From the Mouths of Addicts: Bonuts!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Welcome to another edition of From the Mouths of Addicts, where YOU get to sound off on anything and everything in the world of Tapped Out!  This week’s post comes to us from Addicts reader, Doc.

Doc reached out to us recently via email with an idea for a post on a one-stop guide on how to earn bonuts since there are so many different methods now.  It’s always great to have all of this information in one place, so naturally I thought it would be great to get this up on the site!

So without further ado, here’s Doc with his Bonut post! (Bonut = Bonus donuts for those who don’t already know)  Enjoy 🙂

I thought it might be helpful to some if there was a one-stop guide on how to earn bonuts in our favorite, most additive game. If you are an avid freemium player, like me, you covet the opportunity to earn bonuts whenever you can. I will list each method, and give you a breakdown of how much you can get in a month.



Regular Methods:

3 donuts

Railyard: Every 7 days, you can earn 5 bonuts from completing all the railyard tasks. You may not need an extra 16 monorail track pieces every week, but 5 bonuts is worth the effort it takes to complete the weekly tasks. If you do this all four week of the month, it nets you a guaranteed 20 bonuts. (From Alissa: If you don’t already have the Rail Yard it’s currently NOT available, and it’s hard to say when/if it will be again)

Daily Challenges: EA replaced the daily play bonus with daily challenges a little while back, and it has been much better for earning bonuts. Instead of possibly winning bonuts in a Burns mystery box at the end of the week, we are guaranteed to get at least 3 every five days. Here is a list of the different options you may receive once you open a set of challenges.

3 bonuts-5 days
6 bonuts-10 days
10 bonuts-15 days

Sometimes you will get a “Special Prize” for completing 20 days of tasks. I have only encountered this once and when I completed it, I think it gave me another Lard Lad Donut shop. Prizes will vary on the “Special Prize” for everyone, and so will the number of days to bonuts, so there is no set pattern on what your rewards will be. There is a more detailed breakdown in the initial post Alissa made for the Daily Challenges when the update first hit. It should also be noted that you will often receive bonuts for doing the daily task assigned. It is usually 1 or 3 bonuts, but there will be the rare occasion when you can get 6 for a single daily task. Because I have enough cash and Springfield Heights resources already, I always try to swap a daily task that awards cash/resources to see if I can get one that will give me bonuts. I would say it works about 30-40% of the time, so do this at your own discretion. I have noticed that, on average, I get about 5 bonuts from daily tasks for every 5 days worth of tasks.

So, if you get around 5 bonuts just for the tasks, and 3 for completing 5 daily tasks, that gives you roughly 8 bonuts every 5 days, which comes out to 40 bonuts for every 30 days. This will vary drastically from person to person, but the bare minimum you will earn is 18 every month. I kept track and earned 47 in the month of March. I was very happy with that.

Find Maggie: Every 16 hours, you have the ability to send Maggie somewhere in town. Once you find her three times in a row, you get the chance to earn up to 3 bonuts. I always pay to try again if I don’t get 3 on the first or second try. If you find her once a day, that is up to 3 bonuts every 3 days, for a total of 30 bonuts per month. Because the task is available every 16 hours, you can technically earn 3 bonuts every 2 days, but not everyone has the time to log in every 16 hours on the dot, so we will use the 3 bonuts every 3 days stat and say this is a guaranteed 30 bonuts per month.

So, between the railyard, daily challenges and finding Maggie, you can earn 90 bonuts every month. Sometimes it will be a lot more if you get lucky with the daily tasks, sometimes it will be a little less, but 90 seems to be the magic number. 90 bonuts every month means you can earn well over 1000 bonuts every year. That’s several premium building, characters and decorations you can get for just playing the game. No too shabby.


Other Methods:

Sideshow You: The only reason I have to visit Krustyland anymore is to play sideshow you. I still collect tickets once a day in hopes that EA will release new content for the area in the future, but once I reach 30,000, I always trade it for the $100,00 at the KL entrance. From what I have read, you will get 5 bonuts for every 100 plays/300 balloon pops at Sideshow You. Sometimes you can get them a little more frequently, but I wouldn’t count on it. It might not seem worth it, but I just got 5 bonuts last week and was very happy when it happened, so it validated the 30 seconds it takes to visit once a day. If you have the time, you can cut the time it takes to get to 100 plays in half by visiting twice a day.

Visiting friends: Unless there is something I don’t know, this is totally random. I always have right around the maximum number of friends (100) and visit them every day. I have had streaks of 3 days where I didn’t earn anything and days where I found 3 bonuts, so we will say you should  find 1 bonut every other day to be conservative. That means you will likely wind up with about 15 bonuts every month if you visit every day and have the max number of friends. Again, there is no guarantee, so it could be less and it could be more. (Note from Alissa: You must be maxed out on FP (Friendship Points) Levels to earn donuts from visiting neighbors)

Clearing debris: Most people cleared their debris when they opened up all the land, but I hoarded  most of it for a long time. Once we were able to earn debris from the rocket ship, I went and cleared all of it out. I had a little over 120 pieces of debris and earned 3 bonuts, so let’s estimate 1 bonut for every 40 pieces cleared. If you get debris when the rocket returns, you get 4 pieces, so if you can accumulate 40 in a month, it could get you 1 bonut. Not much, but every bonut counts when you are freemium.

Levels: Whenever EA releases a level, we get 2 bonuts, so if the company ever gets off its duff and gives us level 60, there will be 2 bonuts. You will also have the chance to earn up to 3 bonuts when you earn enough to advance to the next level before EA has released it. I have been able to do this once a month on average, and since I always pay the $50,000 if I don’t get it on the first or second try, that gets me an extra 3 bonuts per month. I have been able to do this 7 or 8 times since passing level 59. Some of you have probably been able to do it even more than that by playing more than I do.

Holidays: Every so often, EA will just give us free bonuts for holidays. It doesn’t seem to happen very often, and there doesn’t seem to be a set list of holidays where this applies. Since they have given us so many ways of earning bonuts over the past year, they may not even offer free bonuts on holidays anymore, but if it does happen, it will be a welcome surprise when you log into your game that day.

Mystery Boxes: If you are so inclined, you can purchase a Burns Mystery Box for six donuts. You may win a good prize, a decoration or bonuts. The only amounts I have ever earned from this are 10 and 30 bonuts, but it happened so rarely that I do not recommend spending donuts on these in an attempt to earn more because you probably won’t come out ahead in the end.

Events: Whenever you earn enough event currency to complete and act, you are given the ability to earn up to 3 bonuts by earning a certain amount of currency. Judging from the comments, many of you were able to earn around 3 bonuts each day during the third act of the casino event. And we all remember how easy it was to earn them during Tapball thanks to a certain glitch. This only happens during major events, which pop up every few months. Also, certain events have given us the ability to earn a few bonuts during the act itself by sending a character on a one-time task, but this is even rarer that earning bonuts from sideshow you. Still, every little bit helps.

To summarize, you can earn around 100 bonuts every month if you complete the railyard tasks, daily challenges, find Maggie tasks, visit every friend every day, clear all the debris you earn from sending the rocket and earn enough points to pass to the next level. After keeping track in March, I earned 127 bonuts in all, but I don’t expect to earn that many every month. Still, it’s nice to see EA giving us so many ways to earn bonuts every month. I think I got everything, but if you know of another way to earn bonuts, feel free to leave a comment. I hope this helps some of you and happy tapping.

Thanks again Doc for providing us with the overview on all of the ways you can earn Bonuts in TSTO!  As always we love hearing from you guys…so if you have an opinion or take on something going on in the game (or something that should be going on in the game), please send it along to us…

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  1. Something I noticed a while back, but couldn’t confirm… until now.

    It seems that when EA gives us a new strip of land, the price of the new strip goes up, but the price of the previous strip goes down. For example, the price of sections of the last strip we got before the wild west update has dropped by as much as half on some sections, while the same section in the new strip has gone up in price, compared to the previous ‘bottom row’ price.

  2. I’m still clearing land, and it seems to me that debris from outer space is significantly more donut-laden than debris of terrestrial origin ….

    I like to set both Homer and Lisa on cleanup duty as father-daughter bonding time. But often Homer works alone since he really needs to work more.

  3. This was an excellent article!

    I’ve been playing for almost 2 years, and tracking the frequency of a few of these things in my own town for most of the last year, so I’d like to offer some real-world numbers that I’ve experienced, and my strategies for achieving them.

    Finding Maggie
    My work schedule is fairly cooperative to being able to occasionally play this twice in one day. I get up between 6:00 and 6:30 in the morning on weekdays. So if I play at 6:30 a.m., then I can play again at 10:30 p.m. the same day, and then 2:30 p.m. the following day. I am able to do this at least twice in a week, so I have been able to complete at least 9 rounds (for 3 sets of Bonuts) each week. I’ve also been lucky in that only once have I not found Maggie.

    Sideshow You
    I have been able to play this at least two times a day every day, and on occasion three times. If I play at 6:30 a.m., the next time I can play is 2:30 p.m., and then the third is 10:30 p.m. I am able to do the three-times-a-day on weekends, and at least once during the week, most of the time. Since I started tracking this, I have reached the 5 Bonuts in either 44 or 45 days each time. That works out to 8 times in a year, for 40 Bonuts.

    Since I started tracking this one, I’ve received the 5 Bonuts on Sept. 11, Nov. 6, Dec. 20, February 4 and March 19. If my average holds, I should get these again around May 3.

    Visiting Friends
    I generally have a full set of 100 Neighbors (currently I’m at 94, as I deleted a few who hadn’t played in 6 to 8 weeks). I visit all 100 neighbors at least 6 times per week, usually 7 times. In the last 11 months (about 335 days) I have received 359 Bonuts, so just over 1 per day. I only received Bonuts on 184 of those 335 days, so just a little over half of the time.

    A breakdown of how many times I have received different numbers of Bonuts:
    6 Bonuts – 1 time
    5 Bonuts – 2 times
    4 Bonuts – 11 times
    3 Bonuts – 33 times
    2 Bonuts – 62 times
    1 Bonut – 75 rimes

    In the last 11 months I also had two times where I had breaks of over 10 days without any – both were due to new Friend Prizes that got added, in June and July. In June it was a 12 day gap, and in July it was a 10 day gap. Other than those two times, I have not yet gone 3 consecutive days without getting at least 1 Bonut. Twice I have gotten 2 Bonuts in the same Neighbor’s town.

    Google Opinion Rewards
    This is a free app from the App Store. I play on an Android, so I got it from Google Play. It asks short surveys (usually about 3 questions – the longest I’ve ever had was 10 questions), and then puts money into your Google Play account, anywhere from 10 cents to $1 per survey. The average is about 15 cents. The longest I have gone without getting a survey is 8 days, and sometimes I will get 2 or 3 surveys in a single day. The average, though, is one every other day. In my first year of using this, I picked up just over $63.00 in reward money. You can use it to buy Scratch-Rs, but you can also use it to buy Donuts directly. I only used it for Scratch-Rs for about the first 5 months, but since then I have been saving up as long as possible. Due to events with premium items I wanted, I have never been able to get past the $9.99 for 132 donuts. Right now I’m trying to save up to get to the 300 donuts for $19.99, at which point I’ll probably get the Springfield sign, and either Frink or Disco Stu. I’m almost to $13 currently. The money in this does expire (goes away) after 1 year, but that hasn’t been a problem for me in the 13 months I’ve been using it. The opening screen on the app will show your current total, and have a blue “Take Survey” button if there is a survey available for you. Once a survey is available, it is only there for 24 hours, so I usually check about twice a day, but that only takes a few seconds. Even doing a survey only takes a few seconds. And there is a Reward History button that will show you, from most recent going back to oldest, each survey completed – just the date and the cash payout, and at the top is your total rewards from the day you start the app to current. On rare occasions you will get a survey that pays nothing, but I have had that less than 10 times in the past 13 months. And 10 cents is pretty much the minimum for a survey that pays out.

    Funny story about the surveys – I live in Iowa, so from December through February, about every two or three weeks, I would get a survey asking if I was planning to attend either the Republican or Democratic caucus. I usually got both, on consecutive days. The Republican survey was usually first, with the Democratic one the next day. These surveys paid about 50 cents each. The funny part is they didn’t stop after the caucuses, which were the first week of February. I got both party surveys at least 3 times each after the caucuses were over – with the last one being the third week of March, almost 7 weeks after the caucuses.

    Hmmmm, bonuts!

  4. great post! thank you for reminding me to get the debris out of my inventory, I found a bonut!


  6. Hey guys, the wild west update is here!

    Von meinem iPhone gesendet


  7. I don’t think tsto is ever boring ♡

  8. The files for the event are out there. I just read the full list, but it was deleted from the ea forum. I guess nobody was suppose to find out yet. But ya the event may hit at any time…..

  9. not sure if this counts as a spoiler but according to the ea forum the files have been put on the server and update should be live in a couple hours

  10. Well I had high hopes that the event would start today but obviously it’s not. Tapped out has been boring for weeks now. I tried playing the Disney Magic kingdoms and now that’s been broke for the last week and won’t let me on it. Anybody recommend any other games?!

  11. Do you think we are going to be playing Tic-Tac-Toe in this event? Different prizes for win, lose, or draw?

  12. I’m a new player to the game so I miss a lot of the past events will some of them be returning such as Maggie? from what I was told she was release during the last Christmas event. so will I have to wait till Christmas to find her in the store or will she become available after I reach a certain level?

    • I think you can still get the playdough factory and Maggie. But it’s later in the game, it happened in one of my alternate towns. But I’ll have to play through and see what it pops up

    • You can still get Maggie and the factory just play through the levels and they will appear. My boy just got them recently ☆

  13. I guarantee that If EA had a “Monorail Black Market Sale” like with the stonecutters, Everyone who doesn’t have the Rail Yard will defy the Laws of the universe by buying it in 0.0000001 Milliseconds 🚄

    • I will agree. I missed that update, so I’d probably buy it even if it didn’t come with Sebastian Cobb, but I would prefer that it did. Right now I’ll take anything because I should be playing the desert update right now EA. Hint Hint nudge nudge elbow elbow.

      • Which is slow compared to how fast the teleporters were snatched up

        • I just wish one could own more than one pair of transporters. I have mine basically set up to go East-West (to take me from my recycling centers to Springfield Heights), but I’d love another pair to go North South, too.

          But, yes – that was probably tied with the Barney/Astronaut Barney/Bowl-a-rama package for my fastest premium purchase. 🙂

  14. Once I received NINE bonuts from visiting friends in a day. I couldn’t believe it. They just kept coming! (My friend list is almost full)

    All of the new ways to get free bonuts is definitely adding some extra fun for me. Just waiting for some of those old characters to be released again. I’m looking at you, Father Sean.

    • WOW!!! That’s definitely the most I’ve ever heard of before! I think 6 was the previous highest I’d ever heard (although I did hear about that many from more than one person). I’m not sure if I ever got 6 before (I *know* I’ve never gotten more than that), because it took me a while to realize what was happening when I first started getting bonuts from neighbor visits. I’d just occasionally think to myself, “Gee – I thought I only had x# of donuts, not y# number,” but I just chalked that up to misremembering. It wasn’t until I found out about the neighbor visiting bonuts that I realized that that must have been what was happening.

  15. Anyone else checking this site and their app store every hour before you send your people on tasks with your fingers crossed saying “EA…..wheeeeeeeeere’s my wild west update?……..Hellloooooooo?!!? Drop that @#$%^& already, I have things to do today and the anticipation is KILLING ME!”

    Hi Alissa, hope all is well, btw is my self censorship acceptable?

  16. ” not everyone has the time to log in every 16 hours on the dot”

    From the comments I’ve read I thought I was the only one that played this once per day.

    • I usually just play mine first thing in the morning….unless it opens up before I go to sleep then I play then as well. Unfortunately, that happens all too often these days. If I can look for Maggie twice in one day it’s my red flag to 1) go to bed and 2) expect tomorrow to be rough…..

    • I only play Maggie once per day. I’m guessing that’s true for most people.

      • I often play twice a day but I don’t set a timer and the time occasionally slips. Today is a “reset” day. The time had been slipping and I didn’t wait up (I never intentionally stay up just to play) so I played this morning around 7:30. Since I’ll be up until 1-2 it just makes sense, for me, to play again tonight.

  17. Just so you guys know the “Endure Marges Nagging” task isn’t permanent. You can do it until June 19th (Around the Time Spring Ends!)

  18. Is the 6s hear Madge nag task now a permanent thing? I just noticed it today still around after the waves are over.

  19. You can accelerate the bonus level bonuts by continually buidling (then selling and rebuilding Kwik-E-Marts). For the best long-term payoff, you should be cycling through 17 KEMs every 4hrs (I only do 16 because it makes a nice square plot).
    The reason to stop after your 18th KEM (17 cycling plus the original one with Apu) is that you will get more incremental XP/$ from Bloodmobiles and Weather Stations on a 5x collider multiplier.

  20. Sideshow You hits every 100 (I keep a “counter” at my Krustyland) and when I’ve seen it sooner (97, etc) I always assume I forgot to update my counter at some point.

    • I’m pretty sure that’s coincidental. I’ve won bonuts from Sideshow You twice in the same week once. But I’ve currently been on a dry spell and haven’t earned Bonuts from Sideshow in nearly a year. (Only playing once per day). My point is my experience seems to indicate that the bonuts are pretty much set to a 1% probability, not on the number of times played.

      • I’ve been running the counter for over a year now, and it’s always 95-100 plays on Sideshow You. It’s definitely regular.

      • Nope – not entirely correct with Sideshow You. Sideshow You does have some kind of random odds that you can win it at any time, but there’s a guarantee built in after 300 taps since the last time you won. I’ve never happened to get the random wins (but others like you have, so I know it exists), but I do regularly get the 300 taps one (I keep track of the dates between wins and they track with my tapping twice a day, with the occasional day for which I forget to visit Krustyland for one of those visits.)

        Neighbor visits have a .05% chance per tap.

    • I must be super unlucky because I’ve only seen donuts from sideshow you once and never again. I’d been playing it forever before I got those too. I didn’t even know they were possible before that.

  21. There are also a few multi-step methods for raking in donuts faster, and combining several of those methods together can sometimes be highly effective. For example:
    1) House farming. It’s not always the most popular way to play… but frankly, it works. With a large enough farm, you can easily collect tons of spare in-game cash, and…
    2) In-game cash can be converted to XP, by buying a bunch of the most expensive decoration you can, (such as the Rat Trap Delivery Truck or the Blood Mobile) and then selling them all off again. You get a portion of your cash back when you sell, and can spend that on more decorations… Wash, rinse, repeat. (Just don’t buy so many at one time that you accidentally level-up twice… I don’t know for certain what will happen in that case, but I strongly suspect that the game would just skip the second bonut payout screen entirely.)
    3) Build and place ALL of the Springfield Heights buildings. Their benefit isn’t obvious up front, but there are hidden XP bonuses attached to each building. Having those buildings in your town makes it that much easier to get the next Level-Up bonus. (I think you have to fully upgrade the structures to get their XP bonuses… but I’m not entirely certain.)
    4) Once you’ve reached max level, the required XP to reach the bonut payout increases by 20% for each additional prize, to a maximum of ten million XP… *BUT* when each new level drops, that requirement resets back to the baseline, which will make the next twelve to fourteen (or so) Level-Ups that much more accessible. And lastly…
    5) The XP Collider. It *costs* donuts to use it, so don’t use it lightly… but if you combine the effect of a one-time activation with the previous steps, you can rake in a bunch of cheap Level-Up bonuts very quickly and easily. Assuming you always buy the three-donut payout, you’ll recoup your initial five-donut Collider activation purchase after only the first two Level-Ups, and any Level-Ups you can “buy” after that are gravy… just keep going until you run out of in-game cash, or the Collider shuts down. With a 24 hour activation, you’re practically guaranteed to run out of cash first, obviously — but don’t just abandon the effort at that point; to max out the benefit, keep returning to your Springfield as often as possible to collect from your houses, until the Collider finally shuts down the following day.

    I know it sounds overly complex… but the hardest part is really just all of the advance preparation, which you can do anytime. If you’re prepared well before the new level drop, then it’s just a matter of raking in the bonuts.

    Huh. That was longer then I intended. Shutting up, now. 🙂

    • House farming only works if you already have one…they changed the pricing structure on the houses a while back so that it doesn’t pay to build a house farm now.

      • I noticed that, too… and I disagree with your conclusion. In fact, they implemented the pricing structure change when my farm included somewhere around seven or eight hundred purple houses; I now have an even one thousand purple houses — purchased at the newly inflated prices — and my balance is somewhere over 50 million in-game cash.

        I suppose I’d have quite a bit more, if I were religiously collecting every three hours. Additionally, I obviously use the methods I described in my own town, so I’ve run my in-game cash back down a few times, to collect donuts… and maxing out the IRS building cost me almost 18 million… and I’ve formed a bad habit of buying up all of the new land expansions on day one… so there’s also all of that. But I digress.

        My point is that, while it is indeed now more expensive to build out the house farm in the first place, I still think it’s very much worth the investment. The biggest change that I’d make, were I starting off with a new TSTO town today, is that I’d build a more diversified farm at the start, instead of using only a single house type, so that I could get the best value from the farm as quickly as possible.

        • Minor clarification: The sidebar in the first paragraph really should have read “the rest of which was purchased at the newly inflated prices”.

        • Not really sure that what you said proves your point, since I’ve never house farmed at all and I’m currently over 90 million, after a few times of turning dollars into donuts via rat trap trucks, etc.

          I’d need to see the math, not just anecdotal evidence to see what the ROI would be with the current pricing scheme. Certainly that scheme was developed as EA’s attempt to discourage hours farms, so I’m figuring that they did the math on that (although that’s just an assumption and could certainly be wrong).

          But, my god – 1,000 purple houses? Why??? What’s the fun in that? It seems so unnecessary (and unattractive) and that space could be used for more interesting designing. Even without those purple houses you’d still have all the cash you needed for this game, as well as a good chunk to turn into donuts. I really don’t get it, but, then again, I don’t have to. If it makes it more fun for you to play that way, then it obviously doesn’t (and shouldn’t) matter what anyone else thinks!

          • It’s been several months since I last looked at the math, but I remember the conclusion I came to pretty clearly: basically, the income from a house farm eventually pays for itself, and everything after that point is pure profit. (I just re-ran the numbers real quick; it appears that at my current income rate, each of the inflated price houses pays for itself in approximately six months… thus, if you’re not actually in it for the long haul, then house farming is indeed a waste of time.)

            The fun in farming is likewise pretty straightforward… more currency means I get Barney (and eventually, all the other premium characters) that much more quickly. (Again, long haul thinking.)

            That said… it would be intellectually dishonest for me to leave this minor note out: Frankly, part of why I have a 1,000 house farm… is because I can. Sometimes, the means to achieve other objectives can be an end unto itself.

            But perhaps I’ve taken up enough of your attention. The Old West dropped in to say hi… and it looks to me like it’s time to spend about 15 million on land expansion tiles. 😀

  22. Off-topic, but who else has been spamming the “Endure Marge’s nagging” task, and how much have you made so far?

    • explain this one? Who is Marge nagging and what do you earn?

      • It’s a 6-second task from the Spring Cleaning mini-event, which hasn’t been removed yet. Everyone in the “Springfielders” category (so pretty-much everyone) has it at the moment, though there’s no telling when it’ll get removed.

        It pays $35 regular and $50 premium, plus 1XP (remember,that’s for 6 seconds, and freemium jobs usually start at $75 for 60 MINUTES.) If you get 12-20 characters and just do an endless loop, you can rake in a lot of dough, although of course it’s all you’ll be doing for a while.

  23. I always cancel non-donut daily tasks, even if it takes a few days for a particular one to turn-donut. Works every time!

  24. This is also One of the infinite reasons that TSTO is better than Family Guy the Quest for Stuff. It gives old players bonus such as where’s Maggie and the Rail Yard, and for the new players it still gives them access to tons of bonuts through level up and the Daily challenges. Yeah the Family Guy game gives you free Clams, but you never actually get to keep any of it since the events are so hard and you need to use the free Clams you got just for completing the event!

  25. Nice post – especially helpful for newer players (or players who haven’t been hanging out here for long! Thanks for taking the time to write it. 🙂

    A couple of small tweaks, though….

    First, the neighbor bonuts, while random in a sense, do work according to odds. Basically, there’s a .05% chance of getting a donut with each neighbor tap. So, if you have 100 neighbors and visit them all each day, you should *average* 1.5 donuts a day. Of course, since it’s an average, you could very easily get no donuts or even get as many as 6 (the highest number I’ve ever seen reported here) in one day. Most of the time, you’ll either get 1 or 2, though.

    Second, the “special prize” that you sometimes get for completing a set of daily tasks is the Mystery Box that we had before they did away with that as something you were guaranteed to get every fifth day of non-stop play. The Lard Lad you got is one of the possible Mystery Box prizes, so it’s not that you’ll get something entirely random…the “universe” of prizes you can get when it says “special prize” is the same as the prizes that you can get with the Mystery Box. Also, because sometimes the prize for completing the set is the Mystery Box (a.k.a. “Special Prize”), you can’t say that you’re *guaranteed* to get 3 donuts a week from completing a set.

    Third, there’s also a one-time Easter egg you can take advantage of that yields bonuts….use this site’s Google search to find the Homer’ Buddah Easter egg. I don’t remember for sure, but I think that one yields 5 donuts.

    Lastly, as a few others have mentioned, you can “farm” for donuts (turning cash into XP by buying and selling rat trap trucks or bloodmobiles, which allows you to complete your XP meter and get the bonus boxes (like you mentioned in your “Levels” section), which can be greatly enhanced by buying a 24-hour charge for the Collider (if you have that)).

    Thanks, again, for writing that article, and I hope this additional info helps!

    • (Oops – I should have said “a few tweaks” instead of “a couple,” but I didn’t realize how many I would have when I first started typing!)

      • Not to disagree, but unless I’m mistaken we don’t have the Homer Buddha anymore, so how does that Easter Egg work? Looked it up and all I find is it being like the mystery box, could contain donuts, might not, buy alot of them and could get donuts.

        • So sorry – I mistyped…not the Homer Buddah, the Jebediah Statue.

          Basically, you send Homer to play on his myPad, and then you tap him 10 times and you’re awarded the Jebediah Springfield statue and 10 bonus donuts. (Only works once, though.)

          I think that’s how it goes and I think it’s still available, but I’m not sure, since I did that when I first started playing, which was in the summer of 2014.

    • The Homer Easter Egg you mentioned give 10 Bbinuts, not five. I just checked with my new anonymous game.

  26. Prepare Your Towns. There is about a 90% chance of the Western Update hitting today. 🐎🚂🔫

  27. Great Guide Doc!

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