Last Stop for the Monorail

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a friendly reminder that the Monorail Event is ending tomorrow! The Monorail Event will be leaving our games at 0800 GMT (4am EDT) least it’s scheduled too.

Most likely it will require an App Store update to remove, so it is possible you’ll get a little bit of “borrowed” time to earn more prizes.  But remember if it happens: it’s borrowed time..and the game could force you to update at any time.

So let’s take a look at everything that ends tomorrow and what you’ll need to grab if you want it before it’s gone from the store…

REMEMBER…Make sure you unlock the Rail Yard if you want to continue earning Track AFTER the Event ends.  Also, be sure to unlock ALL of the Recycling Depots (Metal, Plastic & Glass) so you’ll be able to earn even after the event is over.  For details on the Rail Yard check out this post and for details about unlocking the Glass Depot (if you haven’t already) check out this post.


Here’s what’s leaving grab what you can, while you can:

Act 3 Personal Prizes

mallorailstation_menuMall-O-Rail Station- 5,200 ico_mono15_bellswhistles_lg Also comes with 3 straight track pieces

trackcurvese_menu trackstraight4x2_menutrackstraight4x2_menu3 Track Pack- 12,600 ico_mono15_bellswhistles_lg

trackcurvese_menutrackstraight4x2_menutrackstraight4x2_menu3 Track Pack- 23,550 ico_mono15_bellswhistles_lg

mallorailmodule1se_menu mallorailstationextension_menu mallorailstationextension_menu mallorailmodule3_menuMall-O-Rail Station Pieces- 42,950 ico_mono15_bellswhistles_lg

trackstraight2x2_menutrackstraight2x2_menutrackcurvese_menutrackscurvese_menutrackscurvese_menu5 Track Pack- 56, 450 ico_mono15_bellswhistles_lg (this should include S curves)

mallorailmodule1se_menu mallorailstationextension_menu mallorailstationextension_menu mallorailmodule2se_menuMall-O-Rail Station Pieces- 75,850 ico_mono15_bellswhistles_lg

trackstraight4x2_menutrackstraight4x2_menutrackcurvese_menu trackstraight2x2_menu trackstraight2x2_menu5 Track Pack- 91,050 ico_mono15_bellswhistles_lg

mallorailstationextension_menu mallorailstationextension_menu mallorailmodule2se_menu mallorailmodule3_menuMall-O-Rail Station Pieces- 110.450 ico_mono15_bellswhistles_lg

trackstraight4x2_menutrackstraight4x2_menutrackcurvese_menutrackscurvese_menutrackscurvese_menu5 Track Pack- 127,300 ico_mono15_bellswhistles_lg

railyard_menu unlock_sebastiancobbRail Yard-  154,550 ico_mono15_bellswhistles_lg (includes Sebastian Cobb)

REMEMBER the Rail Yard is the ONLY way to get tracks once the event ends.  


Freemium Items in the Store

garbagepile_menuGarbage Pile- $500

recyclingbin_menuRecycling Bin- $1,000


Premium Items

Little Lisa Recycling PlantLittle Lisa’s Recycling Plant- 200 Donuts

unlock_jessegrassJesse Grass- 100 Donuts

robotant_nippy_menu robotant_killer_menu robotant_daffodil_menu robotant_chompy_menuGiant Mechanical Ants- 60 Donuts Each

monorailcafe_menuMonorail Cafe- 60 Donuts

selfrelianthouse_menuSelf Reliant House- 35 Donuts

krustystation_menu krustystationextension_menu Krusty Station Drive Thru Awning Krusty Station Drive Thru Extension Krusty Station Drive Thru StairsKrusty’s Drive Thru Station and Accessories- 150 donuts (station) accessories are 10-50 donuts each.

200px-Tapped_Out_I_Choo-Choo-Choose_You_TrainI Choo-Choo Choose You Train- 50 Donuts

You can check out the Should I Buy guides for these here

A couple of things we don’t know for 100% but we can assume…(based on previous events)

-Little Lisa’s Recycling Plant does not currently payout Blueprints.  Right now it’s paying out Bells and Whistles (as it’s supposed to).  There is no evidence that it will go to Blueprints when the Event ends, it’s more likely that this will convert to Cash and XP like just about every other building in town.  So I don’t advise buying this because you think it’ll help speed up the Rail Yard for you.

-It does not look like you’ll be able to buy the Rail Yard after the Event is over.  You’ll have to earn it as the prize BEFORE the Event ends.  Now you may get some extra time for Bells and Whistles tomorrow (see the note at the top of the post about borrowed time)..but just remember you’ll have to get this BEFORE the Event ends in order to have it after the event is over.

-Again this will most likely be an App Store update to remove the Event.  So it most likely won’t end exactly at 0800 GMT (4am EDT)…this has happened with previous events.  So don’t panic if it doesn’t leave but don’t freak out if it does leave (or certain things are timed out).  Remember it’s scheduled to end at 0800 GMT, so anything you get to play after that is a bonus and “borrowed time”.

What are you thoughts on the Monorail Event?  Excited to finally have a Monorail in your town?  Disappointed by all the crashing?  Discuss some of the highs and lows of the Event in your opinion in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!



100 responses to “Last Stop for the Monorail

  1. Will this event ever come back on our screens?

  2. No need for commenting really but more just to put ideas in people’s heads.

    The monorail needs a remoulding station! I have 30+ curved pieces unused. Would be nice if I could sacrifice Springfield cash to change them after spending so long earning them!

  3. Question: once you have a loop built, is it possible to make the monorail change the direction in which it travels? Right now, mine only goes counter-clockwise, and I’d just like to see it go the other way sometime.
    I know I can break the track, so there are “ends”, so the train goes back and forth, but it would be nice for it to be able to go either way. Any ideas?

  4. Absolutely Angered

    I am uninstalling this game now. After spending a couple of years and a couple thousands of dollars, I am thoroughly ticked off. Just because I had to live my life for a couple of months, I come back in to this game the day before the Project Board disappeared, unable to fully understand as there was not enough directions. Being totally clueless as to all this Rail Yard junk, now realizing that the game will never be how it should be. So now it is not possible for me to catch up, I feel slighted to the point that I want to do physical harm.

    • Ok. But there were loads of directions in the game that the Monorail event was ending at a certain date. So ok even if you didn’t understand the rail yard thing, what made you think the project board would stay? Whenever and event ends, it ends. Everything that goes with it leaves. So if you’ve been playing for a couple of years that’s something you should know. When the event is over, it’s over. There’s no way to get the prizes once it ends. It’s been like that since the very first event.

  5. It’s not paying out the weekly prizes. Currently I’m at 22642/15000. The blue progress line extends out of the box and off the screen. Am I doing something wrong?

  6. I didn’t get the rail yard. What do I donwith the glass, metal, and plastic I have left?

  7. For those of you still rushing to earn the rail yard, as noted by others, despite the fact that the B&W counter/progress bar has disappeared from the project board all the Bs&Ws you collect still count toward the no-longer-visible prize totals and you can still earn items through them, so you can save yourself some donuts by still turning in as many projects as you can, whacking possums, visiting friends, etc.

    Additionally, repeatedly rushing Little Lisa’s Recycling Plant for 350 B&W at a cost of 2 donuts each time to earn items often, if not always, costs less than buying the same item outright. Track semis cost 100, while station additions are 150 donuts which is equivalent to 17,500 and 26,250 B&W respectively via LLRP. The actual cost to earn them differs somewhat depending on where you are in the challenge, for example the first semi requires 13,500 B&W, while the last requires 16,850 B&W. I don’t recall how much the rail yard was to buy… 350 donuts, I think. 350 donuts is equivalent to 61,250 B&W, while the yard is actually only 27,250 B&W above the last set of track pieces. If my math is correct, buying it costs 195 donuts more than earning it by rushing LLRP! Including everything from the first station expansion (which is where I started paying attention to outright costs) onward requires 131,000 B&W or 1,100 donuts outright, versus rushing LLRP 375 times for 750 donuts.

    If you’re trying to get Ray AND you have the rail yard AND you were pretty close to earning him there MAY still be hope for a non-donut solution. You earn blueprints with the rail yard and it seems like those blueprints are added to your running total, so if that prize track is still active in the background–and I don’t know whether it is–it may still be possible to earn stuff off of it.

    Unfortunately, if you want to get the Hippie now I’ve got nothing for you since there really is no way to earn tape rolls. Just buy him for a whole lot of donuts if you have to have him.

    • My idea for further work on Act 1 after you finish Act 3 doesn’t work. I overlooked the fact that once you unlock the rail yard, Sebastian Cobb moves there and you have only the weekly prize track available. Sorry.

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