Casino 2016 Prize Guide: Act 2, Prize 4 Woodstock Casino

Special thanks to Kim (kimberlyah794) for helping out with this post.  Y’all may know Kim from the comments and from some guest posts during the Winter and Casino Event.  Thanks for the help, again, Kim!   

Hey, hey, hey, fellow Tappers!

Viva Las Springfield!  The Casino Event has arrived in Springfield…and it’s full of Vegas inspired decorations, buildings and games!

This Event is broken up into 3 Acts, with each Act containing part of the story.  To help you move along with the event you’ll get several prizes per Act.  Each prize will either be something fun for Springfield or something to help you move along in the event.  For the Second Act you’re tasked with collecting Green Chips (ico_casino_greenchip_lg) to unlock each prize!

The fourth Act 2 prize awarded at 48,850ico_casino_greenchip_lg  (or +15,900ico_casino_greenchip_lg from Casino Nessie) is the Woodstock Casino.  Groovy, man…

2016-03-11 00.50.39

So let’s take a closer look at this fourth prize and just what happens when you unlock it in your Springfield…

Once you’ve collected 48,850ico_casino_greenchip_lg  (or +15,900ico_casino_greenchip_lg from Casino Nessie), you’ll automatically be awarded the Woodstock Casino and you’ll see this message popup:

2016-03-11 00.50.47

And you’ll have the option to place it in your Springfield Immediately or Store it in your inventory for later.  Remember, if you store it you’ll have to go into your inventory to place it in Springfield later…

REALLY IMPORTANT: Woodstock Casino awards 240 ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel.  However, you MUST place and build it in your Springfield in order to get credit for 240 ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel.  If you store it in your inventory immediately and don’t place in Springfield you won’t get credit for the Club Cards.  You’ll get credit once you place it. So don’t think just because you stored it you’ll never get the Club Card Points.  Just place it in Springfield and the points will be awarded to you.

Once placed in Springfield the casino has some dialogue that pops up:

Lisa:  Finally, a casino that captures the bold revolutionary spirit of the 1960s.
Bart:  Plus performances by every washed-up half-dead rock and roll band of the 1960s.  Seriously, who the hell are ”Led Zeppelin?”

Here are some quick facts about the Casino:


Size: 15×10
Build Time: 4 hours
Earns: $300, 30xp/24hrs
Club Card Points: 240ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel when placed
Conform-O-Meter Impact: Consumerism +10
Where Can I Place It?:
What Does It Do?:  
Animated, lights up when in use.
Character Tasks There: Mrs. Krabappel has a 6hr task here to Relive Old Memories, which earns $225, 55xp

And there you have it the details behind the Woodstock Casino – the second Act 2 Prize!

What’s Next?
charactersets_creggdemonCregg Demon, Awarded at 71,600ico_casino_greenchip_lg  (or +22,750ico_casino_greenchip_lg from the Woodstock Casino). This is the next prize we’ll break down.

So that my friends is the full breakdown of the fourth Act 2 prize!

What do you think of the Woodstock Casino?  Where have you placed it in your Springfield?  Thoughts on the Casino Event?  Enjoying yourself so far?  Sound off in the comments below; you know we love hearing from you!

Again thanks to Kim (kimberlyah794) for her input on this post! 

88 responses to “Casino 2016 Prize Guide: Act 2, Prize 4 Woodstock Casino

  1. Bangles Dupree

    I enjoyed your post, Kim! I put my Woodstock near the Simpson’s farm. I’m thinking about getting some tents out of storage along with the farmers market. Fun event! I really like Nessie.

  2. I put my Woodstock Casino next to the Soccer Stadium (lol) …yes it’s 2 out of place to be with the other Casinos (but it’s a Freemium Building that generates XP and $) …

  3. definitely think it looks out of place with the casinos but i couldn’t think where else to put it. everyone here has put some great ideas for it though, so thank you for the inspiration. will be moving mine now! 🙂

  4. Great event so far! I’m a freemium player, unlocked all prizes so far and got 3×3 Bonuts from this act😀 Looking forward to Act 3. I have 225 tokens saved (and counting) plus two daily challenges worth 1350 chips each so hopefully I’ll hit the ground running👍🏻😄

  5. I put Woodstock on to my Springfield Strip but it does look out of place. I’ve been thinking about moving it to my woods/rural area but want to wait until I see the Act 3 prizes. Loving this event.

  6. When week 3 starts will we lose unused gambling tokens? I have 43 of them but I don’t think I’ll make it to 8,000

  7. Mrs. K uses it but not the Hippie (come on!!)

    I like the bent part of the fence, since I met a man whom claims to be the man in all the Woodstock footage as the hippie kicking the fence down. He is now a well-to-do fella (very non-hippie now).

    • My husband was a hippie who once told his mother that a trip to Hawaii would not be worth cutting his hair short.
      He now has a son that is a Vegan who is a “hippie” and lives in his van that he doesn’t understand. LOL
      The “old” remember nothing bad about their past. Just rememberances of Dead Head concerts and vague experiences…..

    • Marion (AnothrAddict)

      I was thinking the same thing, EA missed an opportunity to create an outdoor task for Hippie…not sure what it could be…maybe him kicking the fence down!? What a great story, true or not.

  8. Mine’s by Lake Springfield and the giant redwood! I love it!

  9. I don’t think it looks like a casino at all, I think it looks like an outdoor concert. I put it by the recycling center and farmer’s market, added a couple tents and some trees, and lured a couple hippies there (although of course Mona wandered away.) I wish Otto’s visual tasks weren’t linked to the bus, he’d look great near the stage or campground sleeping it off.

    Anyway, I really like it there and I’m glad to save the space on my Vegas strip for more casino-looking casinos.


    For comparison (and because I already found it for another conversation).

  11. I am running a dual casino strip. One side has the “classy” Vegas Strip casinos and clubs the other has the “grimy” and “rough” downtown casinos. This went in my downton section.

  12. Don’t store the Woodstock casino! It earns $300 a day. Like another player, I also placed it near the farm, which includes Cletus’s Dice Den and Moonshine Shack. Evergreen trees adorn the back of the casino and four colored spotlights flash in the front of it non-stop. Looks like Cletus and his brood will have a wonderful time!

  13. One thing I love about this and the Britannia and Cletus’s dice game are I feel I can design them elsewhere. All the others I feel the need to cram into a casino area so they don’t stand out and personally I think Vegas is the most vile disgusting city there is. So I don’t really want a casino area but the building designs are brilliant.

    • Have you been there Ryan?

      • I LOVE Vegas! We own a time share on the strip, go there about once a year, going there in late April for a work conference.

        So excited for both my upcoming trip and the new items in my Springfield.

      • No and I never will. There are two cities I never wanted to see LA and Vegas. I would never choose to go to LA but it would be as Spock would say ‘most fascinating’ to see. But Vegas represents everything that makes me understand why most of the world looks down on the American lifestyle.

        • I dunno I always say don’t judge until you’ve been. While Vegas has it’s “sins” it’s still a very nice vacation destination. And surprisingly family friendly. I 100% prefer it to a place like Atlantic City

          • Normally I’d agree. That’s my stance on LA but Vegas. One of my best friends has been trying to get me to go forever. He keeps telling me it’s like NY but he keeps describing Times Square and as any New Yorker knows Times Square is for tourists only. I used to live a block away and was an expert at avoiding it.
            To me Vegas is all flash, all show, glitter, glitz and as fake as fake can be. I prefer places with some substance. I’d rather see the fountains in Vienna or the trees in Savanah. Some people enjoy that stuff, just not me.

            • Oh no…i’d never compare Vegas to times square.

              • Ahh the way he describes it, it sounds exactly like Times Sq but with gambling

              • I mean it’s bright…does that count? lol

              • sonicboiny834 ryan

                He says it’s lots of big buildings, flashing lights, people everywhere…

              • yes and no. It’s really nothing like it, in my opinion (as someone who’s been to both places…A LOT)

              • And he says he’s been to NY because he went to that casino

              • lol that friend doesn’t sound to well traveled…

              • He’s not, he gets really scared in cities. He locks the doors when we would drive through certain areas of Minneapolis and Denver. He’s never been here but would love to see his reaction. My neighborhood is only 30% white. A mutual friend did come visit and he stayed with a friend of ours in Williamsburg South just across the JMZ lines. It’s the second biggest orthodox Jewish neighborhood in the city. I had to work one day while he was here and he didn’t think he could find his own way to Coney Island by himself. So I told him just to walk down Bedford and he’d find all these cool vintage stores, record stores and coffee shops. After work I called him and he hid in the apartment all day, he was scared of the jews. I could not stop laughing. It’s on the top ten list of the safest neighborhoods in the city. Amazing how even really liberal people can be scared of what they don’t know.

              • Goes to show you being scared of what they don’t know transcends parties…just because someone’s liberal doesn’t mean they’re sympathetic to everyone. And just because someone’s conservative doesn’t mean they hate everyone. Interesting picture the media tries to paint for us…

              • Yeah I was talking to someone from high school. She was all anti Muslim and I’m like do you know any Muslims and her response was ‘I often see women in robes.’ No make friends, it’s fun to go to dinner with a Muslim and order a pork chop and after does it taste like lamb, does it taste like chicken etc… You just have a fun conversation about culture. People different from you aren’t scary in fact the more different someone is than you, if you can find a way to connect and relate it’ll be the most insightful conversation you could ever have. When you look at people as themselves it’s amazing how interesting we are.

              • There are some wackadoos in every religion, race and culture…but we shouldn’t brand everyone the same.

              • Exactly

              • Scared of the Jews? Hahahahaa….

                But, seriously, that’s how folks end up supporting some of the more repugnant, dangerous reactionary political candidates…Zenophobia is a powerful and scary thing (far scarier than the Jews in NYC 😉 ).

                Did you tell your friend he should feel safer if he wanted to go out on Saturday night? 😉

              • LOL no he is not racist at all. He’s just scared. I mean the guy is a genius but he has serious issues. Thank God he’s anti gun. He’s just uncomfortable around anyone. Especially things he doesn’t understand. I took him to a gay bar because they had $1 beers and he freaked. He’s an artist and philosopher, surprise. He finds NYC fascinating but it’s too much for him to absorb. He literally started running through Fulton St in Brooklyn because there were too many people.

              • I wonder if he’s somewhere on the autism spectrum…sounds a lot like that.

              • Never thought about that but it makes sense. I mean he majored in philosophy in college where I met him and he’s been a librarian since I’ve met him. He is a wild card. He refuses to drive due to his stance on cars but so do I. He’s brilliant but you can only talk to him metaphysically. Which I’m fine with. It just makes it hard for him to be social. The relation between circles and spirals doesn’t get you laid and he’s really lonely. I think he’s gay and hiding behind the trap door in the back of the closet but that’s just my opinion

              • Yeah – I know I shouldn’t “diagnose” someone I’ve never met and only read a couple of paragraphs about (and especially since I’m not any kind of “professional” in this field), but, the more you say about him, the more convinced I am that he’s somewhere on that spectrum (and likely not at either end of it). And he may be gay, but it could just be the Asperbergers/autism/whatever that’s interfered with his ability to date or form a sexual/romantic relationship.

              • It’s very likely or just too much Niquil

        • L.A. isn’t so bad. It’s just as much of a city as any other. Huge and scary, but there’s grocery stores and other retail. I’ve gone there for conventions and it’s near Disneyland. What’s bad about it, Ryan?

          • Plastic people. I used to work for an insurance company and we took calls from all over the country and I couldn’t stand LA people. In fact I was planning on moving to San Francisco until I became the designated NY person. I was the only person in my department who could handle the New Yorkers. So anything with a 212 or 718 area code was routed to my phone.

            • You broke my fake plastic heart. (kidding.)

              Um, SF isn’t L.A. It’s a tiny city compared to L.A. Maybe you can still move to S.F. Or better yet, a nearby city.

              • I’m very happy in NY now. LA is a tiny city. But seriously I’m familiar with the difference in northern and southern California culturally. I have no interest in the south but still hold a fascination with the north. San Francisco in particular. Of my top ten list of places to visit I’ve never been before it’s one of the three American cities I really want to lose myself in. San Francisco; Savanah, GA and Austin, TX which I’m too scared to go to.

              • San Francisco is lovely…more of a city like Boston is a city (that is to say, a very a large town, with a Berkley across the water instead of a Cambridge across the water), than a city like New York or Chicago are cities. I have a lot of family in the Bay Area.

              • I want to go so bad. It looks like a mini NY with really cool hills.

              • Very different architecture, but beautiful in its own way.

              • Oh aesthetically it’s definitely one of man’s greatest achievements. One of my only problems with NY is its so crammed you can’t see anything. I used to work a block away from the Empire State Building on 32nd between 5th and Madison. Walked right by it every day and never noticed it. Who walks around looking up? Now a days they’re too busy looking at their stupid phones.

              • My favorite is the Chrysler Building…I’m a real sucker for Art Deco stuff (which is why I enjoyed some of Chicago’s architecture, too).

              • Oh yeah. My favorite is Gothic. The Woolworth building is my favorite followed by riverside cathedral on 121 and riverside

              • Yup – those are good too! 🙂

            • And what, exactly, did folks find so difficult in handling New Yorkers?

              • They were too aggressive. I worked in the adjusting department for home and auto insurance and most of the people we talked to were fresh out of an accident. People from LA in particular were so laid back about it, I talked to people who didn’t even know what town they were in when the accident happened. I don’t have patience for stupidity. At the time I was living in South Dakota where they live at a tortoise pace. The New Yorkers were much more to the point. Look, I only have five minutes here, let’s just do this and we had to ask basic information and they would just get so angry, you already have that in file, why are you wasting my time etc… look sir I’m required to ask this and the less time we spend arguing the quicker we finish. No one else I worked with could do that, they were too polite. And at the end of these calls I got really good surveys. They would always thank me for streamlining the process and making it quick.i guess they had me do it is because I could be a dick where others backed down to aggressive behavior. Suppose that’s why I myself quickly assimilated into being an angry, bitter, cynical New Yorker.

              • Hmmm… I didn’t grow up angry, bitter, or cynical at all – but I did grow up speaking to the point. Had to learn to moderate that a little when I joined the very “amiable” company that I’ve been working for for the past 24 years. They’re great folks to work with, but sometimes I miss being able to be me and not have it misconstrued. But I’ve gotten reasonably good at their style, even if it is less efficient.

              • Exactly. I have no filter and in NY you aren’t judged by that in fact it gets you respect. As long as you do it respectfully. I thrive on being surrounded by people who are just who they are and really don’t give a #$₩# what you think. It makes it easy to write of people who might be bad karma and when you make a friend you know you connect and it’s not for politeness.

          • Oh yeah and it’s way too spread out.

        • I used to think that way about Vegas, until I finally went there for a business conference. It was really a lot of fun checking out all of the different hotels/casinos from the top to the bottom of the strip. I was there during the week, so there weren’t a bunch of rowdy drunks roaming around or anything…in fact, what struck me most there was that, unlike other fun places like WDW, everyone seemed to be so relaxed and having a great time (maybe because they didn’t have their cranky kids there to deal with?). I also got to see the big Star Trek theme place (gone now), and thought it was super cool to get to walk onto the bridge of Enterprise-D and down one of its interior hallways.

          I have a lot of good (and fun) memories of my trip there (spend less than $20 gambling the whole time, I think…it’s where I first tried and enjoyed penny slots – getting, like, 2 hours worth of entertainment for about $5 at the machines (the slots in Vegas seemed a lot looser than the ones at the Indian casinos near-ish where I live), plus free drinks!

          I don’t necessarily feel the need to ever go back, but I do think it’s worth going there, even if it’s just once. It really is pretty cool!

          • I’m glad you enjoyed it but I just know it’s not for me. I don’t like theme parks, I don’t really get into anything Vegas has to offer. I’m one of those people who can’t understand why people scream at concerts. I think we should sit, enjoy and applaud when appropriate. I just don’t get into anything flashy. I like it gritty, dirty and real. That’s not Vegas

            • You know that neighbor you have with a bunch of plastic and inflatable holiday decorations on their lawn? And you think, god, how tacky!

              But then there’s this other house that you drive by on your way home from work that has like a gazillion holiday decorations that glow and move and a whole mess of synchronized lights with accompanying audio if you choose to change your car radio station to the AM channel they’re broadcasting on. And you think, I know this is really riculous and gaudy and tacky, but, man, it actually is also kinda cool, too!

              It’s like, if you go half measure, it looks worse than none, but if you go way, way over the top, it actually comes round to being great (at what it is). Well, that’s Vegas.

              • I have no problem with over the top if it has thought behind it. Vegas looks like it came out of a box

    • Tracy - 1ltwoody920

      My wife’s parents have a time share there and we have taken them there several times. You could spend days just walking through the Themed Casinos. Drive to Hoover Dam and tour. Drive west to Red Rock Canyon and enjoy a quiet walk in the trees and stream. A fabulous Thai restaurant on the north east end of town in a decrepit mall. Enjoy the warm morning weather around the pool. Drive to Panrump where the Snowbirds bring their RVs. Drive further to Death Valley or the town of ZYZYZX. The casino Sam’s Town and it’s free show. Free shows.
      I wouldn’t live there, but every few years, it is a hoot to visit. Gambling gets boring. The outdoor and wilderness activities are less known, but good.

      • Yeah, not a nature person but thanks. When I go back to South Dakota all the open space I find annoying. Since I only travel by bike or foot walking by all those yards around individual houses seems like such a waste of space. I’m not judging those who like that stuff, I’ve just never understood it. Beaches, mountains, fresh air, just don’t get it. My family always wants me to go camping when I visit, not happening.
        And Vegas to me seems like a city without culture. Sometimes I think I’d make a better European than American. Pop culture just doesn’t appeal to me.

  14. It is basically a decoration? But doesn’t look like a casino. Adds player club points but thing else. Kind appointed. Should have some animation.

  15. This question may have been asked and answered before but I was wondering are we able to earn the silver ticket crafting currency yet? I’ve unlocked level three but I haven’t received any yet. I’m saving my tokens for when act 3 hits so I can get ahead early so is that why or will we only get them for act 3? I just want to be sure I’m able to craft everything I want by the end of the event starting with the safari casino.

    • Not till act 3 hits…unless it’s from daily challenges or VIP prizes

      • Which is a FAIL in my opinion. What is the point of having the crafting available once you earn the levels if the materials aren’t available till the next act?

        I like the idea, just not the execution. I’m hoping they are getting the feedback and if they choose to go this route again in the future that they take this into account.

        • So you can plan ahead for what you want. They did us a favor.

          • I’m holding on to all of my crafting currency until I can get the Safari Casino, then I’m going to work backwards from the biggest prizes down. It kind of sucks because I really want to decorate with fountains and stars, but I don’t want to be short for the big prizes. I guess I can decorate later. I also wish we could be earning tickets now. I got level 3 a few days ago and expected to be able to earn them. I got level 2 so close to the end of act 1 that I didn’t realize we didn’t earn martinis until act 2 started.

            • Craft all the starts you want. Keychains aren’t used for anything else. I’ve crafted all the items from levels 1 & 2. I already have enough martinis for the casino so just need 55 tickets when act 3 starts.

        • I have enough of the tickets for at least one of the tier three items. It’s only a fail if you’re not lucky. Gambling is all about being lucky. 🙂

  16. I placed mine near Cletus farm, I think the original wood stock was on or near a farm, seems to work especially since it doesn’t look like a casino anyway. Love this item/building/casino/bunch of tents though.

  17. Thanks Kim and Alissa,
    This doesn’t look like a casino or anything else, I can see it ending up in storage

    • Nooooo! Make a mini Glastonbury area in farm land instead ☆

      • Well it’s over towards the woods already, and adding tents, cabins, trees, is a good idea. (I’ll keep an eye on yours)
        Just not a favourite, if I needed the space for something else, it would be gone

    • Kim (kimberlyah794)

      Mine’s hanging out in my casino area right now, but I plan on relocating it to my “rural” district. I have a farm I’ve built up around Abe Lincoln’s cabin, plus I’ve got the Spuckler farm, and the Old Simpson Farm. Come to think of it, for me, the perfect place will be at the Old Simpson Farm. Somehow that just feels right that Abe Simpson accidentally hosted Woodstock. I can just imagine him screaming at the hippies. LOL! 😉

      • Marion (AnothrAddict)

        Lol, I could totally see Abe all worked up over the hippies! But I’m with you on the Woodstock casino. I currently have mine in the casino area as well but I also think I’m going to put mine by the old Simpson farm. I have a camping area set up there as well…I think it should all go together well! Great minds think alike. 🙂

        Also, thanks for the posts. I’m sure Alissa, Bunny, and Wookie are happy to have the help.

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