Where Did THAT Come From – Coffee Shop

Welcome to the Lifestyles of the Springfield Rich & Famous… errr… well, to a site writing about a new rich people expansion in TSTO. In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?


So the Springfield Heights expansion brought us lots of new items with confounding leveling up of buildings, real estate values and tap-tap-tappery. Of course, it also brought lots of new stuff to find in the Best. Show. Ever. I’m sure by now we’ve all spent lots of precious time tapping away at the various tasked buildings of Springfield Heights. Of the six buildings earning Springfield Heights currency, the Coffee Shop is the second building and not too horrible with its two minute tasks to earn lattes. It certainly resembles a famous coffee chain you may be familiar with but when and where does it appear in the show? Yay for having a blogging job that involves letting you know!

So first up, I have to admit that Coffee Shop is not the most original name for a place. You could get all confused and end up thinking about the Coffee Shop attached to Barney‘s Bowlarama in “Life on the Fast Lane” (S1:E9), the Squidport Coffee Shop in “New Kids on the Blecch” (S12:E14) or the Springfield Mall Coffee Shop in “Postcards From the Wedge”(S21:E14).

Coffee Shops Simpsons

But it’s not my job to be all super-nerdy and lead you astray. Well… one of those is so let’s head to “The Blue and the Gray” (S22:E13) to find our new building. Marge discovers that her natural hair color is now gray and fears that Homer is cheating on her. Homer is actually just being a wingman for Moe but Marge doesn’t know it. She goes for coffee with her sisters to vent about how she’s treated with her natural hairdo.

Coffee Shop Starbucks Simpsons

Yup… our new building in all its glory. Although the store name has changed at the very end of “Waiting for Duffman” (S26:E17), this next shop and logo looks very similar. I kinda wish this was the shop we’d gotten in Springfield Heights… oh yeah!

Springfield's Best and Seattle's Worst Coffee Simpsons

Of course, this one is making fun of a different coffee superchain but maybe all of these buildings could be part of the same corporate conglomerate? We all know a certain coffee place does have stores all over. Heck, remember “Simpson Tide” (S9:E19) when an entire part of the Springfield Mall was taken over by them? Well, there’s your origin my friends.  What’s your opinion of the coffee shop? Got a favorite expensive coffee you like to drink and pretend to make over and over every two minutes? Sound off and I hope you’re all doing your thing with or without those green aprons.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

18 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Coffee Shop

  1. am i the only one putting mine near the sit and rotate

  2. …is there any point in carrying over blueprints to tomorrow? Not sure I will reach the latest target for another piece of track tonight!

  3. Question not about the coffee shop, but I didn’t know where else to catch you, Joey. What is the pink thing in th dump that looks like a deflated balloon or cast off costume? I saw it in one of the middle fill levels, not when the dump is either full or empty. Looks a bit like Bing Bong from Inside Out. Where do that come from?😆

    • I’m working on a post with all the dumb errr I mean dump items… stay tuned.

      • Thanks! You remind me of my middle child, Jacob, with your encyclopedic knowledge of this show. His domains are Sponge Bob, Minecraft and Clone Wars. Mine used to be Star Trek (original show). And the coffee shop and Java Server are my faves in Springfield.

  4. Coffee extends life. Coffee expands consciousness. He who controls the coffee controls the universe.

  5. I like the coffee shop, mine is attached to the Monorail station because people need coffee to travel…(.I said elsewhere that eventually humans will evolve 2 extra hands, one for a smart phone and one for their large take away coffee) ….never touch the stuff myself ….tea tea tea ☕ 🚬 🙂

  6. I don’t like coffee. Coffee makes me jittery. Here’s an impression of me on coffee: Bllllblblblblbllblblblbllllblbblblblblbl Hey, HEY, Hey Hey, HEY, How you doin?’, How you doin’? How you doin’? How you doin’? I don’t know how I’m doing because I had too much coffee, Heyyyyy. Don’t drink to much coffee kids.

    • They have this cool option now…maybe you’ve heard of it? It’s called “deecaf,” or something like that. All the coffee flavor, without the coffee jitters!

    • I hate drinking coffee too, and I’m a barista so my job is to make coffee all day!! Don’t mind making it, its the taste i hate

    • (I seriously don’t like coffee) but I misquoted a certain cartoon character -One of my favorite all time quotes and one that I use in real life at times :p

  7. i do remember that simpsons tide episode! never knew where the SH coffee shop came from though… one of these days i’m gonna have to catch up on ALL the simpsons eps. good stuff wookster!


    • I always thought that was unlikely to happen – until I discovered that the hospital where I work has (I think) eight branches of the *same* chain (not in the same place, though).

  8. Wow, I thought it was a random building and yet there it is.

    But my head is going to hit the table, I know the Blogiversary year 2 Q&A will be posted in it’s own time but any guess to when? Ever since Alissa said it was done, I have thought it would have landed by now.

    Excellent work as usual Wookie

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