In-Game Update: Valentine’s Day Update Arrives!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Looks like it’s finally Valentine’s Day in Springfield!  As the Valentine’s Day update has hit our devices….

This is an IN-GAME Update.  There’s nothing to download from the App Store.  It should automatically start to download once you start up TSTO.  If you don’t see it hard close and restart TSTO.  If you still don’t see it…restart your device.

Back with more info as soon as I go through it…for now know that Homer starts things off with a 6s task.  That task is what kicks off the Valentine’s Day Event itself.  It’s a little event..similar to Thanksgiving 2015 and Deep Space Homer.  Complete tasks to earn prizes….Oh and keep Skinner free for the next part…

Oh and Gil’s back too! (sorry no Discount Donut deal…)  Again..going through it all…so will be updating this post as I go.


K guys the post is updated..sorry it took so long, had to take care of the TinyAddict 🙂  

As mentioned above…once you complete Homer’s 6s task you’ll start up the Valentine’s Day Event!

2016-02-10 20.18.27

Looks like, according to this, everything is set to end on February 16th. (Although I will say according to the files it says February 17th…but personally I’d err on the side of caution and finish it all up by the 16th)

Let’s start with the items in the store and then break it down from there…

2016-02-10 20.52.00

And according the the timers in the store the items leave on the 17th…


valentinestree_menuValentine’s Tree- $760

cherubtopiary_menuCherub Topiary- $3,500


New Stuff

sheshelounge_menuShe-She Lounge- 60 Donuts

powerplant00_valentines_menuValentine’s Cooling Towers- 25 Donuts (skin for the Cooling Towers)


Phineas Q. Butterfat'sPhineas Q Butterfat’s- 80 Donuts Should I Buy

Howard's FlowersHoward’s Flowers- 70 Donuts Should I Buy

upupandbuffet_menuUp, Up and Buffet- 90 Donuts Should I Buy

madamechaos_menuMadame Chao’s- 145 Donuts (thanks to everyone for letting me know 🙂 ) Should I Buy

animatronicbearsAnimatronic Bears- 50 Donuts Should I Buy

200px-Tapped_Out_I_Choo-Choo-Choose_You_TrainI Choo-Choo Choose You Train- 50 Donuts

cozyhammock_menuCozy Hammock- 40 Donuts

Cherub Bird Bath imageCherub Bird Bath- 10 Donuts

Valentine BalloonsValentine’s Balloons- 5 Donuts


ico_stor_single_bundleofloveBundle of Love… this will unlock on Valentine’s Day.  Looks like just a bunch of the pink Valentine’s day items from past events.


Cletus’ Farm…

rosebushYou can now, once again, grow Rose Bushes at Cletus’ farm..24hrs, Costs 1,000.  Earns $400, 100xp and 1 Rose Bush.

Gil’s Deal…

You’ll find Gil wandering the streets of Springfield looking to sell you something new….

Homer: I hate when the Kwik-E-Mart gets shut down for health code violations.  Now where can I get my hot dog with a side of tail?
Gil: Why, I couldn’t help but overhead your predicament, fella.  This dumpster has excellent acoustics.  If meat is what you’re after, I have a German fast food restaurant that I’d love to get off my hands. I mean sell or they’ll cut off my hands.  I owe some very vicious people a lot of money. Stupid Gil!  When will I learn — only put up internal organs as collateral.

2016-02-10 20.20.35

If you say no…

Gil: no?  Oh dear, some very mean people are going to be mad at me.  They’ll probably make me work in one of their banana republics.  Fingers crossed, they meant the store.

Remember if you say no originally you can always go back to the deal via the store.  You should see the offer right when you open up your store.

Yes, I’ll be doing a Should I buy on this…so don’t even ask lol 

If you say yes 

Gil: Wow! A sale! I only wish my dear mother was alive.  So I could rub this in her face.

Comes with Becky… becky_victory_pose


So as mentioned above this is very much like the Deep Space Homer Event.  You’ll have to complete tasks to earn indicator_heart to unlock prizes!  Here’s a look at the prizes you can earn…

ico_priz_val2016_coconutbabaloo_lgCoconut Babaloo

Lovely Flower CartLovely Flower Cart

ico_priz_val2016_renovatedcoconutbabaloo_lgFacade for Coconut Babaloo

ico_priz_val2016_starlinecommander_lgStarline Commander 

mona_victory_poseMona Simpson! 

We’ll have the full break down for each prize on the Turbo Tappin’ Post (I should have it up first thing in the morning).. The characters that earn indicator_heart will change with each task.


You’ll notice hearts floating around Springfield…


These are just added ambiance for the game itself…making Springfield feel more Valentine like 🙂

And that’s it my friends! The basic 411 on this fun little Valentine’s Day update!  Be sure to complete all the prizes by February 16th so you don’t miss out!

Oh and of course…don’t forget:

2016-02-11 01.40.47

What are your thoughts on the Valentine’s Day Update?  Thoughts on how it’s setup?  How about the prizes?  What are you most looking forward to?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

369 responses to “In-Game Update: Valentine’s Day Update Arrives!

  1. Okay…. so I am fairly new to the game…. started playing around Tap ball event. I only have 160 donuts right now and I am a HUGE fan of St. Patrick’s Day because of my Irish heritage….So should I buy the bundle of love decorations so I at least have a noticeable amount of Valentines decor in my town or hold off for the St. Patrick’s Day Event? I am not sure if there is usually a ton of items for a smaller holiday like that. Any opinions would be appreciated! Thanks in advance! 🙂

  2. I can’t find anything about Brandine in my store for some reason… Am I missing where to find her?

    Thank you!

  3. I’m only at level 16…. How do I finish the Valentine’s Day in time? I can only get grandpa at level 19:(

  4. I don’t know how or where to start to unlock Brandine

  5. I apologize if this has been asked elsewhere, but is there any reason to grow the Valentine’s flowers at Cletus’ farm? I see it’s a losing dollar proposition (spend $1000 and after 24 hours of growing the flowers you make $400), but I was wondering if it generates a permanent decoration? I haven’t done it yet and was hoping for feedback before trying it.

  6. Continued failure at finding donuts by visiting neighbors. Suspect relationship to more from daily challenge. Hellofaslump?

  7. I’ve scrolled the comments sections to check & haven’t seen anyone post about this but…has anyone had problems with missing decorations? I bought a bunch of valentines trees last night & this morning they were gone. I’ve tried restarting & I’ve also checked my storage – nothing. Weird.

  8. Having trouble with Maggie’s hide and seek game. When I find her for the final time, tapping her will not acknowledge and time rims out on me.

  9. Thanks like always for keeping us tappers up to date!

    Do you know by mistake if they changed the bonus $ and XP of any decoration with this update? Missing 5 $/XP bonus % points of my star rating since the update hit…

    As I’ve started remodeling a few days ago, I checked the inventory a 100 times to make sure, I didn’t store anything giving a bonus, maybe I sold something accidentally, although I don’t think I did …

    Happy weekend

    • If you recently went up a level, that might be the reason. That sometimes happens when you go up a level. Which XP point are you missing?

      • Thanks for your input, I didn’t level up recently.
        Missing 4,7% of the multiplier bonus… Was 173,4%, now 168,7%

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