THOH Prize Guide: Act 2, Prizes 1 and 2…Crafting Materials and the Mechanical Ghost

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well here we are, in most Tappers favorite time of the year in Springfield….Halloween! The leaves on the tress have changed colors, the water is murky and there’s a darkness that falls over our TSTO screens.  All of these effects fit in perfectly with this year’s theme….Nightmares.

This Event is broken up into 3 Acts, with each Act containing part of the story.  To help you move along with the event you’ll get several prizes per Act.  Each prize will either be something fun for Springfield or something to help you move along in the event.  For the Second Act you’re tasked with collecting Elder God Gummies (ico_thoh2015_eldergodcandy_md) to unlock each prize!

The first Act 2 prize awarded at 180 ico_thoh2015_eldergodcandy_md is a supply of Crafting Resources to help you craft fun prizes during the event!

2015-10-20 14.58.29

And the second Act 2 prize awarded at 540 ico_thoh2015_eldergodcandy_md (or +360ico_thoh2015_eldergodcandy_md, from Prize 1) is the Mechanical Ghost…a Ga-ga-ga- Ghost for your Springfield…

2015-10-20 15.04.31

So let’s take a closer look at these first two prizes and just what happens when you unlock them in your Springfield…

Let’s start with Prize 1….

Once you’ve collected 180 ico_thoh2015_eldergodcandy_md  you’ll automatically be awarded the crafting resources and you’ll see this message popup:

2015-10-09 18.48.59

There won’t be anything to place in your Springfield and you won’t have to do anything additional to get these resources.  Simply earn 180 ico_thoh2015_eldergodcandy_md and they’ll automatically go into your resource counter.

So how many of each resource do you get for this first prize?  It’s broken out like this:

50 ico_thoh2015_zombiebrains_md
50 ico_thoh2015_snakeeggs_md
50 ico_thoh2015_bunnyears_md
50 ico_thoh2015_skeletonbones_md

And that’s it for the details on the first prize!  I’m still working on the Act 2 crafting post (this week of updates has been crazy!), but it should be up soon.  Once that’s complete I’ll link it here for a guide on crafting during Act 2.

Now let’s move onto Prize #2…

Once you’ve collected 540 ico_thoh2015_eldergodcandy_md  (or 360 more ico_thoh2015_eldergodcandy_md from prize one) you’ll automatically be awarded the Mechanical Ghost and you’ll see this message popup:

2015-10-23 13.45.37

You’ll have the ability to place the ghost in your Springfield immediately or place it in inventory for later (store).  If you store it, remember you’ll have to go into your inventory to retrieve it..

2015-10-23 13.45.42 2015-10-23 13.45.52

If you decide to place it’s a decoration, so there is no build time.

And that’s really it to the second prize.  There’s no questline, no dialogue, nothing telling you to place it in your Springfield to earn more ico_thoh2015_eldergodcandy_md.  Just win the prize and that’s it.

Here are some quick facts about the Mechanical Ghost:


Size: 3×1
Build Time: Instant
Conform-O-Meter Impact:
Consumerism +5
Where Can I Place It?: Grass/Pavement/Boardwalk/Beach
What Does it Do?:  It’s an animated when tapped decoration.  It’ll sit in your Springfield as just a coffin…when you tap on it the Ghost will pop out.  As one reader pointed out, very Scooby Doo like.

2015-10-23 13.53.22

What’s Next?
Clockwork Bart 2 Clockwork Bart  the third prize, which will be awarded at 2,160 ico_thoh2015_eldergodcandy_md (or +1,620 ico_thoh2015_eldergodcandy_md from the Mechanical Ghost).  This will be the next prize we cover in a prize rundown post.

So that my friends is the full breakdown of the first two THOH Act 2 prizes!

What do you think of the extra crafting materials and Mechanical Ghost?  Thoughts on the event overall?  What are you most looking forward to?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

102 responses to “THOH Prize Guide: Act 2, Prizes 1 and 2…Crafting Materials and the Mechanical Ghost

  1. I’m doing the shopkeepers challenges for the 3rd time and day 1 is asking for me to squish bunnies, my total got to 21/30 and now doesn’t go any
    higher .
    Also the act 2 prize counter has stopped at646/4230.
    I have reinstalled app
    I have gone to krusty land
    and I have gone to neighbors and back,

    any other suggestions

  2. Did anyone else lose all their Halloween costumes for the kids and adults recently? For whatever reason my characters no longer have them, but my neighbors still do. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks

  3. Hi, I have a question. 🙂 For the thing that rewards 20 doughnuts, (I’ve forgotten what it’s called) it tells me to “Squish 30 bunnies” I think. I’ve got bunnies in my town now but when I squished 8 of them, the meter still shows I have 0 bunnies squished. Is this only for me and should I contact EA about this? Thank you so much!

  4. Off topic but has anyone unlocked the last prize yet? Does it offer any benefit or just another big building?
    I’m on holidays but would rather enjoy the actual holiday then tapping all day 🙂 I will be playing just enough to get the 20 donuts bonus though.

    • I unlocked the Tenta-Corp HQ building this morning. It pays out 300 bucks every 12 hours (I think). Build time was 4 hours.

      I think I read somewhere that the building becomes more important in Act 3, but I’m not sure from where I’m remembering that.

  5. I also think that the last few posts I tried lately have not been received. So just testing sorry thanks,

    • They’re there. Keep in mind, it’s the weekend. We’re not on our computers at the comments all day. So there are days when it’ll take a little while for them to get through. If you don’t see your comment post after a day or so then think it’s an issue…otherwise we’re just trying to have lives outside of the site 🙂

  6. Quick question I finished the quest with the orange monster symbol but the symbol with the green tail quest hasn’t popped up yet, and I’ve checked the other posts but I didn’t see anything? Did I forget to do something? Thank-you,

    • So Halloween Horror never popped for you at all? You have not gotten the facades for Moe’s, Kwik-e-mart or Krusty burger?

      • Lol…. I know you guys / gal’s are busy and we appreciate it all the hard work that you put into the post. And I apologize I’m just used to see ingredients that once I type a post that it pops up right away awaiting response so I apologize about that for the for the mini posted a bother you with. But anyway yes I got all the facades for the building and I completed the task with the kids finding the monster although there’s still a blurry yellow thing following Homer but I got the sunken temple and it did say see what happens after act 3. I think I read or saw something that confused me but I guess as long as I have the sunken temple and it said wait till act 3 I guess I’m okay I apologize for wasting your time and giving you a headache I sincerely apologize if it comes to me all I’ll ask again but I guess I’m good to go to Act 3 again I apologize for the inconvenience I just thought I saw something or I read something in the dialogue that I was not getting because didn’t finish that quest but if that quest is all just about getting facade and sending the people to the buildings then I guess I’m good to go sorry

        • Yea i think there was an issue with WordPress, a few readers had the same issue.

          No worries though, just wanted you to know we werent’ ignoring you…just the weekend 🙂

      • Hi, First time here.So my friend is much higher level than me and does not have the 4 Halloween buildings. is there something that needs to be completed.

    • BTW, it’s a tentacle, not a tail. =]

  7. I know, it’s off the topic, but, also, off the topic is the story above,,,,,acording to EA help, 50 % people lost 24 hour active game…..ok, they fixed the game this morning, but nothing is really returned…, my question is: What the hack you’re talking about?????

    • I would ask you the same thing…so what the heck are you talking about?

      • No, re-read,
        …..the question was,
        “what the HACK are you talking about?”
        that poster is asking whether they need a hack to access the secret level that we all know about from the other post what you did before about the last part of the quest that opens for players who have the “decoration” placed near the campfire 🎃 🏈

    • Huh?

  8. Anyone know what the ground dimensions are for the elder blimp, by any chance?

  9. Ayone else slightly disappointed krustyland hasn’t had anything to do with Halloween ,I thought it would since the episode featured it

  10. I slightly hid my M.ghost, hoping neighbors will accidentally tap it along my Campfire Road Moat.

    But earlier today I was surprised to see that part of my town possessed and it was popping in and out like a cuckoo clock.
    gate to nowhere was swirling like crazy (didn’t want it to end, but it did eventually) :p

    • Sorry to disappoint, but I’ve tried tapping the ghost in neighbours’ towns and it never pops out for visitors 🎃

  11. Unlocked the m’unsther? balloon just now. I was planning on putting it out on a Squidport tile beside my Sunken Temple and Impossible Tower, but it looks really great beside the Drive In when you have the alien movie playing! Might just keep it there.

  12. EA really has gotten crazy random with its Conform-o-Meter… the ghost adds to consumerism? I wonder how they rationalize that? It’s a tourist attraction? (Not complaining, of course, since that’s the hardest one for folks to max out.)

    • The balloons and elder blimp are also consumerism items. This is turning out to be a great event for consumerism! (But yes, seems kinda random.)

  13. Testing one two three, not sure what’s going on but my past two posts seemed to go poof as soon as I pressed “post comment” so not sure they are going through

    • Looks like my messages were going through, they just never showed up as “awaiting moderation” status, just went poof as I pressed enter. Anyway A/B/W I sent you an email on this, and an unrelated topic 😀

      • lol yea…I had a few things to do after work today. And then went on date night with my hubby. Came home to 100+ comments lol

      • No worries, its working now, although was never broken from the looks of things lol. Hope date night was fun. Always good to get away from everyday life and just go out.

      • Mine are doing the same.
        Alissa, it’s nothing to do with how quickly you’re moderating them, normally if they’re ‘in the queue’ and not published yet, we see them in our list of comments with an ‘Awaiting Moderation’ label. Now, they’re not showing at all until they’re published.

  14. I really hope the mechanical ghost can eventually go into Krustyland. Haunted Condo!

  15. Hi, sorry for the off-topic but I really need some help. I have sent bart three times today for the Shopkeeper’s challenge (20 donuts) going through the keeper’s menu, but the challenge never completes. I have no idea about what I am possibly doing wrong. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

    • Have you hit do it from the menu?

      • Yes, every time I was hitting it from the menu, as I was doing in the previous days with no problems… But well, it finally worked at the fourth time. Thanks a lot Alissa!

    • I know what happened, because it confused me at first, too… The challenge was actually to tell a spooky campfire story *4 times*! There actually was a little counter (“1/4” etc.), which I didn’t notice at first, and I, too, was wondering after the first time why the task didn’t complete. But by the second time, I noticed it and then, after the fourth story, it did complete, as it was supposed to (and as yours did).

      • You are right. My game is in French, I’m in Quebec, Canada, and I imagine the translated text was overlapping the counter. I guess I should have think about that.

  16. Apologies if this is wrong place to post this but I could do with some help
    Since Halloween quest have begun all other quest seems to have stopped apart from the odd few , I read the you unlock Rodd and todd at level 32 but I’m at level 33 and no newquest have appeared apart from Springfield heights and the sea captions quests
    And help would be appreciated x

  17. My game keeps telling me my town is overrun with nightmares but I’ve only seen two zombies since I cleared the kids from the campfire two hours ago. I’ve tried just leaving the app open on one intersection to draw them in and that’s how I managed to see the two. I also seem to be getting the invisible snake glitch…is there any kind of fix for this? I haven’t even spawned snakes in days

  18. Gane downloaded another update a little bit ago, small…not sure what change

  19. Buffalo Bills @ Jacksonville Jaguars live from London Sunday (morning to you Americans) 🏈 🏈 🏈 🏈 🏈 🏈
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  20. Keep one eye on the clock Alissa,

    It must be nearly the weekend on your side of the world

    ⏳ ⏰ 🕞 🏁. 🎆🎈 👏 🙆😎 🎃 🙂

  21. Guys Do you get Clockwork Bart.Because i am sure you do.Maybe.Well if you do you can review him too.

  22. Size: 7×5 seems a bit big for the mechanical ghost.. Not in my game right now, so can’t check, but it was something like 3 or 4×1..

  23. Speaking of Scooby Doo, any old school fans of Scooby remember this song from the show?

  24. Before anyone asks for a “should I buy” post on the ghost pirate ship…..DON’T!

    As a returning item, the post already exists, if you use the search feature near the top of the page

    If you can’t be bothered to do that……… Alissa said it’s “insanely expensive”

    I’m thinking of how many other things you could get with that amount of donuts 🍩 🍩 🍩 🍩 🍩 🍩 🍩 🍩
    🎃 🙂

    • Insanely expensive, but also a freakin cool looking item for Springfield…Already read up on it before buying, but knew I wanted it anyway when I saw in a neighbor’s town before October.

  25. Enjoying this event. Feel the prizes are easier to obtain than in the last two events.

  26. Just leveled up for a 3rd time at my campfire solely on zombies. Sorry to all my neighbors if you are looking for different crafting materials but I’m sticking with zombies for at least the rest of Act 2. Can’t pass up the wailing walls. 200% bonus here I come!!!!

    • Wait what?! You don’t have to switch between the nightmares? How are you doing that??

      • You got it!…1st time was by accident since Bart was busy I couldn’t swap over. 2nd time was a test (thinking it was a glitch). 3rd time I’m all in…..was able to collect on the getting wood task as well as the standard level up prizes. Just remember you can’t see the counter so give it a little longer than it normally takes you to level up just in case you start to get cold feet. I would like to see if I’m an anomaly or if it works for all. Lemme know!!

      • Get with it 🙂

        Don’t know how it works, but I’ve been on zombies all week and still keep levelling up the campfire 🔥

        🎃 🙂

      • You dont have to switch but you also wont upgrade your campfire that way. Some people forego upgrading in order to concentrate on collecting brains for Wailing Walls.

      • Wow!! I’m gonna see if it works for me 😊

    • I’ve been doing the zombies all week too and still managed to level up the campfire each day. Loving the bonus from the walls 😀

      • Yes you will level up Enrique. It’s a total win win (if u have a lot of other crafting material already). Alissa have you heard of others or been able to recreate this amazingness??

      • I was (kind of) able to level up crafting the “wrong” item as well. I was crafting brains, but skeletons were required. I was rewarded with the level up prize, but it didn’t actually level up. It said “done” (in pink). When I clicked on “done” it asked if I wanted to spend doughnuts to level up (the bar was all the way full). Naturally- I said “no” to spending the doughnuts. So something isn’t working quite right. I might start concentrating on just Zombies now for the brains and Wailing walls. My campfire is at level 27 now. So I don’t really care if it stays at level 27. Can anyone find holes in this logic?

    • It seems to be working for me… I’ve been doing just zombies and leveled up several times… it always gives me bramble bushes too which is pretty sweet since I have 6 sheds and 6 tents already. After it levels up, the bar sometimes gets stuck at 100% and I have to go to krustyland and back to fix it.

    • Yeah, I think it doesn’t care what nightmare you collect as long as you get 200 of them. When I get the pop-up with the bramble hedge or tent or whatever, I have to go to Krustyland to trigger the start of the next upgrade, but other than that it all seems to work fine.
      Also means everyone except Martin can collect recyclables, if you want them to.

      • Ok, I did a test and have a bit more info on this.
        I was supposed to collect skeletons but I got Martin to tell a story and spawned Zombies instead. After about 4 hours I switched to Skeletons in order to upgrade as my counter was still at 0 Skeletons. After I leveled up (after reaching 200 Skeletons) the next upgrade task up was to collect Zombies BUT (here is the interesting part) my counter was already half finished with Zombies because of my previous out of cycle collecting.

        My conclusion is that you will be able to collect Zombies and level up as long as you still have a collect Zombies task for upgrading down the road.

        My theory therefore is that once we have exhausted all of the future collect Zombie upgrade spots that we would no longer be able to level up this way and would then need to collect another resource that is still in the list.

        Make sense?
        This would be assuming there is a finite amount of upgrades available, if there is an unlimited amount then in theory you would be able to do this until the end of the event…

      • I think I’m doing something wrong… I’m supposed to be collecting snakes, but I’m collecting zombies and I think I should have leveled up by now. I’ll keep at it for at least a while today, but I wonder if there’s something I should be doing differently, if maybe I missed a nuance to this.

    • Thanks for sharing, somewhat of a leap of faith as you can’t see the accumulation but works great for me, and I’m levelling up regularly.

      • I’m in the “having faith” zone right now… I’ve been leveling up at least once a day, so I should know for sure if it worked for me or not by tomorrow morning.

  27. I can’t even get into my game. Been about 3 hours now. It won’t open. Goes to my home screen. It was fine this morning.

  28. I wish I could play the game without it crashing after I log into Origin. It happens on both my iPhone and Android tablet………….

    It’s a shame because it was working fine for about 2 hrs after the XP Collider update and then nothing. Seems like the game is still working for a lot of people though…

  29. I wish we could craft more mechanical ghosts. I really like it and want more!

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