From the Mouths of Addicts: Putting a little Faith in EA

The following post was submitted by one of our Addicts Regulars..Totbox.  Perhaps you’ve seen Tot in the comments a time or two ;)…Yes Totbox is back with some insightful TSTO musings for us all! 

While Lent was up and running, I made a decision. (Give Up Tapped Out!? No, no, let’s not go crazy.)  “I shall try to be more patient and forgiving to a higher power for not providing what I truly want”, That’s Right EA, I give you a little break for a while but now Lenten season is over. Easter is over and I feel as holy as a digital donut :p

Happy Belated Easter everybody, hope you had a good one with all the chocolate and jelly beans and all those things that take away from the true meaning of Easter (sorry, Shredded Ned told me to say that). Still grinding away at this Sin City event? Wondering if EA also lost the true meaning of EAster? I can’t be too hard on them, after all they have been pretty good to us and while there are still things we may want to see in the game, they tend to fix their mistakes and add characters and content at a somewhat reasonable pace.

Bunny 24601

I know the big taboo, “don’t talk about politics or religion” and Heaven Help You if you mix the two together. Just send all your angry thoughts and letters to Sarah Palin, she’ll sort it out for you :p . But this isn’t about Politics, this about The Simpsons :p

Artists before the Simpsons, even before Michelangelo (the Ninja Turtle) have depicted their ideas of what God looks like. The Simpsons have one similar to the most famous one painted on the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo (not the Ninja Turtle). It is so famous I didn’t have to tell you, you are literate after all. Right? These words on the screen, you know, you are reading this aren’t you?

Anyway, no matter what I nor you believe, The Simpsons’ have a depiction of God that they have used in numerous episodes including The Simpsons Video Game. A giant of a man with a white/gray beard, white robe and sandals (not to be confused with Reclusive Mr. Burns),  It seems to the popular choice amongst cartoonists. I’m not sure if the actual God dresses in that fashion (maybe it’s function over fashion) who am I to judge?


I have mentioned (in some comment post) that “God, The Devil and Bob” was one of my favorite TV shows. Sadly only had 13 episodes.. The God in that show was dressed like Jerry Garcia. But enough about clothes…


Homer and Marge portrayed Adam and Eve, the most famous nudists of the bible from an installment in “Simpsons Bible Stories” . In that segment God had a pet Unicorn named Gary. Which I named my workspace, if anyone messes it up I say out loud “Aw, what did they do to you Gary?”   But the jokes don’t stop there (for the Simpsons, though maybe for me).

image (1)

The Simpsons had Mayan Gods, Indian Gods, and multiple demons and Devils too over the years. But for the Love of “you know who”, can’t we get God in our game?

Some may argue, explaining that God IS SkyFinger, but the latest cut scene implies that SkyFinger is Maggie, thus God can be added as an in game character. Besides The Simpsons’ God has five fingers not four, though I guess God could have as many fingers as he wants.

image (2)

Easter Time is pretty much over but maybe next year EA can make an event around it. During Lent or Advent.. Easter or Christmas, you know around the time that people don’t normally go to church but feel guilted by family to go.


To be fair I would also like to see other characters of other faiths (not to be PASSed OVER) 😉

image (3)

That’s it. I laid low on the jokes so not to be insulting to anyone’s faith and I have faith I may have accomplished my goal (Get EA’s attention without offending anyone).

Did you actually read or did you just look at the pictures? Any religious figure you’d like to see in the game? Do you think just writing such a post should make me head straight to the confessional? Are you planning to write an angry letter to the former Alaskan Governor?  I request not sharing your personal faith online but if you must maybe on a more appropriate blog so the Admin doesn’t have to make tough moderation decisions, they love hearing from you but try keeping it about The Simpsons (Tapped Out and TV show). 🙂

Faithfully Yours – Totbox :p


135 responses to “From the Mouths of Addicts: Putting a little Faith in EA

  1. As I mentioned in the Desert Post. I hope this means ancient Egypt and Passover Event.

  2. You’re everywhere. You’re omnivorous.
    — Homer Simpson, Homer’s attitude to God


  3. How about Moe and his fellow snake handlers!!

    • If that means reintroducing the Whacking Day event sure 😉

      • That’s the event I most regret not having been around for. (It was before I started playing TSTO.) I would love to have some of the decorations from that, especially that great snake with the kids in it, lol!

  4. I’d love to see some characters from “El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer)” – especially the space coyote voiced by Jonny Cash. Everything about that episode is amazing. They could do a mini-event.

  5. EA has done Easter to death already….it’s definitely time for a Passover event! It would be so easy to make an event out of that and would give EA the chance to release Rabbi Krustowski and others.

  6. I finished act 3 a week ago and while I love The Bonuts I’m ready for something new. Cough*Level 60* Cough

  7. I love your post 🤗 I’m done with all the political correctness. I believe in GOD so I will say Merry Christmas Happy Easter. If someone celebrates other beliefs that good too. EA blew if this time oh well it is a game😊 And I love this site and chocolate bunny rabbit ears!!!

    • I don’t believe in any gods, but will still say Merry Christmas, Happy Easter etc. It really is only in the US that they say “Happy Holidays” to be politically correct.

      • Better to list like 5 holidays than one all-encompassing one, right? Are you sure you cover them all? If you’re not worried about leaving people out, maybe it’s just because Xmas is fairly secular and saying merry Christmas already equates to happy holidays. Would everyone be fine with only a “happy Ramidon” (no, I don’t know how to spell it). I celebrate Xmas secularly and I wouldn’t be happy hearing that.

      • Okay – I was refraining from contributing to this, but I’ve now been tipped over the edge…

        “Happy Holidays” is what you say to a group of people who’s belief systems you are not sure of. If you are talking to someone who celebrates Christmas, you say “Merry Christmas.” If you are talking to someone who celebrates Hannukah, you say “Happy Hannukay.” If someone who celebrates Christmas says “Merry Christmas” to me, a non-Christian, I say “Thank you – and Merry Christmas to you, too.” However, if, say, my company only put up Christmas decorations and had a tree, but no menorah, I’d be a bit annoyed, since there are people of all faiths working there. And if my town hall had a crèche in front of it, I’d be a bit annoyed, because government and religion should stay separated. But if my town put up generic holiday lights and wreaths and stuff, I’d find that cheery.

        I may not be Christian, but I enjoy some of the traditional Christmas music and have even gone caroling door to door. I’ve had a tree in my house many years (granted, my husband was raised Christian, but, mostly it’s because we’ve always done a kind of ecumenical “Holifest” type of thing during the holidays and I like the tree and ornaments and presents and stockings filled with tasty treats and such (or did, when I had the energy for all of that)).

        Saying “Happy Holidays” isn’t “politically correct,” it’s just a way of being inclusive when you don’t know which holiday another person might be choosing to celebrate. Plus, I take “Happy Holidays” to include New Year’s as well and, if one is saying it early enough, potentially Thanksgiving, too. It’s a celebration of the “holiday season.” But if I’m talking to my mother-in-law on December 25, of course I’m going to wish her a Merry Christmas!

        And if a person wishes me a “Merry Christmas,” I say, “Thanks – you, too!” But, if a company wants me to feel included in their “holiday spirit,” then, unless their commercial is running just on Dec. 25th, it’s better if they stick with “Happy Holidays.”

        • My favorite is when it’s New Year’s Day and people say Happy Holidays. No, it’s just Happy New Year lol

        • Well said, Sandra. I kept thinking you’d like hearing “happy holidays” regardless because you’re sort of a unit with your husband and have different faiths (or raised that way at least).

          • Not sure if I was raised with a “faith” at all, actually. I was raised ethnically Jewish and went to a Jewish day camp for several years as a kid, but that’s about as far as it went. My favorite Jewish holiday has always been Passover, because it felt more like a celebration of the Jewish people than of God.

            I was raised to be an agnostic, I’d say – I was taught to be moral, but not taught to be religious, and I was taught to question everything. I recently learned that my stepfather is an atheist, which surprised me, because, to my mind, how could one know, one way or the other? I do understand the concept of faith though and I kind of envy people who have it (in the way that someone living outside the Matrix might actually be envious of those in it who may be living in a perpetual perception of a much more comfortable live). But I don’t feel a kinship with any existing religion, and I can’t subscribe to a set of beliefs that aren’t wholely based on principles that I believe in and that make sense to me). So, basically, I don’t live most of my life thinking about god (or gods), but, when I’m scared of something that’s going on, I figure it doesn’t hurt to ask for some divine intervention (there are no atheists in foxholes). At best, maybe some will come; at worse, I’ve wasted a few minutes doing that.

            I don’t want to get any more specific than that about how I feel about certain belief systems, because I don’t want this to turn into a “religious debate” thread. Just thought I’d share my own upbringing and beliefs a bit with y’all, while not in the least trying to suggest that I think that everyone (or anyone) should follow my particular beliefs.

            • Thanks for the details (as detailed as you felt that you could get).

              You’re sorta getting at how most people are raised with a bit of religion, but it can be very secular (my words). Me, too. Christian (not Catholic) upbringing. I also have, at times, been “envious” of the faith that others can have. Maybe we just don’t work that way, people like us. Maybe we’re the stubborn type, needing more than faith to subscribe to belief systems. 😉 (Incompatible. I know.) Anyways, last reply is, are you sure there are no Atheists in foxholes? I’ve had some really down moments, including life-risking ones (but not foxholes (do they even have those anymore?)), and the most that comes up with me is usually a “cursing” of god (kept it lowercase so as not to be so sacrilegious…), but it’s not more meaningful than if I had offered praise… I think the foxhole concept is probably more about people who were rebelling against their faith than for those who are true and full agnostic/Atheist. We might actually exist.

  8. I want Rabi Krustofsky and a synagogue. Would need a hi du temple for all of Apu’s family.

  9. Marion (AnothrAddict)

    The religious figure I would want to see in TSTO is the Flying Spaghetti Monster. The Pastafarianism event could include characters dressing like pirates or wearing colander hats. The prizes could include a stripper factory and a beer volcano.

    On a side note: As a girl who has been celebrating Mardi Gras in New Orleans since birth, I want a Mardi Gras event. You reading this EA…You have a year of planning for a Carnival event.

  10. I think it’s a bit sad you are tiptoeing so carefully around the fact that you just wanted an Easter event. Just say it, it’s not insulting to anyone. Personally I don’t give a rat’s ass if they do it or not but I can perfectly understand that you would like to have it. No need to try so hard not to insult anyone. And to be honest… people who feel insulted should return to the hole in the ground they came from.

    • This comment is incredibly offensive to the Troglodyte-American community. Living in a hole does not make one any less human. 😜

    • Regarding being PC, it is about being respectful. I’m writing a post in the House of TSTO Addicts, I’m a guest. I like rocking the boat a little but I’d hate to say anything and have Alissa or the other Admin take the front of it because they have to moderate (though I know they can hold there own) with it being a push button topic I tried to be careful not to flare up people from one group or another (as everyone knows Each Faith has their own extreme Nuts and that one person got angry about that statement is the perfect example 😛 )

      And if I wrote a Post called “EA, I want an Easter event” not only would no one want to read it, I wouldn’t want to write it. 🙂

      I know I’m writing about a specific character but I’m cleverly implanting other subconcious suggestions hence Troy McClure from an actual episode. The Bible Blaster Game (might be a neat mini-game within an event) the Passed-Over joke. There is a method to my madness. I could have been very “Poochy” and Totally in everyone’s face but maybe a future Muse Post :p

      • You were right to go that route, totbox. Not only is respectful a good tactic, but look what happened when I didn’t have enough consideration on this front — that could have been you!

    • Hey, that’s my hole!

    • I like that Totbox is being respectful. I am very sick of so many politically incorrect and rude comments I saw in YouTube and they do it behind fake names. You never know when a comment can hurt someone as everyone’s experience is different.

  11. I kind of wish they’d put out a two week vacation for everyone to re design or get caught up. Just put it out before

  12. I would like to see a gigantic Buddha figure either sitting or standing. Huge Buddha figures can be found in many places. Quite sad that the Taliban blew up one very ancient Buddha carved out from a mountain.

    • I’d like a big “Homer Buddha” (or Homer Hotei, if we’re being more accurate about it) as a decoration. Now that it no longer exists as a consumable, maybe we’ll get one.

    • Or like a Buddha Animated Job for Homer from “Goo Goo Gai Pan”.

    • What country had this mountain figure?

      • The one blew up by Taliban was in Afghanistan. These mountain Buddhas can also be found in China.

        Around the world, there are many gigantic Buddha statues. Some of these come alive in movies and become monsters. See Gantz II as example 🙂

        • Still sad. Why are these Buddhas everywhere? Is/Was Buddhist/-ism bigger than it seems today? (Are you familiar with it like that?)

          • Buddhism is the fourth largest religion in the world. In Asia and parts of the Middle East, Buddhism is very prominent, as is Hinduism. The two religions share a lot of symbolism and both tend to create large and beautiful statues, many of which have been destroyed throughout history.

          • Yes, as what Dr Tyler said, Buddhism has a huge following in Asia. E.g. Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, and places like Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Sri Lanka have Buddhism as a key religion. Religion aside, there are many beautiful relics and heritages left behind but some were destroyed or converted when a ruler of a different religion took over. Some relics were stolen and ended up in the black market. The image of the Buddha is very popular as it gives a very peaceful presence.

            In Tomb Rider movie, the old stone temple where trees have taken over were obtained in Angkor Watt area in Cambodia. That place has both traces of Hinduism and Buddhism.

    • That was the most disgusting act of intentional cultural vandalism in modern history.

      • I wanna cry every time I see a beautiful peace of art destroyed. No matter the cause, religion, location, or the reason for the art being there in the first place… it just is saddening when such beauty and awe inspiring things are no more on the planet. I can name so many times in History that this has happened. From Ancient to Current. Just greatly admire those out there to this day that if given the chance will risk limb and life to protect precious art and recover it so we can see continue to see it’s beauty.

        • I agree 100%. It’s terribly sad the cultural vandalism that is occurring right now in Aleppo, Syria. Priceless artifacts being destroyed by barbarism.

        • Did you the movie “The Monuments Men”?

          • I did. All the destruction and race to save it all durung that time. Like the Lake Nemi ships, items I would’ve loved to see… gone forever.

            I actually have a relative that helped with Louvre Recovery items during WWII. Sad stories of the ones that were destroyed moments or just a day before they got there. Luckily many survived. Someday I’d love to be able to spend a week in the Louvre just admiring each piece of art that I could. One of many places I’d love to see interior. Then there’s so much exterior architecture I’d love to see in person before time completely takes it.

          • I watched that too. I feel same way as Bunny about feeling painful when a historical work is destroyed. This also goes for literature. China Emperor like Qin, the one famous for the terracotta figures, was also known for burning lots of important text and executing scholars in his effort to control his empire.

  13. Kim (kimberlyah794)

    Thanks for the post, Tot! I think a “safe” event would be to have the Movementarians come to Springfield. We’d get the barn, maybe the fields, and the flying saucer… Plus, the leader, and the opportunity to send zealots to convert their neighbors. There are actually a lot of possibilities with an event themed after that episode. Plus, maybe we’d get flying bicycles. 😉

  14. I thought it odd they kinda skipped Easter… I was hoping for a return of the pastel fences…was hoping for something more holiday-ish….was kinda like not another banner,,,,seems they could’ve been more original. I’ve got to get back to game to earn 1 more round of donuts & finish crafting with all the left-over currency. Thought I’d look at the Springfield Casino entries to get inspiration…. For some reason,, I really like the star tiles,,they seem versatile for designing. Anyways…interesting post,,guaranteed responses,,,religion & politics ALWAYS makes for lively discussion!!

  15. I’d be happy if they would just fix the display problems I’ve been dealing with for far too long. Buildings and decorations aren’t displaying properly, making everything look messed up, and about half of the time I have to search for Maggie by sound, as she’s hidden by the building that’s supposed to be behind her.

    I’ve tried posting here and contacting EA directly, but no results yet. 🙁

    • Those are texture glitches they’ve been happening since the game first started

    • Since this event starter I have exactly the same problem, I hope they will fix this thing soon (or answer on the chats) for us (and others) indeed!

    • If you have monorail tracks over water, remove the water (or remove the tracks.) Also, store any rakes you have in your town. Might sound weird, but I’ve seen this work for 99% of people reporting this issue around the web.
      (I have no monorail tracks out and have also not had any layering glitches, ever.)

  16. *Gasp* you mean…the Sistine Chapel wasn’t painted by a Ninja Turtle? 😀

  17. I love God, The Devil and Bob! Most people I know never even heard of it because it was yanked from the network after just a single episode following public protest. Maybe because they couldn’t handle the concept of God and the Devil having a cordial working relationship? Maybe having a friendly wager? Or maybe, like the furor over The Last Temptation of Christ, most protesters never even watched it, they just heard they should be outraged for some reason. Now I’m wanting to pop in my DVD…

    • I think I almost heard of it…

    • I’ll have to watch my G,tD & B DVD box set again but I think my network station did at least three episodes. Favorite moment was when the Devil was depressed and was painting sad clowns “Ironic isn’t it…? … A clown that’s sad”

  18. I would love to get a Biblical event or even mini event. But how would they put the Big Man upstairs in the game without showing His face? The show can use the right angles to hide it but not the game. Maybe He’ll send his son again.

  19. It’d be nice to have a war of God’s event …like clash of clones but with different Gods and some sort of power from above perhaps. would be cool!

    • Fake gods or real?

      • Trick question

        • Hah–um. Don’t want to get in trouble with Alissa again. I’m already past my quota for the month. Good thing the month is almost over. *phew*

          • Hah, no worries. I’m just going to say that all gods have been real to someone and they’ve all been fake to someone, then slink off into the night.
            …Even though it isn’t nighttime where I am. Slinking off into the late morning doesn’t have the same ring to it.

            • The late morning is too bright for me, so that works. 😉

              You said it pretty well. I will go out on a limb here and also point out that Christianity’s “God” is two gods, El and Yahweh (each of which is represented in given names). I wonder why…*slinks off into the early afternoon*

  20. I should have added this to my last comment, what I’d like is to be able to craft prizes rapidly like when I’m buying a bunch of the same item with cash or donuts, instead of one at a time. I will NEVER craft everything before the last day after getting ripped off during the Monsarno event by them cutting the cost to craft in half on some items near the very end, I’m still upset I don’t have twice as many cane fields as I do. So anyway, if could just tap, tap, tap really quick to craft one Ficus after another that would be great. Also I want to be able to tag my favorite job for each character as a “favorite job.” Then when I go to the Office of Unemployment I can simply select “Start all favorite jobs.” I got excited that night was coming during this event when the storyline went to power outages and started talking about lights and such, but alas, I will have to wait on that.

    • Here here to the fav jobs idea!! I have about a dozen characters that only ever do 1 job and I hate accidentily sending them to do something else and having to store their building or whatever.

    • All great….just. totally different kind of post here.

    • OMG SECONDED WITH SUCH ENTHUSIASM. I am about to spend my whole afternoon crafting and I am annoyed just thinking about it. I did a round of it earlier this week to take the numbers down, but still. Oy.

      P.S. I live in the real Las Vegas and the whole coty is built on convenience and casinos are SERIOUS about not giving you reasons to leave ( to the point that they do things to make people unaware of how much time has passed and they design them so you can’t easily walk to the exits). And oh man, do they make it easy to buy things. Heh.

    • P..P.S. Yes to favorite jobs, too! You are full of good ideas, says I. Also, I would love it if visual tasks had icons next to them, like they do in the Family Guy game (although that is the only way I think the FG game has TSTO beat; I’m barely playing the other one because it’s events and character unlocking requirements are such a pain, and there is no way to send everyone on jobs at the same time, let alone favorite jobs, ugh).

      Oh, and vaguely related, I’ve compiled a list of the visual tasks of all my characters and their skins – it’s not everyone, just 115 characters and the non-premium skins of the last year or so), and am just deciding whether to put it in spreadsheet form (didn’t think of it till I was halfway through, then was lazy) before sending it in to our lovely TSTO goddesses here. Not sure what they will do with it, but maybe will be helpful to some if it makes it to the site. 🙂

  21. Wait… what? I thought I’m Skyfinger of my Springfield, and you’re Skyfinger of you’re Springfield, all the addicts are Skyfinger of their own Springfield. I mean it’s my finger doing all the tapping in my Springfield and your finger doing the tapping in… Well you get the point. I don’t know if God is needed, or a whole event devoted to religion, but a Jewish Synagogue at the very least would be a good time to work in Krusty’s father as a character.

  22. Wow, a religion event like the superhero event would be epic! Plagues on neighbours, reenactments of mythological stories, gods and demons duking it out, churches and synagogues and temples…mmm… sacrilicious.

  23. I was born a snake handler and I’ll die a snake handler.

  24. Not to be nit-picky (but I think everyone knows by now, that it just comes naturally for me) I didn’t select any image before the “Continue Reading” so Presumably Alissa put the Flying-Bunny there… If I had to choose an image, I would have gone with a Rev.Lovejoy with Halo above his head but (not sure if it’s to late for that) :p

    Thank You Alissa for Posting this, I checked earlier and thought you forgot.

  25. I was bummed, but not upset over no Easter event as in the past… Since I know EA has been trying to “mess with our minds” (errrrr… not be so predictable, spice things up a bit 🙂

    However, when I opened TSTO on Easter morning…what do I find? A one event “mini quest”? No…a “one event mini Easter quest” I’m guessing, cuz the task bar icon was an Easter EGG! I was saddened that this one task event in Easter morning was to send four people to drink at Moe’s??? Really…?

    No matter your faith/beliefs or just trying to be good to others sort of person… Come on, did that really have to be done like that???


    • I saw it as more a jab that Homer and company would rather spend more time there any day of the year vs home. Seems someone’s there every episode… even if it’s Moe’s celebrating alone.

      I get what you’re saying… I just also know Simpsons satire and the main “hub” is Simpsons home or Moe’s. No one or thing is safe from being poked fun at. So I just shake my head, laugh at the irony, and move on. It’s just a silly Lil game. 😉

    • I thought it was O’Flanagan’s they went to, not Moe’s, but that was almost 36 hours ago and I haven’t played since,

    • I think the mini-quest was too short. It seemed more to be about Paddy’s Day than Easter, so don’t get offended.

  26. I must admit I once thought that they might add God into the game, but since he is giant how will they do it I mean he is a god he can probably shrink so yeah it would be cool. And also five-armed johnnycan be added to the game.

  27. johnnyicemaker

    I don’t know if it has ever been depicted on the show but I would love to see the incarnation of what Homer thinks Jebus looks like. This reference also brings to mind that episode where Homer says Jebus, it would have been a great opportunity in this last event to include “The Lucky Savage Casino” from that episode too.

  28. I would love to have Krusty’s father as a character and see more Jewish items in the game. We have Apu and his religion represented. I think we should have the Jewish community represented as well. (For the record, I’m Catholic.)

  29. Hm. No thanks. Maybe I misunderstand the intent of this post, but I see no reason to include any god unless A) all of them are included, and B) it’s not religious, just a character. Sort of how South Park or Family Guy do Jesus. Religiousy without forcing the show/game to pick a religion.

    • The intent of the post is not to be preachy or enforce religion down anyone’s thought. Just wanted a light conversation on what religious or anti-religious characters and items people might want to see in the game. Since EA blew over this Easter, it got me thinking and made me realize I want to get their Attention to let them know what I want (or I could just wait for another What A Wookie Wants post, but they seem to ignore Him :p )

      I want to be clear, my response isn’t an attack on yours and some of things I said here (in this comment) isn’t all directed at you. Just want the intent to be clear “Get EA’s attention to what I want” and here what other ideas folks have.

    • All of them?? Hindu’s have 320 million gods… and there are thousands more from all of the various religions. It would be great if they stuck with Norse, Greek, or Egyptian gods as they all have different personalities, strengths and weaknesses

  30. Before I read on, when is Lent? I assume it’s after Easter, unless it already happened and this is an old post….

    • Did you read the first paragraph? It’s before easter and it’s over. Tot makes reference to that in the first paragraph

      • I skimmed it…. Nail me to a cross, will you?! 😛

        Thanks! I guess this is a Catholic holiday? Or just Jewish? (I’m not religious enough……….)

        • Yea first like probably not the best…

          • I am having trouble deciphering your statement… maybe offended? Sorry? 🙁

            • A little on the offensive side given the time of year and what happened overseas yesterday

              • I’m in a bubble. I’ll be offended if you pop it. 😉 Something is probably happening everywhere at some point…we just might not hear about it until the news reports on it. We could always play it safe and just not speak in any metaphors that have been passed down through the ages, since a lot of them have violent origins. (But, what it is you’re referring to I don’t know, but isn’t Jesus hanging to a cross a good thing?) (Honestly, I wouldn’t have said it without the context of the “time of year”…but even if I’m a “heathen” I’m not out to offend people exactly…) Anyways (referring to excised thoughts), sorry about offending you, however that occurred. I’ll just stick to the safe topics like *** and ********. 😉 🙁

    • Lent starts on Ash Wednesday, that’s why Mardi Gras “Fat Tuesday” is meant to be a day of sining (or something) in order to get all the gluttony and what-have-you out of the system before the Holy weeks start… But to clarify, Mardi Gras isn’t a Catholic design. But I’m not a biblical scholar so maybe I have no idea what I’m talking about. :p

      • So, Lent isn’t the month long holiday thing? So, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday were all taken last week? Nothing special on Thursday and Saturday besides Lent?

        • It’s not exactly a holiday, it’s a period of abstention from some favorite vice (common ones are sweets, soda, gambling, smoking, alcohol etc.) for 40 days and 40 nights emulating Christ’s battle with temptation in the desert. Easter is the official end of lent. I’m not Catholic but I’ve been to a midnight breaking Lent party, let’s just say a few characters drinking at Moe’s is mild by comparison indeed.

        • As far as I’m concerned, Thursday is Holy Thursday, same as Holy Friday (at least that’s what my Catholic education tells me). Here in South America we usually have them as holidays both of them. Dunno though if in English is Holy Friday, might be a free translation from Spanish 😀

          • Thanks. Which South American country do you refer to? (All I can assume is “not Brazil” or “that French dependency”.)

          • We typically refer to it as Good Friday in English, and it is a holiday in Canada. Holy Thursday is not a holiday (too bad), though Monday is (in lieu of Easter Sunday).

      • In the UK we call the day before Lent starts ‘Shrove Tuesday’ also called known as Pancake Day. This was a day to use up any forbidden leftover food stuffs before Lent started on Ash Wednesday. Everyone traditionally stops eating meat and anything indulgent instead living off a very simple diet. I didn’t give up anything this year, unlike in previous years.
        I thought it was funny that characters went off to drink in a pub, mostly because the Curate (assistant Vicar) at my church used to own a pub before he trained as a priest instead. Therefore he does like a drink (or 3!) and we’ve been rather drunk together on more than one occasion in the last year. I tried to convince him to give up alcohol for Lent but he declined that one. Plus it would have meant he wouldn’t have been able to take Communion and as a priest he has to. Might try again next year and put a clause in that says he can only drink Communion wine!

    • Lent is the four week period leading up to Easter, as Christians celebrate the events leading up to the eventual crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. Many non-Christians do not realize that Easter is actually the holiest celebration for Christians (not Christmas). It is traditional (a little bit similar to Muslims fasting for Ramadan – but not the same at all…please don’t flame me…) for Christians to give something up for Lent. It must be something that is very hard for you to go without (i.e. a favourite food, or watching TV, etc.) as a form of penitence. In Church, there is a wreath with 4 candles. Each week one more is lit, until Easter arrives.

      • Thanks. I’m loving all the slight variations on the explanation of Lent that I’m getting. I get to reply to the slightly different aspects on each. hehe. 🙂

        I read that the holiest day should be (but not is) Good Friday. This I read while researching when Easter starts every year. (Which, btw, is like after the equinox and also goes by a lunar calendar and also depends on if your church goes by the Gregorian or Julian calendar…*sigh*) This commenter on the site was ranting (love it) that Easter was a historically pagan holiday (put there by the church to entice more pagans into the flock) and that what was important was the death of Jesus not the resurrection. It totally made sense to me. He died for your sins….the resurrection was more along the lines of turning water into wine and walking on water — things that shouldn’t have been needed for the faithful to believe in him. I used to read some of the bible and I recall some of the passages that are relevant to what I’m saying. It makes more sense. But sadly I didn’t even know there was a Good Friday (or why it was so “good”) until I was well off to being an adult child. 😉

        • Don’t even get me started on the Roman Empire co-opting pagan holiday dates and rituals into Christian holidays in order to stave itself from certain destruction for a few more centuries…I’m trying to be well behaved here.

      • Thanks. I am embarrassed to say that I do not know what is Lent initially and I thought it refers to a certain Sporting season in US.

      • Ok. I was raised Episcopalian (Anglican). I don’t remember a wreath during Lent, Just Advent.

      • Advent is a four week period before Christmas with a candle wreath (3 purple and 1 pink, plus the white candle in the centre for Christmas Day). Lent is 40 days, and while candles might be lit at home to mark the Sundays I’ve only ever known them to be laid out in a cross (5 purple and 1 pink). Add in candles for Easter weekend and we use a fair number over the year, don’t we?

    • Alls I remember about Lent is being forced to give something up that I loved in Catholic school and make a project on it or something. I used to “give up” chocolate each year because I never ate it anyway LOL

    • Lent is the 40 day period leading up to Easter – Ash Wednesday (the day after Mardi Gras/Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Tuesday or whatever else it might be called where you live) to Easter Sunday. It is supposed to correspond to Jesus’ 40 days in the desert and is traditionally (if you’re Catholic) a time of fasting and self-reflection. A body might give up meat, sweets, or other excesses (like TV or mobile games (gasp)) for the duration in an attempt to honor or emulate Jesus’ sacrifice during this time. It may or may not be a common concept – depends on where you’re from and what religious affiliation(s) you/your family have.

      Mardi Gras became known for excesses because it was the last day to eat rich foods (eggs, milk, cream, sugar) to prevent them from spoiling over the Lenten period.

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