Monorail Calendar: Act Three

Hey there Hoppereenos!

Sheesh, you think with all we do round here we can take a break now and then but NOOOOOOOOooooooo ya’ll decided to flood poor Alissa, Wookiee, and the site with…

“Where’s the Calendar…” “I need a Calendar…” “Is the Calendar done yet?” “Why don’t we have a Calendar?”

Patience crazy people. Allow us some downtime now and again. It’s the least you could do for all we give you and do for you, right? I blame Sandra. It’s all HER Fault! 😉 😛

Well… I got your Calendar… RIGHT HERE!!! This one especially for those impatient ones, like Sandra 😛

No, seriously… it’s right here in this post. For realsies n stuff. 🙂




As per usual, I will be starting the Calendar one day AFTER Act Three releases so you can factor in time you will need to send Characters on tasks, get Buildings, and fully launch the New Event. I will also be stopping it the night BEFORE the currently scheduled end point, as it will give you enough time to focus on all the other last minute stuff.

Again, do not panic. Remember that it is slow going at first so you may “appear” to be behind, but as you progress in Act Three you will start to see that you are getting more and more and more each day. So just go at a pace that fits you, but remember the more you play the more you will get.

Monorail Act 3 Calendar Bells & Whistles

Now you have a basic daily breakdown for 10 days based off of 15,455 Bells & Whistles a day.



Here’s the rundown of the prizes available during Act 3 that you can win by just playing the game and collecting Bells & Whistles. The following are what I got in my game.

mallorailstation_menuMall-O-Rail Station- 5,200 ico_mono15_bellswhistles_lg Also comes with 3 straight track pieces

trackcurvese_menu trackstraight4x2_menutrackstraight4x2_menu3 Track Pack- 12,600 ico_mono15_bellswhistles_lg

trackcurvese_menutrackstraight4x2_menutrackstraight4x2_menu3 Track Pack- 23,550 ico_mono15_bellswhistles_lg

mallorailmodule1se_menu mallorailstationextension_menu mallorailstationextension_menu mallorailmodule3_menuMall-O-Rail Station Pieces- 42,950 ico_mono15_bellswhistles_lg

trackstraight2x2_menutrackstraight2x2_menutrackcurvese_menutrackscurvese_menutrackscurvese_menu5 Track Pack- 56, 450 ico_mono15_bellswhistles_lg (thisshould include S curves)

mallorailmodule1se_menu mallorailstationextension_menu mallorailstationextension_menu mallorailmodule2se_menuMall-O-Rail Station Pieces- 75,850 ico_mono15_bellswhistles_lg

trackstraight4x2_menutrackstraight4x2_menutrackcurvese_menu trackstraight2x2_menu trackstraight2x2_menu5 Track Pack- 91,050 ico_mono15_bellswhistles_lg

mallorailstationextension_menu mallorailstationextension_menu mallorailmodule2se_menu mallorailmodule3_menuMall-O-Rail Station Pieces- 110.450 ico_mono15_bellswhistles_lg

trackstraight4x2_menutrackstraight4x2_menutrackcurvese_menutrackscurvese_menutrackscurvese_menu5 Track Pack- 127,300 ico_mono15_bellswhistles_lg

railyard_menu unlock_sebastiancobbRail Yard-  154,550 ico_mono15_bellswhistles_lg (includes Sebastian Cobb)




The similar Bonus Track offer is back. For every X amount of Bells & Whistles beyond 154,550 you earn, you will be able to get additional pieces of Tracks for your Monorail. Now unlike past Acts, this one will be a bit more difficult as the “Project Board” will no longer be in use. It is ONLY for the Blueprints once you reach the 10th Prizes and build the Rail Yard. So your extra Bells & Whistles to get Bonus Tracks this way will be only from Possums, Neighbors, etc. No more Project Board help. But that’s OK. It will have its own Bonus Tracks (See Below).

This is what I saw in my game…

Act 3 Personal Prizes Complete

Once you hit your 154,550, you will see the Tap Finger pointing at your Task Menu towards a Track Piece Icon.

Ahead of the Track Bells & Whistles

Tapping on the Track Piece Icon will then pop up the Ahead of the Track Bonus. You will see what the Current Amount of Additional Bells & Whistles are required in order for you to earn ONE additional Piece of Rail Track to your game. Mine started at 0/3000 as usual.

Ahead of the Track Bells & Whistles 3000

As this is slow going, I was not able to jump up several times but know it is similar as before.

Each time it only rewarded me the ONE piece of Rail Track when I hit the Required amount of Bells & Whistles . It automatically jumped to the next amount as soon as I got the Track Piece Pop Up.
Straight Track Piece

So no Bonus Donuts from Personal Prizes, just more Tracks. Look below for the Bonus Donuts.



Rail Yard 5th Prize

Once you are able to earn, place, and complete the build for the 10th Personal Prize, the Rail Yard (Final Prize) you will also have another source to earn even MORE Rails … and BONUTS (Bonus Donuts)!!! WOOHOO!!

This is something that is separate from your Bells & Whistles Earning, so it will be listed in a separate post. You will just earn Blueprints for it and only from collecting & recycling trash. I just wanted to bring your attention to it as you will REALLY want to push this time to get all 10 prizes and get the Rail Yard. It will be a great thing to have now and in the future. If anything just for the chances at things like +5 Free Donuts. (Weekly Prizes reset every week, so this is only what we are seeing this Week’s options.)


There you have it. A Calendar of Bells & Whistles to keep you on track for all 10 Personal Prizes that will push us into the End of the Main Monorail Event. Plus some MORE Tracks to wrap your town in Monorail and a chance at Bonuts!!

What do you think of it so far? Where are YOU in the game? How are your totals coming along? Let us know.

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  1. +5 Free Donuts
    Hello, I’m curious if anyone has made it to receive your first round of +5 Free Donuts after the Monorail event. My level four rail pieces remains at 60k/50k and yet I have not been able to collect although I am ten thousand over the required amount. This poses a problem so that I cannot continue on to collect my donuts and other rail pieces. How can I resolve this matter, and is anyone else experiencing the same thing?

  2. I an level 57 just now I tried logging into tapped out and it started back to the homer video… What is going on?

  3. Hello Bunny. Have you enjoyed your holiday? Also, thanks for the Rick Roll. I read this in the morning the other day, and it got my groove going.

  4. Hi awesome people! Have a question. Do you think the rail station will be available to purchase after event is over? Will not make it to the end to get it before the event ends. Just curious.

  5. What is everyone’s daily routine for playing? I play several times a day and am still so behind! I’m currently at 42,013 B&W :(. I’ve missed all of the end prizes for both Acts I and II. I feel like I’d literally have to be playing 18 hours a day to get everything I need which is ridiculous! I’m getting really frustrated…any tips/advise would be appreciated! 🙂

    • It is all about timing, I think. You do not have to sit in front of your device all day long. 🙂 I start all the recycling (glass, metal and plastic) before I go to bed so in the morning I will get some material already. I get up before 10 in the morning, so I can finish some projects before the daily bonus kicks in, ideally at 8 or 9. Start some recycling again so you can complete projects right after 10. With this you should get the Daily bonus in one or two hours. Also, when every character doing the recycling collect the maximum trash with others, so when those who were recycling can start it again right after they finished the previous recycling task. Next thing: when I am in hurry to get the prizes I usually turn back on the push notifications so I know when I can send my involved characters to complete tasks. That is all my advice. 🙂 ….I think I am an addict aswell. 🙂 🙂 **

    • I am with you. On previous events I have never had an issue but with this one I have missed out on Act 1 and 2 main prizes and by the look of it, I won’t make it to the Railyard. I play several times a day and visit my friends daily (and I have more than enough friends to meet my daily). Very frustrating.

  6. Aww man you rick-rolled me at work! Luckily I clicked on it before 9am (so not started yet) and my office are pretty chilled so they found it hilarious. The one time my computer speakers work!
    As Mr Burns would say…. Eeexccellent! 🙂

  7. You Rick-rolled!!! Best link ever!!! Not fond of reading impatient comments myself for all that you do. Plenty of respect here…and AWESOME!!!!

    • I had to have a laugh at it. Sandra knows I adore her and we poke at each other out of “love”. I also giggle at times the panic I see when thing just hit. That “I HAVE TO KNOW EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW!” Lol

      I always think taking time, picking it apart, testing it thoroughly, and ensuring all angles are covered helps so much better than shoving 30 posts down your throats in one day with a few sentences of stats.

      And yes… I took a mini holiday… for once… and I am amused at how “wanted” my Calendar posts are. Started them on a whim, but makes me smile to know they’re appreciated and used.

      Panicked or not… I adore my fellow Addicts Asylum Patients. It’s the grumpy trolls that need to be pushed off the mountain. 😉

      • It might make you happy that I decided to make my own calendar, after I found out how many B&W I would need for the Rail Yard… My husband then decided 15.500 per day makes easier counting, so that’s what we are counting with.

        My main game is a almost as day ahead, so I can now make sure my sub game gets to the final prize as well… Missed out on the first act end-prize for both games due to bad WiFi during vacation. And my sub missed out on Uriah by a mile, so that does impede on collecting…

        Love you guys for all the work you do, just to keep us up-to-date and informed!!!

  8. I’m at 108,000, right where I should be at the end of the day on Friday. As soon as I unlock the railyard I’m going back to regular gameplay. Pretty bored with this event. And I think I’ll get the railyard on the 12th so I doubt I’d make 70,000 before the 15th to get the first round of bonuts. Might make a go for it though, but I’ll probably just go back to sending everyone on money earning tasks until the 15th.
    Really wondering when EA is going to fix the freezing and allow us to actually put our monorails in motion without crashing our games and our neighbours games…

  9. So I went on vacation for labor day weekend. Couldn’t play as much as I do. I’m currently 57,949. Do you think I can grind and complete this in time? I really hope so.

  10. Great Calendar !
    So glad I’m ahead in Act 3 (when I was bogged down by game glitches in Act 2) 🙂

  11. Isn’t there a specialized penalty box for Rick Rollers? 😀

    Had to laugh being as ‘that other game’ does have Rick Astley in it and yes… I also rolled a trusting friend only recently who holds a little IRC DJ Friday night contest! hah Paid back indirectly and he didn’t even know it. :p I’m not going to tell either! Thanks for the calendar, much appreciated.

  12. I’ve been a few thousand ahead for each day, which has been great! But then I saw today’s number and let out an audible gasp – I am behiiiinnndddd! Agh! Work to do!

  13. I am SOOO disappointed. Was hoping CBG would finally get to meet Nimoy.

  14. Does anyone know that once you unlock the rail yard, is it just straight tracks you can earn. Or can can you also earn the curved and s-bend tracks? Thanks!

  15. Nice Rick roll!! That was hysterical thank you so much for the laugh.

  16. Sonuva! Rickrolled?! As if I don’t have enough problems with Rick Astley problems from that other game 🙂

  17. I’m ahead of calendar. My current issue is plastic bottles. Each task group lately seems require them and then the new tasks again. To clarify I have max everything else and 0 plastic at the moment. I can’t produce it fast enough.

  18. Woo! Making excellent time here. I’m 30,000 ahead on the Bells & Whistles. With only three more prizes from Act 3 to obtain and 6 days left to do it. Feels good!

  19. For any of the addicts. I was just wondering, is there a limit on the amount of monorail pieces that you can earn from the rail yard? Kinda like squidport tiles. I was just curious about that this morning. Idk if the files in the game show anything to that extent. Thanks guys. You guys rock!

  20. Bunny, Welcome Back, I’ve been good, Not pleading for it or anything. I just let Sandra do all the work :p

    But out of curiousity I clicked on your Easter Egg. Bunny, leaving Easter Eggs makes me think of a certain Holiday, That’s Right!! Halloween. I’m thinking of going as a Three headed Monster, each of the Main Addicts — Scary Huh?

    • To clarify, My head and two paper-mâché fake heads. Maybe That’s still to weird… Maybe just a Trump/Hillary Monster, or Zaphod Beeblebrox, or a fictional three headed monster that had two heads decapitated because now that I think of it I am not good with paper-mâché. :p

      Can’t you see I’m excited for the end of the event and looking forward to the Tree House Of Horror Event?? I clearly lost my… mind.

      • HA! Zaphod Beeblebrox! I’d NEVER expect to click on the post about the Act 3 calendar and read a comment mentioning Zaphod Beeblebrox! You’ve made my day! 😀

  21. Why the finish date set in the game (28/09) is not the same to the one that is in your calendar (15/09)? Sorry for my english i hope you can catch the idea and answer me!

    • Where are you seeing it say Sept 28th? Everything shows the countdown which ends on the 15th. And if you hit the i button for the Event Guide it says September 15th. Can you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

      • May already have been posted and awaiting moderation (if so, please delete this post, no worries), but the original post mistakenly spoke of the END being September 15 instead of indicating it as the START. That, I think, is the confusion.

      • I dont know how to post a screenshot i am in my phone and the option to upload an image doesnt appear. Please check in the guide of the event the date there says 28/09 thats why i am asking. I think that after part 3 the event will finish but apparently no. I have the game in the spanish version perhaps its wrong for me and not for you..

    • My gosh! I play the game in Portuguese and in my game it says the end date is September 28th too! What a terrible mistake from them! Luckily I pay more attention to this site than to my game, so I hadn’t even noticed it was wrong until you pointed out.

  22. My guess is that the Rail yard will function like the “Sideshow You” game in Krustyland. I bet you will have the chance to either earn trash, plastic, metal or glass in varying quantities, or perhaps even a track piece. Every once in a while you might win 5 doughnuts. I really have no idea if this is correct. I doubt we will be earning 5 free doughnuts every week. EA just isn’t that generous.

  23. Anyone else not able to open the app this morning??? I can’t play!!! :'(

  24. For the impatient ones: how hard can it be to divide the total amount of bells and whistles required to unlock all prizes by 10? Sheesh, all you had to do was remove the last zero… yet there you were, complaining that Bunny should be making you a calendar instead of taking a holiday weekend off. Shame on you.

    Bunny, you are spoiling your readers! You’ve probably realized by now that if you try to give them a hand they’ll want the whole arm next… 😛

    • Was thinking the same thing this time around, not that hard to divide the amount needed by 10. Appreciated but this time around the calendar shouldn’t have been necessary. On the flip side, I knew it, I knew Bunny would be working on the calendar over her vacation lol. Welcome back by the way.

      • lol spoiler alert…as soon as Bunny texted me to tell me she was back in wifi/cell range I told her to finish the calendar post so people would stop asking for it. So she stayed up late to get it done..with me pestering her about it every 20 minutes to so 😉 That’s dedication…either that or she just didn’t wanna listen to the pregnant lady anymore 😉

      • Lol. Thanks 😉

    • “For the impatient ones: how hard can it be to divide the total amount of bells and whistles required to unlock all prizes by 10?”
      But how do you find that out? I don’t see anywhere in my game where it tells what the final amount needed is until I get to unlocking that last prize.

      • In game you won’t see it…but (not that it applies to this) we have had the prizes listed since the Act 3 is live post. We always post the prizes and amounts required as soon as they hit the game. 🙂

      • I didn’t realize they were there. I was waiting for the calendar because I like to be able to check at any given time how I’m doing. I know I usually run a day and a half ahead of the number for the day I’m on (example it says 61,820 for today, I’m at 89,177 solidly into Thursday). But I didn’t know where to find the numbers or how this is figured out to know where I would be on this calendar (didn’t know the number, or how many days it’s split across, etc), I was just running on faith (What I used to do before I found this site). I was willing to wait, but I do highly appreciate this visual so I have a reference to check myself on. Without the calendar I would have to find the top number (which I didn’t realize was posted), figure out when the event ends, how many days that is, and divide it out. And I’d have to write it down or else I’d have to do all the math every day. I’m very greatfull someone else is willing to do all that work for me. I didn’t like having to wait for it, but I’m okay with waiting if I know it’s there now.

      • Doesn’t outright say it but ummm 10 days to get 10 prizes….on average that’s a prize a day at the very least

      • @Psychotink: maybe not your case, but I’m sure most people who were asking for the calendar read every single post on this site, so they all knew the total amount required had already been posted.

  25. Alright, so I logged into the game this morning, and immediately I got a pop up stating that I had unlocked the original Springfield Central Monorail Station. I already have one so I was a bit confused. I placed it anyway, then I got pop ups for all the personal prizes from Act 1, which I already had as well. All the tracks and station pieces. I placed those too. Now I have 2 Springfield Central Stations. Crazy! Is this happening to anyone else? What an awesome glitch!!

    • Oh, I forgot to mention that I also got pop up stating that I unlocked another Ray Patterson. I placed him, but not sure it worked. So weird.

    • Yup i’ve been getting it several times this morning. However, I’m not placing anything for fear it’ll screw up my game so i just select storage. However, I am placing the tracks (from storage)

      • Wow! Ok good to know, thanks. I’ll definitely keep the tracks. Also, after all the Act 1 stuff happened, I closed the game, restarted, and got all the Act 2 prizes as well. Along with the Terminal, and 2 Uriah’s Recycling Centers.

        • Yup it’s an odd little glitch. I’m not complaining about the bonus tracks though lol I just always get nervous with double prizes because sometimes they can screw up a game…(plus what do I need 2 Uriah’s for? 😉 )

      • Sorry for the double post lol. It didn’t show up the first time.

      • Definitely love this glitch. It helped me finish my monorail. Hey Alissa, I just wanted to apologize for getting so upset with you about that post a few days ago. I shouldn’t have put blame on you guys for it. I’m really sorry. You all are very nice, and helpful, and I shouldn’t have gotten upset with you. Anyway, just felt I needed to say I’m sorry.

        • It happens 🙂 Frustrations boil over (on both sides)…thank you for apologizing. And I’m sorry for being short with you. Luckily cooler heads prevail after a couple of days 🙂

      • Thanks, Alissa. I appreciate it. 🙂

      • Erika Fournier (BraveElfgirl1994)

        I’m not seeing this glitch in my town 🙁 What can I do to try and make it happen??

        • There’s no way I can tell you what to do to try and make a bug appear in your town. It just happens for some people. But I do know everyone that’s mentioned it (myself included) have spent donuts to clear all of the Act 3 prizes. So all of the Act 3 prizes are clear and it’s happening.

          BUT that doesn’t mean if you clear them it’ll happen. We have no idea why it’s happening to some players…just like we don’t know why crashes impact some players and not others.

      • I hear you there as I am playing safe as well. I connected track in act 1 and got frozen out of the game for a week. I lost out on the last 4 prizes of act 1, but all is well now. I learned my lesson. Play safe… Perhaps over reaction on my part, but that put a big ding in my dinger…

  26. Alright, so I logged into the game this morning, and immediately I got a pop up stating that I had unlocked the original Springfield Central Monorail Station. I already have it, so I was a bit confused. I placed it anyway, then pop ups for all the personal prizes for Act 1 came. All the tracks, and station pieces. I placed those as well. Is this happening to anyone else? I mean, what an awesome glitch!!! So I now have 2 Springfield Central Stations. Crazy!

  27. Thanks for the calender. Now I know for sure I’ll get the railyard on time. Thanks for all the great work you do!

  28. It is not always a straight track you get, when you are ahead of track.
    In Act 2 I got a curved track at 12,000 duct tapes.

  29. Welcome back to civilization Bunny hope you had a great vacation!
    Obviously you were missed.
    Happy Labor Day to all, wishing a day late on purpose as figured if I sent you best wishes yesterday, makes you work on day off. Hope everyone had a happy and safe 3 day weekend.
    I’m right up there with Sandra, about a day or so ahead. Was moving along faster till my game kept bouncing me out! Holiday must have allowed a lot of happy tapping.
    I’m off to clear town, then to my torture chamber (p.t.) appointment 😝. Thanks for all your hard work.

  30. A little late on the calendar aren’t we? 😈😎

    • Well when the new stuff hits right up against a holiday weekend things get delayed a bit. As we’re entitled to have normal lives with our family and friends too. Surprising as it may seem to some, our lives do not revolve around this site. 😉

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