Monorail Math: Act 3

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Act 3 hit our games last week and now that we’ve done this twice before, everyone immediately wants to know what the Project Board Caps are.  And if you can really earn all the prizes before the event ends…

So just like we’ve done for Acts 1 and 2 let’s take a look at the new Act 3 Project Board caps and all of the ways you can earn Bells and Whistles during Act 3….

ico_mono15_bellswhistles_lg ico_mono15_bellswhistlescrate ico_projectboard_mono15_bellswhistleslg

As we’ve done with the previous Acts, let’s start with the Project Board itself..



Here’s a look at the Act 3 Project Board Caps…

Date Cap Increase
9/4 14,000
9/5 28,000 +14,000
9/6 42,000 +14,000
9/7 56,000 +14,000
9/8 70,000 +14,000
9/9 84,000 +14,000
9/10 98,000 +14,000
9/11 112,000 +14,000
9/12 126,000 +14,000
9/13 140,000 +14,000
9/14 160,000 +20,000

Also important to note it’s not a hard 14,000.  You can go slightly over it each day (depending on the projects you do) from what I’m seeing…BUT if you go over it the previous day, the next days amount will be lower.  It balances out in the end, that by September 14th you can earn a max of 160,000 B&W from the Project Board.It’s a running total and NOT an individual per day cap.  The cap per day is set at 14,000/day (except on the last day when it jumps to 20,000) .Again a reminder: You’re allowed to earn 14,000 B&W from JUST turning in projects/day.  Each day is a running total.  So if you miss a day or don’t max out you can make it up the next day.  The last day of Act 3 (September 14th) the cap increases to 20,000/day. 

Note: The Rail Yard will prevent you from turning in Projects at the Project Board to earn bonus track.  We’ll cover a little bit about the Rail Yard below, and more in depth in another post.  Just keep in mind that once you unlock the Rail Yard it will prevent you from using the Project Board to turn in projects.

So from the project board you’ll earn 160,000 B & W.

Of course not everyone wants to finish on the last day…so let’s take a look at some other B & W earning ways…

We’ll stay within the Project Board for the moment, as there are Daily Bonuses awarded each day you complete a set number of Projects at the Board.  Here’s a look at those bonuses (and the tasks needed to earn it):

Date Bonus Payout # of Projects Required
9/4 1,200 2
9/5 1,200 2
9/6 1,800 3
9/7 1,200 2
9/8 2,400 4
9/9 1,800 3
9/10 1,200 2
9/11 1,800 3
9/12 2,400 4
9/13 1,200 2
9/14 3,000 5

So that’s an additional 17,040 B&W from Daily Bonuses

It’s important to note here as well…once you unlock the Rail Yard the Daily Bonuses are no longer active, since the Project Board because unusable.  We’ll cover some details below and more depth details in another post.

Neighbor Actions


You’ll earn B & W for Dumping Garbage on your Neighbors.  And not just one or two, you’ll earn SIX B &W/tap (just like Acts 1 and 2) when you dump Garbage in your Neighbor’s town.  So if you do 3taps/neighbor that’s 18 B & W/town.

Now like most events, you will get capped on Neighbor Actions that can earn B&W/day.  The cap for this event is 90 Actions (or 30 neighbors if you do 3 taps/town) per day.

So let’s breakdown the math….6 B&W/action x 90 actions per day = 540 B&W/day.

Act 3 runs from 9/4-9/15 so 11 days of neighbor actions (at best).  540 actions/day x 11 days= 5,940 B&W from neighbor actions

Note: This will double to 11,880 if you have the Dumping Permit

You’ll also earn an additional 1 B&W/building cleared in your own town, when neighbors dump garbage.  I didn’t factor this into math because there are too many variables for it.  It’s not a set number since it’s dependent on your neighbor dumping in your town and out of your control.  So view those B&W from clearing buildings as a bonus.  

And finally…

Possum Clearing 

possum03 possum02 possum01

Possum’s start appear in your game via the Monorail Stations.  The more stations you have (3 Freemium and 1 premium) the more Possums you’ll get in your town. To clear a possum all you do is tap on it, and each one will pay out 10 B&W.

Remember the more tracks you have in your town (and they don’t have to be connected they can just be in your town) the more possums you can earn from each station.  Right now I’m up to 18 possums/station and I have 3 stations, so that’s 54 possums/4hrs (or 540 B&W/4hrs).


So what happens when you unlock all the prizes?  Is there incentive to continue getting B&W?  Well yes there is.  You’ll earn MORE Monorail tracks!



Much like Acts 1 and 2 you can earn Bonus Track for earning B & W AFTER you’ve unlocked all the prizes.  However, unlike Acts 1 and 2 the final prize, the Rail Yard, puts a bit of a damper on this.

Once UNLOCKED (not placed as originally thought) the Rail Yard replaces the Project Board, in that you’ll now turn projects in at the Rail Yard to earn items.  The problem with this is you don’t earn additional B&W for turning in Projects at the Rail Yard.  So it makes earning bonus track via the Ahead of the Track Bonus more difficult.

In order to earn Bonus Track via the Ahead of the Track Bonus you’ll have to earn B & W via tapping possums, clearing trash in your town & leaving trash in your neighbors towns.  This is not impossible to do.  I’ve already earned 1 bonus track this way and almost on my second track.

The benefit is at the Rail Yard you can earn a ton more track  and FREE DONUTS each week!  We’ll breakdown all of the Rail Yard details in another post…but for now know that as long as you unlock it (i.e. earn it via the prize track) it will make your Project Board obsolete.


So let’s sum it all up with a look at the potential B&W you can earn for Act 3:

Project Board- 160,000 B&W.
Project Board Bonus- 17,040 B&W
Neighbor Actions- 5,940 B&W (if started collecting from neighbors on 9/4) Double that if you’ve have the Permit .
Possums- Based on how many tracks you have in your town x 3 stations (x10 B&W/each one tapped)

For a total of at least 182,980.  BUT remember, once unlock the Rail Yard earning B & W via the Project Board and Daily Bonuses will no longer come into play, as you’ll have to turn projects in at the Rail Yard (which does not earn B&W).

And that my friends sums up this Monorail Math Post for Act 3!

What are your thoughts on the math of this event?  How are you doing with your B&W count so far?  Are you visiting all your neighbors daily?  Clearing those possums?  How many possums are you earning/station?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

55 responses to “Monorail Math: Act 3

  1. Frustrated! Around midnight EST, I was extremely close to hitting another free rail piece from the rail yard. I think I was up to 25,000 for my goal and I was maybe 500 shy? I logged back on at 4:13 am est and the rail yard reset to 0/5000 and now says complete in a week. 😖 I thought the monorail game ended today at 4am est, so I’m both confused whether I should keep trying (do I really have another week?) and frustrated that my last efforts were for naught.

  2. I came in late on the event and am at 78,000 bells and whistles after 3 days and have been playing practically non stop. Any tips on getting the rail stop before this ends?

    • A whole lotta grinding. You’ll basically have to live in your game every hr all day today and keep sending/clearing tasks at the metal, plastic & glass factory.

  3. ***

  4. I’m new to the game and just started the event in Act III. What happens if I can’t get the Rail Yard before the event ends? Will all my recycling be for naught?

  5. Great Article !
    Less glitches in Act 3 means I’m 3 days ’til finishing 🙂

  6. I have to say that personally, I hate this update and the last one with the luxury condos, etc. Here’s why: I like playing TSTO and have always felt like I could play it somewhat casually, not letting it take over my life because most of the actions took hours to complete, which meant I could touch the game one, two or three times a day and feel like I was making progress. Now with the last two updates, your could spend hours doing 30 to 60 second tasks. Over Christmas I tried Simcity on my iPad and ended up deleting it for this very reason – I found myself having to play it all the time to make progress and while I was on vacation that was fine, but I knew I couldn’t do it when I got back to work. I am starting to have the same feelings about TSTO after these two last updates. I find myself playing it LESS because I feel like the only way to get the cool stuff is by tapping every thirty seconds and I just don’t have time to do that. Does anyone else feel the same way?

    • Actually, as events go, I’m actuallyfinding this one relatively easy, requiring way less time and attention than a lot of the other ones. I even managed to keep up while I was away on vacation, with limited tapping time! I’ve never even come close to not making the daily bonus, without having to worry about waking up early or staying up late to do it, so it’s been a low stress event for me.

      As for Springfield Heights, I think the key to enjoying that one is NOT to treat it like an event, which has time limits. I’m only about 1/3 of the way to the “end” (becoming a billionaire), because I only play that when I have time in front of the tv or something to do some mindless tapping. There’s no hurry…it’s not going anywhere! In the meantime, most of my Springfield Heights is nicely designed (except for the dense row of office buildings and garages that are crammed together for lack of space and to earn the huge bonus multipliers). I’m hoping for some more SH land soon!

    • alex - aabcampos2

      thats why they implanted the cap.
      its a message. You dont need do play all day.

      as soon as you hit the cap, (i always do before lunch) you just need do play again tomorow

    • When I was about half way through SH, I decided to stop sitting there tapping continuously for minutes, waiting for those 30 second tasks, and just have any characters not otherwise engaged be doing SH jobs. I’m far enough along in the game that I don’t need to earn dollars particularly. So when Homer has nothing better to do, he’s making a 30-second chair, even if I’ll be away from the game for a few hours.

      When I go into the game to check up on my other characters, I cycle the SH ones too. When I’m done with my other characters, I go back to SH and cycle them again, any that are ready. But I don’t wait for them, even 30 seconds. I play every few hours most days, and that’s been enough to get me to a billion real estate, no problem. (As you get farther into SH, the speed at which you can upgrade buildings is mostly limited by the 8 and 12 minute tasks anyway.)

      As for the 30 second Monorail tasks, I find the trick is to do things in the right order. First free all the characters making metal, glass or plastic, plus Homer and Ray. Send them all on that 30 second task. Then set any remaining characters to making metal, glass or plastic. Wait 30 seconds (do other stuff) and repeat until the trash is full. With no premium characters, you’ll have 8 at the dump, so it should take 2.5 minutes to go from zero to full. Then send the metal/dump characters to collect metal, and run the dump again until it’s full, and repeat with plastic and glass. You don’t need to fill up the dump then, when you have just two characters working on it; wait until you have a bunch of dump characters free again. In practice, it takes maybe 90 seconds, 3-4 times a day.

  7. Well, if there are to be no more project boards, then when Sebastian arrives, all the possums go free, i.e. no more catching them. Wonder what they will do to my game.
    Have gotten tired of all these long visiting times, so as players fade due to fatigue, just dropping them without replacing them. So if someone feels I have dropped them too hastily, that is the reason why; nothing personal. Just can’t take the strain of a full century anymore.

  8. Haven’t had a project requiring metal or glass in 2 days, just plastic 🙁

  9. Anyone else notice or have the problem with their dumping permit no longer providing 12 b/w’s per action instead of the normal 6? Went to do my daily taps on friends towns and am only getting 6? I bought the dumping permit back on the third day of act 1 and it worked up until today. Strange…

  10. Thanks for the post Alissa. You Addicts are awesome! 🙂

    It’s a little disappointing to hear that when I unlock the Rail Yard I’ll use my Daily Projects, but having read about the RY on another site, and understanding how beneficial the RY is, I’m ok with it. I’ll look forward to getting my extra track pieces and free weekly donuts from the RY. 😀

    Besides, I’m just about done with connecting all four of my terminals that are spread from one end of my town (Mall-O-Rail), through the middle (Central and Krusty’s), and to the other end (Terminus). Ok, they are already connected (only just, today), but, I had to use some extra S-curves and Turns that I didn’t want… Need a few more straight pieces to “tighten up” the track path a little…

    Right now it’s a single line from one end to the other. Maybe some day I’ll have enough pieces to make a loop/circuit ah-ROUND my town. Do you know, is there a limit to how many track pieces we can make (as there is with the Boardwalk pieces)?

  11. I’m losing out on a chunk of b&w’s becuase I’m still crashing when visiting friends towns!! Hoping to still make final goal..but I’m sure it’s gonna be a lot harder!!

  12. Lots of Bart screens today. You’d think they would do events that would require less time online if they can’t keep the server up.

  13. I stopped getting B&W’s once I got Snowball II!

    Snowball is supposed to give you money for your friend actions, but it also seems to stop B&W’s. is this a bug? I’m losing out on precious Bells here…..

    • it’s entirely possible you just maxed out your friend actions for the day. (especially since Snowball isn’t your last FP prize…so you should still be getting FPs)

  14. When I’m away from home, I play on a iPhone3, mainly for the portability. It lags like cold molasses and would crash when I tap more than 10 things, even after I have made sure that no other apps are on when playing the game. I also freed up at least 4GB of drive space, but removing a bunch of files. Rather than completely dismantle the monorail, I have cut the tracks so each station has just a mini-train parked in front of it. This has helped a little, but is there any other thing I can do (on this device) to keep the game from freezing?

    • Could have something to do with your signal strength. It could also be that the iphone 3 can’t handle the requirements for TSTO. A lot of times older devices have issues when there’s an even going on

      • I agree that the age of the device (and its archaic OS) may have a lot to do with it. I’ll have to check out how much of an affect the wi-fi signal strength by trying in other places, however.

        Thanks for the advice!

  15. Hi there. Just thought I’d let you all know – I have had a great glitch in the last hour. I have all prizes as I sped up with donuts (yep I’m that crazy) to get extra track. For the last hour, every time I’ve gone in my game I get a message saying I have won last prize, store or place. As I have it I pressed store & then the message said I had 1st station store or place. I placed it & basically every track & station pack came up to place. After getting all of 1st station I left game & went back in. Long story short I now have 2 of each station (apart from Krusty station), the station packs & loads of extra tracks. Once I got all 3 duplicates glitch just keeps offering me the last prize every time I go in game. I don’t know if glitch works if you don’t have the last prize but if you do, try it now while it still works. I’m also happy we get extra tracks (& 5donuts) from the last building every week – at least I hope we get 5 donuts each week lol. Happy tapping – this is the best glitch EVER! (Unfortunately my friend’s game doesn’t have the glitch despite living less than 1 mile away from me & we both play on IOS.I guess it’s not a universal glitch but I thought it might help some of you.

    • Oh, maybe that’s why I haven’t seen that glitch yet…I haven’t gotten to where I have all of the prizes yet! Undoubtedly, they’ll have fixed that glitch by the time I do…

  16. Am I the only one that in my head is reading “Bunny & Wookie” everytime the post says you can collect x number B & W? I’m like cool I want 100 Bunnies and Wookies running around my town 😀

  17. I am almost complete with the act 3 tasks but still see no way to buy track pieces. I really want to have my monorail span my whole town but really need more straight tracks!

  18. Thanks for the info Alissa.

    I have only ever gotten 8 possums from each station, any ideas why? I have the 3 freemium stations.

  19. same happend to me… is it a bug ?

  20. I love my monorail! I get 20 possums per cycle.


    I paid donuts to speed through most levels so that I could earn as many track pieces as possible and not be hindered by Sebastian Cibb’s fatigue level. I finished the rail yard and completed the first week’s run which again shut down the project board. This morning it reset. But here is the strange thing,it gave me another station and then another complete set of tracks as if I were being awarded all of ACT One. Then, when I logged in again about 10 min later, the same thing but with the Tetnus Terminal. Everything appears to be there and able to be placed excited except the repeat characters. My terminals are online.

    What kind of glitch is this? Did this happen to anyone else? Do I get to keep them?

  21. Thanks for the maths. ..makes my mind boggle! Great to know that the rail yard is achievable with simple play ☆

    Really looking forward to unlocking it and seeing how much work it takes to get bonuts every week. ..mmm bonuts ♡

  22. HI all
    My game went nuts today and i got all stations again. But only put down 1 lost the other 2 i stored. I have recived every piece of track and buildings from rewards again and 8 uriah heaps? Anyone have this happen? Pretty sweet im not complaining

    • Yup…it’s been going around (I got it this morning too). I’m not complaining about the extra tracks 🙂 But I did store everything else for fear it would crash my game or cause other issues. (since they’re all listed as unique)

    • Why don’t I ever (or hardly ever) get glitches like these? 🙁

      • All i can tell you is it seems to be impacting players who’ve cleared Act 3 prizes (ie used donuts…myself included)…doesn’t mean it’ll hit everyone. But for now that’s how it’s working.

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