Hey Addicts, Caption This!

Sometimes TSTO gives us humorous little moments when we capture our characters doing rather strange things.  These posts are all about those strange and funny moments! Twice a week we’ll be posting a Caption This! moment where we want you, the Addicts readers, to put on your writing caps and come up with what you think is happening in the screenshot. Post your captions in the comments below. We can’t wait to see how creative and funny you guys can be!

Hey Addicts… Caption This!
This week’s Caption This is brought to us by DaPimp….

image (1)

So go ahead and caption away!

If you’ve got an image you’d like to submit for a “Caption this!” post, email it to us at TSTOAddictsblog@gmail.com you never know when yours might be next!

30 responses to “Hey Addicts, Caption This!

  1. how did I miss that wall? it’s beautiful!

  2. Starting now, this neighborhood belongs to the people who LIVE in it. Starting now, you will be held ACCOUNTABLE for every act of violence you commit — and the CONSEQUENCES will be delivered to your door.

  3. Cowgirl with a fashion statement!

  4. You don’t bring a bow and arrows to a gunfight and expect to see tomorrow!

  5. Lisa about to go Sherwod Forest on their ass

  6. Look out sky finger, they’re aiming for you.
    Homer will be happy, as I have heard him say…
    “I wish this were a shooter game”

  7. This town ain’t big enough for the…three of us!

  8. Katniss Simpson knew that whoever won this battle, would still have to win the Hunger Games against Homer. Not good odds. Not good odds at all.

  9. “Never bring a cap gun to a sticky arrow fight”

  10. Disruptions in the Space-time continuum have left Robin Hood and old west cowboys in a battle for control of the future

  11. Coming this summer to Springfield. “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly 2”.

  12. “Don’t even think about it. I’m a better shot than you.”

  13. “Bandits of Springfield…you have failed this city.”

  14. Lisa: Springfeilders, you have faild this city

  15. Lisa going Indian because she did not get a skin in this update

  16. Lisa wanted to play Cowboys and Indians, but her Sacagawea skin didn’t have a “shoot bow and arrow” task.

  17. With Wiggum in the hospital getting his stomach pumped, Lisa had to form her own group to combat crime in Springfield. Unbeknownst to her she formed Lisa Hood and her Bandits of Merry Gentlemen. They take from the rich, and give to themselves.

  18. “I’m sorry but playing Cowboys and Indians is insensitive. We’ll have to play Cowboys and Robin Hoods.”

  19. In this week’s episode, Lisa Simpson is … The Green Arrow! Taking Springfield back from the bandits 😀

  20. “None of this makes sense! There’s an outdoor therapy chair, and a biohazard wall, and bandits with guns, and I have a bow and arrow.”

  21. After new gun control laws leave guns only in criminal hands, Lisa is forced to take a medieval approach to reducing crime in Springfield

  22. “Glad you’re not wearing an apple on your head, I’m a level 5 fruitarian: I can’t kill fruit.”

  23. All I have to say about this is: cool costume. (I missed out on so much.)

    Note: This isn’t a caption. Sorry to disappoint. I’m too distracted.

  24. Lisa realised she hadn’t brought a knife to a gun fight . Lisa- “well boys , looks like we haven’t got a mexican stand off , more like a sherwood forest stand off”. 🙂

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