game log out and reset my phone and it still does it. Please help

  17. I have been waiting for a patch to fix the clearing of green odor, left when friends tap buildings. I have an iPod and Android phone new, and have tried storing bldgs but nothing works. I crash and game stalls. Losing patience, friends and blueprints !…was told it was a glitch 2 weeks ago !!

  18. Kristina French

    Will we be able to get more monorail. tracks when Act 1 ends? I was three days late into the event when I realized there was a new update. I hope there will be more chances to win more pieces.

  19. I swear that this quest is based on the Ottawa “O-train” that goes nowhere and breaks down on it’s first day..and every 2nd week after that! LOL

  20. Why isn’t my train working ? It’s just smoking

  21. My 6 car Monorail has Smoke coming out of the front Compartment and sitting Idle at the Krusty Station!! What Gives??👍 LOL! Homer is on another job, so beings he is not on the Mono train, is that who it’s waiting for?? I am so Addicted to this game, I can hardley stand it and put it down!! 😂

  22. I read that you are suppose to get 10 blueprints for each possum. I only get 1 blueprint. Also the calendar says that we should be around 56000 to complete it (about 8000 blueprints per day). I play multiple times per day and I’m only at 47000. This includes maxing out neighbors and getting bonuses for competing tasks. I don’t see how you can without using a bunch of donuts.

    • You don’t physically get/see 10 blueprints. 1 pops out from each possum but it adds 10 blueprints to your total.

      As far as the calendar, with the caps it’s hard to follow. But as long as you’re close you should achieve it.

    • I’m at 86,000 and no doughnuts (besides buying that thing that doubles Yr Neighbor visits) and that wouldn’t make a difference of 40,000

  23. Hi guys, love your site!! ^_^ I just wanted to do some reality checking – me and most if my neighbors are currently in the 25000-50000 blueprints stage (and I play multiple times throughout the day). I have one neighbor who’s at almost 400 000 though, and has over 120 track pieces on their completed monorail! Is this possible through using donuts??
    Thx 🙂

  24. I haven’t seen anything here (or anywhere on the Internet) about how to get additional monorail trains and additional monorail cars. This seems like something that might should be included in the main post about the Monorail update.


    Each station will generate its own monorail train, unless they are connected together by tracks. If connected, stations will share a single monorail train.

    Each initial monorail consists of two end cars and one passenger compartment. Every 10 segments of connected track (not including the 3 segments on the station platform itself) will add one additional passenger compartment, to a maximum of four (or possibly six (“genuine, bona fide, electrified, six-car monorail!) ).

    Too bad there’s no switching (point) tracks or crossing tracks (for figure 8 loops)!

  25. my game is still crashing. I cam play for 15 mins tap on some building. then it crashes. it was suppost to be fixed but nothing yet.

  26. Can anyone tell me how to get more storage space for garbage plz?

  27. Anyone know what limits the projects you can complete daily, is it the number of projects you complete or the number of blue prints you get daily?

  28. Extra Land + New Quest = welcome break from Farmville’d Springfield Heights (you know its bad when 10 of your Neighboreenos have quit, EA)!

    Loving the Monorail Event (not loving the Network down issues, EA – this slows down progress in the Event)!

    Regardless, have fun everyone ! 🙂

    • What “network down issues”? I haven’t experienced any (or not for more than a second or two) during this event (and I’ve been playing quite steadily through the day) – are you sure the problem isn’t on your end?

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