Where Did THAT Come From – Old Gray Mare

Hey hey friends! In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin.  They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where.  So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it.  To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?


So Level 57 dropped in our games and brought a lot of goodness.  Old Jewish Man and Belle with the Maison Derriere have been on a lot of wish lists for a long time.  Of course, with every level update, there’s more items than just characters.  For this round of origin stories, I wanted to talk about the Old Gray Mare and what it has to do with the Best. Show. Ever.  How does a horse in its latter years apply to The Simpsons.  Why is she not what she used to be?  How is it connected to Old Jewish Man (OJM)?  Let’s head to the TV series to find out.

So… this new premium decoration is an original creation by the EA designers.  It does connect to OJM and the show and I love it, but finding an image of it would be like taking a selfie with Sasquatch.  Of course, it needs to be explained why those wacky folks at EA would decide to create an original design to coincide with Level 57 and for that we head to “Krusty Gets Kancelled” (S4:E22).

When you discuss great Simpsons episodes, this one usually falls in people’s lists.  Basically a “Homer at Bat” for celebrities, it has everything from Sideshow Luke Perry, Hugh Hefner and the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Bette Midler and Johnny Carson.  The basic storyline is that Krusty finds his show cancelled after a more popular show competes with his time slot.  Gabbo may be a “bad wittle boy” but his show cancelling Krusty always made me think of Gabbo as an “S.O.B.” even before he said it.

Gabbo Simpsons

Krusty getting cancelled was a big deal for me when this episode aired in 1993.  I was worried for this icon of the Simpsons universe.  Thankfully his biggest fan, one Bartholomew J. Simpson, agreed with me and didn’t let his favorite Klown fall into the nether of TV has-beens by orchestrating a Komeback Special that saved Krusty’s career.  But what does that have to do with a dilapidated nag?

Well before you can have a comeback, you usually have a period of despondency and Krusty is no exception.  We all know he enjoys the dregs at the bottom of his proverbial barrel and after being cancelled, Bart and Lisa find him panhandling on the street.

Krusty the Clown Will Drop Pants for Food Simpsons

He’s not even making any money because another guy is dropping his pants for free and singing a song.  Funny that back in this episode OJM was known as Crazy Old Man.

Old Jewish Man Crazy Old Man Old Gray Mare Simpsons

“The old gray mare she ain’t what she used to be, ain’t what she used to be, ain’t what she used to be.”

And there you go friends.  TSTO brought us a physical version of a gag that comes to mind when most Simpsons fans think of Old Jewish Man.  Now his 4 hour task to “Drop Pants for Change” probably makes a lot more sense for anyone unacquainted with this classic episode.  I guess he finally decided to stop giving it way for free… probably around the same time he stopped by Crazy Old Man.

Old Jewish Man Drop Pants for Change

Now bring on the Crazy Old Man Singers.  That’s an original animation I’d have loved to see with this level too.

Old Jewish Man Crazy Old Man Singers Old Gray Mare Simpsons

Anywho… maybe the horse we got in our games is the racehorse Krusty used to own with Bette Midler?  I don’t know about you but I’ve been calling the Old Gray Mare Krudler since I bought it.  I had to put Krudler next to the Retirement Castle to live out its years.

Old Jewish Man Old Gray Mare TSTO

So that’s it for this origin post friendereenos.  I used to think he said “Old Gray Mashee ain’t what she used to be.”  My best friend thought OJM said Grandma lol.  What about you?  Did you like the addition of a physical Old Gray Mare? Drop the 40 donuts to place it in your town?  Where’d you put it?  Sound off and stay classy.  “That ought to hold those S.O.B.s.”

TTFN… Wookiee out!

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  1. I bought the old mare but have it hidden away. It’s depressing, like an old atrophied dog who has a hard time walking.

  2. I, personally, did not upgrade all of my SH buildings bc I, too, like the looks of some of the lower level buildings and still hit the billion mark. First, I upgraded both types of mansions to level 5 bc that does not change the look of the buildings. Then, I upgraded most of the parking garages to level 5 bc, honestly, how many garages does Springfield need? I think 7 are level 5 and I kept one at level 2, one at level 3, and one at level 4 (for variety). All of them are in storage except two of them bc, like I said, how many garages does one need? As far as condos, I have two at level 2, three at level 3, two at level 4, and three at level 5. These are my favorite buildings out of all the SH buildings and used them as hotel buildings within the confines of 4 casinos that I have made.( I turned my SH into a mini Las Vegas and it is actually my favorite part of my Springfield). As far as the office buildings, I kept one at level 2, two at level 3, two at level 4, and upgraded the rest to level 5. All of those are in storage except two of them. With that breakdown of upgrades, coupled with the gold mansion and other premium buildings that were offered, and a bunch of jet skis and other decorations, I was able to hit the billion mark. Hope that helps!

  3. María del Carmen

    Thanks you again for your time. Now i’m completely happy with the response (and I know all I needed).
    I love you. XD

  4. María del Carmen

    Sorry asking again, but you are always so succinct I never get all the information I need:
    What should I do? Should I rise all the houses to the level 5 and full the city with highskies in order to progress? If all of you have done this I understand this is what I must do, even if I think that the highsky is quite ugly.
    Please, Alissa, say something wide about my question (because I’ve been waiting two month in order to do something with SH and now I want to rise the levels I don’t know if this worth it).
    Thanks ;·)

    • Honestly, that’s the only way to complete it. You don’t have to upgrade all of the buildings completely, but most of them. There’s really no way around that if you want to reach a billion. Hopefully EA will add the option to change how it looks, but as of right now that’s the only way to reach 1 billion. There’s no rush to reach 1 billion either. If you don’t care that much about the final prize (which is kind of how I am), just build SH how you want it and don’t worry about the final prize for now.

  5. María del Carmen

    I have a question about Springfield Heights: Can we once we’ve get Level 5 or max buildings put the skin of Level 1?
    That’s because I love Block of House Level 1, and until now I haven’t rise the level of this building (or Parking or Classic Mansión); but now I’m sick of not getting a high Red Blazer Realty (I can’t pass 50 mil). So what can’t I do?
    Do you know some trick or some way to achieve the Lake Springfield or Ziff Mansión without lose the Level 1 houses?

  6. Would Gabbo be a parody of a Red Skelton routine (The Mean Widdle Kid, or ‘Junior’)? Hadn’t made the connection until you had ‘bad wittle boy’ on the screen with Gabbo’s red hair. Difficulty pronouncing l’s is not all that uncommon, but it is not heard too much on TV.

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