Should I Spend Donuts on the Big T Tree?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Level 59 hit our devices recently and with it arrived a new decoration for your Springfield…the Big T Tree!   Now I know you may be trying to decide if this is worth YOUR donuts, but don’t sweat it!  We’re here to tell you what’s worth the donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add this decoration to YOUR Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding this tree to YOUR Springfield!


Decoration: Big T Tree
Donut Price: 15 donuts
Bonus %: 0.50% on all cash and XP
Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +450
Unique: No, buy as many as you want
What Does it Do?: Not much.  It is animated when tapped, a little squirrel jumps around.
Level Requirement: Must be at Level 59, unless offered Early Access when the update first hit


Final Thought:
Premium or Freemium:
File these under “if you like it get it”.  For the donuts spent they’re on par with the bonus % that should be awarded.  I personally believe decorations are a personal decision, if you like them grab them.  If you don’t then pass.  Everyone’s Springfield is different, so what works well decoration wise for one might not work well for another.  

Of course in the end it’s your decision, we can only tell you what we would/wouldn’t do…and I can tell you I’ll probably pass on this for now.    However, this is NOT a Limited-Time Item so take your time with your thought process.  The Big T Tree will still be there in a few weeks.  So if you’re on the fence or worried about saving up your donuts relax..there’s no rush to get it.

What are your thoughts on the Big T Tree?  Will you be spending the donuts to bring it to your Springfield (or did you already)? Where have you placed it in your town?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you! 

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38 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts on the Big T Tree?

  1. These trees now come with a 10 donut rebate. So at 5 donuts each, does this make it the best-buy decoration out there? I mostly buy character combos so my overall % is only at 200. I’ve never really payed attention to decorations, but perhaps i’ll make an except for this.

    • Exception*

    • Nope. Buying a set of 25 mystery boxes will still earn a better donuts-to-% ratio. But for a single item, then, yes – I don’t thing there’s anything better than this.

      • “u/DDsnorlax • 1d
        If you have the donuts, then they [JEBs] are good to grab. 10 Donuts per 1% is as low as it goes, even the Discount T Tree only equals it with 1 Donuthe = 0.1%. Mystery Box method generally gives 8% for 100 Donuts invested, on average. Bike also uses the least amount of Physical space.”

        “u/ochjoh • 14h
        If you are going for increasing your multiplier then you should buy the beach hideaways when they are available for you. They are 40 donuts each (you can buy 5) and give 2% multiplier. You can upgrade them with Springfield Heights currency to get additions, which have a multiplier too. Fully upgraded each hideaway gives 20% bonus.”

        From .

        So ranking $-making possibilities out there, #1 seems to be Beach Hideaways, #2 seems to be Jet Engine Bikes from the Vault and these discount Big T Trees, which are equal in price per multiplier addition. The Mystery Box is .8% per 10 donuts, or .08% per 1 donut.

        • Sorry, but your information about the mystery boxes is factually incorrect. Mystery boxes never cost more than 88 (net) donuts for a “set” of 25, which would yield 9%. And only three of the patterns even cost that much…the others have an even better donut-to-multiplier ratio.

          • I feel a bit naive for asking, but, why a set of 25?

            • Because, with the exception of the pattern that only yields two billboards and two vans, the other patterns are all 25 boxes long. If you buy fewer, then you’re only doing part of the pattern, and may, in the short term, spend more donuts for a lower bonus percentage return. But, if you go through the whole 25-box pattern, then you’re assured of not spending more than 88 donuts for not fewer than 9 bonus percentage posts. If you don’t, it will pick up where you left off the next time you buy a box, so, eventually, you’ll even back out.

              Once you know the patterns (which I thank Charles greatly for), there’s really not a lot of “mystery” in the mystery boxes, lol!

          • Thank you for the advice 🙂

  2. I haven’t bought this yet, but I remember loving the episode it came from, so I probably will eventually. Back when I first opened up the beach in TSTO and got access to palm trees, I tried my best to approximate this.

  3. Queen Alissa, sincerely hoped you had this already written & our wonderful Bunny posted for you! We love you, miss you, but rest before u bring our lil tapper home! Take a break give your body time to heal & focus on your family, we will limp along without you!

  4. Tapped the temple 10x and it cleared….how lame. Thought it’d be a last cool prize but noooooooo.

  5. *I already posted this in the comments on the previous post, but I want to be sure everyone commenting here with concern about this final quest for the Halloween event receives my help as well!*
    I wanted to give everyone a heads up involving the final quest we just recieved for this Halloween event – It says to defeat the M’nthster and sink the temple, so I of course panic with the short amount of time left and sent my kids to fight. But out of curiosity I went and tapped the sunken temple, low and behold it counted it as a hit to the M’nthster! So I tapped the sunken temple 10 times and completed the challenge!!
    I’m sure this is a glitch, but for everyone worried about not completing it in the 6 hours (only about 4 now), go tap your sunken temple and see it it works for you!

  6. 🙂 i just got a quest line to battle m’nonster at the temple thing 10 times but the event showing as ending in 5 hours lol

    • I just tapped on the pillar of light thing that replaces the tower 10 times and it cleared the task.

      • Didn’t for me… I did the taps on the temple and he went back to sitting in the campfire and the task is still there in my task list.

        Oh well, guess I don’t really care…when I update my game, it’ll be gone, so, whatever.

    • Me, too! Zero tentacles left, the kids should have defeated him and sent him off to the temple to get tapped. I tried tapping him at the campfire unsuccessfully, finally just let the kids fight him one last time regardless. Nothing left for me to buy, I guess. Would like more snake eggs but the star spawn aren’t spawning since the monster won’t get off his duff at the campfire.

  7. Great episode!

    Would love it if it had a task for Chief Wiggle there – “Dig up, stupid!”

  8. Anyone else get Blameless City part 5 just pop up? Defeat M’nsthr and sink the temple 10x??? Thought we were done with the event?

  9. I am like totally lost here!! The event ends tomorrow yet i just now receieved dialog from Bart and a request for defeating the Squid monster ten times!?!?

  10. Well, I’m guessing a lot of folks will start commenting this, but since I haven’t seen it yet, here goes:
    I just got a questline: Blameless City Part 5. Tap M’nthster 10 times at the sunken temple. It’s 7:30 PM CST. As of 4:35 PM CST, the quest wasn’t there.
    Looks like it’s nothing to worry about, just the final kill of M’nthster, but I figured I’d post before panic ensues.
    Alissa, Bunny, Wookiee- sorry there seems to be one more thing to throw everyone into chaos before this event just dies already. 😉

  11. I disagree about the price. I consider 2% for 40 donuts to be standard. At that rate, 0.5% is worth 10 donuts, not 15. But it is in keeping with recent EA pricing of 5-10 donuts over the base price. To put it another way, at 15 donuts per 0.5%, 100% will cost you 3000 donuts or 125 USD. At 10 donuts per 0.5%, only 2000 donuts or 80 USD. (This is, of course, when buying by the boatload. If you buy them 2 USD at a time, 100% will cost you a mere 497.50 USD. Yee-haw)

  12. really? vanity on the Conform-O-Meter? i would’ve thought this would give points toward tree-hugging.

    • ITA. I’ve never maxed out tree hugging, probably never will with level updates. Easy 5 stars on everything else.

  13. No T, no shade (literally!) 😉

  14. When it comes to WDTCF post, obviously from the Simpson’s episode with Molloy, but wether or not connect the dots to this Tree with another I personally am on the fence. On one hand giving away anything in the Hollywood Comedy Classic, may ruin it for those who may eventually want to see it. but then this might be one of these “Everyone already knows” spoilers, like the relationship between Luke Skywalker and some other Lightsaber wielding character. or Citizen Kane to “Rosebud”.

    I’m Overthinking this… If you haven’t seen It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World, see it before you read the WDTCF post. And second of all, if you haven’t seen it, shame on you. Come to think of it, knowing and not knowing the connection doesn’t really change much to the overall loonecy (if that’s a word) to the film. Do what you want.. I’m going to watch the movie again. 😛

    • *shocked* Luke Skywalker is related to another Lightsaber wielding character? Never would have known that. I mean, Leia yields a gun in some scenes, but major spoiler alert there (Kidding of course lol Major SW Fan here)

  15. Love it, bought it, put it on the Heights beach. Wish there was a deep hole dug at the base, but it’s still fun to have.

  16. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World is either my favorite movie or second favorite movie ever, I can watch it over and over.

    So when this popped up I was debating so much that I just needed to get it just so I can stop debating over it. Though I wish it was blowing in the breeze I am still happy just to have it so I can’t quit thinking about getting it or not. didn’t I already say this?

    Everytime I thought of it, someone didn’t like the way I thought of it, so there is only one way to think of it,, everybody, including the old bag for himself, yeah except you Lady, you can just not Buy It!! Ok, ok, we all agree about that. :p

    • Totbox love reading your post 😝 you’re funny. I agree it’s an awesome movie. Love the part when they are in the hospital and if other people don’t know what I’m talking about go watch the movie.

    • I loved that movie too.

      Whenever I tell people about and they ask me who was in it, I just have to tell them “Who WASN’T in it?” The cast was huge!

  17. I bought 2. They look great with the playhouse.

  18. I’m guessing this is an homage to the “Big W” palm trees in “It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World”?

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