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TSTO Black Friday 2015 Deals to Come

Update: In your games you can see what’s to come, when it unlocks and for how long.  That’s a good guide for what’s available over the next 2 days.  However, keep in mind MORE stuff will hit (That’s not currently showing) on Monday 11/30.  There will be something that’s new, for those players (like Ryan) that have everything…and then there will be some returning items (from events past).  (but Springfield Falls will NOT be returning for those holding out hope)
My best advice is if there’s something you’ve been wanting now is the time to get it.  Some of you may be holding out for the returning stuff…but don’t hold out too long.  You don’t want to miss your chance to get something you’ve been wanting.  We’ll post a list of what’s returning from Events past on another post, just so we don’t have spoilers here for those that don’t want them.
Thanks for your patience guys and thanks for helping each other in the comments.  This really is an awesome community 🙂  -Alissa

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Turkey Day…or average Thursday.  Personally we had a crazy eventful day that ended up with a certain Tiny Addict way over stimulated and lots of day time sleep missing.  Hopefully that means she’ll get some good sleep tonight though! (you can check out photos of Miss. Riley dressed for Turkey Day here)

Anywho…it looks like EA will be doing some Black Friday Deals tomorrow (11/27)…and because we’ve got a lot going on here tomorrow I wanted to give you guys a place where you could discuss the deals with each other (I’ll do my best to approve comments ASAP on this thread).  Here’s some basic info from EA via their Facebook…

2015-11-27 03.55.35 2015-11-27 03.55.41

So similar to last year, it looks like these will be hourly deals.  With new items unlocking each hour.

Tomorrow (Friday) is a day filled with my husband and I decorating our house for Christmas and celebrating “Friendsgiving” with some close friends of ours.  So I will try to get on here at some point tomorrow morning and give you guys a list of what’s coming and when…but for now consider this post a place to share information about the items with each other.  Community involvement 🙂

Remember you can view Should I Buys for all existing items in the store here…

Ultimate Premium Guide

Share your thoughts about Black Friday, your Thanksgiving feast, premium items you’re looking for and more in the comments below!  You know we love hearing from you!