It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas (Updated and Complete)

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Gift Info: A lot of you are asking questions about how to get more gifts to drop after the initial 5.  It looks like…my thought process…you get 5 presents to drop per day.  However, I can’t test this theory until tonight when it’s been 24hrs after I dropped my initial presents.  So for now that’s the theory…just stick it out for the rest of today, we’ll know more tonight. (there were over 100 comments just on this alone.  I tried to respond to many of you, but I’ve got an appointment this morning so just ended up pushing a bunch of them.  If anyone wants to help out and respond to those letting those players know to refresh the post I’d appreciate it 🙂 )

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Looks like Christmas is going live!  So far it’s live on iOS, Kindle and Android

2015-12-09 00.17.10

As usual I’ll be back with more info as I go through it…give me some time as I’d much rather work on my Android than the old iPhone….

The dialogue should auto start right up between Lisa and Homer, with a 1m task for Homer.

Remember this is an APP STORE update, so you MUST go to your App Store to download.  Check it, don’t wait for the game to tell you to download it.

Working on details guys…should be up soon.  I’ve just got a cranky baby who doesn’t want me to put her down…so give me a bit.  I’ve worked through most of it, so everything will be up shortly 🙂

More details below the fold…

So things will start with 3 tasks in a row for Homer.  1 minute, 45 seconds and then 30 seconds.  Once you’ve completed those tasks you’ll launch the basic event menu.  This will show the prizes and items in the store.  BUT to unlock neighbor actions, crafting abilities, the snowman and challenges you’ll need to continue with the questline.  But here’s a quick look at the new items in the store and the prize breakdowns..

Remember you won’t see this until you’ve completed the 3 tasks for Homer and unlocked the Merrymakers..


lollipopflowers_menuLollipop Flowers- $6,500

marshmallowtree_menuMarshmallow Tree- $10,000

Tapped_Out_Festive_Hot_Drink_StandFestive Hot Drink Stand- $1,200 (returning from Christmas 2013/2014)

murderedsnowman_menuMurdered Snowman- $30,000

ice fenceIce Fence- $500

All above items leave stores on 1/2/16


unlock_mrburns_whitewitchWhite Witch Burns- 60 Donuts

animalshelter_menuSpringfield Animal Shelter- 60 Donuts

victorssecret_menuVictor’s Secret- 85 Donuts

skilift_menu unlock_ned_stupidsexyflandersSki Lift and Sexy Flanders- 150 Donuts. Returning from 2014, Should I Buy

springfieldskatingrink_menuSpringfield Skating Rink- 85 Donuts.  Returning from 2013/14.

Festive PlungerFestive Light Plunger- 55 Donuts.  Returning from 2014

All Above items leave stores when Act 2 hits

duffcenterarena_menuDuff Center Arena- 200 Donuts, generates event currency (200/6hrs)

Holiday_TreeHoliday Tree- 75 Donuts (returning from Christmas 2012/13/14)

Above 2 items leave stores on Jan 2nd. 

Event Guide

2015-12-09 00.37.19


Act 1 Currency & How To Earn It

Currency for Act 1 is Santa Hats…


These are earned by tapping Merry Makers.  You’ll earn 3 from each Merry Maker Tapped.  You’ll also earn them via completing the questline (100 for each part completed).  Also, they can be earned by completing the Best Snowman Ever upgrade.  Hats can also be earned by sending characters on tasks…

They can also be earned as the Daily Play Combo
2015-12-09 03.26.27


Act 1 Prizes

leftoriumexpress_menuLeftoriam Express- 2200 festivehats

springfieldorphanage_menuSpringfield Orphanage- 5,800 festivehats

unlock_dancingreindeerDancing Reindeer- 11,300 festivehats

canadiancabin_menuVirgil’s Cabin- 19,900 festivehats

unlock_patchespoorvioletPatches and Poor Violet- 28,850 festivehats

Act 1 Ends December 19th

Merry Makers

merrymaker1 merrymaker2 merrymaker3

3 Different types of Merry Makers will spawn in your Springfield.  You won’t see them until you’ve completed the first 3 Homer tasks and see this message…

2015-12-09 00.35.12

Now because I know someone will ask….you don’t actually serve them hot drinks.  It’s just the way it’s worded.  You simply TAP on them to clear them and earn the Santa Hats.  So again…don’t look for a way to serve them a drink…just tap on them.

Initially the Merry Makers will only earn you Santa Hats.  BUT once you unlock the crafting ability they’ll also drop 1 of the crafting currency in addition to the hats.

You’ll earn 3 Santa Hats for every Merry Maker tapped and 1 crafting currency.


The Merry Makers are supposed to spawn at a rate of 1/5 minutes.  There can be a MAX of 40 in your town at once, and there’s a “bank” of 20.

Take that information for what it is…don’t yell at us if the results vary in your game.  This is what’s “supposed” to happen according to the files…but as always results may vary.

You will see an alert when your out of Merry Makers…

2015-12-09 03.20.03

Pile of Snow

The Pile of Snow unlocks after you’ve cleared the first Merry Makers task.  It’s free to place and it’s something you’ll have to upgrade as the event goes along…you complete tasks to upgrade it.


Level 1- Homer Pile Snow (1m) Earns 480festivehats

We’ll cover upgrading this in another post..but eventually it’ll be a completed snowman and look like this…


Neighbor Actions (Naughty/Nice)

Once you’ve completed Level 1 of the Pile of Snow you’ll start the task to unlock Neighbor Actions.  Neighbor Actions will help you earn Bows, bows are part of the crafting currency.

To leave gifts in a neighbors town (the neighbor action), simply tap on the Present in the top right corner of their screen…

2015-12-09 00.40.36

This year you’ll have to choose when leaving presents for your neighbors if you want to be Naughty or’ll see this popup when you go to leave a gift in a neighbor’s town..

2015-12-09 00.40.41

Click on Naughty if you want to keep all of the rewards for yourself and Nice if you want to share with your neighbor.

When you (or your neighbor) find a present in your town you’ll see the same popup.  There you’re basically trying to guess if your neighbor was Naughty or Nice to you.  Select whichever one you think.

So what’s the deal with the rewards for this?  First of all you only earn Bows with this.  Which is a crafting currency.  You WILL NOT earn Santa Hats for prizes via neighbor actions.  So keep that in mind.  Second, here’s the breakout provided by EA for Naughty or Nice:

2015-12-09 00.40.24

So here’s how it works…if you select naughty and your neighbor picks nice (Whether it’s in your town or your neighbors town) whomever picked Nice will get 1 Bow, whomever picked Naughty will get 25 Bows.

If you both picked Nice you’ll each get 15 Bows

And if you both picked Naughty you’ll each get 5 Bows.

Again you can ONLY earn Bows, crafting currency, via the Naughty/Nice.  This is not for the Santa Hats for the main prizes.

A summary will appear after gifts have been opened by your neighbors..

2015-12-09 00.41.22


After you’ve unlocked neighbor actions, you’ll be able to start the crafting section.  But first you’ll need to build Things Unnecessary…Free, 6s..


This will unlock the crafting menu, which can be accessed via the event hub…

2015-12-09 00.42.26

For Act 1 there are 2 different crafting currencies…Bows and Ornaments (craftingbows craftingornament)

craftingbowsBows are earned via Daily Challenges (more on that in a minute) and via neighbor actions (naughty/nice)

craftingornament Ornaments are earned via tapping Merry Makers.  You’ll earn 1 for each Merry Maker tapped.

Here’s a breakdown of the crafting prizes..

woolybully_menuWooly Bully- 20craftingbows 40craftingornament

thermaligloo_menuFancy Igloo- 227 craftingbows 506 craftingornament

christmasclams_menuChristmas Clams $50 a Pound- 408 craftingbows 778 craftingornament

skichalet_menuSki Chalet- 839 craftingbows 1440 craftingornament

Tapped_Out_Lamp_Post_Festive_1Festive Bow Lamp Post x3- 78 craftingornament

Tapped_Out_Festive_Lawn_BellFestive Lawn Bell x3- 78 craftingornament

Marge_SnowmanMarge Snowman- 80craftingbows

Tapped_Out_Santa's_Little_Helper_SnowmanSanta’s Little Helper Snowdog- 80craftingbows

Daily Challenges

So just like THOH there are Daily Challenges for the Christmas Event!  Completing each one will earn you more prizes.  The prize will be listed under each day…

2015-12-09 00.43.16

Day 1 is more Bows, Day 2 is the Festive Nutcracker…

Remember…you DO NOT have to complete the challenge to move onto the next one.  They’ll automatically unlock each day when they’re scheduled.  So you can complete all 5 in one day if you’d like (the 5th day)….

The Daily Challenges will unlock AFTER you unlock the crafting section…

Hot Squishee Station


Unlocked via the Barty It’s Cold Outside questline, which won’t start until you’ve done everything above…

Free to place, and allows you to send kids to Buy Hot Squishees to earn Loyalty Cards…

2015-12-09 03.31.59

Loyalty Cards allow you to upgrade the Squishee Station…which in turn increases your Tap Radius for Tapping Merry Makers…


Character Changes


Santa’s Little Helper and the Snow Monster both now have tasks…

2015-12-09 03.28.09


And that completes the quick rundown for Act 1 of the 2015 Christmas Event!

What are your thoughts on the event?  Liking the prizes?  What are you most looking forward to?  Any items in the store you’re excited about?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. Hi, The Daly challenge for today 21st Dec is a Xmas tree slightly irregular, but I have already crafted it a couple days ago and it won’t let me craft another, I’m gutted as I can’t complete the Daly challenge and won’t be able to get the 20 doughnuts at the end of the week, is there anything I can do, thanks

  2. Do the orphans who are the last act 1 prize do anything? Or are they npc? I don’t think I’m going to win them … And wondering if I should use donuts to speed it up?

  3. Do the kids at the end of act 1 prizes do anything? I won’t win them … So trying to decide if worth spending donuts to speed the prize up? Any advice?

  4. Hello everyone,
    This is my first Christmas Event. Is there a way to get the decorations for the regular houses – white, blue, purple, orange, etc? Also what are your thoughts on buying the decorations for the mansions and Sanjay’s house?

    • Honestly I don’t think it’s worth it to spend the donuts on the decorations. They’re nice, but not donut nice in my opinion. As far as more lights, I think as the event goes on more will be released.

      • D’oh! Note to self…read a few more emails before replying to someone. Alissa, you said exactly what I did, but a lot more succinctly (not that that’s a high bar with me… 😉 ).

    • I’m actually pretty surprised that they haven’t done something to give newbies the chance to get the lights for the regular houses….I’m willing to bet that will come at some point before Christmas. (If it doesn’t, I think that would be kinda unfair, although I know that last Christmas a lot of folks who had been around the Christmas before were complaining that there wasn’t enough new stuff, so I guess they’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t…)

      As for the premium lights (for the Quimby compound and other buildings like that), I, personally, wouldn’t spend donuts on that, but, then again, I do have the lights for the other houses, so my town feels “festive” enough as it is. I’d love to have the opportunity to win or craft those premium lights…maybe next year?

  5. Hey everybody long time no talk! So disgusted with word press could throw snow balls at them! They messed up my account yet again, haven’t been able to read any updates, comments or write since last Wed.! Wasted way too much time trying to fix. This is only puts I can bring up so sorry for venting here, but wanted to let everyone know I’m still around tapping like an addicted elf, but without my extended family, and no guidance from my fav three😩.
    Hope everyone is well. Thank you to all my great neighbors for presents!

  6. Is the a “should I buy” for White Witch Burns somewhere? Wondering how he earns event currency

  7. For my daily bonus today, it gave me the 1000 plus the first bonus! Some glitches rule!

  8. Can’t wait till the Marshmellow Tree blooms!

  9. Does the crafting currency stay the same or change for Act 2? Id rather save my currency if it transfers over to Act 2 but i don’t want to risk losing it.

  10. How do I get the gingerbread house guys?

  11. Pro and cons for white which burns

  12. Does the Duff Arena generate income for ANY event?

    • 200 Santa Hats Every 6 Hours

      • Thanks but I was wondering if the event changes does it generate event income for THAT event or does it turn to cash after this event is over.

        • It’s just event currency for this event. After this event is over it will most likely earn regular cash/xp…but there’s no way to know for 100% sure what/if it will earn until the Event is over. It’s not coded for that until the end of event update hits.

  13. 100 Money Bug if you have the NPC Annual Gift Giving Man, store him the restore and you get 100 Money. Only appears to work once, and I had it in storage before the event began so that might be required to exploit it.

  14. Anyone notice that the act three trophy has a pacifier on it? (could that be a reference to maggie?) and that act one has two kids as prizes? Has anyone noticed the extra characters that have been put into the games collections… There are extra Kids.. 4 of them to be exact but wait one of them has a pacifier! (maybe that act 3 trophy?) Ok One new Business owner and an new Oddball too.. unless I’m mistaken..

  15. Sorry if this has been asked but I can’t see the comments. Which characters can earn Santa hats?

  16. I’m beginning to think you will get your wish on Maggie. In fact I think they are really paying attention to you as the intro esteem even has snowball fights. You.. Things are lookin good!

  17. Still can’t view the comments.

  18. Thanks for all your help!! Any chance we can get a should I buy on duff center arena? 🙂

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