Where Did THAT Come From – La Belle Frottage

Helloooooooooooo High Rollers!  How are the one-armed bandits treating you?

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where Did THAT Come From?


Viva Las Springfield, turning night into day because the game has no night so tappers tapa-tap and tap again….

Hey hey friends.  So Ea did it again and threw a big ol’ mega event our way to use up our free time.  Burns’ Casino has been a building often requested and I guess the programmers decided it was time to add it and do it in a ginormous fashion. I’m loving all the new glitz and glamor in my town and even better, there’s a ton of new stuff to write origins for.  For the installment, we’ll take a look at La Belle Frottage, a casino offered for 185 donuts.

“Sky Police” (S26:E16)

Always fun when items come from newer episodes and this one is no exception. In this episode, Clancy Wiggens has his Skymaster X5000 Jet Pack mistakenly delivered to our favorite incompetent police Chief with a very similar name. “Justice has a new name. Up.” Some fun antics with one futuristic flying officer aka Sky Police ensue but when Brigadier General Calncy Wiggens shows up for his jet pack (and to exchange an off-brand dust ruffle), Wiggum tries to escape only to be shot down. The jet pack careens off through town, ultimately destroying the Frist Church of Springfield.

Sky Police Simpsons

That poor church, always being destroyed to make way for Simpsons plots. Insurance won’t cover the damages because they view all things as acts of God. No fear though, Apu trains Marge, Ned Flanders, Agnes Skinner, Reverend & Mrs. Lovejoy, and Sideshow Mel to win the money back by running a card counting scheme (a “legal but frowned upon scheme” and a “morally acceptable scewjob”).

Apu teaches card counting Simpsons

The casino the gang heads to in Springfield is none other than La Belle Frottage.

La Belle Frottage Casino Simpsons

Other than Mr. Burns’ Casino, it’s actually one of the only gambling locales that’s actually in Springfield in the show.  Later the “Rapture-waiting baby baptizers” continue the scheme in hilarious costumes.

Holy Roller Costumes Simpsons

And that’s really it friends for this premium offering. The casino literally translates to “the beautiful dry humping” if you were wondering.  It’s a bit pricey but I like the look of it in my Springfield Strip.  I only wish EA added this building with it.

Atheist Strip Club Simpsons

If you want to read more about the episode, there’s a full recap here. What do you think of the new building? Did you add it to your Springfield Strip? Sound off in the comments and happy gambling, errr, I mean chip collecting.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

58 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – La Belle Frottage

  1. Gil Garcia Jr

    Not planning on buying this, but I would sure as Hell spend donuts on the Atheist Strip Club.

  2. So I got up the nerve to Search the word (I know what “La Belle” means.. I think) anyway…autocorrect didn’t want me to, translation apps didn’t let me, Internet search came up with charcoal etchings of an innocent manor so… I had to search via a Naughty Site…. And what it Came up with :0

    Umm.. I guess you can also call such activities as another term for Illigal Mexican Poultry Fighting… (But I guess it isn’t really fighting in this case). Also made me think of sword or Lightsaber fights but again not so much fighting taking place…. Best way to discribe it maybe is… You know when you are trying to start a fire in the woods but all you have is two sticks??

    (If this makes it in comments, that means I’ve done my job) :p

  3. Sadrortuna853

    Just noticing on Android the Platinum Scratcher seems to be back. A limited 3 day run. But $7.99 a pop?!? My inner Wile E. Coyote holds up a sign that says “Yikes!”

  4. Forgot to mention – there are two new items in the store, a bundle with Miss Springfield + skin and an NPC that apparently earns a token every day.

  5. In French, “frottage” simply means “rubbing” (from the verb “frotter”). As far as I know, only Americans regard the sexual connotation of the verb as primary.

    The name is also grammatically incorrect: “frottage” is a masculine noun, while “la belle” is feminine (the correct would thus be “le beau frottage”).

    • Not sure where you come from, but the translation of rubbing is “frotter”. In no conjugation of a non-sexual rubbing is it “frottage” (Je frotte, tu frotte, il frotte, elle frotte, nous frottons, vous frottez, ils frottent, elles frottent). When used as a noun with the ending -age, it is a sexual innuendo that is closer to “massage” (think, all those, ahem, ‘legal’ parlours in the movies…) than dry humping, just FYI. (Oh yes, I have a masters degree in linguistics and applied language studies…I probably never found reason to mention that before, LOL).

      • Lol… I’m loving all the linguistics based on a silly premium item. The “dry hump” decision was made based on an urban dictionary definiteion. It seemed the least risque.

  6. Off topic for the post, but I need help. I just purchased Chippy for 50 donuts and didn’t receive the player club points. So I stored Chippy and while he is in inventory it has “awards 60 club cards!” written underneath him. But I can’t get them.
    If your suggestion is to contact EA, could you please include the link. Thank you guys.

  7. like this casino a lot, but 185 donuts is a bit too much for me to swallow. 5 less than duffman and the brewery, and i don’t even have that yet (hopefully soon, kinda holding out on a discount….). sadly, i’m probably not gonna end up getting it.

  8. I am no longer able to send Snake in the Tree quest. It worked just fine until I built Britania casino. I am one task off before an upgrade.

  9. Anyone else doing the daily tasks and not receiving the reward. Mine currently are “play the slots” and “get a keychain”

  10. I doubt it’s coming but Marge in the green dress… Va va voom.

  11. Must…resist..urge…to point out…two typos… lol

  12. It’s not the beautiful dry humping…it’s the good (or wonderful) rub casino.

    • Tracy - 1ltwoody920

      My dictionary has the primary definition of a charcoal rubbing to transfer an image.

      I guess a rubbing to transfer an image suffices.

    • “The Good Rub” as in “one good rub deserves another.” Makes a lot more sense than the translations I was coming up with using Google. Thanks.

      • Yes, I realized after posting this the saying is “one good turn deserves another.” I guess I’d rather be rubbed than turned.

    • My dictionary states rubbing against another in a highly suggestive nature for gratification (it’s actually much seedier than that)

    • I believe it’s what the French call a double entendre. But “the Good Rub” makes sense as the non-risque meaning.

    • I posted elsewhere – it’s a um…..well, think of all those barely legal “massage” parlours you see in movies or tv shows and what is well known to be actually taking place. The correct translation of rubbing in a typical manner (I.e. rubbing your cold arms) is “frotter”.

  13. Thanks for the run down, I had been struggling to recall where it came from! Hilarious. I’d love to see skins for all the casino gang, Helen and Marge look so cool!! Haha.

  14. New futurama game in ios App Store. It’s nothing like tapped out, it’s more similar to candy crush.

    • Yup… 🙁

      • Sad face? Were you wanting another game to blog about? 🙃

        • No I was just hoping for a fun game. I’m not a fan of puzzle games…they frustrate me too much lol

          • Not a day goes by that I’m not swearing “I hate this stupid game!” at candy crush…it’s the only one of its type that I play and I’ve never spent a dime on it, but I’m at like level 1400 and can’t make myself stop.

            I’m also disappointed the Futurama game isn’t like Tapped Out, but it’ll save me time and money.

          • Ah, yes. It’s nice having two fun games. 😉

            • I downloaded Marvel, but i’ve just not been able to get into it…

              • I don’t think I’ll be trying that one lol.

              • lol it’s basically TC’s version of The Sims…but with Marvel characters.

              • Marvel-foul tip. I liked the first Iron Man movie and the Marvel shows on Netflix but otherwise I’m not a big fan.
                Sims-on the corner, strike two, looking. I haven’t really played it so can’t really judge it.
                TC-big swing and a miss, strike three, yer outta there!

                Baseball analogy, you gotta love that! ⚾️🙂

              • lol i appreciate a good baseball analogy. TC…good people. Not good execution on games, IMO. They’re in it to make money, which i get. But personally I think you need to make your games achievable without spending money.

              • You’re right. They’re a company, they’re in it to make money. So is EA. One makes you want to spend, one makes it so you “need” to. I could go on a lot more about this, but, probably not the best place to do so lol. 🙂

          • I like puzzles, but I don’t really consider Candy Crush a puzzle game. I was expecting town builder or something, so that was a big let-down. Whoop-dee-do, Candy Crush on a hexagonal grid.

  15. Shouldn’t “Atheist Strip Club” be a skin for the first church of Springfield, rather than a standalone building? 🙂

  16. Any help plz

  17. When I heard this Event’s theme I thought of the various skins as seen in that picture (Goth Lovejoys etc.) and of course would like to see those in our game but also SideShow Mel in civilian clothes (green top, khaki pants) because I’m tired of seeing him in his Krusty-Show outfit.

  18. My school in South East London was a bit rough and I’ve a feeling our French teacher wasn’t properly qualified to teach us that delightful 2nd tongue.
    He translated LA Belle Frottage into English for us and it wasn’t nice.
    As a 14 year old it gave me approximately 4 weeks of sleepless nights.
    No wonder I failed French o level.
    Didn’t do much betta in me inglish exams neevah.
    And that’s why I’m a painter and decorator now.
    Beware kids.

  19. I love it, but I bought the Springfield sign and don’t have enough donuts to buy it now. And because the casino update is keeping me from building the monorail (dammit EA, use some different characters next time, I have 120 more) the donut collection isn’t growing as fast as it could/should.

    I’m clearing up my entire Springfield heights part of town to make a small Vegas strip, always looking to get more casino’s there. It will take awhile, but I think the results will be great!

  20. This was one of the better new episodes. LOVE Marge’s outfit too!! They should release that as a skin, or that purple dress she wore when she made Homer take Lisa on a date.

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