From the Mouths of Addicts: Mini Event Mania

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Welcome to another edition of From the Mouths of Addicts, where YOU get to sound off on anything and everything in the world of Tapped Out!  This week’s post comes to us from one of our frequent commenters, Robobot!

Robobot asked if he could write another post for us, so I said sure..come up with your own idea, give us your opinions on and and we’ll see what happens!  Well he came up with a fun discussion about the recent trend in mini events.

Love em or hate em, Mini Events seem to be here to stay (at least for now)…and everyone has their own opinion about them.  And here’s Robobot’s take…

Enjoy it my friends!  And don’t forget to give us your take in the comments below 🙂

Thank you Addicts for taking time from your Arson’s on your friends and neighbors and your Recent Influx of Fires to read this post. Today I’ll be talking about the sorta recent trend that has been taking Your Springfield by storm. That’s right the one, the only, the mini Event.


EA has done little limited Time Updates before, but they didn’t do full On mini event until November last year when they changed the Update Schedule forever! It used to be Level Update, Main Event, Level Update, with some Episode tie ins and Gil Deals sprinkled here and there but with the introduction of Mini Events now it’s Mini Event, Tie-in, Main Event, Mini Event, then Main Event again.

I mean, I love Mini Events as much as the next guy but Level 60 needs to happen soon.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand, They changed everything with mini Events, EA even had files in The First Mini Event of further mini Events like Icons for The Deep Space Homer and Firestation update. Mini-Eventception you may ask? Or is it the behind the scenes trickery of the Stonecutters?!


Dun Dun Dun!!!!!!

I rest my case your honor. Oh wait, this isn’t a courtroom. At any case, The Mini Events have a few defining characteristics to watch out for that make them different from other updates;And I shall name them all!

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  1. Mini Events have a prize track like Main Events but a portion of the prizes are usually animations for new skins introduced In the update.
  2. The prizes includes things like new decor, new Event Buildings and a Main Prize that is a Character, a Skin, or a Building.
  3. Along with a prize track there is  a new character or costume for you to spend your precious Ringed Dough on.
  4. The Events usually last about 2 weeks and diligent Tappers complete them in the first week or so. It’s great for people who want to rest after a Main Event with a easy Mini Event, but at the sametime some tappers have nothing to do after the first week except for redesigning.
  5. You earn Event Currency by sending characters on 3 hour tasks to earn event currency

Those are a few of the signs you should look for in a mini event. (Future Mini Events are subject to change. Contact your doctor if you receive shortness of free time and Increased Tapping. You may have “T.S.T.O” Syndrome. If you have any of those symptoms, contact your doctor immediately)

Anywho, my opinion on Mini Events is that it’s supposed to be like a jack of all trades kind of update that’s Trying to appease Everyone. The Update’s prize tracks are about as long as a act 1 prize track, but it lasts 2 weeks and there’s no Bonuts for the People who finish it early.

EA could make the Events last a week, but that might make people make people who want a break after a recent update upset. But, I still think that for the amount of content included in the update, it should not last 2 weeks;

They could make the events harder to complete and still make it last 2 weeks. Or They could Make the Events last 10 or 9 days instead. Whatever the case Mini Events to me are a mixed bag. Like how I still had stuff to do after the Thanksgiving update but I finished Deep Space Homer in a week and had a week long lull. Like how myself and tons of tappers in the comments are saying that They have all the Crook and Ladder prizes on day 4 of 14!

But I still think that lulls can be a good thing, as long as they don’t last longer than a week or two.

What do you think of Lulls? Your opinion on Mini Events? Enjoying the recent Mini Event “Crook and Ladder”? Sound off in comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


Thanks again Robobot for providing us your take on the mini events!  As always we love hearing from you guys…so if you have an opinion or take on something going on in the game (or something that should be going on in the game), please send it along to us…

95 responses to “From the Mouths of Addicts: Mini Event Mania

  1. I like the mini events, they give me necessary breathing room. It’s nice to be able to miss a day of tapping without having to worry about getting all the prizes. After a major event I regularly feel “tapped out”, mini events give you something to do, without stressing you out.

  2. I like the events and mini events. But I think I like level updates better because that guarantees that I can get everything (yes I’m still a little sour about not getting the Mutant Vegetable last year because I was in the hospital for 2 weeks).

    Another problem I’ve been noticing lately is I feel confused finding things because Springfield is so big (although I would love more land lol). I’d like to see another “business station” that could take us somewhere else.

  3. I agree it has been to long since a proper main event/level up. The ingame characters have been saying ‘there is no one else left on the simpsons to put in the game’ But I don’t believe that, there way more out there in the episodes. Like maybe put trump in the game. That guy is always funny even if you like or hate em. Maybe a future scifi Springfield town.. I also miss doing missions in krustyland. There is a lot of potential in the game. If the writers are out of proper ideas, maybe they need new writers. I remember needing to use donuts to speed things up to go through the missions, lately I try my best to extend the missions as long as possible, so I’m not out of things to do..

    • You need to read the dialog in the game as if you’re watching the show. It’s ironic humor. They know what people are saying and they work it into the game with sarcasm just like the show. And it’s not like things are boring. We haven’t gone more than a week or two without something going on. So much new stuff, I bought the entire new strip of land at the beginning of the casino event and I already need more. There is much more to come, have no doubt.

    • I think a great idea for Level 60 is Sarah Wiggum for the Freemium Cash Purchase, and Julio and Grady with their Condo for the premium Donut Purchase.

  4. I like the pace of the mini events.

    For a main event, I play as often as I can and try to collect the prizes as quickly as possible for the chance to gain the bonus’. But as I can’t tap during the day by the end of an event I feel as if I just want a free night without worrying I might not get the next prize.

    So the mini events I usually finish in about 10 days…alot longer than most tappers however it means I only need to tap once or twice a day. For instance this time around it was day 12 but I had a few days of rest (drunken madness) and I feel happy that I could do that. I am getting married soon so this pace helps me balance everything.

    Anyway overall thought is I believe I can manage my tsto addiction with mini events 😂

  5. The pace of events/ mini events have really increased… So I have to say I like the lull. Been playing for two years and while I love the events and new content, I do reach points where I get tired of the same old tapping… The lull at the end of the mini event after I’ve done the prize track is great, if I want a few days off (or less on) I can have it… Or if I have some redesigning to do or want to save hard for something I can.
    I feels like the mini events are replacing level upgrades. I am hard pressed to think of viable ideas for future levels, but with the mini events they can go over popular episodes and throw in a building and a skin with animation as a prize…
    Hey ho…

  6. Been an Addict for 3 years now (therapy not working😀). And I really like the fact we get a break of a week or so after the mini events. It means I can just do the minimum and give my brain a rest from working out if I’m collecting stuff quick enough.

  7. I like these mini-events/breaks. Thanks to this latest one, I’ve had time to clear out all but one task (the random one that keeps popping up), as well as buy up all the land in SH (hit the billion mark during the casino event). Now I’m doing the rail yard and saving up cash for the next event (or perhaps level 60, if it ever shows up).

    I check here to see if anything new has dropped, and if not, I am not frantically checking the game like I normally do. Sorry neighbors, means I may not be visiting as often!

    But to that last point…I was burned one time when I had visited all of my neighbors during a lull I. The game…only to have new friend prizes drop that day. So I’ve played it safe since then – I’ll visit a handful of neighbors each day during lulls, just do they know I’m still checking in.

  8. david cantrell

    I enjoy the breaks as well. Who needs more stress in their life worrying if they are going to finish? not me.

  9. Nooooo. With the level 59 update, they said that level 60 would be the end. I took that to mean no more level updates. Looks like that was the plan. Mini events have replaced levels. If you look at how they are structured, the work in a similar manner.

    Anyway, no need to ask for level 60 anymore unless you want the game to end.

  10. Speaking of Mini Events, I have a idea for one. It could be a Mini Event based on Homer’s Bowling Team” The Pin Pals” from the episode “Team Homer”. I don’t like Apu’s Pin Pal skin from the Tap Ball event being In the pin pal collection with no team! Since The People on The Team were Moe, Homer, Apu, Otto, and later Mr. Burns, The prizes could be Pin Pal Skins for Homer, Moe, and Mr. Burns, and a joint task animation of Moe hitting Mr. Burns’ shin with a crowbar 😂. The Premium purchases could be another chance at getting the Pin Pal Apu skin, but now it costs 50 donuts, and it would pay out premium. Then since Otto is a member of the team, They could offer a rebate deal on him with a Pin Pal skin to turn a Already awesome deal into something Every Tapper has to have! Who thinks that this is a good idea?

  11. I really enjoy the mini events, nice easy pace and good prizes. I find the full events a bit long sometimes, I lose interest toward the end. I would be happier if major events went for a month with three ten day acts or four week long acts. Then a few days off, then a mini event or two ( or even a level update) then another major event.

  12. I like the mini events (although I would level 60 too) and I don’t mind that I finish them early as there’s plenty of other things to do. There’s always Springfield heights to work on or the monorail and Maggie’s game to get donuts, and the daily tasks etc. I don’t mind having 2 weeks for them since there will be some people that haven’t been playing for long and need that extra time to complete it.

  13. Hi guys.
    Bear in mind some of us are still new to the game. Therefore when a new mini event pops up we often still have to progress through the main levels to open up certain rewards. So we need these events too last for a few weeks.

  14. Thanks Robobot . I like mini-events too . Heck , putting on my hair shirt and hanging my head in shame , I like SFH and *whispers* Krustyland .
    What can I say , I’ve got your TSTO syndrome and some might say I ‘m easily pleased . I just say I’m not ready to grow up yet , why would you with all the crap going on in the world at the moment . 🙂

  15. I like the mini events too. I finished it in the first week but I think they should stay the same as finishing early allows you to complete other tasks or take a break. I agree with Dat One Dude. I keep forgetting that Krustyland is there so it would be cool if it was used more ☺

  16. Jack Anonymous

    What do you guys think about a “repeat event”? I’ve always wanted either the Clash of Clones or Stonecutters event but I started playing after those events. What if EA launched a repeat and in the update screen everyone could choose which one event they want to play out of all the past events. Whether you missed the event or didn’t hit all the prizes I think that might be cool!

    • Perhaps a sequel that allows access to older prizes for newer players or those who didn’t get everything but I would have no interest in doing them again as enjoyable as they were.

      • It’d be cool for new players if with each level you upgrade to after say level 50 a ‘new’ old event unlocks with the same prizes and stuff and you can chose whether or not you’d like to participate or skip it.

        • That would work if they could do it. If like to be able to replay each character’s questline. It’s been years and I don’t have that kind of memory retention.

    • I’d pick Whacking Day! 🙂

      But I think what you’re suggesting would be very difficult to code…and how would neighbor visits work, if different folks were playing different events? Plus, what about people who have been playing pretty much since the beginning?

      I think it’s easier for EA to just occasionally bring back some content from past events, like when they brought back some Stonecutter stuff a year or so ago. (Not sure whether that’s the right time frame…time is a real blur for me these days, but it’s probably within about 4 months or so of being right….)

      • Events can also be a month and a half long so they’d overlap and if you were doing Christmas for example snow would be an issue. Good idea though

  17. I like like the mini events but they last too long. I usually have a week or more of limbo before the event ends and I hate it. I enjoy the big events because I can stay busy earning doughnuts after I get everything, I’m seriously I’m dying here! Great I got all the free stuff and have a few hours before the monorail starts again…what am I supposed to do? Have a life? Nope not me, I want to add to my town!

  18. Thumbs up! Something to keep us going in between the big events. And not tedious like big events.

  19. I like having a break between major events. Gives me time to move stuff around me stuff, build monorail tracks, and work on Springfield Height.

  20. I lik the min events in between you can do it as fast or as slow as you like it gives everybody a chance to breath as well as keep interested in the game,also helps my hubby finally get all the prizes lol very rarely gets everything in main events and close to the end of a main event hands over his iPad and asks me to get it for him hmmm.

  21. Mini-events, if they are pretty easy I think that’s fine, as long as they keep the storyline/Questline going longer after the last prize or at least let us get Bonuts.

    I’m curious to the frequency to Noobs downloading the game for the first time. I would have thought that after three years, all those whom thought to play the game would have downloaded it by now. Maybe it’s all those teens getting a tablet or smart phone for the first time for thier birthdays. Anyway to get that info?

    • I feel like they wouldn’t do bonuts for a mini-event, so I’m thinking donut items instead. Bonus rounds to get us those fire hydrants. It would make sense in this case as the fires would continue to happen that means we need more fire hydrants. Then, if we really want more we buy them. Win-win.

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