Act 2, Daily Challenges AND Crafting Are Ending…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a quick reminder that at 0800 GMT (3am EDT) Act 2 will officially end.  And the end of Act 2 will also see the end of Crafting AND the Daily Challenges.  So collect those final mistletoe, craft those prizes and complete this week’s Daily Challenges BEFORE 0800 GMT tomorrow morning (1/2/16)…or it will be too late!

Act 3 will start tomorrow…BUT Act 3 is completely different than Act 2.  As in…everything we’ve been doing for Acts 1 and 2 will completely change.  So don’t expect anything in Act 2 to continue beyond tomorrow morning.

Again…for those who don’t really like to read…the bullet points:

CRAFTING WILL END TOMORROW 0800 GMT 1/2/16 (so craft what you want before it’s too late)

ACT 2 WILL END TOMORROW 0800 GMT 1/2/16 (this means ALL of the prizes and ability to upgrade the  buildings…)

DAILY CHALLENGES WILL END TOMORROW 1/2/16 ( either at 0800 GMT or 5am YOUR local time so finish this week’s challenges BEFORE tomorrow morning, or you’ll miss out on this week’s donuts)

If you didn’t yet get Maggie…don’t worry.  She’s an important part of Act 3, and required for most of it, so you WILL be able to get her in Act 3 if you weren’t able to get her during Act 2…so don’t panic about Maggie.

Also, remember the items in the store will be leaving with Act 2 as well…so check out your stores and buy anything/everything you’ve been wanting (this includes the freemium items in the store as well…pay attention to your timers).

Have fun and we’ll see you tomorrow for the start of Act 3….

What are your thoughts on Act 2?  Did you enjoy it?  Earn all the prizes?  Almost there?  Did you unlock Maggie?  Which items did you craft/purchase?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

Maggie Sad Face

225 responses to “Act 2, Daily Challenges AND Crafting Are Ending…

  1. This winter I made sure to get everything. I crafted one of everything and completed all projects EXCEPT the last stage of the gingerbread mansion. Now it is stuck in my Springfield unable to be stored or sold unless it is fully upgraded. Unfortunately, the powers that be are asking for an outlandish 110 donuts to finish it but there are so many other things I’d rather use my “premium currency” for. It’s not really that cool anyway. Does anybody know if I am forever destined to have my landscape marred by this capricious cookie creation?

  2. I didn’t finish the vandalism events and now my Act 2 projects – my Fortress of Lonelitude and my Moonshine Shack and my Krusty truck – seem to be permanently vandalized. That doesn’t seem fair after all the hard work I put into upgrading them. You’d think I could swap out the ugly facades or have some kind of choice about it. Anyone else going through this?

  3. Sandra – yes, I see. And I agree players should’t blame others when things happen in the game that they don’t like. Blaming EA is pointless because: 1- it’s their game, they can code it any way they like and 2- there was a countdown (plus EA was nice enough to bring back the Act 1 items after they first expired).

    Blaming The Addicts is ridiculous. They have no obligation to provide this site or the detailed information that enriches tapping for so many. Biting the hand that feeds you is tacky at best. I understand being let down if one didn’t get the most out of the crafting but screaming at our leaders/moderators is just hurtful.

    I know from your frequent comments that you are a valuable member of the addicts community- thanks for explaining this a bit more to me. 🙂

  4. Without this post I would have been one of the “not really paying much attention to those countdown” folks – so I am SUPER grateful that this post went up on the last day and had three REALLY LARGE bullet points that said I needed to pay attention to the act transition. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  5. One of the reasons I started commenting here was the knowledge of our faithful moderators, and also the fanatic following they collected, people whom play for that extra bit of passion… I have held fast to the freemium choice for more than two years, and have kinda followed TSTOAddicts for the last year, but do always get surprised when the OMG-the-event-ended comments ensue 😉

  6. I should really read this site more often!!! And the bottom counter lines… lol

    Regardless, I’m happy I could get all of act 2 attractions fully upgraded and festivus cbg! A way better result than the previous act, that I’m still struggling to decide if I’ll buy donuts to complete it or not… As for the crafting, I got the biggest and coolest ones first =P not really caring about a bunch of lamp posts… lol

    Overall, I’m loving the event! And it’s the first event I really played since the beginning and followed the whole storyline! Very exciting *-* and… and… MAGGIE!!!!!! <3

  7. I also thought crafting was going to continue into act three. Oh well.
    Here’s one thing I’m still unsure of: is there any point in doing the hot squishee jobs? I was on the mission to upgrade it to level 20 and that disappeared with the start of act 3. But the jobs are still available.

  8. Mansour Benbouih

    Too bad there is no more prize crafting, I was looking to add some extra buildings and decorations. But not to complain, the winter event brought some nice characters and buildings wich I got every single one of them. Looking forward for what‘s coming next.

  9. if only people spent even half as much time researching an act change beforehand as they do complaining about it after the fact….

  10. Totally agree. Thought it odd that things were ending before act three starts. And I also went on a spending spree last night … Just in case.

  11. Total crap that you can’t go back and get items from act 2. Missed Epcot center, missed the little girl character, missed the Christmas station.

  12. Good grief! Oh sorry another cartoon) lol! Wow the whiners and complainers! Can these people read or just tap? In all the events at bottom gives you how to many days, hours, minutes, etc. if you can read pretty clear, so if you want to throw a lil tantrum, go in your room and do it. You have no one to blame but your self.
    Also if you read or partIcipate in this site Alissa has been warning everyone to finish what the want as act 2 was ending. People ay they shouldn’t have to count on this site, but when you want to throw a fit you don’t seem to have a problem coming here and taking it out on her, Bunny, & Wookiee!
    Also the people that are here to help, and chat with each other have to read your little fits,! Do you think coming in here and saying your done with this game upset us, NOT!
    Queen Alissa, just had to get this off my chest! I like most of regulars here think you doe us an huge favor by running this site! Don’t let these grumps get to you! It’s definitely not your problem ,what do they think, you and Riley are going to knock on their doors and say have you updated your game?
    Anywho hope you and your family had a great New Year’s Day,
    Hope this isn’t too rough to post, you should see what I really want to say!
    Lee I love your HaHaHa!

    • lol I just expect it at this point. Every time an event end, or even just an act, people complain they weren’t warned. Happens all the time. Doesn’t even phase me anymore…just makes me shake my head

    • Except that on the crafting for the first act I saw it say “Event ends” when it was counting down, so when it said “Even ends” yet again along with the fact that things mentioned an act 3, it sounded as though there may be something else to craft which is why I waited on crafted too much and waited in case there was something else to make so I wouldn’t run out of crafting materials. Plus it seemed like some parts had different timers which threw me off. Unfortunately I don’t get to checking this site regularly so I miss a lot.
      This wasn’t a complaint by the way, just a counter/explanation or whatever.

    • Thank you 🐕 🐩

      🐻 🎈 🍩 🙂

  13. I wonder if the people that didn’t notice the timers are the same ones that ask questions about things that have already been answered in a post!!! Read people!! Pay close attention to the timers!!

    • I think they just want bells and whistles to go off in their game with massive pop ups saying “hey, it ends tomorrow!” but even then I have a feeling some of the people complaining would still complain. They’d say “Oh i didn’t think that was serious”

  14. Personally I am on the fence about the “abrupt ending to Act 2” thing.

    I think we can all agree that the past events have been super buggy. Like so many bugs. Like “Did EA alpha test this at all” kind of bugs. They frequently fix these bugs (whoohoo!) but rarely communicate through the game via pop up windows what problems they are trying to fix/have been fixed. I don’t know how hard it is to code that kind of pop up but most games like TSTO I play (essentially free, social aspects, events, resource gathering, player planning/building) have pop ups that give me info about issues and fixes quite regularly.

    Because there are always bugs and because EA changes things during live events without telling us (bringing event items back for purchase/crafting, extending deadlines, increasing payouts) they have essentially trained me to notice but largely ignore things that seem unusual – like a third act dropping all previous craftables *and* resources.

    I saw the countdown clock. I thought it odd the Weekly Challenge didn’t give us the extra few days to complete (but I had it completed by noon on the fifth day). I thought it really strange that the craftables had a similar “early” deadline (that coincided with the start of Act 3 but was a different cutoff time than the Weekly Challenge and didn’t end at the usual 1AM PST act-change/week change time).

    I thought the latter so strange I didn’t spend thousands of my collected bow and baubles. As an obsessive tapper I had already crafted three chalets, two igloos and scores of sundries. I was skeptical enough of the countdown that I bought a TON of ice walls, mmello trees, lolly-bunches and axe-men last night before I went to bed “just in case” those things really did end today.

    But I honestly did not think EA would scrap event currency in the third Act. I don’t remember them doing that since offering craftables. Their countdowns are often buggy. In October they gave us a pop up that warned the removal of Halloween (AFTER the countdown had ended, mind you).

    I’m not mad about the change. I got essentially what I wanted and The Sky Finger knows I don’t need more decor or vanity rating points. But it was odd and EA isn’t great at clearly communicating with us – if they were we, sadly, would not have formed our wonderful Addicts family.

    Hope everyone enjoys Act 3 – I’m adoring Maggie!

    • How do you define abrupt? My game told me at the begging of act 2, Two weeks ago when it was going to end. Not very abrupt

      • I put abrupt in quotes because I was quoting the sentiment of people who have expressed frustration that they didn’t use their bows and baubles. I should have said “unusual treatment of event currency only being used in two-out-of-three acts.”

        Like I said in my original post, I, myself, am not upset. Not even remotely. I most certainly don’t need any more decorations or vanity point for my Conform-o-meter. I was only recounting the thought process that lead me to decide not to use every bow and bauble I had collected. I hoped that my dispassionate explanation might help some of the other Addicts understand there was *some* logic in doubting the finality of the countdown.

        Personally I took a calculated risk – crafting exactly what I wanted, purchasing other decorations with some of the two billion in in-game currency I currently have and letting the rest ride just in case the countdown really did mean that, this time, end really meant end.

        EA did mean end. I had already obtained what I wanted. EA also generously gave me about 100 bonuts, between the weekly challenges, the railway station crafting and neighbor actions. As a freemium player, I’m ecstatic. Plus, Maggie!

        I hope those who feel let down or frustrated can find the resolution they seek. I hope those who understood the craftables and event currency were truly ticking away find some compassion for those who didn’t- yes, EA programmed a countdown; yes, some people like to complain about everything; yes, this is a silly, free game. But this is also a game many people love and EA has never (to my knowledge) dumped event currency at the end of Act 2.

        And if the people understood and are happy get mad at the people who misunderstood and are mad, it seems like we’re just increasing the number of mad people.

        Happy Tapping!

        • But there are really two different things going on….

          One is someone saying, “Oh – I misunderstood when the crafting was ending” or “Oh, I forgot to check when the crafting was ending” or “Darn, I had something going on and couldn’t tap yesterday like I expected to” and being upset because they missed out on doing the crafting they wanted to do. Those people I have at least some (and maybe, in the third example, a lot of) empathy for.

          The other is someone saying, “EA really screwed me by not letting me know when the crafting was going to end” or “You guys should have put up a post earlier to let us know that the crafting was going to end” or some comment like those, which deflects all blame away from the person who was really at fault, the person who didn’t read (or believe) the timer. Those people are the ones that I have much more trouble feeling empathy for and the ones that I think need to have their perspective “corrected.”

        • i agree. anyways, the last few events i played were very buggy, including this one. it was boring to play and tap. glad they didn’t have “stuff” i wanted soooo badly. lol. but, i rather like the idea of new “babies” in my neighborhood. ridiculous. smh.

    • Well stated statement! You explained that side of things in a reasonable and agreeable way. I love the point about the warning in October. I concur up to a point. When they removed act 1 craftables that was your warning not to trust EA to treat your crafting currency nicely, to believe the countdown. Other than that, they should totally communicate more directly so that we can believe the text they write. I don’t (believe).

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