Where Did THAT Come From – Assorted Vegas Signs, Casinos, and a Fountain (oh my)

What happens in Springfield stays in Springfield.  Or does it?

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where Did THAT Come From?

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So wowza has this been an event full of goodness to build our very own Cities of Simp-Sin.  The lights are bright and the casinos are glamorous and a lot of the event details feel appropriately addictive like gambling but that’s okay.  This is a site called TSTO Addicts so we should’ve been prepared for this, right?  At least it’s not a wheel or box event.  This post is going to go over seven items in this event for one big reason… they all hail from the same episode (literally within the same five minutes or so).  Let’s take a look at one special episode to find the Dupes Sign (Crafting Level 3), Cowgirl Sign (Crafting Level 2), Lucky Casino (2nd Act Prize), Golddiggers Sign (premium), Newark Newark Sign (2nd Act Prize), Safari Casino (Craftin Level 3), and Nero’s Fountain.

“Viva Ned Flanders” (S10:E10)

After Ned realizes he’s sixty and really hasn’t lived a day in his life, he turns to Homer to have fun.  Homer’s plan is to take him to Vegas.

Las Vegas Simpsons

I’ve been to Vegas a few times (one super fun time with the Lady Addicts) and love all the parodies the writers came up with.  It probably should come as no surprise that a ton of our new items for the Casino Event would be from the episdoe where Homer and Ned go to Sin City.  You probably will immediately notice the Cowgirl Sign, Dupes Sign, and Lucky Casino.

Dupes & Lucky Casino & Peacock Casino Simpsons

I really like the Peacock casino too and if you look, there’s a Stratoshpere-esque tower which might have inspired the Burns’ Players Club.  The next shots in the epsiode (other than some jokes my daughter tells me are offensive no matter how I laugh) are pan shots of the Golddigger’s sign which came with Miss Springfield’s costume and the Newark Newark Sign.  I had fun editing these into complete images.

Golddiggers Casino & Newark Newark

I love the Newark Newark sign.  I lived in New Jersey for a period of my life and this just tickles my funny bone with its neon rat.  Doesn’t hurt either that one of my “Amazing” sisters from a different mister hails from the Garden State.  What do you think a Cirque show about a Vegas buffet would look like?  Maybe an acrobatic food fight?

After these shots, we see Ned and Homer drive past the Safari Casino.  Only in Vegas would the animals on exhibition be put on the roller coaster.

Safari Casino Simpsons

Makes me think of the New York New York casino in Vegas.  The Britannia also was probably inspired by that casino.  This one is probably one of my faves of the event, mainly because the designers toook several seconds of show and made a fully realized building.  Also nice to have another goal in an event.  Anyhoo… the last casino, which includes the Nero Fountain, is where Ned and Homer finally decide to stay and then drunkenly marry two cocktail waitresses by mistake.

Nero's Palace and Fountain Simpsons

Not to point out spoilers, but based on this Level 3 crafting prize, I would not be surprised to see more goodness including Nero’s Palace in Act 3.  Kind of pointless to have a fountain without the building.  And that’s really it.  Quick blips from the show that are now in our game via act prizes, crafting, and premium offerings.  What do you think of all of them. Anything else you would’ve preferred?  Been to Caesar’s Palace, New York New York, The Dunes Casino, or a Cirque show?  Do you like the parodies?  Sound off in the comments below.  You know we love hearing from you.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

30 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Assorted Vegas Signs, Casinos, and a Fountain (oh my)

  1. How do I get the Cirque Du Buffet sign, or did it already leave the store?

  2. I’ve seen a fountain in a friends town that i cannot seem to find anywhere to craft/earn/buy. It’s similar to the craftable sequins fountains in that it shoots water but its much much bigger and round. Can anyone shed some light on what i might be missing?

  3. Does the safari casino have any character tasks?

  4. What jobs does the Safari casino have?? Anyone know?

  5. It’s pretty big. I was surprised. Much bigger than the rest of prizes. Bigger than Britannia.

  6. I have enjoyed crafting some of the Decor / Buildings in this Event
    In fact? I have found the Craftables more appealing than the Premiums 😉


    I also really hope they have the animals going around the building on the roller coaster when it’s animated!! That’s the big thing I’m saving up for. I have enough for the Spruce Moose now but I need to save the martinis for the Safari.

    And the Peacock!!!! Ugh this event is amazing 😍 So many bright lights and colours and water features!!

  8. Does the safari casino earn club card points?

  9. I really hope we will get the sign from Nero’s advertising The Satin Knights opening act…The Moody Blues. The MB are my Mom’s favorite band and thst joke cracks me up every time.

  10. Anyone have an idea of when Show Tickets will be coming our way or will the only go into effect in act 3?

  11. Think the Pyramid shaped building will be in Act three since it is on the splash screen?

  12. Did you see spruce moose mr burns in the character collection

    • Saw him in the Casino Staff, thought it was part of the spruce moose crafting. I wonder if it is an Act 3 prize.

  13. It’s funny that you assumed “Cirque du Buffet” was a buffet themed Cirque show and I assumed it was a Cirque themed buffet… well, not funny ha-ha…

  14. I only went to Las Vegas once like almost twenty years ago. The effell tower were under construction then. I wanted to try the new York new York roller coaster but my guy friend who is a few years older than me don’t have the guts to do so. He said you could die from it. Then I managed to get him to join me for the shoot up ride at the top of stratosphere. We bought the tickets and while waiting at the souvenir shop, he saw postcards of the actual set up of the ride. He chickened out and I have to ride it alone. I learned after my ride that he gave his ticket to some stranger girl. I berated him and said he should have let me ride again. Anyway it is with big regrets that I didn’t try any roller coaster there due to him. I have never tried one before then.

    I was surprised at the plethora of call girls service pamphlets all over the streets and also slipped under our motel doors. Images of naked girls were rare then as Internet was at its infancy and my country forbids any form of naked pictures in any media. I kept some of the pamphlets as souvenir. The Fremente Street has a fantastic display of light bulbs. Overall, I was in a heightened state then due to all these glitters and pictures of sexy ladies pamphelts. Very memorable trip!

  15. I just watched Viva Ned Flanders last night on FXX and I loved seeing all the signs and the Safari Casino. I haven’t seen that episode in a long time (maybe not since it first aired). Looking forward to crafting the Safari Casino.

  16. Britannia was one of the rejected concepts for the Burns Casino I think.

  17. The Brittania (and the Woodstock) are both casinos pitched to Mr. Burns in the $pringfield episode

  18. Does Safari Casino have an animation with the animals on the rollercoaster? I havent found one yet but curious. Thanks!

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