Valentine’s Day Prize Guide: Mona Simpson (Including Walkthrough)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The Valentine’s Day mini event hit our Springfield’s recently and with it arrive a whole bunch (of a couple) of Valentine’s Day themed prizes for our Springfields!

This event is designed to follow a series of tasks via the questline to unlock prizes.  For each of the first 5 parts of The Golden Age of Swingers you’ll have to earn indicator_heart via various character tasks in order to unlock the prize for that part. The final prize you’ll unlock for this event is the one, the only..Mona Simpson!

2016-02-11 02.33.43

So let’s take a look at this runaway Simpson and see what just happens when you unlock her in your Springfield…

Once you’ve completed The Golden Age of Swingers Pt. 5 and successfully earned the 15 indicator_heart you’ll automatically be awarded Mona!

2016-02-11 02.38.12

She’s part of the Oldies Character Collection:

2016-02-11 02.38.20


Once unlocked Mona does come with her own questline…something to keep the story/romance going for her and Grampa.  Here’s a look at the Turbo Tappin’ version of her questline:

A Woman of Much Importance Pt. 1
Mona starts

Make Mona Surprise Grampa- 8hrs, Earns $550, 140xp (requires Grampa)

A Woman of Much Importance Pt. 2
Mona starts

Make Mona Have a Valentine’s Dance- 4hrs, Earns $350, 90xp (requires Grampa)

A Woman of Much Importance Pt. 3
Grampa starts

Make Grampa Run His Car in the Garage- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Make Mona Complain About the Living- 4hrs, Earns $435, 115xp (requires Maude, and won’t pop up until after you’ve started Grampa’s quest)

A Woman of Much Importance Pt. 4
Grampa starts

Make Grampa Make an Ally of Gravity- Requires King Homer’s Skyscraper (if you have it), 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp

A Woman of Much Importance Pt. 5
Grampa starts

Make Simpsons Convince Grampa to Carry On- x3. 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp

A Woman of Much Importance Pt. 6
Mona starts

Make Mona Feed the Birds with Grampa- 8hrs, Earns $550, 140xp (requires Grampa) 

Once you’ve worked through the first 2 parts of the questline and start part 3 you should get the option to purchase Maude…

Mona also comes with a full set of fun tasks.

Mona’s Permanent Tasks:

mona_feed_the_birds mona_protest_for_peace mona_victory_pose

Task Length Earns Location
Join in Bingo Night 1hr $70, 17xp Retirement Castle
Protest for Peace 4hrs $175, 45xp Outside/Visual
Have a Valentine’s Dance 4hrs $350, 45xp Coconut Cabana, Requires Grampa
Dance with Grampa 8hrs $550, 140xp Coconut Cabana, Requires Grampa
Feed the Birds 8hrs $550, 140xp Outside/Visual
Attend an Undead Mixer 8hrs $275, 70xp Springfield Cemetary
Complaing About the Living 12hrs $420, 100xp Brown House
Challenge Death to Battleships 24hrs $600, 150xp Retirement Castle

And that’s it for this runaway Simpson!

What’s Next?
Nothing!  You’ve completed the Valentine’s Day Event and the questlines!  Enjoy the downtime, work those new buildings into your Springfield.  🙂

What are your thoughts on Mona Simpson?  Have you earned her yet?  Thoughts on the Valentine’s Day Event?  Did you enjoy it?  Happy to have Mona?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. So funny thing, I didn’t get Mona before the event ended but I was in the process of trying to get the car. Since they allowed us to finish our current task I was able to earn this item. When I collected it a box popped up and prompted me to send certain characters on tasks to earn hearts for Mona. So I did. Well, I tried to. I sent Abe on his task and the couldn’t find the icon on the left drop down. So I started clicking through characters and noticed that some still had the heart earning tasks in their list. I sent them on the tasks. 12 hours later and I’ve earned Mona! I’m not sure if this was supposed to happen or not but needless to say I’m pretty excited about it. 😁

  2. My simpsons tapped out has restarted my game level 59 and starting at day 1. I have missed all valentine contest because the game wont reset… Sorry neighbouroonies havent forgotten you just cant get into my account. Very disappointed. Please ea fix this.

    • You’ll have to contact EA to fix it, we’re not EA so we can’t fix it. And while we know EA reads this site, they won’t fix case by case issues via this site. You’ll have to contact them directly.

  3. My recent request has instructed Mona to “Feed the Birds with Grandpa” but it showing that task under her character as “Locked” and “Requres: Grandpa”. I have Grandpa so I thought maybe if I sent him to “Feed the Birds” she would join but she didn’t. Why are some of Mona’s tasks still locked?

    • It should unlock if Grampa is free and you’ve reached that part of the questline. Try storing and replacing the Retirement Castle and see if that clears it up

      • Thank you. Grandpa was free when I attempted to start the task and it didn’t work. But a short while later(after he finished a different task) it became available. Must have been some glitch not allowing it recognize it. Oh well. Thanks again!

  4. If you just bought Maude, does she have a separate questline outside the one with Mona?

  5. I send Mona Simpson to do a task I did not want, I store the character and she won’t show in the storage. Anyone have the same problem?

  6. Hello all! Hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day! Just a quick question… I was EXTREMELY behind with the Valentine event due to the fact I was practically living at work! That being said, I only JUST got Mona. I’ve started her questline, but since the event will obviously be over once I reach part 3, well it still give me the option to buy Maude? Thank you in advance and happy tapping!

    • That I honestly don’t know. All I can say is try it and see what happens… (i have maude in All my games because she was initially free, so I can’t test it out)

      • Hello! Just wanted to let you know in case anyone else was wondering… it did give me the option to purchase Maude today, but I had started the quest prior to the event ending, so I don’t know if that makes a difference or not! As always, thank you so much for all your help! As much as I enjoy playing this game, Alissa, Bunny and Wookie, you name it that much more enjoyable! Hope everyone has a great day and happy tapping!

      • So, funny story – this is probably the second or third time I’ve missed getting Maude. The first release worked out to be my second day in this game, so I was told to reach level 5, but didn’t get there before the event timed out. I think I missed her during a Halloween re-release as well. And now… I got Mona the last day of Valentine’s event, and am just now working the quest line, and can’t get past part 4. Mona is still in my task book, and her task menu has a “complain about the living” (Gray, as a normal task would be) and a second “complain about the living”, locked, requiring Maude. So disappointed in missing Maude So many times…

    • I think she’s still on offer for at least 5 more days. Maybe the kill date for the event. I’ll check next time I’m in my game.

  7. I just sitting here, thinking about how long it has been since they first introduced Mona, and how the episode was a little heartbreaking at the end. You didn’t see much of that in the Simpsons at that time. Grandpas story was one of the more “touchy feely” episodes, and one of the first, I believe. 🙂

  8. I am confused how comes Mona is a ghost, I thought she ran away to escape the law.

  9. I put Mona into storage to try to kick-start the quest and now I can’t find her to get her back out!

  10. S Phoumsavanh
    Can the game company EA please shorten the 2016 valentines day quests in The Simpsons Tapped Out so all the players can have more time to unlock characters like Mona Simpson?

  11. I’ve done “Mona clomplain about the living” 3 times and it doesn’t advance the bloody game!

  12. Is today the last day to get Mona or will we have all day on the 16th too…..?

  13. Im stuck on monas task of complain about the living its says send her to but its not highlighted on her task list and have sent her on the task but it didnt do anything

  14. Did anyone else notice Grandpa referencing Maggie shooting Mr Burns, after completing part 5? Me thinks we could indeed be in for a “Who Shot Mr Burns?” Event!

  15. I’m stuck on Mona’s task to “complain about the living.” I keep having her do it, but it won’t check off as complete! Any ideas?

  16. I’m stuck on Mona’s pt 3 quest. I finish her talk with the living but it doesn’t move on to the next task. It just wants me to do it over. What am I missing?

  17. Silly question, but does Maude have permanent task or no?

  18. Happy Valentine’s Day, TSTO Addicts!!

  19. wouldn”t it be nice if EA could add a toggle to our inventory that allows us to flip our stored items between first stored and last stored items. xP. oh werl. but i finished the valentines quests. now to finish some buildings.

  20. My King Homer Skyscraper went invisible when Grampa was making an ally of gravity in it. Planes circling, bldg gone. Could tap the space & get pop up for Grampa doing his task.


  21. I’m a little confused as to why my sky scraper has disappeared while grandpa is being an ally to gravity? If I click on the spot it is/was it says how much time is remaining to the task but why is it invisible?

  22. Is today the last day to get Mona?

  23. whens the next event St Paddys day then Easter??

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