Casino 2016 Prize Guide: Act 2, Prize 3 Casino Nessie

Special thanks to Kim (kimberlyah794) for helping out with this post.  Y’all may know Kim from the comments and from some guest posts during the Winter and Casino Event.  Thanks for the help, again, Kim!   

Hey, hey, hey, fellow Tappers!

Viva Las Springfield!  The Casino Event has arrived in Springfield…and it’s full of Vegas inspired decorations, buildings and games!

This Event is broken up into 3 Acts, with each Act containing part of the story.  To help you move along with the event you’ll get several prizes per Act.  Each prize will either be something fun for Springfield or something to help you move along in the event.  For the Second Act you’re tasked with collecting Green Chips (ico_casino_greenchip_lg) to unlock each prize!

The second Act 2 prize awarded at 32,950ico_casino_greenchip_lg  (or +14,800ico_casino_greenchip_lg from the Lucky Casino) is Casino Nessie.  And honestly, who doesn’t want a sweet, purple, semi-aquatic dinosaur in a tuxedo roaming their towns?

2016-03-11 00.50.08

So let’s take a closer look at this third prize and just what happens when you unlock her in your Springfield…

Once you’ve collected 32,950ico_casino_greenchip_lg  (or +14,800ico_casino_greenchip_lg from the Lucky Casino), you’ll automatically be awarded Casino Nessie and you’ll see this message popup:

2016-03-11 00.50.15

And you’ll have the option to place her in your Springfield immediately or store her in your inventory for later.  Remember, if you store it, you’ll have to go into your inventory to place it in Springfield later…

REALLY IMPORTANT: Casino Nessie awards 300 ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel.  However, you MUST place her in your Springfield in order to get credit for 300 ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel.  If you store it in your inventory immediately and don’t place in Springfield you won’t get credit for the Club Cards.  You’ll get credit once you place it. So don’t think just because you stored it you’ll never get the Club Card Points.  Just place it in Springfield and the points will be awarded to you.

Once placed in Springfield you’ll see Nessie’s Character Unlock Message:

2016-03-11 00.50.20


And Nessie is part of the Casino Staff Character Collection.

2016-03-11 00.50.24

Here are some quick facts about Nessie:


Casino Nessie is animated and “voiced” when tapped – she’ll stop and purr/blurble (not a real word, but you’ll understand when you hear her).

And that’s really it to this NPC.  No additional questline once placed and nothing to earn you more ico_casino_greenchip_lg  Just unlock the prize and that’s basically it.

Remember this is a NPC (Non-Playable Character) so she will not have tasks associated with her.

And there you have it the details behind Casino Nessie – the third Act 2 Prize!

What’s Next?

ico_priz_casino_woodstock_lgWoodstock Casino, Awarded at 48,850ico_casino_greenchip_lg  (or +15,900ico_casino_greenchip_lg from Casino Nessie). This is the next prize we’ll break down.

So that my friends is the full breakdown of the third Act 2 prize!

What do you think of Casino Nessie?  Have you placed her in your Springfield?  Thoughts on the Casino Event?  Enjoying yourself so far?  Sound off in the comments below; you know we love hearing from you!

Again thanks to Kim (kimberlyah794) for her input on this post! 

34 responses to “Casino 2016 Prize Guide: Act 2, Prize 3 Casino Nessie

  1. My favorite NPC. But I hated all the rest. This is the only NPC that I’ve left in my Springfield. She makes such a cute noise!

  2. Meh
    Another useless NPC
    (something else that is getting stored)
    When will EA get a clue?

  3. Does anyone else have Nessie stuck in Springfield Heights? I want her to have more free range but I can’t move her and she won’t move out on her own. That’s where the game put her when I placed her/him/it?

  4. My favorite NPC together with my twonicorn!!!

  5. Favourite NPC because it doesn’t just hide out behind stuff, it can’t!

  6. She’s one of my favorite NPCs, but I was really hoping she’d have tasks. Seems like she could have had some really funny tasks if they wanted.

    I guess they only want to give us 1 full character per act. Quite frankly, I wish Nessie had tasks and Cregg was the NPC. Pretty sure I wouldn’t mind storing him away never to be seen again.

  7. Will unplayed gambling tokens carry over into Act 3?

  8. CardsFlyinHigh

    Yes, she’s totally useless, but I just love the fact I have the Loch Ness Monster roaming around my town. She will never see my storage

  9. I wish she wouldn’t wander. I’d rather keep her close to the casinos. I love her, though! I’ll keep her out for a while.

  10. Is her unlock message “Now you see me, now you don’t.” referring to the fact that most people are gonna end up putting her in storage pretty quick?

  11. my favorite prize in this act

  12. So, totally useless then I see. So grab the points then put Nessie back in storage and never bring it out again.

  13. Question – will my tokens carry over into Act 3?

  14. I’m usually not a big fan of NPCs but I kinda like having Dino…umm, I mean Nessie, roaming around in my town.

  15. Off-topic, but is there a new twist to find Maggie game? I get a Maggie figure toying with butterflies on the school steps which doesn’t do anything when tapped and a second Maggie on some other building which is the one I’m supposed to find. The school Maggie makes the noise as well as the intended one, which really screws up the sucko-location. This has been going on every time for about a month now, does everyone have this or is it a glitch? Thanks blog hosts.

    • I have this in my B town on top of Moe’s. I know exactly what caused it, but not how to fix it.
      I killed the app when I couldn’t find her, right after it showed me that she was on top of Moe’s. Now she’s always on top of Moe’s, and always sucking. She starts to float away on the balloon, then reappears back on the roof.
      When I play Find Maggie it’s harder now, because I have to ignore the one on Moe’s and find the real Maggie.
      I hope that one day she will really be there, and it will fix itself, but I don’t know if that will happen or not.

  16. Thanks Kim , great post as always . Got Nessie , just not sure how much longer I can put up with a purple monster wandering my Springfield , storage may be sooner than later . My Springfielders are totally oblivious to it too , Homer walked by it earlier and didn’t even flinch . Wake up people , it’s a freaking great big dinosaur and it ‘s gonna get hungry sometime soon…… 🙂

  17. How could you not love her?

  18. Stored it already 🐲 🙂

  19. I love having nessie in my town ♡

    • and you were first 🏁 🏆
      6 minutes ahead of me,
      checked your PM yet?

      • Tracy - 1ltwoody920

        My power was out until 3:30 TOAT (tapped out addicts time), so I could not access the Internet with my router “unplugged”.
        In the mean time, finished off my annual homage to the IRS.
        Time to relax.

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