Christmas Eve Open Thread

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Here we are…Christmas Eve! Santa’s coming…tonight!  Woohoo!


I know many of you will be spending today with your families or doing last minute shopping…so I thought it’d be a perfect time for an unexpected Christmas Eve Open Thread!

Chat about the event, Maggie joining our games, your Christmas plans…or anything else you can think of!  Just no Add me requests…those should go here. And as always just keep it PG.

Merry Christmas Eve!

P.S.  I’ll be spending the day with my in-laws out of state, so I’ll try to moderate when I can…my apologies for any delays.

P.P.S. If you need help with Act 2 of the event, most of the info can be found on our Christmas 2015 Page.  So check that out to see if your question has already been answered 🙂

234 responses to “Christmas Eve Open Thread

  1. There. ➡ There. ➡ Everything will be all right! ➡⏩▶🔜🔚👉

  2. Morning Alissa, Morning everyone,
    Just remembered it’s Sunday, (well I already made a comment relating to Sunday morning, so I must have forgot in the last 3 hours but now I’ve remembered in relation to the open thread)
    So my question is….will there be a new open thread in the usual Sunday style as we were already spoiled with an extra one for Xmas eve?
    This is one of the few Sundays in the year when I can stay up till American evening time y’all (although I realise some people might prefer if I had an early night 😔)

    Come on you chatterboxes,
    All in favour (of an open thread, not me having an early night)

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  3. Just placed the pay less motel for build! Everything is fully upgraded except the moonshine shack which is almost at level 2. But even when that’s done it’s only gonna give me about 1500 mistletoe (I think?) so I’m not sure how I’m supposed to get the 5000 I need for CBGs costume. Even if I don’t get it though I don’t really care, he already has a couple cool skins.

    • Im just ahead of you by a little bit. I placed and built my hotel last night. I am still upgrading the moonshine shack. It should be done sometime tomorrow. I’m about 4000 away from the he cbg skin but we have until the 2 nd to get it.between the shack and the mery makers plus the other attractionspaying event currency im confident I’ll get it before the end of the act. Not sure about bonus donuts!

    • You’re a few hours ahead of me again Ciara, I’m expecting to get the hotel next time I check my game (after checking here) as for the CBG skin …not bothered on that one and wouldn’t spend any donuts (like I did with the orphans) 🎄 🎁 🎈 🙂

    • For those who aren’t neighbours, my hotel is now built and on the flickr page (linked top right on this page)

      🎄 🎁 🎈 🙂

    • Mistletoe break down for the next five days: (approx. figures)

      [one time payouts]
      1500 completion bonus
      128 construction tasks (last level, last task)
      100 quest line bonus

      [accumulation for the next five days]
      700 daily play
      2000 rent from completed buildings
      4000 from tree yard rent (yes, it is that huge. twice as much as four buildings’ rents)
      4000 merrymakers (will likely be lower, unless you don’t sleep)

      =12428 mistletoe. Cut that figure in half and you still have over the 5000 you are worried about getting.

  4. Hey Everybody! Need help think my brain hopped on Santa’s sleigh can’t seem to find it, anywho I’ve started and/or completed all tasks, however Oh Come All Ye Faithfull doesn’t pop up, I have Marge free, do I need to do something I’m forgetting? Any and all help even comments asking me what is wrong with you will be appreciated. Thank you!

    • Have you unlocked everything up to and including the moonshine shack? Once that’s placed it’ll start (I think Marge might need to be free too) 😊

      • Thanks for reply everything unlocked & have kept Marge free. Guess when Maggie is suppose to be with me she will show up. Will give it till Monday, if no Maggie will call EA haha first Monday after holiday maybe will wait till Tuesday. I’ve waited along time for her a few more days isn’t going to kill me.

  5. Lekitty – Just dropped you a present that landed just behind the Nutcracker at the Simpsons house. It’s a bit hard to see, so I thought I’d just give you the heads up. 🙂

  6. Nope – not a drinker at all (maybe one drink a year, at most – something that doesn’t taste too much like an alcoholic drink – and none for the past 18 months (although I might have a few sips of a bottle of “Christmas beer” (whatever that is) that I brought home for my husband from a pot luck party a couple of weeks ago), since I started taking painkillers (although I probably could have it without a problem at this point, since my body had become pretty habituated to the painkillers by now)).

    I think that may have been the longest grammatical sentence (as opposed to the ones posted by people here who simply refuse, or don’t know how, to use any puncutatuion) ever posted on this site! 😉

    • Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup, a stream of consciousness (coincidence in that they both mention water?) I’m not sure where will go but I’m just going to go with the flow (Uncle John…anyone?) and try to best your sentence (not that you issued some kind of challenge or in anyway asked for this, but here goes) and not stop until I’ve expressed every thing in my sleep deprived mind while mentioning a few other long sentence users, authors who I’ve read and or enjoyed from Tom Wolfe I recall a sentence/paragraph/page in the book The Right Stuff though the details are a bit sketchy in mind at this time and my favorite DFW (that’s David Foster Wallace) who at times will have a sentence go on for pages (literally!) but somehow makes it work and maybe a bit more obscure, a book called Positively Fifth Street by James McManus about poker and other things where I recall at least one page long sentence, some of these read years ago but still stuck in my mind for some reason or other and now it’s time to end but how exactly to do that other than just stick down a period. There, done. Hmmm, not sure how grammatical it is but it is pretty long. 😉

      • Hmmm…good try, but I think there should be a period between “Wolfe” and “I”….what do you think? 😉

        Oh, and add James Joyce to that list…I think the last chapter of Ulysses was essentially one long sentence (or darn near close)!

        • Actually, that one would be a few words before, between “enjoyed” and “from”.

        • If you say so. 😉

          Is this the cosmos telling me it’s time to read Joyce? Or just you? I’ve had Ulysses on my to-read for years but I’ve been “afraid” as I’ve heard it can be difficult. Would you recommend?

          • My senior year in high school, my advanced English class spent an entire semester reading Ulysses and I loved it. However, I don’t know that I would have enjoyed it if I had just read it like a regular book, without the aid of a teacher (or other kind of guide) to go along with it. Joyce plays a lot of “games” within the writing of the book…each chapter has it’s own kind of word play (and other “puzzles”) and allude to various things that I definitely would have missed had I just read it on my own. (This is why I haven’t wanted my Classics Book Group to read it.) So, bottom line, I would highly recommend reading it, but only if you’re willing to use a “guide” of some kind alongside it, so you’ll understand what Joyce is really doing in each chapter. (Sorry if this is all kind of vague…it was about 37 years ago that I read it!)

      • I’d like to see this long sentence….

        As for yours, I see some spots where it made more sense to punctuate.

        As for me, I purposely carve up my sentences where I can, where the minimal amount of thoughts can be grouped. I even do that minimal grouping with paragraphs. I think it’s easier to follow along and to skim if there is linguistical delineation (maybe that’s called grammar?).

        And, to be egotistical and vain, I was expecting to read my name amongst your list of long sentence users. But, less vain, I thought us addicts were going to populate that list. (Though, I do not often write long sentences (as I’ve already noted), so therefore I would not be noteworthy enough…)

        • I guess I was trying to channel my inner DFW…and was thinking more about books I’ve read. I, too, typically try to keep my sentences short (and sweet!) and to the point. I mean this is a TSTO site not some adult education English course. But rest assured, if I had been trying to come up with a list of grammatically correct commenters you, Sandra, and others would be right at the top. 😀

        • Craig (ibuylow2014)

          Me use words, put my thinking in your brain.

        • All this talk of correct grammar is making me feel inferior, and self-conscious now; however, I shall return when the discussion has died down and hope to blend in unnoticed.

          Have to say I don’t notice length of sentences, the thing that jumps off the page at me are the simplest spelling mistakes like when people type “your” when they mean “you’re”
          🎄 🎁 🎈 🙂

          • You must be thinking “English English” where you’re means you are and your is a possessive as opposed to “American English” where they are interchangeable…umm…right? BTW this is actually a pet peeve of mine too, but sometimes I wonder if it’s an autocorrect problem…at least if you ever see me mess them up, that’s what it is. 😜

            From now on I think I’ll use “ur” for either.

            Don’t get me started on there, their, and they’re. 😅

            • You were being sarcastic about “your vs. you’re” in Amerian English, right? This is one spot where a winky face would have been a relief….

              • Yes, sorry…I tend to be very sarcastic. I just know it doesn’t always “work” if you don’t really know me (and my sense of humor) or in situations like this so I try to rain…no, reign…no, rein (sorry, there’s just so many of these kind of words) it in on here. I do know you’re and your are not interchangeable, I just often see them mixed up. But I don’t want to come off like the grammar police because 1. I wouldn’t know where to start, and 2. I wouldn’t want my comments to receive any extra scrutiny. Judge not lest Ye be judged, glass house/stones etc etc.

            • Hmm. There’re. As in, there’re more ways to be confusing than the standard ones.

          • Craig (ibuylow2014)

            Their, they’re, everything will be alright.

          • To me there’s only ONE English Davidbo33, y’all should use it properly, or go get your own language 🙂
            but now you say that I might not find it so annoying,
            I’ll just think, “They’re foreign, they don’t know any better” 🙂
            After all ……. if mistletoe and holly are interchangeable, then everything else can be too. 🙂

            🎄 🎁 🎈 🙂

          • I don’t recall anything you write being something to be self-conscious over, Lee.

            I notice the your/you’re mistakes. I can’t help but read them exactly as written even though I usually “autocorrect” the other mistakes I see. heh.

    • Sandra, have the perfect drink I created since I’m not big on alcohol either unless it’s good beer and I consider that a food group! Lol
      Since you can’t have one I’m drinking one for you as I write this so….cheers! Florida doesn’t believe in pain pills, with back still not any better, I’m having a drink before my daily walk with my dogs (If it’s not raining). The idiots here cut me off my physical therapy so just have to deal with it on my own.
      Bunny warned me & think you did too, back pain just sucks! Prob big contributing factor to my mood.

      • Have you tried one of those electrotherapy (TENS) devices you can get at the drugstore now? Maybe that would help? I got one on clearance for $8 and tried it once when I was having a different back issue and I think it helped a bit….

        I’m very fortunate that, even though my disability origiates in my spine, it manifests mostly only in my leg (unless I stay partially bent over for more than a few seconds). Back pain is so much worse!

    • My college Expository Writing professor believed that no sentence was a good sentence unless it was at least twenty words in length. My longest grammatically correct attempt was 154 words long. The course taught me how to construct and use a “clause”, which is helpful in organizing one’s thoughts.
      Years later this helped me in my Union Activism when I was re-writing the Union Contract – “This is a run on sentence. If we add a comma here and a semi- colon here it will clarify the intent of the language.”
      Bosses tend to be some what displeased when a “blue collar” intimidates them.

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