Simpsons News: An End, a Future, an Art, a Closet, a Trump, a Legend and a Kitchen

Hello hello hello friends.  Wookiee popping by with another edition of Simpsons News… where I take the information anyone with fingers, the internet and the desire to Oogle can find, and post in one concise place for your reading enjoyment.  I know not everyone looks for stuff about The Simpsons every week so every once in a while if I’ve gathered up a list of articles or seeing something new on my feed, I like to share.  Anywho… the interweb has had a lot of stuff recently so I wrote a quick blurb for each.  I hope you enjoy this all as much as I did.

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First up… an interview I found with Al Jean about the end of the Simpsons.

Of course, in this, Al Jean says “we’ll either end after 625 (end of Season 28) or 669 episodes (end of Season 30) or later.”  That’s far from a specific number but already some news outlets have declared Season 30 as the end.  Here’s another article with a quote from Al.

Of course, FOX has to sign on for seasons beyond 28 so who knows when the show will end?  I know how many some people want but we;re way past that number already.  Reader orionsriver shared this link a little while ago that aired during the premiere of FOX’s Minority Report.  I’d be down with this many episodes lol.

Some days I wonder if I’m the die-hard Simpsons fan trolls love to hate.  Jebus knows I disagree with critics on a lot re: my favorite yellow family.  So many times articles reference uber fans with views quite different than mine about quality, longevity, etc.  Anywho… on with more news.  I found a pretty neat article about Simpsons think piece art that has been appearing in Chicago, Illinois.

Of course, the most recent news I’ve been seeing is in regards to one Waylon Smithers, Jr.  We all know this flamboyant lackey to one of the most evil men in Springfield, but I guess Season 27 will have some Flanders-centric episodes.  The one this article mainly mentions apparently premieres in March and will be a two-part story of Smithers finally confessing something obvious to his boss.

In the following TV Guide article, they mention a relationship with none other than Julio which I think could be very entertaining.

Far from wanting to turn this news article into a political commentary, I did read a good article about The Simpsons and Donald Trump.  If you like to avoid politics, just skip right over it and the paragraph that follows it.

I’ve had many conversations with people about this future episode and the reality of Trump running for President.  Of course, I always point out similarities to Biff Tannen in Back to the Future II but I’m digressing so I’ll stop.

Here’s another great article from The Huffington Post about which celebrity the Simpsons writers agreed to not make fun of.

And just to round out this edition of Simpsons News with something fun, check out what this Simpsons-loving couple decided to do to their house!

So there you go friends… just some Simpsons News and articles to add that little extra to your day.  What do you think of it all?  Excited for Season 27?  Rumor has it that there will be not one but two Halloween-themed episodes, Bart getting killed by Bob, Patty and Selma quitting smoking AND Spiderpig besides the Smithers stuff.  Would you decorate your house a la The Simpsons?  Like Johnny Carson like me?  Sound off in the comments and happy tapping friendereenos.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

27 responses to “Simpsons News: An End, a Future, an Art, a Closet, a Trump, a Legend and a Kitchen

  1. I wanted to comment earlier but my emotions got the best of me, so I curled up in the fetal position and cried in the shower and Feel much better now. Smithers can do whatever Smithers wants but if those writers Hurt him in anyway they have to answer to other angry fans. I want to be fair and wait for the episode but if Smithers has a “Type”, Julio doesn’t seem to fit the bill. Mr. Largo is a better choice, or even the Whistling Old Man from Family Guy (but sense it wouldn’t work out, Smithers may be to old for him).

    We’ll have to wait and when that time comes I’ll dust my soap box off when I remove it from the closet.

  2. There are so many things the Simpsons brought to the world – at least Homer’s Do’h. Today I was watching episode of Lego Star Wars – Droid Tales part 4 and there was Han Solo, who used Do’h before going into carbonite. He sounded just like Homer.

  3. Looking forward to this years treehouse…..hope to see werewolf Flanders and homer the blob.

  4. so, after watching that minority report vid, anyone else get really nervous when President Lisa mentions “President Trump”?

  5. I cross my fingers for the show to end at season 30. It would feel incomplete otherwise. And we could have an episode 666 (or a long episode 665 if they’re supersticious) if it keeps up until season 30.

  6. just in case anyone hasnt seen this, if you go to the Team Coco youtube channel you can find a video where Conan talks about his time as a Simpsons writer with other writers/producers. Its about 90mins long, it was interesting. Posted 2 years ago.

  7. Nice little collection there, Wookiee – thanks!

  8. I really dig what the couple said about the show in the piece about their kitchen. “The Simpsons” is very much one of those things that has always been there and it’s comforting. It’s also funny. I love that I can put on a cartoon almost as old as I am that I’ve seen dozens or hundreds of times and still laugh until I hurt. There’s been hits, there’s been misses, but I think it’s overall had an impressively consistent run of quality. I’ll miss it when it’s gone, but I’ll always have DVDs and BRDs.

    I’ve been rewatching everything, in order, and taking notes. I’m a political scientist by trade, so I’m working on a book using the show to explain big political concepts in a fun, but simple way. It’s amazing to me how many Big Issues that the writers can break down into a punchline. I blame my politics addiction on “The Simpsons,” actually.

    • I love that you think of The Simpsons like I do! If I’m down I need the show! I went without food for the marathon and have been craving to create one of my own, or theme nights with my brothers. I can’t image a world without The Simpsons. Its always been there and almost impossible to think they won’t go on forever.

  9. Is treehouse of horror in the files yet does anyone know?

  10. All this was awesome, thanks. When I look up Simpsons news, I still find people reporting Harry Shearer’s departure.

    Also, off topic, but I assume there are also some Doctor Who fans around here, so I’ll let you know they’ve released images from the new Doctor Who Lego set, due to arrive in December!

  11. What? Not end on episode 666 and finally confirm for all the close minded parents that The Simpsons is evil?


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