4/13/16 In-Game Update: Spring-field Cleaning (Gil Offer)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

A little update just hit our games…Springfield Cleaning

I’ll be back with more in a bit, but for now know that Homer starts things off and you’ll get a 6s task for Marge and 5 Springfielders.  Followed by a 6hr task for 5 Springfielders.  Once you start the 6hr tasks (ie send your first character on it) Gil will popup with a new offer.  He’s back with rebate donut deals!  Some new items and old returning.  I’ll break them all down in a bit..

More details below the fold…


So we’ve seen these types of deals from Gil before.  Black Friday comes to mind.  But even last year he had a Yard Sale/Back to School Sale.  So we should know the drill by now.

You’ve got to pay full price for the item & then you’ll be rebated back the donuts.  So they’re discounted, but not up front.  And then some items will disappear after a day or so.  While others won’t unlock until a day or so passes.  The entire Gil Promo will end on the 19th, with various items leaving on different days between now and the 19th.  So make your choices wisely..and quickly.

So here’s what Ol’ Gil has to say about the deal…

2016-04-13 15.21.36

Gil: How would you like a house with no skeletons in its closets?  Just in the drywall itself.
Moe: Wow!  That house has my name on it!  No, I was wrong.  Someone spray-painted “MOVE!” on the wall, not “MOE!”
Gil:  Yeah, it’s a fixer upper…meaning you’ll have to fix it to get it to stay up.

2016-04-13 15.23.13

And if you refuse it…

Gil: Fine!  Gil doesn’t need you.  Gil doesn’t need anyone. All Gil needs is Gil.  And lots of other people.  And you.  Gil desperately needs you. We’re good, right?

And you can always go back to the deal at any time via your menu…just tap on everyone’s favorite salesman..

2016-04-13 15.24.02

And here’s a quick look at what he’s offering…

2016-04-13 15.23.22 2016-04-13 15.23.31 2016-04-13 15.23.43

Some of it is unlocked right now…others won’t unlock for a few days…

Ok so let’s break it down further…

Available for the WHOLE Event…

2016-04-13 12.37.45

menu_naturebundleNature Pack- Available until April 19th..100 Donuts.  Includes Springfield Greenhouse, 5 Apple Trees, Butterfly Tent, Cherub Bird Bath, Kang Topiary, Kodos Topiary, 5 Orange Trees, 10 Rose Bushes & 1 Tree Swing.  That’s a lot of bonus % available for that.  (Apple and Orange Trees offer .50% bonus each (so that 5% right there), Kang and Kodos Topiary offer .50% (so another 1%). And the Tree Swing also offers a .50% bonus…I have to check on the Butterfly Tent, it is premium but I don’t know off hand if/what a bonus % would be.  But it’s at least 6.5% with that bundle…for those that saw what was posted eariler, forgive my stupid math.)

Available until April 17th…

moeshouselargeMoe’s House- 110 Donuts, with a 40 Donut Rebate.  So a net cost of 70 Donuts. (yes, i’ll be doing a should i buy on this…and yes it’ll include what it does and if there are tasks there…).  Earns $135, 15xp/4hrs.

Wave 1…Available until April 15th 0800 GMT..

Mr Sparkle BillboardMr. Sparkle Billboard- 30 Donuts with a 10 Donut Rebate.  So a net cost of 20 donuts.  Offers a .75% bonus on all cash and XP.  Should I Buy; WDTCF

tsto dumpsterGreen Dumpster- 10 donuts, with a 3 Donut Rebate.  So a net cost of 7 Donuts.  Offers a .25% Bonus on all cash and XP.

lasertag_menuSimpson Laser Tag- 90 Donuts, with a 35 Donut Rebate.  So a net cost of 55 Donuts.  Earns $500, 45xp/24hrs.  Should I Buy; WDTCF

Wave 2…Starts April 15th 0800 GMT, Ends April 17th 0800 GMT.

Pricing below is what I see in the files, I’m publishing it so you guys can anticipate what’s ahead.  However, I don’t guarantee the information.  EA has the right (and has been known) to change prices.  So use it as a guide, but don’t yell at me if it’s not correct when they unlock

streetcleanerStreet Cleaner- This is a new item. 90 Donuts, with a 35 Donut rebate.  So a net cost of 55 Donuts.  I think this is going to be treated like a character.  So no bonus % awarded with it.  There are files that indicate it’ll have animation when tapped..and it’ll move around your town, “walk”, like NPC do.  Should be interesting… (yes, a Should I Buy will be posted once it’s released and I can see what it actually does)

tsto flower planterFlower Planter- 10 Donuts, with a 3 donut rebate. So a net cost of 7 donuts.  Offers a .25% bonus on all cash and XP.

nightmarepile_menuNightmare Pile- 100 Donuts, with a 35 Donut debate.  So a net cost of 65 Donuts.  Character tasks associated with this, questline as well.  Offers a 3% bonus on all cash and XP  Should I Buy

museumofswordfish_menuMuseum of Swordfish- 70 Donuts, with a 25 donut rebate.  So a net cost of 45 Donuts.  Earns $350, 35xp/16hrs.  Should I Buy; WDTCF

Wave 3…Starts April 17th 0800 GMT, Ends April 19th 0800 GMT.

Pricing below is what I see in the files, I’m publishing it so you guys can anticipate what’s ahead.  However, I don’t guarantee the information.  EA has the right (and has been known) to change prices.  So use it as a guide, but don’t yell at me if it’s not correct when they unlock

waverlyhillselementaryschool_menuWaverly Hills Elementary School- 115 Donuts, with a 40 Donut rebate.  So a net cost of 75 donuts.  Earns $300, 30xp/12hrs.  Should I Buy 

tsto treeswingTree Swing- 20 Donuts, with a 8 Donut Rebate.  So a net cost of 12 Donuts.  Offers a .50% bonus on all cash and XP. Included in Nature Bundle if you purchase that…

ico_priz_shinningmaze_mdThe Shinning Maze- 55 Donuts, with a 15 Donut Rebate.  So a net cost of 40 Donuts.  Offers a 2.25% bonus on all cash and XP.  Should I Buy; WDTCF (make your own design idea)

And here’s the questline that comes with the update, you know the one that centered around Marge at the start…

Springfield Cleaning Pt. 1
Homer auto starts

Make Marge Rally a Springfield Cleaning Crew- 6s Earns $35, 1xp
Make Springfielders Endure Marge’s Nagging- x5. 6s Earns $35, 1xp Freemium and $50, 2xp Premium

Springfield Cleaning Pt. 2
Quimby auto starts

Make Springfielders Clean House- x5.  6hrs, Earns $225, 55xp Freemium and $350, 90xp Premium.

Springfield Cleaning Pt. 3
Marge auto starts

Reach Level 15 and Unlock Marge
Make Marge Clean House- x5.  (yes you have to send her 5 times).  6hrs (each time), Earns $225, 55xp

Once you’ve completed this task you’ll earn a prize…

2016-04-13 12.40.07

An Apple Tree!

A short little questline that should take you about 36hrs to complete (assuming you have Marge)

And that wraps up the rundown of today’s little update.  As always more details to follow regarding new Should I Buys and questlines…

What are your thoughts on today’s update?  Will you be taking any of Gil’s offers?  Why or why not?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!



338 responses to “4/13/16 In-Game Update: Spring-field Cleaning (Gil Offer)

  1. Umm…has anyone else randomly had the 6sec Spring Cleaning tasks reappear today? Not that I’m really upset, since it’s a small grind for lots of cash (& I was already grinding away at SH currency today anyway!), but it just seems odd, considering I completed the quest as quickly as possible when it first appeared. It *seems* to have reappeared when I started the Greenhouse questline, though that could, of course, be pure coincidence…

    Just wondering if this happened to anyone else. 🙂 Thanks for both the TSTO & TQFS Addicts sites!!

  2. Is there a way to move the street cleaner? I put it in the heights when I placed it and now I can’t move it to the other side.

  3. Didn’t the museum come with Gina Terwilliger during the monsarno event last year?

  4. I picked up the street sweeper this morning, glad I did. Nice animation as it travels around town, cleaning the streets.

  5. you can also get a Orange Tree. 50% chance on either tree 😉

  6. Hmm. So I take it EA will automatically refund the difference on all of the items for which we paid the full Donut whack? Irrespective of the ‘enjoyment’ we get from having had the aforementioned items in our games for some time, for me there is an element of unfairness about this kind of behaviour. I’m really chuffed for Addicts who’ve been coveting certain items and now are afforded the opportunity to buy them at a mega cheap rate, however, we should have the same recompense automatically reflected in our games. I’m seriously considering whether it is worth purchasing anything new with this current trend of bargain sales and everything seems to come around again, so one just has to exercise patience. That being said, I have already purchased Moe’s & the Nature bundle because I love variety in my game and I’m weak. Just. Have. To. Resist. The. Sweeper. 😂😂😂💜X

    • I know right? I bought a TV at Best buy a couple of years ago and now it’s on sale way cheaper then what I paid. I’m demanding my money back.

    • Do you get equally “chuffed” when a store has a sale on some of the items it normally carries? If you bought a vacuum cleaner last year and it goes on sale this year, do you feel entitled to a refund from the store? If the answer is no, then why is this any different? Why should EA owe you anything?

      • Sandra & Ryan- valid points. Was viewing situation more like loyalty cards tho. I have a couple who send me cash vouchers back each month to spend in store. Couple of others send money off vouchers, so kinda negates any “losses” for me. Difference for me here was as a Day 1 player, lack of reward for investing in digital tonterías. Now of absolutely no consequence since I am now sitting on a mountain of Donuts (thanks to Sillyboy & others) & can purchase whatever, whenever. No complaints from me henceforth. My loyalty has been more than rewarded….💜X

  7. I bought Mr Sparkle Billboard and it gave me .25% instead of .75%. Has it happened to anyone else?

  8. When you buy the Nature Bundle, does it still give you the choice of place or store? I’m trying to figure out how it would work if one were to pick “place,” considering it’s made up of a whole bunch of different stuff.

    People here are really starting to talk me into seriously contemplating getting it (no, wait – they’ve already talked me into contemplating getting it…have to wait and see yet if I’ll *actually* get it). I’ve never spent that much on decorations, but it does seem like a good deal…

  9. Anyone know if the 6second “Endure Marge’s Nagging” goes away if you continue the quest line? Or does it stay? I need lots of money for a few buildings and this seems like a good way to waste and hour to generate a couple hundred grand.

    • It goes away.

    • I’ve noticed this morning (4/19) that all (many?) characters have the Marges nagging task. Not sure if it’s a “still” and I just didn’t notice, or if it’s “again”.


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