9/15 New Springfield Heights Items

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Some new items have hit our stores for Springfield Heights (remember Springfield Heights?) this morning!

Some new stuff, some returning stuff, some freemium stuff and some premium stuff!  There’s a little bit of everything for everyone today, so let’s take a look….


First the freemium stuff…

fancybush_menu Fancy Bush- 25 ico_heights_furniture_lg.  Earns 4,500 ico_heights_realestate_lg.  Will unlock at 400,000 ico_heights_realestate_lg

moneytree_menuMoney Tree- 15 ico_heights_coffee_lg. Earns 45,000 ico_heights_realestate_lg.  Will unlock at 800,000 ico_heights_realestate_lg

polofield_menuPolo Field- 200 ico_heights_coffee_lg.  Earns 600,000 ico_heights_realestate_lg.  Will unlock at 4,000,000 ico_heights_realestate_lg

lamborgottifasterossa_menuLamborgotti Fastorossa- 10 ico_heights_goldawards_lg Earns 75,000 ico_heights_realestate_lg.  Will unlock at 55,000,000 ico_heights_realestate_lg

luxuryyacht_menuLuxury Yacht- 25 ico_heights_goldawards_lg. Earns 187,500 ico_heights_realestate_lg.  Will unlock at 70,000,000 ico_heights_realestate_lg.

tenniscourt_menu Tennis Court- 10ico_heights_goldawards_lg.  This was previously a premium item during Tap Ball.  I have a feeling this is a mistake and will be corrected soon.  It still awards the 2.25% bonus, so grab it while you can. 

Onto the premiums..

BOTH Premium items leave stores on the 22nd…

poloclub_menuPolo Field House- 200 Donuts.  Earns 3,000,000 ico_heights_realestate_lg.

Solid Gold HouseMansion of Solid Gold- 250 Donuts.  Earns 4,000,000 ico_heights_realestate_lg.  Returning from last year, as a Gil Deal.  Should I Buy Here

Money PoolMoney Pool– 90 Donuts. Apparently this is no longer unique, so you can have multiples.

And there you have it my friends…the new Springfield Heights items added to our stores today…

What are your thoughts on the new items?  Anything you’ll grab?  Did you already own the Mansion of Solid Gold?  Excited to see it back?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

145 responses to “9/15 New Springfield Heights Items

  1. FYI: I just purchased 10 tennis courts and collected 22.5%. I’m running TSTO ver. 4.16.9 on iOS 9.0.

  2. The new Decor / Recreational Items for Springfield Heights are welcome (they add Real Estate value), but wasting Donuts on Springfield Heights Buildings is a waste when Tappers should be saving their Donuts for Halloween Event 2015!

  3. Did they move where to buy the items for Springfield Heights? Ever since the latest update the section where I used to buy them has disappeared. I uninstalled/re-installed but nothing. I can’t see a section in The Store anymore where they used to be. Has this happened to anyone else? I’ve hit the 1B but wanted to buy some new decorations.

  4. I’m still getting 2.5% bonus on tennis courts tested just now even though it doesn’t show bonus % in the buy menu anymore. Got 25 so far so keep on getting them for now!

  5. When buying the money pool does it do anything? Do you get Mr Burns stonecutters outfit? If it’s just a decoration I will save the donuts. Thanks

  6. Just another heads-up for those who think about grinding out more tennis courts:

    Even after in-store Monorail removal update, getting more tennis courts is still increasing my $ and XP bonus, despite the information stating “Increases REV by 150K”. Android phone here.

  7. I don’t remember what items they were, but I was awarded bonus RE $$ for two previously bought items. I think one was the money pool. That was cool, always happy to be awarded bonus things!

  8. Still shocked by this tennis court thing. I wonder if at some later date they’ll take the bonus away & maybe give something to people who paid donuts for them. Seems too good to be true.
    I’m gonna have so many courts for Serena to practice on she’s gonna win the Grand Slam next year for sure!!!!

    • Did they nerf the tennis courts? I’m not seeing th multiplier in the description anymore. I bought 5, wiping out my trophies and spent all day working to buy more. Now I’m not sure I want to risk it.

      If they did nerf them, will the ones we purchased earlier have the multiplier or has the bonus been removed? If it’s been removed, shouldn’t we get our trophies back?

  9. Hello everyone, I reached billion in sh about a month ago…I can’t seem to find any of this cool new stuff. Anyone have any ideas for what I am doing wrong? Thanks in advance.

    • Should be in the store. A couple other players have reported the same issue. My best advice is try the basics first (krustyland and back, uninstall/reinstall) and if they don’t work contact EA

  10. I have created a mini Wimbledon with 18 courts using tap all bleachers for centre court and court one. 🙂

  11. Did the tennis court ‘mistake’ get corrected yet?
    Will updating my game affect this ‘mistake’?

    • It’s no longer available for bonus xp.

      • So did they take away the bonus xp from those that bought it for donuts too? Or just anyone who bought it from SH store? Or if you bought some before they fixed it do those ones still have the bonus xp?

      • It still works. I just downloaded the app store update and I got the bonus xp

      • If you haven’t downloaded the update it still gives you the 2.25%!!! I haven’t downloaded yet (still have stinky houses) and I’ve been grinding all day and finally bought one and my bonus went up 2.25%! Woot!

      • Thanks for the tip! I just updated and downloaded, and it still gave me the tennis court bonus. 200 statues just nearly doubled this freemium player’s total bonus!

        As a certain cartoon character says, WOOWHO!

      • I bought it with bonus last night and updated. Bought again this morning after update and although it doesn’t list it, still got the bonus. Very happy! 🙂

      • I’m still making tennis courts and getting the bonus XP. I haven’t seen anymore updates in the App Store. I have all of the updates as far as I can tell (running on iPad). I can’t seem to force anymore updates. So I’m not sure what’s going on. I’m having to repeat the level 57 quest lines, but I don’t mind that. I got the 15 extra roshashona doughnuts, and the 2 level up doughnuts again. So that’s cool with me. I guess I will try to get as many tennis courts as I can until they fix the error. This is all so very weird.

    • I have not updated and can still buy the tennis courts with bonus.

  12. That’s so frustrating… Since I reached 1B and upgraded all buildings, the Springfield Heights menu disappeared. I left some decorations to get after upgrading all buildings but now I can’t get them because the menu is not there anymore. And I cannot see the new freemium items released, only the premium ones. 😫

    • The menu is still there, but not as a featured event. After you tap the build icon, select the show all arrow and SH should be in the upper right.

      • Thank you, GodlessSquash! The funny thing is that I contacted EA twice. First time, they told me to uninstall/reinstall the game. Second time, they said that it was a known problem and that they were working to fix it. No one told me to click on that slim arrow that I didn’t even notice before.

  13. Thanks for this as always! Got two courts before they moved them down to money!

  14. Awwwwwww man I only have 2 awards crafted! And no pills to craft more awards!! Pulled everyone off of recycling jobs and trying my best to make as many awards as possible before (if?) they fix the mistake. Loving all the decorations added. Yacht! New vehicle! Cool looking hedge! And money trees!!! Burns Manor is getting some major landscaping work done soon. I like this stuff more than anything they added during Monorail. 🙂

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