Where Did THAT Come From – Pirate Kang and Fairy Kodos

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Welcome, foolish mortals, to the Haunted TSTO! I am your host, your ghost host. Kindly step all the way in please and make room for everyone. There’s no turning back now. Woo hoo… HALLOWEEN IS UPON US! Of course, with a brand new event, comes a ton of new stuff and thankfully one of my jobs here is to tell you just where new items come from. I know we all can’t watch the Best. Show. Ever. as often as some fuzzballs and even though items might seem familiar, a lot of things blur together and you just can’t pinpoint just where you saw it. That’s why we decided to make a fun lil feature for just this predicament. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?

charactersets_kang_pirate charactersets_kodos_fairy

This WDTCF will go over one of the third prize available to be earned in Act One of the 2015 Halloween Event and the premium skin made available in Act Two… specifically, Pirate Kang and Fairy Kodos. But when and where did our favorite alien duo dress up in these ridiculous (but awesome) costumes? Which Treehouse of Horror does it come from? Let’s check out the TV Series to find out.

Treehouse of Horror XXIII (S24:E2)

So initially when you see Kang dressed up as a pirate and Kodos dressed up as a fairy, it seems kind of weird. I’ll admit I recognized the image from the show but couldn’t quite put my finger on the appearance. Of course, then Bunny Foo Foo suggested this episode and re-watching it and blammo… the origin of this skin. Much love to Bunny for the help.

In the intro (once again EA picks from the beginning of something for this event), Mayan Marge and Homer guarantee the end of the world by messing up the ritualistic sacrifice. By tricking Mayan Moe, they ensure the Earth will end on the 13th Baktun aka October 2012. I loved this little intro because if you don’t remember, quite a few folks were sure the Earth was coming to an end in 2012 based on the Mayan calender despite people like me pointing out that the Earth doesn’t end every time your Far Life Calender runs out of pages. Anywho… it was a funny sequence.

Mayan Simpsons

In Simpsons world circa 2012, giant Mayan gods show up to demolish the Earth. After ringing the bell at the Simpson house and squishing Homer, they proceed to rampage all over Springfield and the Earth. (Much more info on this in the All Things Mayan Post). One of the things the rampaging gods do is hurl the Lard Lad donut into space where it just barely misses Kang and Kodos.

Pirate Kang and Fairy Kodos Costumes Simpsons

And you saw that right… they’re dressed up as a pirate and a fairy. This origin is yet another quick blip, blink and you miss it, moment. They also briefly show up at the very beginning of “Blazed and Confused” (S26:E7).

Pirate Kand & Fairy Kodos Simpsons Intro

Since I figured we always see K&K together, it made sense to do one origin post for both costumes. Also sort of necessary since it’s two sequences that don’t even add up to ten seconds that now are skins in our games.

And that’s that my ghostly friends who have invoked the wrath of M’nthster… the origin of Pirate Kang and Fair Kodos. I like this being picked for our game as it ties into the very first TSTO Halloween in 2012 that started a lot of veteran tappers on our three year journey. Also nice that Pirate Kang cracks me up in the game and that his questline dialogue/tasks are super hilarious. I’m so happy EA decided to make this one a prize in the game. As for Fairy Kodos, I’ll probably be abstaining for the four hour task since being transported to one location over and over infuriates me.  What do you think of them/him/her/it? Do you force Kang to stumble around on his pegs as much as me? Sound off and happy/classy/spooky tapping my friends.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

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  1. My shopkeeper task today is to squish bunnies, but although I had lots because Millhouse was storytelling, it’s only registered one tap. Has anyone else had this issue, and what should I do now?

  2. drive in theater or school bus?

  3. Weren’t they also wearing the costumes in an episode after Halloween? In the start sequence before the episode starts they fly by wearing the costumes and Kang (or Kodos) says: You idiot, we missed Halloween! Im not sure which episode it was but I thought that was they origin of the costumes cause i remember that sequence

  4. Snap! I pressed post by mystake. Anyway Ill save thise 40 sprinkles and hopefully EA will make a patch to give Frinks offer to everybody so maybe I get a chance to get duffman , so for now Ill go for mutant drive in combo and by the end of the even depending on what EA does Ill ho for either Luan or Duffman, tnx to those that help whit ther coments

  5. Ok, thank you guys for your input, it really helped me. Ive been a big fan of costumes because being a freemium player its hard to ket the sprinkles go unless you get something really good from it, so after reading multiple posts that 1 of the task for the fairy its a little annoying Im gonna pass on it and with the trend Im seeing from EA lately it’ll probably come back next year fir purchase or even crafting or maybe not at all, but Ill take my chance on it, Hopefully EA will come to their

  6. My game has completely disappeared. It’s gone right back to the beginning. All content gone. Anyone else have this?

    • Happens some times. Hard close and restart see if that helps. If it doesn’t, uninstall/reinstall. You can also try logging in from another device. If you don’t have access to another device, you can contact EA. Your game isn’t lost and can be restored. As long as you have an origin/EA ID your game can be recovered.

  7. Oh no! What is going on? I think the addicts have left us all to fend for ourselves! What’ll we do? Im scared…

  8. Thank you guys i was searching for that but i did not find this.And i did not notice that was in the episode.

  9. With only 217 sprinkles, what would you choose between luan factory, duffman brewery and drive in mutant combos. Side note I would like to get Kodos costume with this sprinkles too. Any sugestions (looking for a do this answer more than what ever you like more)

    • Personally with those options, I’d say the Mutant/Drive-In combo since it is limited time, and others will still be there later. (But out of those three I prefer Duffman personally)

    • If I were you I’d go for the duffman brewery, but I’m not sure if that is possible because you said you want to buy the Kodos costume. You can also earn the donuts you need extra by doing the 5-day challenges where you get 20 donuts after completing.

    • Well, the Kodos skin leaves the store on the 27th and the Mutant & Drive-In combo leaves nov. 4th. You could always just get the Kodos outfit first and still have plenty of time to decide what else to get. You’ll also have time to earn more donuts in the meantime from the rail-yard and Evil shop if you do decide on Duffman.
      I got the Mutant myself because you can get Luann and Duffman any time. There’s a lot of reasons why getting Luann would be a really good choice, but for some reason I’m personally not particularly interested.

    • I’d say the drive in or Luann. I honestly think they are better buys, and you can still get fairy Kodos. In my opinion, I’d say go with Luann if you are having trouble with the event, the drive-in if you are not.

    • Fairy Kodos will leave the shop on the 27th so I suggest you get the costume soon if you really want it. You will still have time to decide what else to get -and- earn more donuts in the meantime (if you decide to get Duffman which is 190 donuts, Fairy Kodos + Duffman = 230 donuts).
      The Mutant combo leaves the shop on the 4th of november.
      I got the Mutant and the Drive-In because Duffman and Luann you can get any time.

      • Dram, sorry for the double reply, it’s pain one can’t edit and it takes so long, I understand why, but it’s just so frustrating.

  10. (Strange, the last “comment” about the not appearing in-moderation happened yet again but I’m not going to freak out and ignore the fact it appears that I’m being ignored… Moving on)

    While visiting a Neighbors I saw Kang (running around all scared) and then Flying Fairy Kodos twinkling across the screen I was making it so she was chasing him… (You had to be there, it was fun) :p

    • I think there is something wrong with this site. Its like hello hello hello- is there anybody in there? Just not if you can hear me.. is there anyone home? Lol. Gotta be something wrong. I may not be as cool as Bunny, Wookiee or Alissa but im here for ya! Lol

  11. LOL, I’ve sent the “comments” below but there was a glitch where it didn’t indicate it was In-moderation or anything. So I experimented and tried a couple times.. Clearly they appeared but it was weird.


    Good to have a voice again 🙂

    • I’ve been having that happen also, still happening. My posts are being pushed, but not showing up as “in moderation” just seem to disappear when posted.

  12. Ok I need some advice, Im a freemium player but I had Frinks lab combo and the Otto Bus combo a long time ago throught mistery box- Hommer buddah prizes so I didnt got the Frinks deal whit I think its BS because everybody should have the same treatment, but anyways to the point; I had 217 hard earned dougnuts which I was saving to buy building/character combos. I wanted Luan/ cracker factory or Duffman/brewery, but now with the drive in/mutant combo and the good things I have read about Kodos costume I dunno what to get, any sugestions ( Im looking more for a do this, than a what ever you like more sugestion)

    • If I were you I’d go for the duffman brewery because you need to have him in your town in my opinion. But you can easily get (also as a freemium player) the donuts you need so for now if you are wanting the drive in/ mutant combo I shall buy that one firstly. It’s a temporary buy though. Myself I bought the Victorian ufo because I just wanted it and it’s temporary.

  13. Just now able to access my game after being down for 50+ hours….

  14. Bought Kodo’s skin and did the flying task for the questline but definitely won’t be doing it again. It’s gonna be all Smithers all the time!! 🌟💫✨

    • Same here! The flying task is amusing, but the hit-box around it is annoying…I feel like I have plenty of room to avoid flying Kodos, only to get warped back to the Simpson’s house…

  15. Nice job Wookiee! Guess ya can say ya killed two Rigellians with one stone! I agree that those skins are BOSS! I was veryhappy to get Kodos. Was wonderin when id get that character. Man, this may be off your beaten path but here it goes my fellow tapper– Do you, in your opinion think EA will ever toss in Maggie? Perhaps you have laid yer feelings down on that topic in the past and i missed it. Idk. But myself and my daighter bring this up pretty frequently as Maggie is so adorable! Thanx for your time and thoughts!

  16. I saw them recently when I went on Simpsons World to watch Every. Treehouse of Horror. Ever. ^_^

  17. Nice! Once again I’m super impressed.

  18. I want to leave a comment but there is some kinda glitch preventing me from doing so 🙁

    • It’s doing that to me too. Everytime I go to post, my email and username is empty and I have to type them in, and once I post it doesn’t pop up saying “awaiting moderation”, but they seem to be getting through to the addicts though. WordPress must be having issues.

  19. Anyone else Kinda disappointed that the World Didn’t end in 2012?


  20. Anyone else kinda disappointed that the world Didn’t end in 2012?


  21. Love the pirate costume for Kang, but actually buying a costume for an already premium character…pass

  22. Is there a ‘should I buy it’ post for the ghost pirate ship? I would love to see that!

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