Where Did THAT Come From – Little Lisa’s Recycling Plant, Uriah’s Heap Recycling Center & Hippie

Woo to the hoo! Monorail, monorail, monorail! I know there’s been issues for tappers with the new event but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t super stoked for all the new goodness. Of course, with a new event in our silly lil game, we get new items that you may not have a clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but you just can’t pinpoint from where. That’s why Team Addicts decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?

Little Lisa Recycling Planturiahsheap_menu unlock_hippie

So this installments of the Monorail schtuff is a bonus pack of items. I figured since three things come from the same episode, why waste any of our valuable time and seperate them. As you read in the title, we’ll take a gander at the Little Lisa Recycling Plant, Uriah’s Heap Recycling Center and the Hippie, all brought to us courtesy of the Monorail Event. I know not everyone is super familiar with the Best. Show. Ever., but that’s where this walking carpet earns his keep. Let’s take look at the TV series.

“The Old Man and the Lisa” (S8:E21)

Lisa wakes up her family with a bunch of racket while recycling for her Junior Achievers Club. Burns visits her club to help them succeed at business and Lisa asks if the Nuclear Plant has a recycling program. Burns is unaware of the word but he does become aware that his current financial situation is much less than he thought. He lost money in some debacle in 1929.

Recycling Junior Achievers Club Simpsons

The Junior Achievers meanwhile are off to Uriah’s Heap Recycling Center… where you can get 75 cents for a half-ton of newspaper from the Hippie.

Uriah's Heap Recycling Center Hippie Simpsons

Burns finds out all his advisors are just yes men and he’s broke. What’s a miserable miser to do? His house is sold to a professional wrestler, The Hitman, and he’s off to live with Smithers. After he seems a little off his rocker in the grocery store, ketchup or catsup?, he’s committed to the Springfield Retirement Castle.

Mr. Burns Grocery Store Ketchup or Catsup

Burns decides to rebuild his empire with the help of Lisa Simpson even if she repeatedly says no. His persistence pays off and she finally agrees as long as he only does “good socially responsible things… nothing evil.” Burns recycles items and earns money. “He went from stinking rich to just plain stinking.” Gotta love him earning a buck from the hippie at Uriah’s.

Uriah's Heap Recycling Center Hippie & Burns Simpsons

He starts Burns Recycling Inc. using forced labor from the neglected old nincompoops at the Retirement Castle and opens up his own recycling plant… the Little Lisa Recycling Plant.

Burns Recycling Inc Little Lisa Recycling Plant Simpsons

The entire plant is built from recycled materials and powered from recyclables. Unfortunately Burns also uses a million six pack holders to create the Burns Omni-Net to capture sea creatures and turn them into Lil Lisa’s Patented Animal Slurry. “It’s a high protein feed for farm animals, insulation for low-income housing, a powerful explosive and a top notch engine coolant. And best of all, it’s made from 100% recycled animals.”

Little Lisa Recycling Plant Li'l Lisa Slurry Simpsons

Lisa feels so dirty and tries to actually stop people from recycling. Weird. Burns ends up selling the plant to Bay State Fish Sticks and offers Lisa 10% of his 120 million dollars. Lisa tears up the check and Homer has four simultaneous heart attacks… and one more but all is well.

Anti-Recycling Lisa Simpson

So there you go… the origins for a premium building and the last prize for Act II of the monorail event. There’s other appearances of the Hippie [“Sweets and Sour Marge” (S13:E8)/”Opposites A-Frack” (S26:E5)] and slurry cans [“Bart Carny” (S9:E12)] but I figured it might be time for me to be concise for once. What do you think of all the stuff? I know a bunch of folks requested the recycling plant so I’m sure there’s a few happy tappers, myself included. Sound off below and keep on recycling in your town friendereenos.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

26 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Little Lisa’s Recycling Plant, Uriah’s Heap Recycling Center & Hippie

  1. Hi! I have only been playing since Dec 2017 so missed the event that these were part of. Now they’re premium is there a Should I Buy post for them? I can’t seem to find one!

  2. Exactly, Saturnday666. I do this as much as I can(caps). I also try to get Springfield Heights quantities to 199 before I send the final 6 characters in(w/premiums).

  3. Did George Carlin voice the Hippie? I don’t remember. Anyway, that’s what voice I “hear” when I read his dialogue…

    Also, probably not the place for this question, but I’m wondering when/how/where people play TSTO given their schedules/work. I work from 4pm – 2:30 am (and it will be 4p – 4a starting the week following Labor Day) Pacific. I usually log into my game before going to work and at each of my breaks, then again sometimes just before I leave work, but definitely when I get home. I think I play more now that I have a job, despite the long hours, than when I was unemployed (except during events.) Thoughts?

    • I work 11am-7pm pacific. I play when I get up at 8, clear tasks from the night shift and put everyone on their day shift. I play periodically during the day every few hours and clear recycling jobs, then clear the 12hr tasks when I get home around 8 and set everything again for the night shift. Neighbour visits get done in parts throughout the day, although lately I’ve been forgetting to do them. I never set any alarms during events like some people do, I find playing every few hours is sufficient.

  4. the Hippie – he hangs out with Matt (el jefe, the boss, the man, the dude with a funny attitude) 🙂

  5. Has anyone else noticed that the project board almost never asks for plastic anymore?

  6. I’m sad. 🙁 I am on the bonus tracks now, and was doing Cobbs Daily Challenges’ for the day. I needed one more Challenge, and only only 300 ducts tape for the Bonus track piece. My only options were OVER 300 DT, but I had to pick. So I picked the lowest, (650). However,(this is where my heart breaks) Because I reached the limit for THAT TRACK, I also lost Cobbs Daily Challenge Duct tapes. They DID NOT roll over, they were applied to the current piece of track. I don’t even know what the bonus was, it skipped right over it. A warning to all. They should roll over, but, whatever.

  7. Doesn’t look like ill get enough for the hippie. I’m 20, 000 short.

  8. My first event prize! got him last night but I won’t even try to get the bonus tracks as I’m at level 23 and prefer to send characters to earn money and xp hourly when is possible and going on with other tasks!

  9. So I logged in today and found that I had 100 donuts more than I had had yesterday! I’m wondering if anyone else had this happen to them? I didn’t stop to question it, just bought Jesse grass in case they were gone next time I logged in haha

  10. Prize two of Act Two and it’s been a waste of time for me. I haven’t been playing for days or weeks because of the bug issue on the iPod update.

  11. Is this also where the 300donut whales come from??!!

  12. Please EA add Bret ‘Hitman”Hart as a character. Please.

  13. I haven’t been able to log into the game for the last hour. Anyone else?

  14. I love this exchange towards the end of the episode:

    Homer – But we really could’ve used that $12,000.
    Lisa (nervously) – Um, Dad, 10% of $120 million isn’t $12,000, it’s…
    (Outside the room, an alarm goes off.)
    Woman (over intercom) – Code Blue! Code Blue!

  15. I remember coming across this character name in a English Literature book as a book. 🙂

  16. Didn’t get the Little Lisa’s Recycling Plant ’cause I’m freemium. Got the hippie this morning; his 4-hour-task with Matt will finish in 30 minutes. Already got 5 bonus tracks.

    Definitely gonna watch all the episodes the hippie appears. I’ve said this many times in different posts here, but I’m a huge Dickens fan and I’m just SO happy with Uriah Heap’s Recycling Center being a prize in this event. I would be very very VERY upset if it were premium.

  17. …now I remember lol!

    ‘you gotta simplify simp..ply…fy maaan’

    • @brooders. That’s what I was gonna say :/

      @anyone else reading. my favorite part of that episode was Mr. Burns as a civilian and taking the bus “Aren’t you the guy everyone hates?” “No, no, I’m Mr. Burns”, Barney licking the glass (recycled beer bottles) and his conversation to himself. And the Ragamuffin thing.

      And as usual if there is a visual of a character that still isn’t in the game Ihave to point it out… Crazy Old (Jewish) Man. “Old gray mare, she ain’t what she used to be” — ok, I’m good. back to you Brooders :p

  18. That was Bret “The Hitman” Hart, Wookie. Don’t slight the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be!

    • Hell yes. I second that! The Hitman is one of the greatest in-ring performers. Why does Father Time age people like the Hitman? I could’ve watched him wrestle forever. If they put Bret Hart in the game, I would love it.
      Oh and a quick thot for those who are hating the “cap”. Just get your items to be five or ten short. For example 95/100. Then send every player you have and you’ll go well over the cap. enjoy!

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