Spring Cleaning Wave 3 is Here…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a reminder that Gil’s Spring Cleaning Rebate offer Wave 3 has hit our games this morning.  Here’s a reminder at what’s being offered in Wave 3…

Wave 3…Starts April 17th 0800 GMT, Ends April 19th 0800 GMT.

waverlyhillselementaryschool_menuWaverly Hills Elementary School- 115 Donuts, with a 40 Donut rebate.  So a net cost of 75 donuts.  Earns $300, 30xp/12hrs.  Should I Buy 

tsto treeswingTree Swing- 20 Donuts, with a 8 Donut Rebate.  So a net cost of 12 Donuts.  Offers a .50% bonus on all cash and XP. Included in Nature Bundle if you purchase that…

ico_priz_shinningmaze_mdThe Shinning Maze- 55 Donuts, with a 15 Donut Rebate.  So a net cost of 40 Donuts.  Offers a 2.25% bonus on all cash and XP.  Should I Buy; WDTCF (make your own design idea)

Note: Street Cleaner and the Nature Bundle are both still around as well

Anything you like in Wave 3?  Will you be buying anything or taking a pass?  Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

16 responses to “Spring Cleaning Wave 3 is Here…

  1. I haven’t bought anything this time round am low on donuts am saving for the next event. I actually made my own maze prior to the maze being offered first time round it has a seat in the middle and the characters that have tasks which involves sitting on benches use it. I think it is funny how they walk through the hedges though. Lol.
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  2. I bought the Waverly Hills School and disguised the sign with some apple trees. It is beautiful, and I love it. I also got Moe’s house. I’m thinking he’s happy, or as happy as possible. I’ve been sending him there on his 16 task to see the sewage fountain. I didn’t need the greenhouse bundle, as I already have a 400+ % multiplier, but I have always loved apple and orange trees. I’ve longed for the butterfly house, and have big plans for the greenhouse. I have totally, for once, enjoyed Gil’s sale. Who would have thought?

  3. Something to think about:

    While I agree that Waverly hills is a pass, the donut rebates might make you want to take a second look at some of your SIB posts–the ones where “too expensive” was a reason for not buying. In some cases, the donut rebate *might* be enough to sway your opinion on an item that was borderline.

  4. I picked up Moe’s house, then thought it may comeback with a premium skin combo. Meh. Number 21 is my go to if he’s not on a task.

    The maze looks like a good deal for the % bonus post doughnut rebate, but then I’d be further down the hole when the next bundle comes around. I missed out on the Barney deal because of pre-event spending. 🙁

    • I just read Alissa’s reply to a comment I made a month ago {I had forgot I could do this}. It’s a weird long shot with a desert themed event, but it they bring back Kumiko is a bundle that is over donuts, even with a rebate… somebody gonna feel hurt!

  5. I’m still thinking about the nature bundle.

    Bonus is about 3.5 jet bikes, so the discount on the bonus itself is not so big.

    As long as we get no new levels I don’t need xp and I don’t need cash (not until I decide to spend 1000000000 on blood mobiles on day).

    But on the other hand it’s some items looking different than a bunch of jet bikes, so I may still go for it.

  6. I bought something from the guy and went to get one more item and he’s gone. How do I get him back?

  7. Bought the elementary straight away. 115 donuts was a no go originally but much happier to pay 75 for a good looking building . Already previously owned or have bought other items So only thing I didn’t buy in this sale was the nightmare pile and got a tree swing in the nature bundle so don’t need one of those.

  8. Ive been reading the SIB (should i buy) and with these items now at a discount would your opinions change on these items. Surely with discounted sprinkles taken off your views would change?
    Maybe somethung to keep in mind for next Gil’s discounted offers. I also do understand it does create a little bit more work for you. But we certainly appreciate it.

    • My opinion doesn’t really change on them. I still weigh the pros and cons for you all to look at. So unless I say I’d buy it but it’s too expensive it doesn’t really change. None of these items are must buys for freemium players…so it’s still a personal decision after you weigh the pros and cons

      • So…Waverly School might be a good deal then? Didn’t seem like you didn’t want it, jus that it was too expensive before…myself, I still can’t decide, its just a building, not building/character combo, and only generates money every 12 hours…

        • Probably…it’s still just a building.

          • Looks like the only “mistake” I made was Moe’s house then. Although he does need a home, and I can put away one of my brown houses to keep the 5 star rating 😀 I’ll save my sprnklies for any potential future *cough* desert/dessert *cough* event items 😀

  9. Thanks Alissa! Another great run through! I have a feeling EA is going to put the badlands update after the deal! What do you think? I decided to get the maze as had such great potential and design!

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