Happy New Year 2016!

Hey Howdy Hey New Year’s Party Animals!

Well it’s officially midnight here on the east coast and that means….hello 2016!! Are any of our favorite Tappers still sober?!  Are we?!  😉

2015 has truly been an amazing year here at the Addicts HQ…and for me personally with the birth of the Tiny Addict!  And we can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store for all of us!

We’d also like to thank you guys, the AMAZING folks of the TSTO Addicts Community..for helping us surpass 60 million hits in the just under the 2.5 years we’ve been around!  You guys are awesome and we can’t wait to share the coming years with you!

We hope you all have a phenomenal New Year & wherever you are tonight, please get home safe!

Cheers to a great 2016 filled with love, laughter, tapping & FREE DONUTS!!

How did you spend the end of 2015?  How did you ring in 2016?  What are your resolutions for the New Year?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

Much Love!

Alissa, Bunny, Wookiee and the Tiny Addict!

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130 responses to “Happy New Year 2016!

  1. Happy New Year! May the coming year bring you all your needs and most of your wants! Thank you for all the work you do, it makes the game for fun! Baby is Beautiful!

  2. So cute:) Happy New Year!:)

  3. Happy New Year everyone!
    Riley is adorable 🙂

  4. Happy MMXVI

  5. Oh farts. I missed the third set of tasks for moonshine so not going to have done. Seniors with ten hours left and ten hours to finish. And the stupid quest tasks never go under half price so I’d have to burn 48 donuts to finish the seniors in five hours and who knows how many donuts for the dim-witted task to get level three. Plus. No bonuts this round. Phooey.


  6. Happy new year everybody! Just like everyone else, I really appreciate all the work you guys put into this site. One thing I’ve missed is the town designs submitted from other tsto’ers. I’d love to see that brought back to the site!

    • I wish more people submitted to the TSTOAddicts Flickr group., including me:( Maybe on Sundays open thread, we can start asking for design ideas or themes and post pics in the comments.

      • Can’t access the Flickr site because of Yahoo’s requirement that you be able to receive texts.

        • Well, that bites! I didn’t know that. You might look into pinger.com or if you have 10 bucks, maybe a tracfone with just enough minutes to get that text and get your account. What a lot of trouble to go to though. 🙁

  7. Happy New Year to all!

    THAT is one cute bebbeh, right there…did she help you ring in the new year by being your first smooch of 2016? (Confession: I’m the kind of horrible mum that would’ve risked waking her up for that smooch!)

    And I must not have been paying attention because I assumed you were on the other side of the country…east coast represent!

  8. Happy new year everyone!

    I’m really curious about the special prize coming tomorrow. I already have Maggie. So I can’t imagine what the prize might be. Do you think the prize is Maggie? I ask this, because I’m sure there are a number of people out there that don’t have her yet. But if this is the case, then what does this mean for those of us who already have Maggie?

    I just reached 180 doughnuts, and I want to get Disco Stu, but I think I’ll wait a day to see what the special prize is going to be.

    Anyone have any thoughts about all of this?

  9. I had an idea for a ski-resort area,

    6 ski chalets
    Hungry Hun
    Pine trees
    Heights mountain lodge
    Ned in his red & blue ski outfit
    Plow king
    More pine trees
    North Pole Monorail station
    Houses with Xmas skin
    Xmas trees irregular

    What did I miss?


  10. Happy New Year everyone! Alissa your lil princess looked soooo cute!
    I spent New Years with my two four legged boys, mostly trying to get them to stay calm & quiet we had fire crackers going off till 3:00 am so long night! Around 2:00 I went outside again to round up my lil ones & heard police behind me asking what house is barking? Seriously I locked them in rest of night so ok to throw fire crackers behind my house then call police when they bark!
    Here’s to hoping 2016 is a better year! Has to be 16 is my all time favorite & best player of all time: for those that don’t know that would be Joe Montana, please bow when you speak his name lol! Plus my house # is 42 Ronnie Lott one of his awesome team mates!
    Expecting lots of major life changes this year!
    Happy New Year, hope everyone is safe & headaches aren’t too bad!
    Btw finished all of act 2 last night! Yahoo!

  11. Happy New Year! Best wishes for lots of smiles and donuts.
    From here, 15 hours and change until Act 3 begins. My spies tell me that Marge and Maggie are early participants. Time will tell. Heck, I stayed up until midnight 8+ hours ago, I guess I can stay up ’till midnight. 15+ hours from now. (Can I spend donuts to accelerate the process?)

  12. Happy 2016 everyone. That pic definitely made my New Years. MIght be me, but seems she’s giving off an ere of “Don’t you be puttin’ those glasses on my face” *Snap* sass. lol


    Are you a bit bored with TSTO, waiting for the next act to start? Well, I have a little game for you, if you’re interested…

    Lisa was a bit bummed that she had to spend most of the holiday season working at the rail yard, instead of being able to go out and about the town. So, to experience that pleasure vicariously, she made a bunch of Snow Lisas at various places around town. She could only make a Snow Lisa where there was snow (obviously!) and she didn’t see any point to hiding any of them behind buildings and such, because why would they want to hang out there, anyway? She also didn’t think that they would be up to the strict decorations code in Springfield Heights, so she stuck to just regular Sprigfield.

    Can you find all of the Snow Lisas in my town? If you think you’ve found them all, come back here and post how many you counted. (I’d make this a real contest but a) I don’t know what I’d offer as a prize or how I’d get it to the winner and b) I don’t know the answer myself, because I forgot to keep track of how many I was crafting, LOL!) I’m gonna assume that no one will “cheat” and just make up an answer, so perhaps we can figure that the person who posts the highest number did the best at finding them all? (Or, I might just give it a try myself, since I might be able to kind of remember where I put them all, including some of the more “subtle” ones…)

    Oh, and thank you, neighbors, for leaving me the presents that provided the bows that made this little game possible! 🙂

    • Wanting to add you to my list of neighbors so I can partake in the “contest” but seems your list is full 🙁 Funny but i thought you were on my list also, don’t seem to be there.

      • scratch that, may have been an origin glitch, was able to “request” now. Just awaiting your acceptance 😀 (DearthNadir)

        • Would love to accept you, but I don’t think I have an opening.

          Let me go take a look and see if there’s any “deadwood” I haven’t noticed because of the way neighbor visits work during the event…

        • Sorry, I checked and there doesn’t seem to be anyone whom I can jettison for you. But please do stay on my list and I’ll make sure to accept you as soon as I do have an opening!

          • No problem, just would have been fun to be able to take part, although I wouldn’t win, can’t even find half the presents in my own town lol. Will definitely stay on your list, no rush, add me whenever, or if ever you have room. (P.S. I also pledge never to vandalize on purpose)

            • I know – and I’d always rather have a “regular” from here than a “stranger,” but I didn’t have any good cause to remove anyone (much as I looked), so it would have had to be random and that didn’t seem fair.

              Oh, and I don’t care about being vandalized, so on worries at all if you do (once you become my neighbor)!

              • Also understandable, I’d rather have regulars from here instead of a stranger also. No worries about not having any stragglers, I’m sure I’ll be on your list sooner or later 🙂 (Although I was sure I was already on your list at one point lol) Good to know about the vandalism thing, as accidents do happen, but I make a point to not let it happen whenever possible 🙂

    • First count 17
      2nd count 18
      3rd count 20

    • I crafted over a dozen snow dogs, we should add them to your snow Lisas 🙂

    • I not only did I write down each location on a peice of paper, I spelled out the answer with my monorail track (the far right underneath the “NiCE” and next to the recently moved New Years Ball-Drop).
      So that Number is the answer and I have the location list to prove it.
      Thus this doesn’t spoil it for others who want to play along. unless they are neighbors of both of us (No cheating!!! You folks)

      • LOVE IT!!

        The only problem with using your list as “proof” is that there could be something you missed (though I doubt it considering how much work you put into this challenge…).

        But the important question is, did you have fun? 🙂

        • Unless you added more since, I am right, I was very thorough. There were two tricky ones. I think I’ll give you the list tomorrow.

          fu-n?? What is this word?? It doesn’t compute. It was a worthy challenge that I accepted. Brought back memories of all the Waldo books I have somewhere in my basement. Yet slightly more challenging.

          Definitely a great distraction from what would otherwise be a duller day (I go back to work tomorrow and of course Act 3) so Thank you for the challenge, yeah, I guess it was fu-n.. Fun? Am I saying that right?? Fun?


          • Not sure if you are saying it right, but you sure typed it perfectly :D, at least, when you typed it without the hyphen lol

          • I tried to place them in “realistic” ways…as if Lisa herself were going about town and visiting places and having a little fun herself.

            And, remember, fun is FUNdamental! 🙂

      • If you are counting the Lisa on the Couch gag just add a 1 to my total.

      • Spoiler to Sandra’s “Contest”, don’t read this if you don’t want to know.

        The “proof” List as promised: (landmarks where snow-Lisa is close to)(kinda started from right side of screen to left sorta)

        Calmwood, HMO, Fat Tony’s car near Shotgun Pete’s, Skip’s diner, Blue house near Buddhist temple, Pond between Kwick-E-Mart and cabin, food cart near Matt G’s office, outside Tirefire fence, training wall near M.Security Prison, KBBL, (that’s ten)

        Itchy and Scratchy studio, food cart near library, Herman’s shop (tricky one), Stonecutter daycare Slide (tricky one), between igloo and New Year Pole, Radioactive Man’s mansion, Homer’s old farm house, one by farmers market, another by another farmers market, Santa Co. tree, (that’s ten more)

        Pig silo, Sir Puttsalot, noise land arcade, and Springfield Elementary swing set. (That’s four more) and thus the final count is 24 which oddly is the ultimate answer to live the universe and everything (if you are dyslexic) 😛

        • Just checking your answers against what I’m seeing/remembering and, so far (not done yet), there’s at least one you missed… (Let me know if you want a hint, and, if so, what kind/how big.)

          But, regardless, great job! And, thanks for helping me figure out how many I crafted, lol! 😉

        • Oops – found two more you missed (so, so far, the count is up to 27….)

        • FYI – To anyone who’s following Tot’s list, the one she had as “between the igloo and New Year Pole” is the one that’s watching the New Year Pole along with Snow Marge and Snow Maggie (I removed the igloo).

        • Just noticed a spot that I *wish* I had put a Snow Lisa (I think she might have liked to have bought some cider from the stand in front of Tetanus Terminal) ….oh well, too late now!

          • Oh, and maybe I should have had one playing tennis, too. Well, not sure I would have had enough bows to add those two anyway…

    • UPDATE: Starting with Totbox’s excellent list and double-checking it (which yielded three more that she didn’t originally find), it looks like the total is 27, in case you want to know what you’re aiming for, but don’t want to look at her answers so you can see if you can find them yourself!

  14. Happy New Year everyone! Thanks to Alissa, Bunny & Wookie for all they do for us. I really enjoy reading all the comments and feel like this community is so supportive. Hoping to get Springfield Falls, Crazy Cat Lady, Kumiko and Plopper this year. If EA keeps up the free donuts I might just be able to get them all (and if they bring back them back). Go out and make 2016 a good one!

  15. Riley is so cute!! Happy New Year everyone! Act 2 is quickly coming to a close so don’t forget to spend those baubles!!

    Let’s see… I’ve crafted 3 fireplaces, 2 ski chalets, 4 each of the Lisa, Abe and Marge snow people, 15 SLH snow dogs because why not, 3 wreath posts, 6 bow posts, 30 candy canes, and one each of everything else. I was going to use the remainder of the baubles to craft 3 igloos for a total of 4 to make an igloo resort but decided to instead get another fireplace. More design options year round with that one.

    My new years was very relaxed. I worked until 7, got off an hour early, made dinner, we watched some tv and we went to bed at 12:30 since I have to work today as well. The bf has been off for the past week though, lucky bum, but that’s the sacrifice I made starting a new job in November 🙂

    Can’t wait for act 3!!! I want the bear!!!

  16. Happy New Year everyone!!!!! Today’s my 30th bday and I’m sorta freaking out. Lol. I’m glad to see another year, but, I’m no longer in my 20’s. NOOOO!!!! 😛 Oh well, they say with age comes wisdom? I sure hope so!

    • Happy birthday, Dylan!

      It’s funny…I had my freak out at 29 (I saw it as the last year I could maybe still pretend that I wasn’t a full-fledged grownup)…when 30 came I was fine. Haven’t really had a freak out since then, although, I have to say that I do have a hard time relating to my age…it just seems like it’s off by about 10 years.

  17. And tomorrow, there will be a stack of comments saying, “Where did all the crafting items go, …I was waiting till act 3 to craft my stuff but now it’s gone, …I also have just got enough donuts for Sophie Krustofsky but she’s no longer in my store, blah, blah, blah”

    Remember to use up your crafting stuff, bows and baubles before 8am GMT as it will be useless after that,…….
    “Use it or lose it!”
    Also some things will leave the store so don’t miss out, …..however, don’t rush to spend d🍩nuts as there could be a couple of good 🆕 🆒 things in the final act

    If you come here tomorrow to complain that crafting ended without warning, my answer will be,….
    in the style of Nelson….(all together now……)


    • In fairness, not everyone reads through comments. A “preparing for the end of Act 2” post would be helpful for many. I think I’ve got it okay, but not fair to insult people because they didn’t read through individual comments to find out crafting ends, etc.

      • A post is going up….

        But remember, I’m not EA so really everyone should be paying attention to their timers in their game. Because no matter how many times we tell people something is ending, we’ll still get the players screaming and yelling they had no idea because the game didn’t tell them it was ending. (even though the timers are in the game…)

        • Oh yes. I was not complaining. Just saying that posters shouldn’t already be jumping down the throats of people who might ask. Aside from the timers, the only way I knew was from reading comments, but I’m sure plenty don’t read every single comment. And also, sometimes people ask questions before an article is updated or their post isn’t pushed through before that and then people rip them apart because “it’s already been answered” or “already in the post” when it actually wasn’t when they typed the question. Just saying….one of my New Year’s resolutions is to be more patient. :))

  18. Happy New Year to all🐩😀

  19. Free donuts? Where?

  20. Is it last day for crafting?

  21. Happy New Year… again!
    The first episode that I watched in 2016 is was Season 25’s 5th episode, “Labor Pains”, which was the first “real” appearance of TSTO in the show, although it’s app icon was in THOH XXIV.

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