Turbo Tappin’ Monorail Event: The Hippie

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s Monorail time in Springfield!  Yes, the Monorail is now in Springfield….as well as a whole lotta garbage.  Loads of Springfielders can help collect junk from town…and some to help sort out the recyclables.  One character in particular that loves to recycle comes to us via the Act 2 Prize track and that’s the Hippie.

The Hippie is a character you can earn via the Act 2 Prizes to help with the event. (he can help collect recyclables like metal, plastic and glass) And once unlocked he comes with his own questline.  For those of you that have earned him already let’s take a look at his short questline now…


Once you win the Hippie from the Prize track you’ll have the option to store or place him in your town right away.  He does come with the Recycling Center, so placing that in your town will unlock the Hippie for you. Remember, if you choose to store him you’ll have to go into your inventory to pull him out…once in your town his questline will start up.  There is a 4hr build time on the Recycle Center.

It Ain’t Easy Being Tie-Dyed Pt. 1
Hippie starts

Make the Hippie Start a Recycling Corporation- 5m, Earns $10, 3xp

It Ain’t Easy Being Tie-Dyed Pt. 2
Hippie starts

Make the Hippie Pour Over Projections- 5m, Earns $10, 3xp

It Ain’t Easy Being Tie-Dyed Pt. 3
Hippie starts

Make the Hippie Get Back to His Roots- 5m, Earns $10, 3xp

It Ain’t Easy Being Tie-Dyed Pt. 4
Hippie starts

Make the Hippie Hang Out with Other Corporate Hippies- Requires Matt Groening. 4hrs, Earns $350, 90xp

And that’s it for the Hippie’s questline!  Not too long, only 4 parts and VERY short.  It’ll take you 4hrs and 15 minutes to complete from start to finish…lots of 5 minutes tasks to drive you crazy. 😉

What are your thoughts on the Hippie?  Have you won him yet?  Are you close?  Thoughts on his questline?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

81 responses to “Turbo Tappin’ Monorail Event: The Hippie

  1. I would like to purchase the Hippie to help with monorail items but I don’t get why he is premium but only earns 10 items instead of 15 like the other premium characters.
    I’m so glad they bought the event back as I didn’t get to finish it when they had it previously.

  2. Opps, i didnt she it needs matt, ignore previous comment… lol

  3. It says hippie needs to fo with yackie business owners, who?

  4. Ugg how do I empty my metal and plastic recycling??

  5. Please does anyone know how I get/buy more monorail track

  6. When Act Two ended I was two tasks shy of the hippy. I can skip the penultimate task for 15 donuts but don’t know how much it takes to unlock the hippy. I’m also in a quandary here because I have 90 donuts and during Tap Ball I got Drederick Tatum skin. However I don’t have Tatum and he costs 190 donuts. It’s bad enough I won a Jasper skin (fortunately I already had enough to buy him) but this is a tough choice.

  7. The Hippie – fine with the short Quests because you can use him to gather Plastic, Glass, or Metal (an extra helper). The last Quest with Matt Groening made me lol 🙂

  8. I’m going miss this one I’m at 11k

  9. Wooohoo Alissa & Bunny I got the hippie! Freemium! Yaaaaaaaay!!! 😉 TY TY TY Ladies !!!

  10. Worst update ever for me. Ever since the update there are days where it keeps crashing or not loading. Missed the first character, and now i’m going to miss getting the hippie too because of it.

    • Nicholas Kingsley

      I have had a fair few crashes too. At one point the app size shrank from 500-odd MB down to 20, and thus wouldn’t start. This happened directly after the last Android store update.

      Had to clear all the caches to let it reinstall all the updates to get it to work, and so far it has been okay.

      Stability of these sorts of things have never been great.

  11. Nicholas Kingsley

    I’m awaiting the build of the hippy compound as I write this missive. With a day to go, I hope to get a few extra track pieces.

  12. Hi, after earning the Hippie, is a max of duct tapes that I can collect per day?
    thanks 😀

  13. I was five duct tapes away from a track piece — and then the daily play landed with 5,000 tapes, 4,995 of which were instantly wasted. GRRR. A sign I should find something else to do today…

  14. After having a brain storm moment about Homer not going to drink at moes with no option to do so , I started looking at other characters andnoticed Desmond Deckhard had a drink at Moes with Homer quest 8 hrs so i tried it and used donuts to speed it up, well after that Drink at Moes became available for Homer. Even EA didnt spot that so if anyone has the same problem with Homer not going to Moes thats most likely the problem. with all the rapid fire events arriving I never finished that events quests

  15. Really hoping to unlock the hippie later today or at least before the next act starts.. shoulda been unlocked yesterday already but with the glitch going through our game and missing my plastic and metal depots for the last three days its been a real pain.. I do hope EA compensates us well for this.. I’ve had to spend almost $10 donuts the last three days just to keep up with my project board.. the rep at EA said the game developers are aware of the issues and there should be an update this week (which is obvious cause act2 ends in two days) and the issues should be fixed.. I guess any extra track pieces this act are out of the question..

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