THOH 2015: Spooky Campfire Stories

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So very early in the Halloween Event, (can you remember back to Act 1?) the four main kids for the THOH Event each told a Spooky Story at the Campfire.  Each of these stories are what spawned the nightmares to appear in Springfield….

There have been requests for us to post these stories, as some of you missed them from tappin’ too fast.  So we figured what better time than the end of the event to post the spooky stories that sparked the event from Act 1?  So gather ’round the campfire, becaus without further ado I bring you the spooky campfire stories of Act 1….
Spooky Campfire

Bart kicked things off by calling forth the M’nthster…..

Leagues beneath the inky deep, rests the evil and unpronounceable city of R’lyeh.  Therein lies the demon known as…M’nthster!  Dead but dreaming.  Waiting for the stars to come right.  And for the chosen underachiever to speak the words…And break the spell which binds him: C’thulhu-doodle-dooooooo!


Martin was next with his spooky story that sparked Disco Zombie Fever….

A young woman visited her blind grandfather who had moved into a new apartment.  He complained bitterly.  “The nightclub next door keeps me up with music and laughter.  And drunken shuffling, up and down the street, sometimes right by my door…Then, every night at 2:22 in the morning…They start screaming…Every night, they scream, and then…Silence.  And his grand-daughter said…“O. M. G. Grampa!  Right outside your window are the charred remains of a disco that burnt to the ground in, like, the 70’s.  We didn’t think you’d mind the crappy view, being blind and what-not…The fire that killed all those people…started at 2:22 AM!”


Lisa was reluctantly next with her fable…

A farmer found a viper, coiled and frozen in the snow. The farmer took pity and tucked the poor creature into his coat.  As soon as the viper warmed, he gave the farmer a deadly bite. As the farmer lay dying, he said…  “’Tis mine own fault, for I knew twas a viper ‘fore I took it to my bosom.”


Milhouse couldn’t wait to tell his story about the creepy Easter Bunny…

I wasn’t going to tell a monster story.  I was gonna tell about the time my mom took me to take pictures with the Easter Bunny at the mall and it really creeped me out.  Not real bunnies. It was a costume, his eyes were just holes in a giant head. I could see the guy inside. He was chewing gum!  He told my mom that he liked her shoes and she was wearing Tevas – it was creepy!


Finally Bart got his say again.  This time with a REAL Spooky Story….

A vain young man was traveling on a train. Suddenly, he heard shouts coming from the front of the train.  Part of the bridge ahead had fallen away. Everyone on board was doomed.  The man in the chair across from him calmly informed the boy that he was a genie and could grant him three wishes.  But he only had seconds to make them…The boy quickly replied, “I wish I could get rid of those last ten pounds…”  The genie said, “What about all the other passengers on this train.”  The boy said, “Fine, they can be skinny too! And I never want to age!”  And the train plummeted into the ravine.  The fire burned the flesh off all the passengers. Car after car of skeletons. The young man’s skeleton was put in a museum and labeled, “Young Man from Train Accident.”  Everyone who looked at it came away with the feeling that he was probably an incredible jerk. The end.


And that concludes the Spooky Campfire Stories from THOH 2015….

What are your thoughts on the stories?  Got any better ones?  Any that you thought were funny or scary?  Sound off in the comments below you know we love hearing from you!

39 responses to “THOH 2015: Spooky Campfire Stories

  1. Whoever decided to extend this event to nearly a month after Halloween needs to be fired.

    That is all.

  2. Not sure where to put this but I really feel the need to apologize to my neighbors. This event is the first time I can’t visit all my towns. It’s just to infuriating.

  3. Can anyone tell me about the light formations on the sunken tower clock? Sometimes they form a circle around the light beam and sometimes they’re atop the light beam.

  4. At this point I have gotten all the prizes, so I am not collecting any more candy apples. I am just working on walking walls. I don’t want or need anything else from crafting. So, I guess the event will end with me having 6,000 eggs, bunnies, and bones. Not my favorite event at all. I enjoyed last years Halloween event much better. Let’s hope Chrismas will be better. Come on EA- get it together!!
    On a side note- Thank you Alissa, Bunny, and Wookie for making my game playing experience much more better. You guys are awesome! Alissa- I hope you pop that baby out soon, congrats in advance!!


    • Use your eggs to craft the smaller spooky walls. They give a 0.05% bonus and can be used for designing or be hidden. Use the skeletons to make biohazard walls. Store em if you don’t have a use for them now but it’s always good to have a variety of walls. I’m also using the bones to craft jack o lanterns for next Halloween and to decorate. Again, store them. And the bunny ears I’ve been using to craft balloons for decor and for next year.
      Seriously there’s no point wasting currency you’ve worked for. Even if you don’t see anything you want you never know when it’ll come in handy, or even become a premium item further down the line and you end up getting a bonus for it.

    • Craft Spooky Walls with those eggs! You still get a 0.05% bonus… so with 30 walls it’s still an extra 1.5%. They’re easy to hide, or maybe you’ll want to mix them in with the Wailing Walls. Bunnies are crap though… I’ve just been spamming Balloons as I already had enough Spooky Trees from last year. Bones I’m crafting heaps of Biohazard Walls (as I have enough dead trees and pumpkins from last year). I really love those walls – great for a prison section, or to spice up the recycling areas, or to create an evil lair with the comic stuff.
      I’d say it’s better to have them than regret it later… so craft while you can 🙂

      • Spooky trees and dead trees help with tree-hugging which is an issue for me with every level, so I’ve loaded up on them and put them in storage for now.

        I do have say I much prefer this over Monsanto. I like each item being just once currency. I can look at what takes bunny ears and decide which I want. With Monsanto I had to have a complex spreasheet to deal figure out what I could afford given that everything was a combo so I used up all of the corn on one thing I couldn’t get something else that also needed corn, but then that left me with a ton of something else left over.

        I do wish that we hadn’t ended with the random choices. If anything, go random early on and let us choose at the end once we know what all the craftables are. I’d rather stock up on brains but back when that was the option I didn’t know if something might be coming that would need eggs or something else.

  5. If anyone out there is still worried about getting all of their skeletons before the event end…

    Add me, I have a feeder town that is behind in the questline, so I am able to spawn skeletons like the good ol days.

    4Zinger !

  6. Hey TSTOer’s,
    Any indication if we’ll get M’nsther as a PC or NPC?
    I’m still whacking him down when he shows up, and sending kids to hunt but seems all pointless now that I have the Re-Nedufication Centre… And more resources than I could hope to use. After crafting like 30 wailing and spooky walls.
    Wishing you an easy and fast delivery, Alissa!

  7. To my wonderful neighbors – Now that I’ve finished this event and my rail yard bonus for the week, I’m going to be tapping far less frequently (like maybe just twice a day) for the next two or three days. So, to maximize your return, you may want to send your terrors to a different neighbor, since I may not tap them in time for you to get your bonus and don’t really need the extra crafting materials myself.

    Happy tappin’! 🙂

  8. All done! Yay! Happy I made it with two days to spare. Now I am simply collecting stuff to craft some more walls (I hid my wailing walls behind other buildings, works quite nicely!)
    I do wonder why the evil shop quest line thing says the event lasts 13 more days and in the craft line only 3 more days?

  9. Thanks the stories are better to read in this format. Bart and martins’ stories are pretty good.

  10. Thanks for posting these stories! I was one who tapped too fast ….and actually this bit was the best bit. ♡☆

  11. This was the post that Brooders wanted 🙂

    • Hey, Lee – I know this is kinda of-topic, but I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your “Is it over yet” message…it expressed how I was feeling and gave me a much-needed chuckle during my tedious neighbor visits. (Which have been especially annoying because, as time-consuming as they’ve been lately, I’ve been having rotten luck, bonuts-wise.)

      • Thanks Sandra, you’re the second person to mention that here, I think it is how everybody feels, …..and I bet it’s put people off candy-apples 🍭🍭 👻💀🎃 🙂

  12. Unhappy Friday the thirteenth everyone, actually it’s one AM here…. Happy Saturday the fourteenth everyone (the worst is behind us).

    I worked late and heard about some very unfortunate news from Paris. I hope all the fellow gamers and their friends and family are alright and my personal thoughts and prayers to you.

  13. I noitced when I send the kids to the brown house to do task it seems that the type of monster that spawns is random some times its Skelton’s sometimes it’s zombies etc is there a Post I missed or is anyone else seeing this issue? It seems almost random when i send them there.

  14. How can I finish my act 3, my nightmares only give me 2 skeletons, is there a problem or am I not tapping only for Bart’s nightmare?

    • Many have reported issues with Spawns. All we can suggest us separate the 4 nightmares into 4 brown houses to clear one house at a time and contact EA for anything beyond that

  15. Not a big fan of this final act. Interaction is very limited. 4 – 12 gaps. Becoming a bit boring. How much longer? Prizes say a few days but event says 13 more days. Any info on what may hapoen when this act is done?

  16. Is anyone else getting extra nightmares? I definitely only had database (spawns 2 skeletons) from the skeleton crew before and got precisely 4 skeletons.

  17. I have a dumb question. Is there any point in collecting candy apples after I get the re-Neducation center?

  18. Still no babe, Alissa? Hopefully you have an eviction date set up! Anyone still in the running for guess the baby?

  19. This event had such a solid start. I really liked being able to craft and buy a lot of things I missed from previous THOHs, so it was good for the new player, but they didn’t really add new stuff from the classic episodes, which I think is where they failed and a lot of people got mad.
    But speaking of classic episode prizes, Alissa was right about not panicking. With 3 days to spare I just unlocked the Rened Center! 4 hours to go. I’ve put all the kids back on regular jobs except the snake and zombie kids so I can max out on my bonus. Other than that I’m done with the event. Pretty happy with it. I was able to craft everything I wanted, got some things I missed last year and got all the prizes. Not much more you can ask for from an event! Lag wasn’t too bad and with regular tapping everything was doable.
    Even though we all panicked in the last act about not getting enough apples. Damn that hidden munster defeating bonus!

  20. Not sure where else to put this: I just crafted about 38 wailing walls. When I placed them my bonus % shot up from 200 to three hundred percent. If that’s a bug let’s hope no one finds out!!

  21. It’s not a spooky story but my campfire does have a spooky glitch. In the past 2 days its levelled up 3 times😄 I have no idea how but it’s a nice surprise! Maybe the crafting currency from star spawns is counting towards the level up total? Maybe there’s a ghost in the machine? Either way I’m good with it!

  22. Thanks for posting! It was fun to re-read the stories now that the event is almost over.

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