Addicts 2 Year Blogiversary Q & A Part 1

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Last week we celebrated our 2 year Blogiversary!!  In continuing with what we did for our 1 year anniversary, as part of the celebration we gave you guys the opportunity to ask us anything you’d like with the promise that we’d answer your questions (or as many as we could).  And as always you guys came through in a big way!

Because our Blogiversary is kinda a big deal to Bunny, Wookiee and I, we wanted to do something extra special to answer the questions.  And it wasn’t easy, but we got all of our schedules together and created another Q & A video!  Giving y’all another peek inside the craziness that is the Addicts….especially when Bunny, Wookiee and I get together. (and yes this is once again broken into 2 parts.)  #warningitsevenlongerthanlastyear #warningwemayhavelostourminds

Well what do YOU think?  Crazier than last year?  Did you laugh with us (or at us?)  Did you at least laugh at our jokes?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

(You can view part 2 here)

53 responses to “Addicts 2 Year Blogiversary Q & A Part 1

  1. This one goes to ELEVEN

    I miss Sarah Mary’s art too.

  2. You guys are so cool. I had lots of fun watching it. Thank you xxx

  3. A week later, part 2 is released, but I just got around to watching part 1. Hi.

    Sadly, it’s a little bit 1992…the compression…it kills me! I mean, Bunny was just so in and out, sometimes also true with Wookiee. I guess Alissa was the base station…

    I don’t know the one word I can’t repeat. I mean, there’s that one word from the caption thread…lol..but I don’t think that would cause a flame war. Whatever the word was it made Alissa sad.

    Well, I watched the whole thing. I got used to your faces a bit. Personalities that aren’t always apparent on the site.

    I loved the answers about loving your life as it is and the like.

    Bunny laughed a lot…I note it only because I also do that. Nervous chuckle or just love to laugh? 🙂

  4. Josephine Kick@$$

    I hope my other post went through thanking you 3… still lurking & appreciate & love you guys to death 🙂 <3

  5. Very nice! You guys had me laughing right along with you the whole time. Thanks for everything you do! Rachel

  6. Wasn’t expecting a ‘live’ answer, so never thought you might have trouble with my name. You can translate sraige as snail. If you wish to remain authentic, then it is sray + ge (like the ge in ‘get’ with both letters pronounced). It is two words, accent on srai- and -tur-.

  7. Thanks for answering the questions, awesome addicts team. These videos are always funny to watch. All of us are laughing at.. I mean.. laughing right along WITH you guys the whole time!

    Alissa no surprise to me that you enjoy TSTO more, and Bunny I will go ahead and accept your answer of both games since it was sincere and honest. 😛

    Wookiee man I would love to grow fur like you, but I have this beautiful face and it would be such a crime to cover it up! XD

    Bunny that smell of yours will last forever and ever, and you’re welcome. 😀

    * I miss Sara Mary and her wonderful artwork too *

  8. YAAAY you said my name right 😄 people like to say kiara for some reason. I’m in sales like Alissa now, but I was in customer service (grocery store cashier) for over a year. Stay strong Bunny!!

    • 15+ years I have been in customer service. People seem to like what I do and how I handle their customers. 😉

      Many times I work with the Office of the President for the companies.

  9. If I leave my town stinky overnight, can I collect on those neighbour visits in act 2 currency after the timer runs out and act two begins?


  10. Hey guys, you guys are awesome!
    On a side note idk if any of you have kids or grandkids that are still in diapers but this happened in the USA the other day and thought as a parent I’d let you all know!

  11. You guys are hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing. Haha. I really love this blog and congrats on two years~~ 😀

  12. Watched it twice now.

    Regarding “The Leader” and Movementarians I have thought about that recently but only if they add it with something else like Bart’s Comet Episode and maybe a meteor shower (houses hit and on fire like a Rapture like image) -which sounds like it could be a THOH event, all I know is if they do it it’ll have to be spiced up a bit.

    The Giant Toilet, thought we might see it in this Garbage/Stink Monorail event (hopefully tomorrow) but if not could be with the Baby Event idea (with a load of stinky diapers) -would be funny if Baby Event drops around Alissa’s due date. Butt the Toilet could also appear if we get an Australian/around the world event. Someday, just waiting to see when EA will flush it out of the files.

  13. Bunny, you have something on your eye brow… Nope, now it’s on your eye lash ;P (now imagine me saying that as a British guy with Beutiful eyes) – cheers ;p

    Alissa, we want to see your Baby Bump, Baby bump, Baby bump (going for a Chili’s baby back ribs tune)

    Wookie, I am surprised, I thought your legs were going to be as furry as your Wookie costume, wasn’t excpecting to see that much skin. And clean your house :p (My living space is probably as bad right now)

    Good to visually see all three of you and what funny, fun and thoughtful folks you all are. Now stop goofing off and get to work (kidding) :p

    • Got five people living in a two bedroom which was transplanted from a 5 bedroom house… lots of detritus.

    • Lol. It was my fuzzy snuggly blankey. Had technical issues with my cam and mic and had to swap to an alternate source last minute. Blankey got disturbed and fuzzies went everywhere. I was covered. Lol. Luckily that was the ONLY one I missed. 😛

  14. Fun video – nice getting to know you guys a little better! One bit of feedback for future videos – is it possible to just have the full screen divided in three with you all on screen? The switching back and forth of the main video to the person talking about gave me a seizure hehe

  15. Hi I really enjoy yhis game I play it alot I would like to buy Simpson budda where can I buy it thank you please reply

  16. Do you if i dont unlock ray today will there still be any chance ill get him?

  17. I am very happy to see this posted. I especially like that Totbox person’s questions :p

    • I thought they asked too many and droned on, ….no wonder it took so long, … least it’s out of the way and part two should be Totbox free

      Not really 🙂 🙊 🚝 ♻

  18. No wonder Alissa is so grouchy, she’s severely dehydrated!

  19. Thanks for answering my question! I had a feeling monorail would be an answer lol 🙂 great video btw

  20. Awesome v-blog, can’t wait for part 2. Only have one thing to say…Wookie…crank up that microphone man couldn’t hear a word you said half the time. lol

  21. Seen it, thanks Alissa for suggesting a break

    You’re all looking great 🙈 🙉 🙊

    Yes there haven’t been any “from the mouths of addicts” posts for a while, …guest posts would maybe give you guys a day off ….if we don’t like it, we can just use it as another open thread 🙂

    but I’m sure there are readers who could do an interesting post. 🙂

  22. Watching this will have to wait until at least tomorrow – it’s travel day today! Hopefully, I’ll be able to find a good enough Wi-Fi signal and some time to listen to this when I’m (hopefully) poolside tomorrow (if the weather cooperates) or Monday (if it doesn’t).

    Have a great week, y’all – hope to be able to check in, but my appearances in the game and on the site may be a bit more spotty, depending on circumstances.

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