Celebrate Oktoberfest with Gil!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Looks like Ol’ Gil has made a return to Springfield…and this time he’s brought loads of Oktoberfest gear with him!

2015-09-30 18.20.06

Going through all the details now…so as always we’ll be back with more in just a bit…

P.S. This Gil deal hitting now tells me we’re likely to see Halloween (assuming EA does an event this year, which I have no reason not to believe they would) next Tuesday or Wednesday (October 6th or 7th)…

So as you should all know by now Gil deals are donut deals.  So if you have no interest in spending donuts…pass on them.  There are only 2 new items associated with this event, everything else is either in the store already or returning from a previous event.

As always we’ll do Should I Buys for items we don’t already have them for…just give me a little time to assess and get them written up 😉  Initial thought process…with the exception of maybe Beer Stein Wiggum (who’s initially jumping out at me..) save your donuts for Halloween.

Now onto the content…

FIRST let’s talk about a couple of changes NOT Oktoberfest related..

tenniscourt_menuIn Springfield Heights the Tennis Courts are now gone.  Hope you took advantage while it was here…

irsdrone_menuIn your regular store menu (check new and premium sections) you’ll find the IRS Drone.  It’s now been released to our games for 50 donuts. From what I can tell initially, it doesn’t do anything other than fly around Springfield.

Now onto the Oktoberfest Gil Deals….

Gil: According to my “Kill Yourself Tomorrow!” daily affirmation calendar, this week is Oktoberfest!  do you know what that means?
Uter: Ja! Oktoberfest is my favorite holiday.  It combines ze gluttony of Thanksgiving with ze overeating of Halloween!
Gil: Here’s a phrase ol’ Gil never head: you’re in luck!  I’ve got fun German and beer-themed things, plus you get donuts back with every purchase.
Wiggum: German stuff, eh?  Anything festive yet slimming for a police chief once voted both “Most Handsome” and “most likely to doctor superlative results?”
Gil: I’ve got just the thing.  It’s in the store for a limited time!

If you don’t go into the store right away…

Gil: Not interested?  In me or the merchandise?  Both?  That’s what everybody says…

Everything ends October 6th, 2015 at 0800 GMT. Various Deals expire on different dates, so be sure to check the timers in your store. 

As we’ve seen with some other Gil deals in the past this will be released in waves.  With some stuff hitting today, more coming on Friday and still more to be released on Sunday.

This is also a rebate Gil deal.  So spend the donuts up front and you’ll get some back once you make the purchase.  Not a bad deal…if you have the donuts.

Here’s what’s available today…

thehungryhun_menu unlock_uterThe Hungry Hun and Uter- 160 donuts (regular cost) and you’ll get 45 donuts back when purchased, for a net cost of 115 donuts.  Should I Buy.  Uter did not have a costume last year for Halloween.  (doesn’t mean he won’t this year, just saying last year he didn’t have one)

TSTOsqpfountainBoardwalk Fountain- 75 Donuts (regular cost) and you’ll get 30 donuts back when purchased, for a net cost of 45 donuts.  Should I Buy.

oktoberfestgateOktoberfest Gate- 40 Donuts (regular cost) and you’ll get 15 donuts back when purchased, for a net cost of 25 donuts.  2% bonus on all cash and XP (Vanity +500) 1×6 in size and the flags at the top are animated when purchased.  Leaves October 2nd a 0800 GMT. 

unlock_wiggum_bigsteinBeer Stein Wiggum- 70 Donuts (regular cost) and you’ll get 25 back when purchased, for a net cost of 45 donuts.  Premium skin for Wiggum.

Coming soon…

Unlocks Friday 10/2

beer-n-brawl lurleen_guitarBeer-N-Brawl and Lurleen- 140 Donuts (regular cost) and you’ll get 40 Donuts back when purchased, for a net cost of 100 donuts. Should I Buy.

Duff Beer TreeDuff Beer Tree- 10 Donuts (regular cost) and you’ll get 3 Donuts back when purchased, so a net of 7 donuts.  .25% bonus on all cash and xp.  (was free during Christmas 2014…sorry the only image I had on it was snow covered)

flag_germany_menuGermany Flag- Should be 5 Donuts and you’ll get 1 Donut back when purchased, so a net of 4 donuts.   .25% bonus on all cash an xp

Unlocks Sunday 10/4

Springfield Prep School Greta Wolfcastle Produce a FilmPreparatory School and Greta- 180 donuts (regular price) and you’ll get 50 Donuts back when purchased, for a net cost of 130 Donuts. Should I Buy. Greta did not have a Halloween costume last year.

stackofbeer_transimageStack of Beer- 35 donuts (regular cost) and you’ll get 10 donuts back when purchased, so a net of 25 donuts. .75% bonus on all cash and xp. (was free during St. Patrick’s Day 2015)

And those are the details behind the Oktoberfest deals!

What are your thoughts on Gil’s return?  Anything you’ll grab right away?  Anything you’ll pass on?  Waiting for Halloween?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

317 responses to “Celebrate Oktoberfest with Gil!

  1. Dear Gil ,
    Sorry (not sorry) but this Tapper is savng his Donuts for the Halloween Event (all Newbs should do this because Halloween seems to have the best stuff!) 🙂

  2. Is it possible to sell the Duff Beer Tree? I am certain that I had it last year, but I can’t find it. I tried hiding buildings and characters, but I can’t find it. I looked in inventory, and I can’t find it. I did find two Christmas Floats and two Snowman Burns and two Snowman Homers (which corrected when I tried to move on them into town), but I can’t find my beer tree. If it can be sold, maybe I was dumb.

    Oh well, certainly not worth raising a ticket over.

    • It is sellable and I really hope its just hiding in your decorations menu. Sorry if it’s a dumb question but you clicked the far left button in the menu to check all the decorations?

      • Confirmed, not in my inventory of Decorations. Interesting enough, my seasonal floats and snow men keep showing up as duplicates. Alas, I try to move them out and the duplicates disappear.
        Once more I searched my town, hiding everything BUT decorations and plants and FOUND it in a grove of trees and arbors. Yippee!
        Desperately need to start adding land.
        Thanks for the answer. I was hoping that I didn’t foolishly get rid of it.

    • I *think* it had a bonus % associated with it last year, so is it possible that you have it hiding behind a building in your game or something? I think that may be where mine is…

  3. Can’t wait for Halloween anyone else can’t wait

  4. Thank you Wookie :).

  5. Hey, I have a problem yesterday I bought the hungry hun and today is no in my town, someone got the same problem? any solution?
    thx a lot

  6. I bought Uter, I was donut away from being able to buy him so I bought a golden scratchr and got 50 donuts for a buck, cant beat that. It helps that Uter can collect junk and plastic for the monorail, added incentive to buy him. Now saving up for Otto but if something come sup that I really want I might have to wait

  7. Sorry, forgot a thank you in my last post Alissa. Feel free to add me I still got some room left 👍🏼

  8. Sweet….I’m savin then. All my minions are makin money so time for a round of birthday golf!!!!

  9. This was my first doughnut buy too besides scratchers. Prolly won’t buy more till next year 😫

  10. Beer stein Wiggum looks so awesome rolling around my town…what a great addition! So stoked about my first THOH next week! I’m a semi premium player and started during the Monsarno event. Picked up Uter and Lurleen but questioning whether to grab Greta. I blew my allowance already for doughnuts and have around 600. Do I save for THOH or go all in and grab Greta? I really want Kodos…..any advice would be appreciated!!!

    • Hard to say honestly. If she’s someone you were thinking about grabbing before then yes. But if you’re on the fence, I’d wait and see what’s coming.

  11. I bought Lurleen. Was saving for Halloween but have wanted her for a while and 100 donuts was too good to resist!

    I already have Uter and Greta. Kind of wish I had waited now.

  12. I caved in this morning and brought a duff beer Christmas tree! : )

    • Me 2! 🎄🍺

      • I got the first duff tree a while back as a reward during the event, but ever since I saw it in our stores…I’ve been tempted.

        It’s not that the price is too high necessarily, it’s just I have an ideal I strive to follow…not being repetitive in my Springfield.

        So…why the temptation? It’s just so cute, I think my lair would look great flanking either side of the door to my duff brewery!!! Should I buy??? Someone…help me! 😢


      • @karen
        my free one from last year’s xmas event was originally placed in front of the simpsons house so that when homer was lounging in the pool, it looked like he was grabbing his beers from the duff beer tree. i reluctantly moved my beer tree though, placing it in a beer garden for the irish pub, so when i saw it back for purchase in this oktoberfest promotion, i knew i’d be picking up another one to recreate my original setup. i’ll probably buy another stack of beer when it’s available tomorrow as well.

  13. This is my first time posting, I felt I had to because of tennis courts… To paraphrase Roger from American Dad, Roger: “Haley, these tennis courts, Oh my God. These tennis courts, Oh my God. Oh my God, Haley, these tennis courts.”. While it was going on I didn’t want to jinx anything by posting, but I grinded, grinded, grinded and increased my total bonus conformity by just over 210%. Did anyone else grind away and take full advantage?

    • Not knowing how to find out about how much of a bonus I have (conform-o-meter pop-up screen), I thought I was not getting the bonus any more for a long time. When I finally awoke to the real situation (still getting it at that time and tennis courts can be stored without losing the bonus), I was able to get enough to make me happy, in keeping with other high numbers already posted, but I would have stopped at a higher number had fate not intervened. Still, Alissa is now blaming me for single-handedly causing EA to revoke the opportunity. I, personally, think that the offer was available for so long to revive excitement in the game after all the crashes and glitches/bugs/&%£”* problems of the last event. Therefore, I do not see court hoarding as an abuse and I have bought four bonus yielding items since the end of the tennis court offer. So long as people are spending real money on the game, EA will be happy and tappers should play the game so that it makes them happy without making their neighbours unduly unhappy.

      • For the record I’m not blaming you, or anyone who did the tennis court farms. I just said either EA took it away because it was unintentional to begin with or abuse.

      • Tennis courts can NOT be stored without losing their bonus. If you store the court, your bonus multiplier drops. (I just double-checked to be sure, and almost had a heart attack when I had trouble finding it in my inventory and thought it was gone for good!)

      • you will be single-handedly blamed for spreading false rumors about being able to store the tennis courts while keeping the bonus….

        and the tennis court thing had to be a mistake, can’t ever see ea intentionally giving us a free craftable item that boosts bonus multiplier… especially not at a mere 10 trophies apiece.

        i took advantage, but i almost wish ea would revoke the bonus so i wouldn’t feel the need to keep all these tennis courts out… and have to read all the silly justifications from other players about it.

      • Alissa, I was wondering if you would get my humour. Apparently not. I know you do not blame me personally, not to worry. I just like to use hyperbole sometimes, esp. on Tuesdays.

        As to storing the courts, I stored and successfully replaced them just after they disappeared from sale. But to check, I just repeated the action a minute ago and the bonus returned when the court was replaced. I also checked the amount before storing and while it was stored. I am using iOS. Maybe it doesn’t store properly on other systems. Until Sandra told me where to find the bonus total, I had trouble seeing the results and with brown houses, the payout does not change with every 2% increase. So I thought the houses could not be stored and the courts I was earning were not paying a bonus. My mistake.

        I agree that the initial use of the unmodified court was a mistake and so too the modified court that still gives a bonus. But they could have pulled that court long ago and limited the damage, but they did not. It is this last action that might be deliberate, or it could just another sign that the IT department needs more staff.

        I do not feel guilty in the least having a nearly invisible tennis court farm. EA doesn’t feel bad about wringing the last penny out of tappers. For example, they could have given those who bought the tennis court some bonus, perhaps even something not released to the other players. That would have made them feel good. Instead, just ‘tough. You bought it; others didn’t. Deal with it.’

      • Sorry if you think my ‘justification’ is silly. It is an aggressive way of thinking. Ideally we should only take that which is truly offered. And were I playing a board game with you personally, I would not be taking a hundred tennis courts. But I am not playing a game against a person; I am playing against a computer that does not care what I do and do not have in my town. And the people running that computer also do not care so long as I keep paying them real money to run that computer. If having 100 cheap tennis courts makes me feel better about it taking literally 50-60 seconds to enter each Springfield I visit instead of 20-30 and so keeps me playing, then it is to their advantage that I have 100 tennis courts and they are happy. If having 100 tennis courts that I did not pay 10,000 donuts or over 400 euros for makes you quit the game, then that is bad for them. But the solution is something EA needs to find since they created the situation in the first place. It is part of the ‘game’ of running an online game. Blaming me and other tappers for not being ‘moral’ is not solution because the game is not moral; it is a business transaction, pure and simple. It is also not immoral or stealing that some people never spend a euro on this game. Profit is a matter of numbers. So long as enough people spend real dollars and euros, the game will continue.

      • nobody is questioning your morality, just your attempt at making it out to be something it’s not.

      • OK, Tapebelt. Could you be a little less enigmatic and explain clearly to me what it is you mean because I seem to be missing the elephant in the room. Thanks

      • we gamed the system and took advantage of a glitch that lasted until ea could push an update that would get rid of it, pure and simple. your suggestion that it was something else, like an “offer” to bring back jaded players, just comes off sounding like justification for how many you ended up crafting. and what i’m saying is, there’s no reason for you or anyone else to have to justify it in the first place! 🙂

  14. Good evening Addicts!!! I just a question. Is there an Oktoberfest event coming up with more items? Just asking so I would buy the Gate and make an area for it. Thanks.

  15. María del Carmen

    Sorry wrinting again, but what kind of things could appear in Halloween. Because my problema with 200 donuts is if buy Lerleen or some great characters could appear, nor a costume or decoration.

    • We have no idea until it hits…

    • I would expect some returning content, like, maybe twirl and hurl, some old Halloween decorations, plus new stuff. Maybe costumes for Greta and user? That’s one way to drain the donut bank, sale on a character, then sell a primo costume for Halloween. Kudos Probably given last year offered. I’m hoping for the twirl and hurl myself, though rationally I should want kodos instead.


    • Considering that Kang was given for free this summer, I fully expect Kodos and other alien gear to be available for sale. While a pet theme would be nice, I think Homer dog fully used up that hint.

  16. Dang of course I bought uter about 2 days before gils deal to help speed along my monorail. Wish beer Stein Wiggam had an outdoor 24 task.. not putting him on 4 hours to keep him visible. Least I might pick up a couple more premiums from it

  17. I think I’ll get Lurleen. I’m going to be unpopular for saying this but Halloween doesn’t interest me much. It’s not a big thing here in Australia.

    • Renee

      You’ll enjoy her… I remember the dialogue, etc was quite fun!

      As far as “being in trouble”? Not with me…it may be big with some here, but I for one am not a huge fan! So…we’re in a group of two! Anyone gonna join us?


    • I’m not a big fan of Halloween either. It drives me crazy when people here in Australia celebrate it by dressing up, some kids even go trick or treating! It is not a holiday or tradition here, stopping trying to be like America! I don’t have candy for you! I am excited for the Halloween event however, simply because I love the Simpsons and when I was a kid the Halloween episodes were some of my favourite cause they often do some of my favourite stories, like The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe, one of my favourite poems. I am not much of a horror person (I scare easily!) and the Halloween episodes made the scary stuff as a kid a little more bearable cause they were often also funny. That being said, the killer dolphins in one of the episodes completely freaked me out as a kid, especially cause I loved dolphins! Also, goldilocks being mauled to death by the three bears.

    • We could rename the event Carnival for the rest of the world. That’s when recycled Halloween costumes are sold in Lithuania. And we have big costume parties around New Years, but nothing scary at that time. I think the importance of Halloween to the Simpsons is not the event itself or the evil it represents, but the creativity level. The rest of the season, the series is mainly confined to reality, but on Halloween, they are free to do anything at all. That level of creativity is what made the Pink Panther cartoons so good. That said, not all of that creativity transfers well to the game, e.g. the zombies. The large pumpkins, on the other hand, are nice in my opinion and I will probably pick up the revenge pumpkin if it is offered at something of a reasonable price.

      • No, you can’t rename it. Halloween has been a staple of the Simpsons world since season 2.

      • I wasn’t saying that Americans need to rename their holiday. I was saying that if a Lithuanian has no emotional connection to an American holiday, then perhaps it would be better for a Lithuanian to think of it as Carnival, for which he does have an emotional connection. In the same way, if I was explaining Midsummer’s Eve to an American, I would say it was like Memorial Day, i.e. the beginning of summer, because that would make sense to him, even though the two days are celebrated very differently. Some things are explainable only in emotions, like measurements. An American might very well know what a centimeter is, but they are unlikely to ‘feel’ what 6.5 cm means, the same as a Lithuanian would fail to ‘feel’ 2.5 inches.

        • Resisting the urge to post some definitely non-PG humor about the last part of your last sentence there, Sraige! 😉

      • Well, you do realise that the water here is cold year round.

  18. I’ve been playing about a month now, so don’t have a lot of character/building combos. So Uter helps with the recycling tasks for the monorail? That may push him into must buy territory for me.

    • Plastic (helpful for those plastic locked days) and garbage (whoop-de-do).

      I sprung for him. Jesse grass would have been more effective (100 donuts, but no building). Who knows maybe he’ll come back for Halloween?


    • Monorail takes me 2-3 days a week to complete with all of the characters, so buying Uter for that task might be a bit of overkill, depending on your tapping ability. But he is now very reasonably priced for a character/building combo and he might be used for other events in the future as Monorail was not his first event. But I doubt he will participate in Halloween, judging from the few events I have seen. EA generally likes to rotate premium characters on event tasks rather than use the same characters everywhere. So Uter is a good deal in general if you are of a mind to spend donuts. You could certainly do worse.

  19. I got the boardwalk fountain, Oktoberfest Gate, and Beer Stein Wiggum since I don’t have the Stonecutter outfit for him. I already had Uter, the German Flag, and stack of beer from before.

    I’ll probably also get Lurleen when she comes up and maybe Greta. I was hoping to save my donut stash until Halloween stuff came up, but looks like that’s not going to happen.

    • Also, I should add thanks to EA for just removing the tennis courts from the store instead of taking away the bonus for the people that already got them.

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