10/22 In-Game Update: XP Collider and Frink’s Special Offer (Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Looks like the trifecta of updates has hit us today.  Tuesday we got Act 2, Wednesday we got the THOH Episode Tie-in and today we just got the XP Collider!

What is it?  What does it do?  What the heck do I want that for?  All that and more will be revealed below the fold as soon as I go through it… 😉

Back with more in a bit…(looking into the Frink deal…i’ve got to check a low level game)

Ok guys…for the life of me I can’t get anywhere with Frink’s deal some of you are seeing.  I’ve tried 5 different games…still can’t get it to trigger.  So I’m completely flying blind on that at the moment.  Wondering if it’s an out of the US deal?  Or something else is just screwy with it….gonna do a little more research and see if i can find anything… (in the meantime if someone wants to email me (TSTOAddictsblog@gmail.com) a screen grab of the deal I’d appreciate it ) Ahha!  I finally got Frink’s deal to trigger!  (It triggered for me once I completed the XP collider quest)  More details on Frink’s deal below the fold

2015-10-22 19.17.21

Note: Several of you are reporting the Office of Unemployment is back.  Yes.  That came back with yesterday’s App Store Update…you can see the top of this post for more on that.

So things will start off for you with some auto start dialogue from Homer…

Glayvin the Score Pt.1

Homer: Rebuilding Springfield used to happen so fast–five minute jobs, hour-long build time– but now it’s taking forever.
Lisa: Maybe it has something to do with escalating lumber costs…
Homer: Yeah, or maybe the game designers are trying to slow us down because they’re running out of content.
Frink: Ahoyvin!  While that use to be the case, it’s not anymore.  There’s tons of stuff still to do…and I’ve found a way to race through it!

At this point you’ll be asked (told) to place the XP Collider in your Springfield…it’s free and 7×7 in size…


Then to show off what it does..and explain it to you a little more you’ll get part 2 of Glayvin the Score….

Glayvin the Score Pt.2
Auto-start Frink

Frink: Behold…the XP Collider! With this machine, and a bit of what you might call ‘hard work’, you can increase your efficiency by five hundred percent!
Homer: Ugh.  Can you just tell us what it does in lame-mans terms?
Frink: It makes stuff awesome.  Give it a whirl with a simple task!
Homer: I’ll do the simplest!
Make Homer Play with his MyPad- 45s 

Homer: OH MY GOD.  What is this feeling?  Most American car horns honk in the key of F.  Every time you lick a stamp, you consume a tenth of a calorie…Reindeer like to eat bananas.  Wait…reindeer like to eat BANANAS??  What is happening to me?  Why do I know all this useless but super cool stuff?  I feel… S-M-R-T.  Smart.
Frink: That is the miraculous work of the XP Collider.  From now on, every time someone does something in this Springfield, everybody will get the intellectual benefits.
Homer: Does that mean I can sit around and do nothing from now on and reap the benefits?
Frink: Well, you still have to get up periodically and recharge the collider.
Homer: Get up?! UGH, it’s always something!

So in simple terms…what is it/what does it do?

It increases your XP on everything over a period of time by 5x.  When you clear jobs or buildings you’ll see blue XP popup and award you extra XP…

2015-10-22 19.23.17

When it’s active your XP Bar will also turn to the same blue color..

2015-10-22 19.23.39

Why the heck do you want it?

Well it boosts your XP level quickly…could help you level up faster or get to the bonus round for free donuts quicker.

TSTO Bonus level up

What does it cost?

Well, like a lot of things the first try is free and then it’ll cost you after.  The first 24hrs of the XP Collider arriving in Springfield are free…after that it’ll cost you donuts to recharge it (see you wonder what EA was doing giving away all those free donuts).

2015-10-22 19.26.26

2015-10-22 19.26.44

Here’s the cost breakdown:

2015-10-22 19.26.38

2015-10-22 20.02.40

Should I use it?

Personally…I don’t think it’s worth it.  The cost itself doesn’t make sense.  And often times if you level up quicker than your game play (i.e. XP says a higher level than your game play does) you’ll get stuck and wonder why you can’t unlock more.  It doesn’t pay to level up fast via XP when you’re still moving slow at quests/character unlocks.

Plus if you wanted to use this for donut farming it’s not worth it. I’m not a fan of spending donuts to get free donuts.  You should be saving all of your free donuts for something you want…especially if there’s a free way to get more donuts.  You’re still way better off spending in game cash (i.e. the freemium way) on blood mobiles and rat trap delivery trucks to get loads of XP for free.

Rat Trap Delivery Truck bloodmobile 2

So in the end…enjoy the first 24hrs and then I’d just ignore it after that.

Best Use for It While It’s Free?

If you’re on the max level of TSTO (Level 58)…buy LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of Blood Mobiles and Rat Trap Trucks…you’ll get LOADS of free donuts.  (via the Bonus Round)

And there you have it…the breakdown on the XP Collider…

Now once you’ve completed the XP Collider questline you’ll get Frink’s Special Offer to popup.  Note: this will ONLY appear if you don’t have any of the mystery buildings or Mystery Characters..the list includes:

Duff Man & Duff Brewery
Frink & Frink’s Lab
Otto & the School Bus
Aztec Theater
Try ‘N Save
Duff Stadium

This means..if you have 1 of those buildings/characters you will not see this deal.

Here’s the deal…

2015-10-22 20.23.29

So for $5.99 in the US (not sure what it is in other countries…feel free to discuss in the comments) you’ll get:
-The 10 Day Collider Pack…so 10 days of 5xp
-1 Premium Character Mystery Box
-1 Premium Building Mystery Box
-150 Donuts

This is a GOOD deal.  If you have the money and can, take this deal.  But wait until your free 24hrs are up before you get it.  That way you get the most out of the XP Collider.

Note: if you close out the deal and are looking for it again…you’ll find it in your store, it’ll look like this:
2015-10-22 20.25.29
What are your thoughts on the XP Collider?  Can you justify spending the donuts for the XP Boost?  Will you be spending the donuts?  Do you still farm for donuts via Rat Trap Delivery and the Blood Mobile?  How about Frink’s Deal?  Will you be taking it? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


653 responses to “10/22 In-Game Update: XP Collider and Frink’s Special Offer (Updated and Complete)

  1. I know this post is old, but I did not find a newer one, so here goes some tips:
    If you have a good earning it is worth it. In my case, I increase the donuts income in almost 10 (because of the XP difference, starting with 360000 and ending with 986000) – Each 1 million XP gives me 3 donuts. My normal income is around 10 donuts daily and 1 million XP daily (level 939). In 24 hours I had a income of 23 donuts – 5 donuts = 18 profit.
    I used about 300 characters, sending them to work for 1hx6 times, 4hx3 times and 1 timex12h.

  2. With any game that’s been around a long time with lots of updates, there is plenty of outdated strategy and poor advice floating around. The XP collider is no exception. Here are some current (11/2019) useful tips.
    1. The XP collider is a great help for farming once you can afford to do so. Don’ t use it early in the game when you need all your cash to expand your town and gain levels.
    2. It costs donuts to earn extra donuts. Don’t bother with the collider if you earn less than 5 donuts a day thru xp and leveling up. (Don’t count the Daily Challenge or the monorail in this total.). The recharge cost for the collider is too expensive.
    3. Start small. One day at a time and maybe only once or twice per week. Other days you need to use your cash to buy buildings for tasks, bonus items, and more characters.
    4. After you complete all the level tasks, work your way up to 3 day, 5 day, 7 day and 10 day recharges. Alternate farming days with breaks to use your earned cash to buy houses and buildings that can grow more income.
    5. You can xp farm with just about anything you can sell back but some items are less smart. Houses are poor choices because its better to keep them to generate income (in-game cash) over time. Willow trees, weather stations, bloodmobiles, tiki bars and rat trap delivery trucks are better (no income means no reason to keep them) but are still not the best choice. The reasons are that they all cost the same amount for 1, 2, …,100, etc. and only generate 10% of the cost in xp, but they do, at least, return 25% of the buy price when you sell.
    6. The best xp farms are Kwik-E-Marts. The first extra one is only $220 but yields 2000 xp. A great return on investment. After the first KEM, which you can’t sell (it came with Apu), the next 24 are discounted and each gives 2000 xp. Any extra KEM beyond 24 cost 14,400 but still provides 38% more xp per dollar invested compared to the items listed in #5, making KEM the best choice item for farming. (Note, you must sell the completed KEMs to reset the discount so don’t even think about keeping them around for income. If you want income, build houses.)
    7. Build your bonus, spending donuts earned by farming, coupled with the collider, to earn even more donuts per day. Once you feel comfortable at, say, 100-300 donuts per day, you can start buying other stuff from the store to enhance your town. (At my peak, I was farming 1200 donuts a day. The 10 day recharge cost of 25 donuts for the collider was “pocket change.” )

  3. A small bit of correction…If you still have time on the collider and decide to spend donuts early to recharge it, you do not lose the remaining time. The recharge time is simply added to the remaining time. (I don’t know how high the timer can go. Mine is currently slightly higher than 10 days, 12 hours.)

    • Remember, to check the dates on posts. This one is from 2015. Updates have happened to things like the collider over the last 4 years 😉

      • Hi Alissa, I’m just trying to give newbies current information. A lot of old posts, with currently incorrect info, can be confusing. Mark.

  4. Hello Alissa,
    I have a friend that just started the game. Does the XP collider some through natural gameplay at some point? Thanks in advance!

  5. Is this only a US thing??? I have no idea where this XP collider is or how to get into the quest. Any help would be appreciated. I’m on level 114 and from the UK

    Thanks 🙂

  6. I am starting to consider activating the super collider, since I just spent th majority of my donuts but I had a question first. If you buy three days worth of recharge are you buying 3 activations or one activation that lasts 3 days? I have not used the collider since it was released. Thank you for all your hard work and help this site is amazing.

  7. I did it and it’s awesome! Got fritz’s lab and try and save. Leveling up much faster. Still have to work for dollars etc. I thought it was an offer I couldn’t refuse and don’t regret it.

  8. Someone stole my burrito™

    You know Alissa ( and I say this with love and respect ), your website is in a sense the metric for EA to see when something has gone mainstream. I believe that when you posted about donut farming is when EA decided it would grow beyond being able to accommodate the few who had been taking advantage of it.

    Donut farming wasn’t an exploit because everything was provided by EA, it was a matter of strategy and hard work. But, once the information was presented here, EA knew it was only a matter of time before it might become a real issue with their bottom line.

    Yes, they knew about it, they created it, they enticed us with the possibility of gaining many free donuts the day they offered us ( for free ) the XP Collider.

    EA created this monster and they have taken zero responsibility for that. I’m not going to feel guilty for getting free donuts, because that is exactly what was offered.

    My only issue is with those who may have spent real money working towards the goals offered by EA, and then essentially having their purchase become worthless.

    • Here’s my take…

      If they wanted to control the donut farming, they would have changed the XP requirements for EVERYONE. And limit the number of KEMs/bloodmobiles etc you can purchase at once. Especially since a number of players, myself included, aren’t at level 939 yet and donut farm.

    • PS. Forgot to mention that I’m past level 100 and so have to get 500,000 XP to level up. Definitely wish I had tried farming below level 100! Although I suppose that advantage wouldn’t have lasted long, blasting through the levels with the collider.

  9. IF you decide to spend donuts on the xp collider, when does the 5x XP begin. Can you activate it right before previously started tasks (i.e. Corn from cletus’ farm) or do you have to activate the collider BEFORE you begin the task? Does anyone know for sure? If so that would really help me out

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