Next Update Teased on EA’s Tapped Out Facebook…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a quick note to let you know the next update has been teased on EA’s TSTO Facebook page


Here’s hoping it hits before I go back to work in 3 weeks!

Are you ready for the next update?  When do you think it’ll hit?  Do you get EA’s subtle hints?  What do you think it is?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

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139 responses to “Next Update Teased on EA’s Tapped Out Facebook…

  1. Kaytie Cornelison

    For the love of all will u plz let us buy more land! I have no more room to put anything! I’ve only been playing for ever now!

  2. 120 doughnuts for a astronaut Barney skin and a space shuttle that gives nowt?????
    Me thinks not.


  4. I thought this thread was supposed to be about the new update. I can only see one comment about it on the first page… Space update?

  5. I hope it is not another world like Krustyland. Especially Space. Really, what does Space have to do with Simpsons. I have no problem with Krustyland though if they didn’t just drop it.


    • I can’t imagine how it could actually be in space. There really isn’t anything on the Simpsons universe that would make sense, certainly not enough for a separate area. If it is and it’s like Krustyland, that may be the straw that broke the camel’s back and I’m done.

  6. Oh man… I miss the snow already. I hope EA releases a weather machine as part of a future event (Super heroes V2 perhaps).

    The regular map is so plain after the fall and winter tilesets T_T

  7. Not ready for next event just yet,
    can’t be bothered to speculate on forthcoming space event
    not going to get involved in controversial discussions about stuff in this thread
    Being good
    😁 😎 🙊 🔭 🌒 🌌 💫 🌟 🌠 🙂

  8. Back to work in three weeks Alissa ?
    That went quick
    📅 📆 🎈 🐻 🙂

  9. I’ve seen the files.. I know what’s coming….
    ” I’m going into outerspace, goodbye human race, I’ll be gone soon”

    I wish Walt came with the vehicle though… did they do a breaking bad episode?

  10. It’s still winter. Why is all the snow gone? Why can’t we get mr plow and plow king stuff? Seems like a huge waste watch year.

  11. You wanna see proper funny humour then I give you Jerry Sadowitz.

    Not English but Scottish.

    So almost English were it not for Scotlands’ limited gene pool.

    Well that’s what I think anyways.

  12. OT, but I just noticed that the Slide Factory isn’t paying out a premium rate. Hmm…

  13. ROD, huh? They had a parade in it’s honor once after homer came back from space. Deep Space Homer? 🙂 *chomps on chips in anticipation*

    • Get over yourself. The British, despite the view of themselves, are no more or less civilized than the US or any other culture. I don’t even understand what that’s supposed to mean that Frasier and the Simpsons “should be British”… Sorry there are a lot of creative Americans?

  14. Now this is not meant as a slur on you yanks. I love America. Me and the family have been thrice. Love it. But shows like The Simpsons and Frasier belong to us English. They’re witty, funny and clever. Just like us English. Innit.
    No offence mind.

    • You can keep 2 Broke Girls though.
      That’s beyond awful.
      Not only should they be broken but tortured too.
      By having to watch their own show.
      The scumbags!

    • We’re not all barbarians you know. We have few representations for those of us that aren’t obnoxious rear ends and we need those to show the rest of the world, we too can act civilized. And I watch Little Britain, don’t tell me you Brits don’t enjoy your toilet humor from time to time. And the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time, Parliament debating Monday whether or not to allow Trump in the country. I’ve never laughed so hard, wish we could do it here. But seriously I love you Brits! God save the queen!

      • I hate Little Britain. About as funny as an orphanage on fire.
        Love Curb Your Enthusiasm though. Another showed that should have been English.
        As for this Kardashian lark….I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re on about there.

        Is it a new soap powder?
        Or foot deodorant?

      • I don’t know that show. Sounds toilerific! 😉

        Parliament debates is way more enjoyable to watch than our “British” style congressional debates. This Trump debate sounds interesting.

      • K no more Trump discussions.

        • And yet people are talking about the Kardashians. Go figure!

          • actually i deleted several Trump comments that weren’t appropriate for a site about TSTO

            • Apologies, my political stances have gotten one of my comments deleted before. I try not to, I’m just one of those crazy people that care about the world we’re leaving behind. I just must remember there’s a time and a place. And this is a place for tapping Nixon not discussing his views. Wave to the people is so much fun just wish they animated it at Up, Up and Buffet.

      • Well said that man/girly.
        However, just one thing I can’t help but point out in your otherwise excellent post – the word ‘humour.’ It’s spelt with a ‘u’.
        And colour, vigour, valour and renumiratour.
        Not sure about renumiratour. Not thet gud at spelin if I’m onest.
        Plus the fact I’m not even shore if it’s a wird.

        • I go back and forth on the ‘u’ I use it enough to be mistaken for British. Aber mein Blut ist Deutsch verdammt es.

    • Lol more Canadian/US humor than Brit. still funny, witty and clever but not pompous, stuck up and dry to no end…also Groenings dad is a cdn and he said in 2002 Homer is also a canuck…loves beer and doughnuts lol…so I guess it’s back to Winnipeg! Ever notice all the cdn references in the show? PS: Google “Homer Simpson Canadian”

    • No offense except they’re ours and you can’t have them. Thank you for appreciating our works. You’d be surprised how witty we are. We just have way more people than you therefore you might be confused by our lowest common denominator entertainment.

    • I’m a brit living in Panama City beach.. I actually had no idea how many British shows were remade for American audiences.. things like all in the family, family ties. Etc…
      Give me Direct TV over sky any day…. and the best thing about being a Brit in the USA..
      NO neigbours, NO home and away, and NO Hollyoaks. Ahh bliss.
      Mind you.. flipping it again… we may have something worse over here…. General Hospital, days of our lives etc.

      And for any Britt reading this… the greatest show has been kept secret.. but you can find it…. I’m talking about msnbc’s lock up!

    • If u search up “The Simpsons” it says it’s an AMERICAN sitcom not BRITSIH

    • English people have the worst sense of humor, Ricky Gervais and his version of the Office are awful, just awful.

      • Firstly, I agree with regards to Ricky Gervais not being funny, but must correct you regarding “his version of the Office” where I feel you imply that he attempted to copy US version, the show was his original concept, had rather a harsh on Slough apparently, including the demolition of the bus station which appears in the opening credits. By the Lord Harry you should see the carbuncle that has replaced it, diabolical.
        Also feel that one should remind posters of from where “The Simpsons” got there humble beginnings…… the Tracey Ullman show…who is of course, a Brit, (ironically this brings us back to Slough, which was her place of birth) so with out the Brit wit, you may all have been playing Farmville……(does that still exist?)

        • Airing a show is not creating a show. The Simpsons was created by Matt Groening. End of story. American. If they choose him because of his Life in Hell comic, maybe there is some connection to the humor in that comic and British sensibilities. (I do like the comic at times.) But he created the Simpsons in place of giving up control of Life in Hell. That gives even less connection to the Brits.

          Besides, if one makes a show in the US, for us, and it’s not a remake of a British site, then it is basically an American show. I don’t know the history of the Tracy Ullman Show enough to make that exact statement. But in general, Brits in America doing creative things makes them American. We are a nation of immigrants, official or not they are part of our culture. If an American goes to England and does cool things, we probably have little to do with it…

  15. ROD?….No idea what that means other than the employee of the month award episode where the ROD was awarded lol….oh wait I think that’s the same Space episode lol….But the ROD could turn into a character? XD
    As for a space update….that could be boring. Unless they DO expand to another place…..have like a MOON base land and be able to decorate it. That’s possible….if its just a simple ugly space station I don’t really care.

  16. Thanks Buzz. If that is your real name!

  17. i swear every time we are between events i say to myself “im going to finally re-design my springfield”, “I’m gonna incorporate that monorail better!” “it’s gonna look great”, then i don’t do it, the next event starts and i get too wrapped up in that to re-design. ah well.

  18. Back to work in 3 weeks????That is crazy that you don’t get a full year.

    • The company I work for would greatly suffer if I took a full year off. As it is they’re struggling without me for the 3 months i took off..

      • Tracy - 1ltwoody920

        I was going to comment on your “incorrect” statement. In three weeks you will return to your income generating employment/ career as currently you most certainly are “at work”.

  19. I hope they offer barney at a reduced price ☆

    • This event would make the most sense for that offer. But I’m sure only down to maybe 200D. I won’t have that much.

      • Selfishly, I hope they don’t. I just (finally!) bought him yesterday at full pop!

        • That’s pretty selfish. 😛

          I say that EA just rebate the discount to you if they offer a deal within 30 days of purchase. Or make you pay for a low price guarantee package…30 donuts. 😉 (Active for 30 days.)

          (Did I impersonate EA well enough? B-) )

        • I feel sorry for you now with the deal coming to reality at minus 130. Sorry. 🙁

          • Yeah….figures. I’m going to shoot them an e-mail anyway. I wouldn’t have, but now I see that the rebate would have paid for the space Barney skin so, worth a try. It’s not smart of them because all this makes me do is resolve not to buy anything premium again unless it’s on some kind of sale. With the skin costing donuts (I think it should have been a prize that you could only use if you had Barney – encouraging people to buy him), it’s basically an insult to any tapper who already bought him anytime in the past. Newbies can scoop him up and the skin for the same price. Not cool.

            • Being a noobie that doesn’t have the stuff you’re required not to have for these offers I still feel this is dumb for the premium people and long termers. The people that got Barney for free, even. Totally agree about the skin aspect more than the discount. Both suck, but the skin is not useable without buying Barney, why does EA care when exactly you bought him? I hope it goes well for you!

          • Update #1 – Painfully slow conversation with online chat (yeah, yeah, should have gone straight to phone, but I hear they’re not so great anymore either). Advisor was very nice, but in the end had to go to a supervisor and only gave me 20 donuts. Did the call me back option and got a nice guy, who could not help me, and said he would transfer me to the in game department (maybe the “Indian department”??). Spent more than 20 mins on hold with no human interaction, or even a recorded “Your call is very important to us”. Hung up, requested the call back option again….guy was very nice but had to transfer me…..5 mins on hold now with no end in sight. At this point, I want donuts as compensation for the lousy service, instead of the Barney issue.

          • Update #2 – It took almost an entire hour, an online chat, and 3 phone calls, but I finally got compensated the 120 donuts. Was it worth my time? I don’t know, but I just tend to get stubborn about certain things and I’m glad it worked out. FWIW – the final time I called, I let the woman know immediately that I now wanted compensation for the horrible customer service (being put on hold twice for 10+ mins without so much as an automated message, let alone a human being). I told her whether it was for Barney or just the ‘pain in the butt’ factor, EA needs to do better by people who are paying customers. Don’t know if that helped my case or not, but there you have it.

            • Wow, congrats!

              I bet it was a combination of the two. I’ve been hearing people getting 20 donuts back, so that’s probably the bad service/decisions amount. Your other 100 must be for Barney.

              • Not exactly. The first online chat guy managed to “talk to his supervisor” and get 20 donuts authorized. Then I did call back option and guy listened and said he had to transfer me…. call back option again, and second transfer to nowhere….third call back option I complained and the girl did not transfer me but had to put me on lengthy holds twice, where she finally spoke with a specialist and got me 100 donuts, after pointing out I had already received 20 (I had said as much so I wasn’t trying to pull a fast one).

              • Pretty much still what I said. They didn’t just offer you 20 more, or 40 or 50, but 100 more, which sounds like it was intended to match the Barney deal, with your 20.

              • Yeah….and it wasn’t their offer to be clear. It is what I specifically asked for, but the online chat guys will never give more than 15 (in the past – seems to have gone up to 20). Then on the phone, when they pointed out I had already received 20, I very clearly asked for 100 more and stated that I was only asking for what I felt was fair.

  20. Thats it…if im going to hell im taking you with me…😡

  21. Well, surprise surprise, says I need an update as Xmas game over, I click the link, takes me to iTunes, but no facility to update just open, which it tries to do, but then get told needs update…. Why can’t the game be tested before it goes out….

    • Works for a lot of people. Could be a specific issue with your game honestly. I would contact EA and see what they say

    • Delete, and re-install. That fixes 99% of app problems for me, especially update-centered ones.

    • My game was doing this as well. I bypassed it by going directly to the AppStore on my iPhone, clicking updates, and could then update from there as TSTO was showing as needing updating. Hope that works for you.

  22. It’s definitely a space event!!! 🌎🌙☀️⭐️☄💫🚀🌌🌠
    Matches one of my favourite loungin’ around shirts
    (The speech bubble is a little worn out out it says “Yeah, maybe I do have the right…what’s that stuff?”)

  23. Carbon rods were the first currency of Superheroes 2015?
    And I noticed that the Fortress of Lonelitude has the same sound as the Superior Squad HQ from Superheroes Event, and it could be confusing.
    So, another Superhero event, or something connected to Deep Space Homer?
    Maybe the R.O.S.A Cutscene were also teased the upcoming event with the Maggie remake of “Homer Baby” which also a reference to Deep Space Homer.

  24. In a way you’re both winners. In another more accurate way, Barney is the winner.
    One of the best ever episodes. Bring it on.

  25. I have to say, i havent had time to remodel my town for a long time, thoh and winter items are still just on new pieces of land not incorporated into my town, so i would really appreciate a break. Not to mention that I havent progressed much with my springfield heights, as I tend to take a break from it when events hit.

  26. I hope if we have to wait a bit longer for the update we’ll at least get a new level soon! And maybe some Frinkpoints? (Yep, I keep calling them Frink instead of Friend I know…)

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