Christmas Eve Open Thread

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Here we are…Christmas Eve! Santa’s coming…tonight!  Woohoo!


I know many of you will be spending today with your families or doing last minute shopping…so I thought it’d be a perfect time for an unexpected Christmas Eve Open Thread!

Chat about the event, Maggie joining our games, your Christmas plans…or anything else you can think of!  Just no Add me requests…those should go here. And as always just keep it PG.

Merry Christmas Eve!

P.S.  I’ll be spending the day with my in-laws out of state, so I’ll try to moderate when I can…my apologies for any delays.

P.P.S. If you need help with Act 2 of the event, most of the info can be found on our Christmas 2015 Page.  So check that out to see if your question has already been answered 🙂

234 responses to “Christmas Eve Open Thread

  1. I’m totally pissed! Last night when I went to bed I had 93 doughnuts, this morning I only have 1. I didn’t use them for anything. What the heck happened?! It took me forever to get those doughnuts

  2. Control?1? I think they’re major enablers, LOL! 😉

  3. Don’t know if anyone can answer this, but is it possible to have presents and the app doesn’t alert you to it? Because I have not gotten one present from any of my neighbors for this entire event and I think that is strange, especially since I have left presents in all of my neighbors’ towns.

  4. Waking up at 4am and not being able to sleep is not much fun…but tapping away and getting Maggie before I expected was a nice surprise. Still, could have waited at least a couple hours lol.

    Quick question for those in the know, do you expect there to be any new craftables during act 3?

    Oh, and Merry Christmas to all! 🎁🙂

    • Yup 🙂

    • D’oh! I, too, awakened at 4:00 this morning, and was awake for about an hour, but it didn’t even occur to me to get into the game and advance my quests. Darn!! And I’m feeling so behind on the building stuff, too…no sign of the Moonshine Shack yet.

      • Do you know that the moonshine shack triggers once the fortress hits level 2? Same for all four buildings.

        • *Hits* level 2 or *finishes* level 2? I’m on the third task for level 2 right now and the shack definitely hasn’t triggered yet (and it even says it’s not available yet in the buildings screen of the event hub). I sure hope it’s *finishes* level 2…would hate to think I’ve got a problem with my game!!

          I should know more in another couple of hours, when I’m due to finish level 2 (IIRC)….

  5. Merry Christmas, fellow addicts! I’m sorry I’ve been absent around here of late, but life has been a little strained lately. I do pop in and at least read posts and comments when I can, but I do miss being here with the crew. Hopefully things will settle down in the coming weeks and I can make some time for chatting and posting. The guys and gals here truly make my day, quite often. So thank you, addicts community, for being awesome at being you. 🙂 Here’s wishing everyone health and happiness!
    And a very special “thank you” to Alissa, Bunny, and Wookiee for all that you do for us. I hope Santa leaves a little extra “something nice” in your stockings this year!
    Alissa, give Riley an extra squeeze on her first Christmas from me and all the other addicts.
    Xoxo, all!

  6. G’day Bunny, I should know by now that you always live up to your promises, and when you promised cute you delivered in spades. Just got Maggie and the ‘cut scene’ was the epitome of cute, I just hope someone records it and posts it on YouTube. I wasn’t prepared for it otherwise I might have tried, when the exclamation mark appeared over Marge I didn’t expect what came next… in fact I thought for a moment the game had crashed. Well just got the notification that Marge and Maggie have finished at Zoo so I had better go and see what’s coming next.

    ps. I almost cried, does that make a SNAG?

  7. I don’t understand this, I will tap like there’s no tomorrow and a few hours later will get a pop up when I sign in that my town is overrun by Merrymakers. Then I will half azz it before bed, log in 11 hours later and my town won’t be overrun, or at least I won’t get that popup window…. Sup with that?

    Either way… new loading screen, there’s the baby sitter bandit, Lucille Batzawhatits, Ling Bouvier, Baby Gerald, Kearney’s son, and half the octuplets. Looking forward to seeing what non premium characters are in our near future….

  8. Merry Christmas everyone from my family to yours!!

  9. Merry Christmas

  10. What’s up with the title screen animation? Did they farm it out to santas elves to sketch real quick?!

  11. Pleasantly surprised they made Act 1 craftables available for crafting again, now I just need to re-earn enough bobbles to craft the ski chalet after I burned them all creating the Act 2 craftables. 10 presents a day is nice too! Does EA have any more surprises for Christmas morning? Merry Christmas!

  12. I’m watching The Simpsons Movie right now and I just had a thought.
    They should add the sandbox/sinkhole as an item in Tapped Out. Like, you could use it to teleport to different parts of your Springfield. When you buy it it comes with 1-3 extra “portals”.

  13. Act 1 craftables back? 10 presents to drop instead of 5?! It’s a Christmas miraculum! (Spot the “excellent” reference? ;)….)

    Merry christmas to all and to all a goodnight! Thanks again for all you do addicts 😀

  14. Merry Christmas one & all. I’m sure I’m not the only one alone, but it’s so hard. I’m so lucky to have my two 4 legged furry boys would be insane without them, but our nightly walk was hard, you see everyone in their homes with family & friends , knowing when you get home there is no one waiting. For those of you lucky enough to be with family & friends (even when they drive you crazy) be thankful that you are spending the holiday with them, being alone at this time of year is horrible. I’m so happy to have all of you out there it helps! Sorry don’t mean to be a downer just so very sad, but u know me once this is over I will be back to myself. Off to my town now to get closer to getting my Maggie! Be safe, be happy! Merry Christmas!

    • So sorry you’re alone, Hank. But you have your fur babies so that makes it a little better. I will drop off 5 pressies to you tomorrow night when I get restocked to make you feel a little better in the only way I really can 😊

    • You’re never alone Cindy, you’ve got all of us,
      anyway, you’ll get less arguments from two furry boys, 🐩 🐕

      🎄 🎁 🙂

    • It doesn’t bring me down. I’m so sorry that you’re sad. I agree, it’s less lonely with “strangers” to bond with. The stranger the better. Sometimes they have candy. Or bows. 😉

    • Merry Christmas to you, Hank. Sending some Addicts hugs and love your way. 🙂 I’m sorry you’re feeling lonely, but I hope it helps to know that we always enjoy seeing you around here! You’re a definite bright spot on the message boards.
      More hugs!!!

    • Merry Christmas! I understand your situation and send you cheer and a hug. o o o

    • I feel opposite to that feeling. I wish i was alone for xmas. I cannot stand my family😶

      • I struggle with that myself. I think what you need, actually, is some alone time. Get yourself enough “me” time (and you might need a lot) then you, hopefully, will actually find it pleasurable to engage with your family over a holiday (maybe even a holiday season). Like Hank (or is it Cindy?) and Ciara have expressed, you will miss your family members once they are not here at all. I say to just put up with it. Then work on helping yourself out so you’re ready for next year.

        (Yes, I butt in….)

    • Sent you a present Cindy,
      and one each for the two furry boys,
      🐩 🎁 🐕 🎁 🎄🎄🎄 🙂

    • I know it’s not the same, but maybe you can see us as sort of an “extended family” today (that is, if some comments are able to be pushed through while A/B/W take their much deserved break).

      People who are fortunate to have loved ones around for the holidays don’t tend to realize how many lonely, sad people there are on days like today. I’m fortunate to have my husband here and a loving family a phone call away (plus, Christmas isn’t that big a deal to me these days anymore….we used to do the whole thing, with trees and presents and all, but kinda got bored with it, for the most part, and monthey’s tight these days, and I’m ethnically Jewish and religiously agnositic, and my husband, while raised Methodist, is now agnostic/atheist and doesn’t like getting presents (yes, really), so there’s no “requirement” for me to make a big effort for it if I don’t feel like it.

      • Exactly, holidays were created to make people feel bad. (Is that not what you said?… 😇) Like that fully made up Valentine’s Day.

        I say, every day is Valentine’s and Xmas and Easter and whatever you feel like doing today. Wanna eat colored eggs? Yum! Want to sing a carol? Fourth of July will back you up with fireworks. Want to bring someone flowers? Tuesdays could always use a little cheer. Holiday Homer knows the truth. 😉

        Or, do nothing. I’d love it if I could do all my holidays late, since I’m a last minute kind of person… Plus, the sales are better the day or week after. 😁

    • I feel for you. I’m alone too. At least in the city there aren’t many signs of family or celebration. Also I live in a highly Muslim and Jewish neighborhood so even less Christmas to remind me of how far away my family is. But still just the right Christmas song and I’m in tears. So I’m gonna go find out what happened to Luke, a fresh shot of Star Wars should get my mind off things.

      • ((hug)) Not completely alone…some of us are here with you! 🙂

        (Based on your description, I correct in guessing you live in Brooklyn, maybe?)

        • Thanks. I saw Star Wars I’m good now. Yeah Brooklyn. If you know it well I’m in Bed-Stuy, 1 block from Clinton Hill on the west and Williamsburg 3 blocks to the Noth

          • I’m guessing that Bed-Stuy has changed a lot since the 60s and 70s, when I lived in NYC (Manhattan). Don’t reallly know Brooklyn well at all…never spent any real time there when I was growing up. I know it’s become the “in” place to be now, though! 🙂

            • Oh yeah, not the same at all. I moved here from Hell’s Kitchen about 7 years ago and it’s hardly recognizable. They just put up a luxury condo a block away from me two years ago. $14 hamburgers $3 doughnuts, etc… luckily Dunkin Doughnuts (which are not $3), KFC and Home Depot are the only chains around but we’ll see how long that holds out.

              • That better be a really good donut for $3! Although, Dunkin Donuts have gone a bit crazy, price-wise, with some of their “specialty” donuts. They came out with a cronut type thing (I have yet to try a cronut) a while back, which was about $3 (maybe more?). But they have pretty good coffee and I actually like their bagels (not living in NYC, it’s hard to get “real” bagels, but theirs have a nice combination of a reasonably chewy outside and nice soft inside, even if they’re still not up to NYC bagel standards). My husband doesn’t like their bagels though…he prefers them denser and chewier, like from Einstein Brothers (do they have that chain in NYC?).

                You seem to have a penchant for living in formerly “rough” neighborhoods, going from Hell’s Kitchen to Bed-Stuy as you have, lol! I was strictly and “uptown gal” growing up, with my mom on the upper east side and my dad on the upper west.

              • LOL. The doughnuts are worth it. My sister who lives in South Dakota hard about it on the news. It’s called Dough, I’ve joked with them they need to change the spelling to D’oh.
                As for bagels I’ve never heard of Einstein Bros, I refuse to eat at chains unless I’m out of town and then still try and avoid it but the family likes them. I get my bagels at the bodega across the street not sure which bakery but they’re always fresh and my second favorite. My favorite again I don’t know the name of but it’s at 15th and 1st.
                And yes I like gritty New York. If you see me coming that means yr about to be gentrified. One it gets too clean, I’m out. I started in the East Village, then Chinatown, then Harlem, next Hell’s Kitchen and finally Bed-Stuy. They’re opening wine stores so it would be time to go but my boyfriend has rent control. And if you know NY, you know one you get that, it takes wild horses to drag you away.
                Not sure if yr into Talking Heads but…
                I’ve lived in the brownstone
                Lived in the ghetto
                I’ve lived all over this town

              • Craig (ibuylow2014)

                This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco, this ain’t no foolin’ around
                No time for dancing, or lovey-dovey, Ain’t got time for that now

              • Have you ever heard the version from Austin City Limits?

              • Craig (ibuylow2014)

                Just looked it up and gave it a listen. As my friend in college used to say, “The three great composers, Bach, Beethoven and Byrne.”

              • Ooooh, rent control…the Holy Grail of NYC living!

                The “grittiest” I got was the private high school I went to that started out in a former YMCA building in East Harlem (on Central Park North). It was a cool building, because, being a former Y, it had a swimming pool (and a nice stage in the auditorium). But then it moved down to E. 77th St, which was more convenient to my apartment, but certainly not as great a building.

                Oh, wait…I forgot…when I was really little, my dad had an apartment on Horatio St. that was pretty gritty. The good thing about that apartment, though, was that it had a gas refrigerator, so, when the big blackout of ’65 hit, he never lost refrigeration, lol!

          • I was asked how I was doing by a cashier. (It’s one of the banes of shopping, but that day I had a good answer.) I said that I was good. They, surprisingly, questioned that, “are you?” (Haha!) I said, “Yes, I just saw Star Wars.”

            It’s funny how that movie can make a person “good”. 😄 (I’m glad you felt better, too, ryan.)

          • @Sandra: I’ve yet to try a cronut either, unless I forgot already (then, I haven’t tried a “good” one). I hear there are bagnuts, too, unless that was a joke….

          • @Sandra: Thank you for your interest. I actually do like friendly cashiers. But I’m there on business and I’d like to keep it “professional”. Asking me if I’ve found everything is a good question. Including “hon” in the dialogue isn’t bad… Smiles are even okay (though now I feel obliged to smile back).

            The problem is mostly the “how are you” question, which is kinda personal. I can’t answer this question without lying most of the time. I’m usually having a stressful time while shopping. It’s not my thang. The answer would be, “not doing that well”, but what stranger really cares or has the time to deal with that? Nothing they can do aside from not ask me next time. 😜 They just want to hear, “I’m doing great, thanks for asking!” lol

            When I was a cashier, I’d ask this question at times. Oh, the stuff I’d hear that I didn’t really care about. I mean, I don’t know them or their kids or parents, so it doesn’t mean anything to me. Maybe a better thing for a repeat customer. (I worked in a big enough city that I didn’t see the same person twice very often.) In a smaller store I shop at I get a friendly treatment. But I am a repeat customer there and it doesn’t feel so bad to say I’m good (even when it’s a “lie” I can feel good temporarily when interacting with them).

            There you go. More than you wanted to know, stranger. 😉

            • I know exactly what you mean about the “how are you” question, in terms of taking it literally, since I’m exactly the same way!

              But I very recently had a friend make a very good point that has me rethinking my approach to it. I know that when people say “how are you?” they don’t mean “how are you?” — it’s just an extended version of “hi”….a verbal ritual that goes, “How are you?” “Fine [or “great” or something else positive], and you?” Now, here’s the part that she finally got through to me… If you respond positively/cheerfully, people will be much more likely to want to spend time with you (if you’re in a social setting) and/or will feel happier themselves (in, say, the cashier scenario). If you decide to go ahead and be honest when things aren’t great, or to seem uncomfortable with the question, it will affect both their “attraction” to you and, possibly, their own mood.

              So, as much as I abhor lying, I’m becoming convinced to keep the social contract and play out the exchange using positive language, knowing that it’s just a traditional greeting that has lost some of it’s original meaning, much the same as we might say “god bless you” when someone sneezes. Now, if a really good friend asked me the “how are you” question, that would be a different matter…in that case, I would take the phrase more literally and render a truthful response.

              Make sense?

              • It makes sense, of course. I was considering replying with that very understanding of this social contract. But I couldn’t go down both paths at once, so….

                Anyways, I totally get it. Thanks for breaking it down, so I wouldn’t have to type all that. 😉

                I’ll add that I say “salud” when someone sneezes. Yeah, I’m avoiding giving a blessing from god. Thankfully I had an alternative with one of my familial languages. 😃

    • Merry Christmas hank!


  15. Merry Christmas to all tsto addicts and to alissa, bunny and wookie who help us control our addictions.

  16. Gerardk867 – Dropped a present and it landed slightly behind the phone booth next to the DMV. Sorry for the bad aim!

    • Too much gin 🙂

      • Ewwww….no! Bitter is the only one of the categories of tastes that I really dislike. I’d be more likely to have that rum and Coke than gin, ever. (But see my previous response about my general non-use of alcohol….just not my thing.)

        • I had a glass of champagne with dinner, but apart from that, I haven’t had a drink in 18 months ……my life is better without it
          🎄 🎁 🙂

  17. No donut sale this Xmas?

    • It often comes after the holiday, when people have gift cards to blow.

      • Darn! Was really hoping it would be today, which I think is the last day of the Amazon Coins rebate sale. Now I can’t decide when to buy that truckload…. 🙁

  18. has anyone else experienced missing donuts after the update?

  19. Afternoon all, hope your day means all it is supposed to…. never know what to say on these occasions, but if you are with family and friends enjoy the time you have with them, if you are spending it without company, try to remember those that don’t want to be alone, and if you are like me and don’t “celebrate” then well wishes for future endeavours and aim as high as your dreams hold.

  20. @davidbo – I just dropped a present in your park, but it landed behid the forward angle topiary. If you look hard, you can see it peeking out as it does it’s little wiggle.

    Sorry it didn’t land better!

  21. Happy Holidays to all in no particular order: Alissa, Bunny, Wookie, Riley, blogger subs, commenting community, The Simpsons, my TSTO friends, EA, my son and daughter- in-law, the guy who just backed into my Caddy while Christmas Eve shopping (he had absolutely no damage, my front bumper is crumpled and crushed the radiator), and everyone in the universe! Tap, Tap, Tap, Merry Christmas!

  22. Happy Holidays to all in no particular order: Alissa, Bunny, Wookie, commenters, blogger subs, Riley, The Simpsons, EA, my TSTO friends, the man who just backed into my Caddy (he had absolutely no damage, me, crumpled bumper), my son and daughter-in-law, and everyone out in the universe!

  23. Odd. I just got two notifications on my phone. One saying Millhouse is finished recycling plastic. The other saying Gil is back. I went to my town, no Gil. I was afraid I was going to end up dropping another 250 sprinkles.

  24. Merry Christmas to all! So nice to be part of this awesome community! Happy 1st Christmas little TSTO Addict baby! 🙂 Hoping for a dirt road option from EA in the future to use in the rural section of my Springfield.

  25. Oh wow looks like there’s even more changes!! You now get TEN gifts a day and each merrymaker you tap in your town gets you THREE mistletoe and THREE baubles instead of one!!! This made it possible for me to get the fireplace and is gonna make it much easier to finish the prize track. I just unlocked the Chocolate Shoppe too 😍

    • Good discovery! I was checking with each update for changes, specifically these changes, but nothing. They must be being activated on a delay. (Annoying “feature”.) Super cool that all our concerns have been addressed. Do you feel that ten gifts works better?

  26. Looks like a lot of people got their TSTO Christmas wish, act 1 craftables are back!😊🎅🎄

  27. Also just read……we’re getting 10 presents instead of 5 to give away

    🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  28. Had an update about an hour ago and now just read elsewhere that act 1 crafting is back for those who require any ski-chalets or clam signs 🎁 🎄 🙂 “it’s an Xmas miracle”

  29. Mandy (amandajane797)

    Merry Christmas everyone, I’ve had a bit of a challenging year and appreciate the entertainment and you all keeping me company! It’s still a fun game even if it is a bit frustrating at times!

  30. Act 1 craftables seem to be back for those who missed out…

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